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  2. CT 200 rhino roof bars suits 2012 - 6/2017 Good condition, some scratches and wear and tear. Complete pick up Engadine $100
  3. I do the love the look of this vehicle although I would still have one 😎
  4. I was at the dealer talking about the new ct and we got to talking about the new LX 570. He was very coy about what changes were happening with it. Has anyone heard or read anywhere what the changes may be?
  5. Is anyone looking at buying a new CT? Have you got any pricing on them as we have been unable to get any yet.... wife has the current ct and we were considering the new one.
  6. Has anyone ever tuned their RX? where did you take it? And what were the results?
  7. Are there ever any dyno days in Sydney?
  8. Hey I am new to the group. My name is Dave and I drive a RX450H I am a bit of a Lexus tragic.
  9. Hi Sam, the app is called Road Trip. I add the data in after every fill and I use it to track all expenses such as registration, etc. My ISF is stock apart from an X-Force cat back. Purchased when it had around 48k, has not missed a beat at all. If you check out the mileage threads on clublexus forums you'll see plenty of cars there well over 200,000kms with only general maintenance. Being a lexus they are rock solid. I'm on my third lexus now and every single one has been completely reliable.
  10. Hi Howiefied How good is the information you supplied?!?!! Is this an app? I'm guessing you had to add all the information in to track your consumption? Without breaking out the calculator, I think I was pretty close guessing 380km per tank with urban. I found a thread on this website after I messaged my question, with all different results, some good, some really bad. From memory, your ISF is fairly modified. Modified cars normally consume more fuel? What fuel do you run? Lastly, I really appreciate the advise and help I have had from this forum. Every question has been answered with clarity and sensibility and has put my mind at ease. Which now brings me to another question. In the back of my mind, the 69k on the clock is bugging me a little. I would love a 40-50k ISF, 2012+, white, one owner, non smoker etc. I have been looking for 6 months or so. The vehicle I have found ticks all boxes, but not the kms. A lot of the vehicles I looked at were 60k plus. Also, I've noticed a lot have been multiple owners. My next point is I would probably do around 8k a year. Am I over analysing things?
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  12. Hi guys Just a quick question. What sought of Km's do you get with your isf's? My driving is mainly urban so I would expect around 380km per tank? Am I under estimating or over estimating? I appreciate the point about it depending on how you drive.
  13. Minnema at #EHA22 presenting HOBON autograft study after BD in AL amyloidosis. Impressive haematological and organ…

  14. #AFLEaglesDees mon dees #RaiseHell

  15. The header replacement is a 3 hour job, 4 hours max ! ! ! ! The front sub frame is only dropped down by aprox 6 inches, it does not require removal at all.. $1000.00 including stainless high flow cats would be about right. Watch this video it might open your eyes a little to give a better insight on the job at hand. Hope this helps.
  16. That last pic hahaha!
  17. That's a positive. Let's hope after all the help I've received from you guys the inspection comes back good. I'll keep everyone posted 😁
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  19. your looking around the $1000 mark - give or take big job including dropping the sub frame. dont compromise on the install as its a bitch to fix later
  20. Mine is stock apart from an xforce cat back, and made 268rwkw (closed bonnet 6th gear pull). Another ISF on the same day made 266rwkw.
  21. Yep all under warranty. The wiring part was an easy enough thing to happen, cutting out near the rear. That was fixed easily. The motor part was annoying but again, these things happen and fixed without issue and touch wood, been working great ever since. Besides my time going back there, it was never an issue and they fixed/looked at the car n no problem.
  22. Awesome help! Thanks for the lead. I agree about the Bluetooth. Just another thing to go wrong. Very nice feature tho regarding the valve. I'll def look into it. The faults you had concerns me a bit but I'm guessing it was covered under warranty?
  23. Hi Howiefied, I have another question, sorry for breaking them! Does your ISF side mirrors dip when you put the vehicle into reverse? I remember my 2012 is350 f sport. I really liked that feature.
  24. Ive got similar mods but got a tune and modified primary exit restriction near the cats so its now 3 inches. Both made a big difference. Never been in a 350 let alone drive next to one to compare but heard they were quick for a 6. Im sure top end the V8 in ours will easily pull away but curious you found them similar to 100. Must be simply more power is trickier to launch with RWD. There is a possible group buy going for PPE headers right now on this forum
  25. I like to keep my car as sleeper as possible lol. Looks stock as a rock, so far: -RR bushes -RR AO separator -Stoptech stainless steel brake lines -HPS intake elbow -Joez Catback Looking for ppe headers and maybe a tune afterwards. I found my previous 2nd gen IS350 much easier to launch (had a JoeZ intake and Tanabe exhaust) and not much difference to a 100km/h compared to the ISF. Maybe its the short 1st and 2nd gear. From a 100 onwards, it starts to get really noticeable.
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