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  2. not good. even on the FB forums there was some confusion and last minute suggestions on time and route. Eventually no one turned up. Not sure if iinkz and jgs98 actually turned up ? I was there, waited for a while and then went for the drive around - once I take that puppy out, I end up driving the hills...
  3. a GSF, another nice Lexus.
  4. RT @CIBMTR: Safe travels to #BMTTandem17. We will see you in the sunshine state – Orlando, Florida! Reminder registration check-in opens to…

  5. Thats my boy!! Get it!! But yeah maybe let someone else take the initial depreciation hit, like im doing right now on my future gun metal grey fully options GSF..
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  7. It is a beautiful looking vehicle, & in a few years I could see myself in a nice white one. I will be seeing one soon.
  8. .........and after you get one John, give me your headers at mates rates haha
  9. Cold calling is NOT dead. You just don't have the guts!

  10. @nherry7 baaaaaaaa

  11. Wow.. The new dream car, more attainable than the LFA and probably 1/100th of the cost to run. Fantastic.. John you should get one, then take me for a drive ha!
  12. Hi Vukie, did you do the front or the rear? Have you noticed rust on the inner edges of your DBA rotors? Although the overall diameter is the same, DBA rotors have more inner surface (about 1cm comparing to OEM's) where the pads can never touch. I was told by both my mechanic and DBA Australia that this is normal.
  13. 2003 IS300 Platinum Edition
  14. Last week
  15. After being unable to find any information on the structure of the bonnet of the 2016 rc. I have come to the conclusion that it's made from aluminum?
  16. Paint is still being polished and the black is coming out with a deep mirror shine :) I'm pretty sure the detailer is removing the orange peel mine was plagued with.
  17. I messaged them and yes, the 2011+ sat nav version is now for pre-sales, releasing early march. Was ~$550 with postage. Can't wait to give it a go as my android can't stream music to the car currently!
  18. Old thread but yes is fine to drive until tune needed
  19. Ok depends what you mean by outputs. Could be reverse cam, amplifier rca , video output etc park brake cable is designed to by spliced into hand brake switch. It's there so that headunit won't play videos until handbrake is up. A lot of people just simply earth it so it works all the time
  20. Has anyone else wrapped "a" pillars in their is? My car had ciggerette burns from old owner i ripped carpet off and did carbon fibre wrap. Turned out really well sorry about bad pics lol I will get some in better lighting
  21. When replacing these headunits you need to bypass factory amplifier. Depending on your wiring knowledge you can do this yourself or just buy a premade loom to plug n play. Now once this is done your headunit will now work with the speakers but the factory speakers will sound bad with new headunit because they are a different ohms rating. Best to buy new speakers too if you want great results :)
  22. I want me one of these. @JeriLRyan

  23. Have to agree everything with @Peter_Fitz here.

  24. @Telstra oh sat on hold last night for 45 minutes so I gave up. Re-installed the app and it worked.

  25. What a beautiful looking vehicle. the pictures look great.
  26. I'd be interested. But would like to know if anyone has tried it yet.
  27. Unlocking and locking the door Awesome startup display
  28. Finally, more than four years after the LF-LC concept vehicle toured Australia, the new Lexus LC can now be seen at a Lexus dealership. This weekend (18-19 February), the Lexus LC 500h will appear at Lexus of Parramatta. I had a quick look at Lexus' new flagship coupe earlier today. It's amazing how much they've carried over from the concept: the overall shape, the huge wheels reaching almost as high as the bonnet, the 3-D tail lights, the flush door handles. This coupe will definitely stand out on the road, no matter which angle you look at it. The dashboard and switchgear are very different from previous Lexus models (or Toyotas, for that matter). They have a more premium feel which are expected to filter down to other Lexus models in the future. Here's some photos and videos taken today. But if you're in Sydney over the weekend, it's definitely worth seeing for yourself.
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