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  2. Need to read the PDS (this is the contract) carefully as some insurers will not use new replacement parts (may use OEM parts consistent with age of car or alternative) when the car is no longer under original manufacturer warranty.
  3. Hello, just got a new RX450h (my 2nd Lexus) and wondering if anyone knows how to change the unit of measure of the TPMS. It's displaying in KPa and I could not find in the manual how to change it to psi.
  4. DAB is known for issues like this generally. I doubt it can be fixed other than having extra aerials in the car to get the strongest signal direction. It should be ok on some channels when you stop. There was talk some time back of having extra repeaters in city areas like phone repeaters to make it work but someone has to pay for them...
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  6. Still havent gotten around to doing this yet but will soon. Was going to do it last late last year but the workshop i was getting to do the service advised Lexus didnt have the gasket in stock so i couldnt do it anyway. Do any of you guys know the part # for the required gasket. If im to buy the parts, besides the 4lt of WS ATF oil what else do i need to source so i only need to pay for the labour from a workshop The workshop told me the gasket was approx $200 which i thought was excessive but im yet to call Lexus to confirm.
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  8. How much are you looking to get for the wheels & tyres ?

  9. I believe so... I'll try calling him, but will find a good day - as he always tries to sell me the RCF or LC500 - so it takes a while to discuss cars with him :)
  10. Is that australia wide mate?
  11. If I remember correctly - the Sales guy told me approx 30/year.
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  13. Hi, I know they have an ecu that controls the mirrors..i think its under the dash on drivers side..along with a couple other ecu's. This might be worth a check.
  14. From what I've read, theres still alot of buggy issues and most aren't as consistent with quality. We're probably better that they don't have it working on AUDM versions of our 2nd Gen IS until they work out all the kinks. 300-500 USD is quite an investment.
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  16. They replied to me saying it wont suit my Australian model! :(
  17. Gday all, i have a 1UZFE celsior, and its developed a cold stark knock after sitting a few days, and once has what i suspect is a light rod bearing knock? Im new to these I have no previous experience diagnosing noises with it...any insight into this will be appreciated. I can hear this when im crouched down at the front wheel..or if i have the door open while warming up. If i stand up outside the car..i cant hear it. Its sound is a "clack" and it rythum is..."clack clack clack...(pause)...clack clack...(pause)...clack clack clack" this is only audible at idle. There is also a slight motor vibration thru the car thats also developed in the same time frame... im unsure if its related? The car runs and drives nicely otherwise. If this is a bearing it possible to just install a new set of shells?...provding the crank isnt scored or damaged? Thanks in advance.
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  19. RT @drkomanduri: Topics of Late Breaker Abstracts for #BMTTandem17: #CAR-T in DLBCL; Ibrutinib in chronic #GVHD & #Letermovir for CMV https…

  20. No, I find 4300 is the most light output.
  21. Is the A/C tube blocked and it sounds like windscreen check the sunroof drain tubes to good luck.
  22. That's unfortunate. I'll ask the sales manager in SA next time I'm in for service.
  23. There is a thread on here somewhere about the number, I email Lexus Australia and got no reply they are either ignorant or they don't know.
  24. Hi guys, Can anybody tell me how many ISFs were sold in Australia? I come across ISFs so rarely, maybe once or twice a year. cheers!
  25. swifts are around 650 delivered to your door
  26. Any more info on where to get these from and how much? Looking to source a set ASAP. Thanks
  27. RT @SportsCenter: Dwyane Wade coming through.

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