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  2. What's your fuel economy?

    Hey mate, wondering if you'd care to share your thoughts on the F vs the R? Can be elsewhere if you don't want to hijack the thread.
  3. Hi there, Long time reader first time writer here. I own a 2004 ES300 (navigation) Vin: JTHBF30G906028929 I need new side mirrors for my vehicle, Is there a easy way to understand if another es300's side mirrors will fit mine when searching wreckers? my mirrors are heated. will 2001 -2004 models all fit each other? Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers, Mick
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  5. RT @The_IMJ: October Editorial-Patient safety and the Triple Aim by Prof Alan Merry #openaccess @marrow @TheNZSA @…

  6. Wanted IS-F

    Good luck with your search - i only purchased my MY2011 IS-F in June this year from Brisbane and drove it back to Newcastle. I was looking for about 5 months in total (but only seriously for about 2 months as i needed to sell my existing car before buying the IS-F). I wanted either silver, grey or blue with the white leather interior - but most of the white interiors were in really bad condition and really grotty, so i scrapped the white interior idea. Seems most of these cars were lease vehicles and generally not loved by the 1st owners. Ended up with a blue one with the black interior. Only 42,000km's which was lower than my target km's (most others were around 60-70,000km).
  7. Good result. Where was the noise travelling in the car? From behind or along the metal fuel line to the front?
  8. ISF Watch

    Sorry, just sold it
  9. OK problem now solved. My local mechanic and good mate has now rectified the fuel pump noise issue. Today he had time again to look at my car, and after Monday when a new Bosch fuel pump he installed which was only $100 odd dollars compared to a Lexus one of $700, well the Bosch one was ticking loudly right from the start at idle, reverse, low speed etc. but to bloody loud to be normal I thought for a quality branded product like Bosch. Out came the rear seat and he added an extra clamp to hold the new pump in place firmly and all the noise stopped and it is as quiet as the original one - Very happy!! :)
  10. Wanted IS-F

    Hi all looking for 2010-2013 IS-F will consider any I have IS 250x I'm going to sell but don't need to before I buy A swap plus cash would be great but I know unlikely please PM me if any one is looking at selling I'm in NSW but will transport if necessary.
  11. What does the noise sound like/ compare to? Where does it seem to come from when sitting in the car?
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  13. WTB ISF

    $34K! That's cheap. What needs to be done? pics?
  14. Congratulations William!!! Link to the carsales ad:
  15. DRL Headlight Removed, price dropped.
  16. Nice update - congrats. The car looks to be in great condition.
  17. What's your fuel economy?

    All short drives around Newcastle (hardly any traffic). My car used 38L in 229km so that equates to around 16.6L per 100km (about 80% more than my old modified Golf R was getting). Loving the V8. Seems to do a fair bit better on the highway but haven't actually taken the time to measure those figures yet.....probably around 10-12L per 100km.
  18. High flow pumps are noisy. You'll likely need to go back to Lexus/Toyota if you want a quiet one. And they don't look cheap:
  19. @homelessexual Disgusting.

  20. Good news, that’s a good upgrade from your IS250, just a little bit more power. lol. you will enjoy the ISF. Yes Lexus of Chatswood are good, they look after my babies. I’ve been doing 2 track days a year with them, between May & September ish. I like the cooler weather. they are so much fun, & they get all the speeding out of your system. Hopefully see you at a track day next year. Happy ISF motoring.
  21. HKS SSM Exhaust

    Gents, Quick shout out to the F Club, recently upgraded from IS250 to ISF, my re-intro post here. Anyone here in Sydney running the HKS SSM (Super Sound Master) or PPE Dual Mode exhaust? Can I come over for a quick sound check? Drive Safe William
  22. Hi Guys, Following the true tradition of Lexus ownership, I have let go my old trusted IS250 (currently for sale) and became the new owner of ISFBloke's old car (MY11 Black ISF). Before buying this car, I had exchanged some detailed messages with Andrew (ISFBloke) as well as getting the car fully inspected by Chris the master tech of Lexus Chatswood. Some of the members here knows this ISF well, it had PPE header & RR racing USRS Bushing fitted and the last owner added JoeZ PTS exhaust, tuned by Autowerks in Beverly Hills currently output a health 275.7kw at the wheel quite consistent with what the US guys are getting with similar mods. I can see a few ISF owners here will be running this setup soon :D. I'm also considering to add the RR racing intake and oil catch can to complete the stage 1 bolt on upgrades. To carry on the legacy of this awesome machine, it'll go to the track a few times per year, I was invited to the recent Burrows Drives Day at SMSP Eastern Creek sponsored by McLaren, had the chance to let loose the beast and chasing down a few 911s/M3/C63, only lost pace at the corners to AWD cars with the crappy road tyres I had. Upgrading to Rays wheel with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 !!! The car was pre & post track checked by Chris of Lexus, he is very excited to see this car back in the stables, big thumb up to Lexus Chatswood. On the Burrows day, I also had the opportunity to test drive the new McLaren 720S, which is now my new favour supercar. And very pleased to meet an owner of RCF (Peter) testing his new RR racing oil catch can on the track who shares the same passion of Lexus, also goes to Chatswood for track prep. I've invited him to sign up this forum. I look forward to join the F Club events both on or off track, the F are being used for school runs so I'm considering a few options to deal with the catless setup. I'm open for suggestion, highflow cat/PPE with stock exhaust/HKS SSM??? Exterior upgrades are also on the card - Tom's front lip and rear diffuser. Andrew (ISFBloke), I wish you all the best in your oversea venture, your car is in good hands. Drive Safe William Here is some photos showing off my three "babies" and the track day.
  23. Rr racing vs figs

    They feel great! Definately a little more input feel at the steering wheel. The car feels much funner to throw around, add to that the larger tyres I had put ontoday too. Cost me $170 at the mechanic to be installed.
  24. RT @VicCompCancerCr: A really absorbing day had by all at our Cutting Edge Haematology symposium - sharing knowledge and strengthening #blo…

  25. Great to see @ShangriLaSydney join @LimeTonicSYDNEY with a series of great experiences for our members. Check it out…

  26. What's your fuel economy?

    15 on the track..?! Come on man thats got to be a joke, i refuelled halfway through the day on the last track day, and then almost emptied it again. I know he may be running lean numbers, but that is BS. 16l for me average. I work 5 min from work, and drive short trips alllllllll day working in property.. Car barely warms up on the way to work in winter. 8-8.4l on the open roads
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