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  2. After being unable to find any information on the structure of the bonnet of the 2016 rc. I have come to the conclusion that it's made from aluminum?
  3. Paint is still being polished and the black is coming out with a deep mirror shine :) I'm pretty sure the detailer is removing the orange peel mine was plagued with.
  4. I messaged them and yes, the 2011+ sat nav version is now for pre-sales, releasing early march. Was ~$550 with postage. Can't wait to give it a go as my android can't stream music to the car currently!
  5. Old thread but yes is fine to drive until tune needed
  6. Ok depends what you mean by outputs. Could be reverse cam, amplifier rca , video output etc park brake cable is designed to by spliced into hand brake switch. It's there so that headunit won't play videos until handbrake is up. A lot of people just simply earth it so it works all the time
  7. Has anyone else wrapped "a" pillars in their is? My car had ciggerette burns from old owner i ripped carpet off and did carbon fibre wrap. Turned out really well sorry about bad pics lol I will get some in better lighting
  8. When replacing these headunits you need to bypass factory amplifier. Depending on your wiring knowledge you can do this yourself or just buy a premade loom to plug n play. Now once this is done your headunit will now work with the speakers but the factory speakers will sound bad with new headunit because they are a different ohms rating. Best to buy new speakers too if you want great results :)
  9. Last week
  10. What a beautiful looking vehicle. the pictures look great.
  11. Felt quite weird first time sitting in a hybrid and starting the car. So quiet! The EV signal indicates the car has started and so you just throttle on without the engine on. The regenerative braking sounded cool but probably wears off after awhile =) There's a post on real 300h fuel consumption - they seem to be getting between 5-7L per 100km. Unsure what the 200t drivers are averaging. For the 350, best I can get so far is 11.6L per 100km.
  12. lack of intrest and people pulling out got it cancled im doing individual orders now
  13. Hi there! Welcome. Great cars they are.
  14. Looks awesome espeically with the Orange calipers. Not over the top but enough for the average person to know its special :-)
  15. Thanks for confirming Spec!
  16. Works fine Bazzle,programmed in about 20sec. using techstream cable.It does'nt come with the slim key that slots into the card. This is the link to supplier but he does'nt post to AU so you need a local US address.
  17. Ebay :) 4500k or 5000k Led 9005 HB3
  18. After you change your battery the ECU computer pretty much resets itself. All your seat memory positions, fuel avgs, kms range will reset but nothing will change significantly. It's just the computer trying to relearn.
  19. i have and its not a cheap conversion roughtly set u back 13-15K just in parts
  20. Earlier
  21. Welcome to the Xforce club :-) Had to go back to their head office 2 days ago, Varex motor playing up but they replaced it and its loud and quiet again :-)
  22. I would greatly appreciate if a fellow contributor would advise the nomenclature of the 5-speed auto transmission in my 2007 Lexus RX350 Update Sports Luxury, manufactured Nov 2007, registered Feb 2008. For example, the Chassis Nomenclature is GSU35R-AWAGKQ and the Engine Nomenclature is 2GRFE but what is the transmission? Is it by chance U151E/F ? Thank you in advance.
  23. cargo cover

    No longer required thanks.
  24. Free to anyone who wants them 3 1995 ls400 wheels One of the rims has a bit of gutter rash, the other 2 are in good condition 225/60 R16 tyres with tread just above the wear indicators, 2 dunlops, 1 good year 2 plastic wheel nut covers. The previous owner used them as matching wheels for his camper trailer but the new owner didn't want them pick up Currumbin Valley on the Gold Coast Call John Drakes for more details 0417 132 970 Note to admin, I tried to post this in buy/sell but it wouldn't let me, presumably because I am a new member. Please move to correct forum if required
  25. Haha, dont be shy, stretch out that right ankle! The ISF loves it!
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