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  2. What's your fuel economy?

    Hey mate, wondering if you'd care to share your thoughts on the F vs the R? Can be elsewhere if you don't want to hijack the thread.
  3. Hi there, Long time reader first time writer here. I own a 2004 ES300 (navigation) Vin: JTHBF30G906028929 I need new side mirrors for my vehicle, Is there a easy way to understand if another es300's side mirrors will fit mine when searching wreckers? my mirrors are heated. will 2001 -2004 models all fit each other? Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers, Mick
  4. Last week
  5. Added Mid-pipe and Exhaust Photos
  6. Wanted IS-F

    Good luck with your search - i only purchased my MY2011 IS-F in June this year from Brisbane and drove it back to Newcastle. I was looking for about 5 months in total (but only seriously for about 2 months as i needed to sell my existing car before buying the IS-F). I wanted either silver, grey or blue with the white leather interior - but most of the white interiors were in really bad condition and really grotty, so i scrapped the white interior idea. Seems most of these cars were lease vehicles and generally not loved by the 1st owners. Ended up with a blue one with the black interior. Only 42,000km's which was lower than my target km's (most others were around 60-70,000km).
  7. Good result. Where was the noise travelling in the car? From behind or along the metal fuel line to the front?
  8. ISF Watch

    Sorry, just sold it
  9. WTB ISF

    $34K! That's cheap. What needs to be done? pics?
  10. Congratulations William!!! Link to the carsales ad:
  11. DRL Headlight Removed, price dropped.
  12. HKS SSM Exhaust

    Gents, Quick shout out to the F Club, recently upgraded from IS250 to ISF, my re-intro post here. Anyone here in Sydney running the HKS SSM (Super Sound Master) or PPE Dual Mode exhaust? Can I come over for a quick sound check? Drive Safe William
  13. Rr racing vs figs

    They feel great! Definately a little more input feel at the steering wheel. The car feels much funner to throw around, add to that the larger tyres I had put ontoday too. Cost me $170 at the mechanic to be installed.
  14. Is250

    Looks very nice. welcome.
  15. Earlier
  16. WTB - ISF Rims

    He is happy with either - im guessing there would be more Blade style rims floating around. If you got a set - PM me a price and can see if we can sort something out!!
  17. Hi guys, i am new here and i just had couple questions on the Black top Beams engine. 1) Can the head studs and all ARP products for the 3sgte work with this engine? 2) Does any one happen to have the lobe centers of the Beams engine? I am currently looking to get some cams made up for them and need this info as i do not have the engine to hand yet. 3) Does any one have the free standing height of the valve springs and the coil bind height? 4) Can valve train components be carried over from the last spec 3SGTE to the Beams ? 5) Who makes turbo exhaust manifolds and intake manifolds for this engine? 6) What bottom end parts from the older 3SGTE can be carried over to this engine? Thank you in advance for any of the help you guys can give me. regards Damian
  18. PPE header group buy

    Yeah, jeeebus, lets hear that thing!!
  19. For Sale: Lexus 2010 ISF - MY 2011

    Bump - Price updated
  20. Isf Owners Post Up Pics Of Your Isf!

    The mrs racing at motive half mile last year at stanthorpe
  21. Who thinks i can save my rear tyre

    Installed it yesterday, quite simple. Then adjusted the audible warnings to let me know when the pressure gets low. Works well. Had to put a bit more air in front drivers side. After i inflated it to 38, i got in the car and the readout showed 38 so its quite accurate even compared to my digital guage. So overall i feel its a good little investment that could have given me the prior warning i needed of knowing my pressure was low in 1 of my tyres
  22. New to the forum

    Hi guys, my name is Damian and i am new here, i am seeking some information on the Beams engine. I am originally from Barbados but i live in Germany working for Hyundai Motorsport now and i am thinking of building an AE86 with a Beams motor in it.
  23. Full RR Racing upgrade package installed in Melb

    Track days are fun. Phillip island would be good. & a nice white LFA.
  24. Thanks for your prompt and frank reply, DBen - not exactly what I was expecting but much appreciated anyway - you've probably saved me from a dubious investment :-) :-). While I certainly want comfort (the IS250 has spoilt me - amazing car!!), it's not at any cost. Back to the drawing board for me!!
  25. Hi all, I'm urgently seeking the following part for my 2010 RX450h: B1446 air mix damper control servo motor circuit (driver side) My a/c has been acting strange lately, blows hot air on one side and cold on the other. Does anyone know where I can a oem or used part online? I'm located in Fiji so purchasing online is my only option. Cheers!
  26. Tyre noobie

    Can you post the link to this calculator please :) EDIT: Found it
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