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  2. Need to read the PDS (this is the contract) carefully as some insurers will not use new replacement parts (may use OEM parts consistent with age of car or alternative) when the car is no longer under original manufacturer warranty.
  3. Hello, just got a new RX450h (my 2nd Lexus) and wondering if anyone knows how to change the unit of measure of the TPMS. It's displaying in KPa and I could not find in the manual how to change it to psi.
  4. DAB is known for issues like this generally. I doubt it can be fixed other than having extra aerials in the car to get the strongest signal direction. It should be ok on some channels when you stop. There was talk some time back of having extra repeaters in city areas like phone repeaters to make it work but someone has to pay for them...
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  6. Still havent gotten around to doing this yet but will soon. Was going to do it last late last year but the workshop i was getting to do the service advised Lexus didnt have the gasket in stock so i couldnt do it anyway. Do any of you guys know the part # for the required gasket. If im to buy the parts, besides the 4lt of WS ATF oil what else do i need to source so i only need to pay for the labour from a workshop The workshop told me the gasket was approx $200 which i thought was excessive but im yet to call Lexus to confirm.
  7. I believe so... I'll try calling him, but will find a good day - as he always tries to sell me the RCF or LC500 - so it takes a while to discuss cars with him :)
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  9. Hi, I know they have an ecu that controls the mirrors..i think its under the dash on drivers side..along with a couple other ecu's. This might be worth a check.
  10. From what I've read, theres still alot of buggy issues and most aren't as consistent with quality. We're probably better that they don't have it working on AUDM versions of our 2nd Gen IS until they work out all the kinks. 300-500 USD is quite an investment.
  11. Gday all, i have a 1UZFE celsior, and its developed a cold stark knock after sitting a few days, and once has what i suspect is a light rod bearing knock? Im new to these I have no previous experience diagnosing noises with it...any insight into this will be appreciated. I can hear this when im crouched down at the front wheel..or if i have the door open while warming up. If i stand up outside the car..i cant hear it. Its sound is a "clack" and it rythum is..."clack clack clack...(pause)...clack clack...(pause)...clack clack clack" this is only audible at idle. There is also a slight motor vibration thru the car thats also developed in the same time frame... im unsure if its related? The car runs and drives nicely otherwise. If this is a bearing it possible to just install a new set of shells?...provding the crank isnt scored or damaged? Thanks in advance.
  12. No, I find 4300 is the most light output.
  13. Is the A/C tube blocked and it sounds like windscreen check the sunroof drain tubes to good luck.
  14. swifts are around 650 delivered to your door
  15. I do on average, around 500-700klm per week with 70% highway driving generally at rush hour, at 75-100klm/hr and consistently get 5.2 l/100klm. That's with it set in Sport mode the whole time and dont drive massively carefully / economically. If I try really hard I can achieve 4.9.
  16. Thanks Bullit, I know how to turn off TC etc as you have mentioned above but have heard the 'pedal dance" can disengage the VDIM even more? Is this correct?
  17. Just want to give Lexus Chatswood a BIG thumbs up for their excellent service as always! Definitely makes me a loyal customer to Lexus, especially the Chatswood dealership. I called them two weeks ago for the fuel pressure sensor recall, and asked for a courtesy car. Since the recall is performed for free standalone, I thought the dealers would try to up sell something to you like "why don't you do a service while you at it" so they can charge you back. But the girl on the phone was very friendly, no muck around and being very patience with me to book in for the earliest time slot. Also ensuring me the recall is free of charge. A week ago she called me again and offered to pickup my car from my home or work then drop it off back to me afterwards, so it saves me spending time drive to the service centre. So I said why not! So this morning an old gentlemen from Lexus picked up my car from Sydney CBD where I work and left me a 3IS 350 F sport as courtesy car for the day. And he returned the car back to me in the afternoon with a complimentary car wash! Everything free of charge. The whole experience is very professional and polite. Colleagues at work own Porsche, BMW and Audi are now very envy the Lexus customer service. Great job Lexus Chatswood.
  18. Hello TheWoozle. Yes we did drive down the west coast as much as we could on sealed roads. there were a lot u turns or detours when the road turned to dirt. I don’t like driving my Lexus on unsealed roads, but I did travelled on one unsealed road, and that was on the “Lake Highway the A5”, from Bothwell to Deloraine. which had a 22km section, (that was in very good condition). I tried to drive as close to the coast as I could all the way around. We travelled 4850km in Tasmania, from Devonport to Devonport. Tasmania it was a great drive.. I have attached a map, the yellow line is where we drove.
  19. My 2008 model X at least besides the sports suspension comes with the larger diameter wheels/lower profile tyres which may also contribute to a harsher ride.
  20. $350 for two front T2's is what I got quoted too. Anyone has experience with Akebono pads?
  21. I fitted the 235/40/18's to the front (PS4's) but they rubbed on lock and bulged slightly on the rim edge.. Changed back to OE size 225/40/18 , still PS4's. Nice fit. Stayed with 255/40/18 on rear. The Michelin's are a true size tyre compared to the Bridgestones Added 4500 Leds to the high beam as well. What an improvement :). Match the OE HIDs in the low beam nicely. Found by aligning the low beams the light spread and quantity is a lot improved. Left was high and right was low, both in line now :) Redid the V20map DVD onto an DVD-R DL. Been working OK now for 7+ days :)
  22. 1. Natroth ....... great idea 2. iinkz 3. rossv 4. Ninjavendetta 5. Vaku 6. gfs250 7. Obo2192 8. Atlantis 9. fzrashid 10. Vukie 11. Spec 12. Slattery 13. Kyo (William) 14. Ali 15. Canon 16. Bazzle I have downloaded a working V20 last week as well. (DVD version) Better than the V18 my IS350 came with. V23 would be great :) I had a look at an SD card from a new Hilux but the later ones use igo/Primo. Diff format :(
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  24. Go for it, if that's with spark plugs that's excellent even still its a good price.
  25. I bet they said dam this things got so many angles, look good though.
  26. They are such a nice car a good Christmas present the only problem is you cant use the full potential of the car on the road. Every time I drive my ISF everybody seems to be going so slow enjoy. If you want some info check the US forum cheers.
  27. Hi Guys, I parted ways with my 08 Lexus IS250 a few months ago and I have a few parts left over I need to get rid of as it is taking up space in my garage. 1. aFe TR-2004P Takeda Cold Air Intake System - $250 This was installed in my car for approx 30K km's. The below picture is taken from another site. I have attached photo's of the actual intake that was on my car Oil-Free Pro DRY S Filter, 3-Layers Of Progressively Finer Porosity Synthetic Media, Large 5" Tall Conical Filter with a 5-1/2" flange opening diameter Washable & Reusable, 3" mandrel-bent wrinkle-black powder-coated intake tube, 18 Gauge Powder-Coated Heat Shield Polyurethane Couplings, Hardware and Clamp For Strength And Durability, No cutting or drilling Manufactured and Assembled in the USA 2. BC Racing V1 Adjustable Coil Overs - $750 These were on my car for approx 30K km's, there are no leaks or any issues with them. They are height and damper adjustable and comes with adjustable spanners They will need a quick clean as I have not cleaned them (just road dirt & dust) since I have taken them off the car The BC V1 Design VS Coilover Suspension Kit features 30 levels of Damping Force adjustment with Full-length height adjustment, which not only allows extremely low ride height, but also gives drivers the ability to tune their suspension setup for all types of road conditions. The V1 Design VS Series Coilover is designed to provide the highest quality ride for normal city use, and a smooth ride at any speed thanks to the rubber top mounts fitted front and rear. These rubber upper mounts are purpose fitted to absorb hard impacts and improve ride comfort. Various spring rates are available and specifically crafted to work perfectly with the BC V1 Design Dampers. BC's aim is to provide a variety of suspension setup options to cater to the technical driver. Specs: Front Rubber Top Mount Rear Rubber Top Mount 30 Level Damping Force Adjustment Height Adjustment System Anodized Alloy Casing CNC Machined T6061 Alloy Locking Ring Monotube Design For Maximum Performance Fully Rebuildable Spring Rates: F: 10kg R: 8kg Due to the size and weight of the coil overs, pick up only (Sunshine West, VIC) Thanks Quoc
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