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  2. I remember I ended up doing the same thing and snapped one of my ignition plugs while pulling it out (they're quite fragile). I just shoved it back in and it ran fine until I decided to just change my engine for peace of mind. Never had any trouble taking my throttle body apart during the process though... except those allen keys...
  3. I'd imagine they could feign ignorance (whether they know or not). To many of those who don't know these cars it is quite difficult to differentiate the models and most can't be bothered googling.
  4. I used to get almost 750km a tank (66L) in my IS250 and I know the CT has around 45L... with real world consumption of around 6-7L/100... CT really saves the fuel costs around city driving but I know Hybrids generally don't save us much on the highway. With the 7k you save on the 250 you can put toward I guess maintaining the vehicle and putting toward extra fuel tank costs... The CT is a newer car and has better fuel consumption but the IS250 is known to be reliable, bigger, and fuel savings aren't as big considering the 7k difference. Though being older there are a few things I would check on the IS250. Service history, has the transmission oil been changed? Many 250s have carbon build up and chew through engine oil. But having driven both... the V6 in the 250 is mighty smooth. A lot more smoother than the 4cyl in the CT, is more comfortable, and has more power (to get you up hills and across lanes and such). What trim option is the CT? I'd also imagine maintenance on the CT is cheaper than the 250 and hybrid batteries have at least 10 years of warranty...
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  6. The USA frequency is different to Australia's frequency as well, spoken to Lexus Brisbane and the tech there said the chip can be programmed to start the car but the remotes to lock and unlock the doors will never work....
  7. Do you happen to know/remember, where exactly did they hookup tubes to drain and fill? Thank you.
  8. CVT's look so good on our cars, 20x9 and 10.5? Ive just ordered same size rims, what size tyres did you go for?
  9. some buyers do worry about it as they think lexus workshops seem to know what they are doing which is not the case in some areas but generally new cars up to 4 years old i have seen some people who were hesitant to buy but after 4 years people dont even seem to care that it doesnt have log books lol
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  11. Ok for now I'm just taping it over with duct tape. Not that it really is making much of a difference. On another note, can someone tell me how f*cked I am? I was trying to change my spark plugs tonight. On the drivers side, middle cylinder, when I was disconnecting the cable that plugs to the ignition coil, the bloody clip that secures the cable to the socket broke off! Now there is nothing that's keeping the connector plugged. It's just shoved in. I took a test drive down to chatswood and back again... Didn't seem to get any misfires.... The cable doesn't seem to be springing out either, but still.... Can these connectors actually be replaced? I noticed that this was the only black one (the others were white, giving me the impression that these were changed before).
  12. That gentleman there is selling a damn fine ISF. I'd buy if I had the money. Note it is in VIC
  13. I believe Ltuned is right. The tank holds about 65L. From what I've read, 55 is your main and the other 10 is the reserve. The light comes up when the main is close to 0, but your reserve sits without notice. Sounds about right as I've gone done to 20KM remaining, which I know is an estimate. However I've never been able to do a full 65L refuel, only ever 53-54. I could be wrong, but sounds plausible 0.o
  14. Bump... in case someone is still searching for that great car :)
  15. Hello everyone I would love some help here and would be so much appreciated. I, myself after a long time have finally purchased my Lexus and saved every cent for it to finally now be in disbelief of what it's like to own one now, when it comes to service. Everywhere I go to take it for a 75,000kms service are asking for $1,000 and above, no I tell a lie actually the cheapest was $950. I don't understand, is this normal or am I just being tripped because I am a female and they think that females are so dumb? I am incredibly sadned with how some of these mechanics have dealt with me and there prices. Can someone please refer me to a mechanic that deals with Lexus's and knows what they are doing and are honest?! Please, I will take it straight there! Please, anyone,?!!! I am in Sydney, Panania 2213 🙁Thanks so much
  16. I hope it all gets sorted out soon. It will be good to know what happened.
  17. My old iPod just plugs into the usb inside the armrest. Keeps charged and I haven't even looked at it since putting it under the other stuff in there🍺
  18. Hi Car looks great , not sure if you're in syd but love to know who did the job And are you still happy with it? Thinking of satin charcoal for mine
  19. Hi James, I have mine for sale MY2011 - Im in Vic - Car is immaculate Cheers
  20. Hi, here is what i have found so far. 1. OEM = approx US$2,000 delivered 2. Figs = approx US$3,100 delivered This included 2 piece discs, ET500 pads (Street), Castrol SRF, SS lines. I also opted for extra RB XR70 pads for track days(US$300). Should last >5 times longer than OEM and look cool!! 3. RR-Racing = approx = US$3,200 This includes discs and Endless MX72 pads for street/track. I was looking at Figs as the specs showed 34mm discs as apposed to 32mm for rr-racing. Let me know how you go with Brakes Direct please?
  21. Great to hear. Read several horror stories from the US forums about various bugs which turned me off for now. Then i saw a different approach, a double din unit replacing the bottom section from Beat Sonic. Plug in play harness with various options to stream, playback, works with OEM equipment, steering control etc, android play Sits quite low though as no other place it can fit so appearance will be subject to everyones different tastes
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  23. Hey guys, just installed some Swift lowering springs (which are great by the way), but my AFS light is on. Read up on it and its very common, maxed out the adjuster on the rear LCA and it hasn't fixed it. Anyone experienced this before? Snap On scanner didnt pick up any error code to clear but wondering if its just a matter of visiting Toyota/Lexus and getting them to clear it? Thanks in advance
  24. Cool, keep us informed. Would be curious to see if you notice any difference.
  25. I don’t have an IS300, but I have the same 3 litre inline 6, 2JZ-GE engine in my 2003 GS300. I have also looked for headers on eBay. it’s amazing how cheap they are, and the headers for the IS300 look good. but for some reason they advise the IS300 headers will not fit the GS300, and the ones that do fit the GS look awful. I’m sure they will not be top quality for the price, but like you said they are stainless, & would be worth a try. you will lose your front cats that are on the stock exhaust manifold. If you do get them, keep your stock headers in the garage just in case. Good luck.
  26. Can't see the ad any more, but I thought all IS300s had sunroofs, regardless of sports luxury or not. Mine is a standard is300, without the sat Nav, and I love it. Great fun to drive. Would be better with paddles, but the buttons work ok when driven in anger. I haven't heard of common issues, but others will comment I'm sure. Price of just on or under 10k is about right for a low 100k 03 to 05 model.
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