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  2. White Seats full set $1600 Black engine cover $550
  3. you are correct, i actually use both google maps + my cars gps: i use the voice only bluetooth guidance from google maps, but at the same time, if the address exists, i use the cars gps map, so i have a large map on the touch screen, as yes, some roundabouts are just downright confusing! i also like that google maps has traffic + accidents, so it can potentially re-route you if it knows the current route is congested, something the lexus maps cannot do.
  4. I had one for 4 years. Couldn't wait to get rid of it. No power which was a concern. Also drivers seat leather wore through - replaced under warranty but it happened again. Bought an Audi Q3 - very very happy now
  5. i had a similar scam, however im not sure how it would have worked. in your example, an easily refundable paypal transfer is used. in my example (was selling a watch) they were offering to transfer cash into my bank account, and i stated that i would wait a few days\weeks to confirm full clearance of funds before sending the goods. i didnt go thru with it in the end because it was obviously a scam, but i always wondered how they would do the scam? as in, can a bank transfer be reversed?
  6. #1 tip for winning the lotto: dont tell anyone.
  7. lane keeping is was not available on the 2012 but became was added on from 2013 or 2014 with the EP option
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  9. Yep I'm getting mine done at Dr Sonny,s in a month and I cant wait. PLEASE let use know what you think after the tune cheers.
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  11. Thanks PMD008 - I guess that is exactly the point I'm wanting to sign up for. My other car, a BMW, had been given very poor service by BMW Melbourne - the bottom of the car was covered in oil (from an oil change during a major service). It was so bad I thought that the engine was leaking oil ... all it was was totally c*ap job done by an apprentice that hadn't been properly supervised. I ended up taking it to SouthernBM and have been very well looked after ever since. I am looking for exactly the same organisation, but for my Lexus :) I'm not too worried about not servicing it with Lexus now (given the age of the car), but would prefer to have it done by someone who is recommended. Folks on this forum are enthusiasts and want to look after their cars ... and that's me too :) Hence the request for personal recommendations! Cheers
  12. hi there whats your location?
  13. tried it this morning (plugging iphone cable straight into the usb port and using apple music) and it works! im amazed! it has full functionality on the touch screen too, shows playlists, albums, genres etc even podcasts only "bug" i encountered however is that if im in the playlist\album view, when i scroll down, it for some reason automatically changes to whatever playlist\album is now at the top of the screen, kinda annoying, but worth it for the additional functionality
  14. Yep my thoughts exactly, fitment wasn't exactly spot on and I had to use new rubber hangers but the sound was bang on what I had hoped for.
  15. Thanks Barry and Danny I will talk to MCA and send details to Danny I have just dun 2 weeks in Tassie and found the IS good but not good enough I'm an old cock so I push her hard but not stupid if that makes sense anyway thanks again. Zuk
  16. Hi Everyone, I own an RX350 and also own & operate Lextech Automotive. We offer Servicing and Repairs to all Lexus vehicles here in Noosa and it's surrounds. We offer a professional, mobile service, call us if you would like a quote to have your Lexus serviced with us 0497682361. Cheers Scott
  17. Hi PMD008, It is possible to reprogram a used key although a lot of hassle. If it's a new key, OBDII with Techstream is a piece of cake - you just have to press add a new key and hold it to your button. Used keys are a bit more work. The info's definitely out there, I just can't recall how to do it but more than likely you'd have to go to the dealer for that one (and even then I think most of them wouldn't know how to do it).
  18. Hi all, I am currently planning on purchasing a 1998-2001 GS300 with the intention of performing an engine swap with an aristo 2JZ-GTE engine. I know a little bit about cars, but I'm no mechanic by means. A good way of putting it would be that I can talk the talk but can't walk the walk. As such, I was hoping somebody here would happen to know of any mechanics in Victoria who have performed this engine swap before with this particular car. I know it's a fairly straight forward swap, but since I'm putting the money into it, I'd prefer to have someone do it who has done it before. I'm also open to suggestions to Victoria based mechanics who would do this work as well, even if they have not necessarily done it before. I'll appreciate any help that can be provided! Thanks, Josh
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  20. Booked mine in a few weeks ago Lexus Parramatta but first available date was end Aug so ended up settling on a date mid Sep. Much longer than expected but not phased, dont expect any issues with mine regarding the recall. They'll give me a loaner as well. Hopefully the GSF so i can upgrade the ISF but highly doubt it lol
  21. Think mine idles about the same, maybe touch more. I used to get the VSC signal monthly and i disconnected the battery etc as a quick fix (not ideal but was lazy lol). Anyways noticed it after i got a catback exhaust (cooincidence maybe but there are anti foulers available). Well i ended up getting a custom tune and not only did it make more power but the VSC signal hasnt come back since so double win for me haha. So good excuse to get it tuned :-)
  22. Hey all. I have a 2005 RX 330 with a brake issue that needs resolving. Brakes on start up are pretty good. Pedal is firm. After 5 minutes or so things turn. Apply the brakes and the firmness in the pedal is not there and you need to depress the brake a lot more to brake. (I use to break with just my toe and the thing would stop on a dime) The system has been bled and bled again. There are no bubbles last time - all clear. There are no error codes that come up. Don't want to just replace parts in a guessing game. Anyone can help to diagnose that would be unreal. Cheers
  23. Hi everyone, I am a new member and new owner of a 2010 Lexus RX350 Sports. I am after any towing advice anyone can give me on the car, any experiences they have had, and any issues encountered. I've learned the car had a reasonably low tow rating considering its size and engine specs, unfortunately when I searched on and I was told it had a rating on 2000 kgs. I've since been told by Lexus that it's only 1500 kgs which was fairly disappointing after putting down a $1000 deposit in the car. None the less I love the car and according to the service history and kilometers it seems to be a good deal. However I plan on towing a small camper van that weights about 1,480 kgs. I am now chasing any information about why the rating is so low...... I have read some OS reviews that suggest that it's because of the transmission ability and over heating issues. That has me worried being so close to the 1500 kg mark considering steep ascents/descents both put additional strain on transmissions. Does anyone have any advice........? Thanks, DB
  24. Thanks. Yeah those were some warm days :)
  25. The VLine for 2010-2012 cars is still in production, ETA is that it will be available next month :)
  26. Cant wait too fit this up :) Cheers Danny
  27. Thanks. Contacted them but they have never been approached to do that from an Lexus owner...yet. They will investigate :) My reason for dong that is so I can run other GPS apps on the screen etc
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