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  2. Hi Sam, the app is called Road Trip. I add the data in after every fill and I use it to track all expenses such as registration, etc. My ISF is stock apart from an X-Force cat back. Purchased when it had around 48k, has not missed a beat at all. If you check out the mileage threads on clublexus forums you'll see plenty of cars there well over 200,000kms with only general maintenance. Being a lexus they are rock solid. I'm on my third lexus now and every single one has been completely reliable.
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  4. The header replacement is a 3 hour job, 4 hours max ! ! ! ! The front sub frame is only dropped down by aprox 6 inches, it does not require removal at all.. $1000.00 including stainless high flow cats would be about right. Watch this video it might open your eyes a little to give a better insight on the job at hand. Hope this helps.
  5. That last pic hahaha!
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  7. Mine is stock apart from an xforce cat back, and made 268rwkw (closed bonnet 6th gear pull). Another ISF on the same day made 266rwkw.
  8. Ive got similar mods but got a tune and modified primary exit restriction near the cats so its now 3 inches. Both made a big difference. Never been in a 350 let alone drive next to one to compare but heard they were quick for a 6. Im sure top end the V8 in ours will easily pull away but curious you found them similar to 100. Must be simply more power is trickier to launch with RWD. There is a possible group buy going for PPE headers right now on this forum
  9. Also for peace of mind get a Trans shop to flush it thru. Cost between $460 and $650 here in Melbourne. $340 to $450 for just a drain, filter and refill.
  10. i went the f-sport purely because of the bucket seats
  11. All good mate. Mine are mpss as well. 275/30 is a little to low on the sidewall. 285/30 starts getting a little too wide on lower offsets. happy hunting
  12. This wheel wobble, which is a vertical wobble and is extremely violent requiring the car to be brought to a halt, is only intermittent, meaning once every 12 months or so. In the meanwhile the car drives perfectly, not a shake, wobble or vibration of any kind whatsoever. When it first originated 12 months ago (June 2016) I took it to a tyre retailer, Jax, in Bondi Junction NSW who performed a wheel balance on both front wheels, and a full wheel alignment. I then had trouble free driving for 12 months until now, June 2017. This current exact same wobble came out of nowhere and I stopped the car. I then drove on without any wobble whatsoever and have driven about 500 km since then without any wobble. Does anyone have a clue as to what this "mystery wobble" is? Particularly, as it only visits me now and again. Although the car is 25 years old, it has only done 126,000 km and is in perfect mechanical condition. I would welcome any input from the club or elsewhere if you have some idea what it could be. Thanks.
  13. Full isf body kit All oem complete parts Front and rear bars, guards and side skirts All in black, sides in grey Was planned to f the wife's is250 but never got around to it. Guards not pictured but in mint condition, few minor scratches from storage etc. Perfect for is250/350 Located in Brisbane Can help with delivery within brisbane. $2500, am neg for quick sale
  14. Black lexus ISF seats, blue stitching Fronts and back all in very good condition Fronts don't have headrests,(is250 ones have same fitment) Price accordingly to compensate front headrests not supplied. Currently removed from vehicle Located in Brisbane, southside $1200 Can assist with shipping within brisbane
  15. Im very intrigued to know what yo are up to if you're selling the beast? Where to from here?!
  16. Lexus of Perth informed me they use Mobil Synthetic 5W-30. Interesting to see that different oils are used in different states. At higher km's (not sure how high) I hear that thicker oils used than what is specified for a new/low km's car. Maybe someone can elaborate on this.
  17. Hello everyone, a pleasure to be here! I hope to have a great experience with you all here on this forum. I am the proud owner of an IS 200 1999 Model with manual transmission. I'm also a red P-plater and have been on Sydney roads for almost 7 months now. I have recently gotten into the whole "Car Enthusiast community" and I hope to further expand my knowledge of cars, especially my car with everyone here :) Again a pleasure to be here and hope to have a great time together :D (sorry dont have any pictures of my car saved on PC so can't show them yet x-x)
  18. Thanks mate :D I'll keep this into account if I encounter a similar issue, as my name states my knowledge of cars isn't significant, so I don't know much of what you said, I am trying to learn but not getting anywhere fast, however this would be great to help identify the issue, so thanks again. My IS 200 is getting close to its service due date, with 145,000 km so hopefully no similar issues rise. Thanks again.
  19. Pretty much researched and followed these setups to death, I find the us guys turbo kits a bit half assed. More about the efame for them over there
  20. Id wait till the dollar gets better, I bought my headers before buying my isf lol the dollar was a lot friendlier back then. But at the end of the day the headers are a pretty big game changer.
  21. Purchased 2 sets off Rakkdon and installed over weekend They're great quality dashcams and very easy to use. Camera warnings as well for us pre 2015 models that didn't have it come from factory.
  22. Work Kiwami 19x8.5 +35 and 9.5+38, nitto nt05s 245/35 front and 275/30 rear No scrubs with flush fitment, didnt want scrub as it sees the track regulary.
  23. Profile autosports and tuning in Cleveland install mine a few years ago without any dramas
  24. I had this code thrown when my car got tuned back in 2015. It was to do with the throttle body parameters i think my tuner said, anyway he dialed a couldnt measurements back and I havent had any re occurances in over a year now.
  25. It can be done but you wouldn't gain a lot na, however gains would be quite substantial if running e85 when boosted. About a year ago i went to the exent of getting a custom plug n play loom made up to utilize a haltech elite to run a flex fuel sensor, which also runs fuel and ignition timing as I was looking boost my isf at the time.
  26. I have one for sale if anyone is looking for one 0433 490 497 Darren
  27. Sorry to drag up an old topic but I have a set of these exact ones fitted to my IS350 f sport and they fit perfectly
  28. Hello Everyone I'm only new here and this is my first post I have just bought an IS350 f sport 2011 Model I will be doing a few modifications to my car, the main one being the removal of the ML sound system complete as I find it really inferior. The volume is terrible as is the base response. I have purchased the Scosche dash kit. I have also purchased a non nav dash wiring harness to convert the dash to non nav wiring so the dash kit can be fitted and the HVAC LCD screen works properly. I have already removed the front door speakers and fitted Focal 3 way flax speakers. I will also be fitting dynamat to stop any resonance in the doors. One small modification I have already done is that I have fitted BENDIX GCT front disc pads. I am pleased to report no significant loss in braking performance but significantly cleaner wheels. I have fitted 19 x 8.5 and 19 x 9.5 staggered wheels which are silver. I would get home from the car wash and no matter how hard I tried to not excessively use the brakers, the wheels always had a black tarnish. I'm pleased to report that problem is solved. The part number is DB2255GCT. Remember this part number only suits the f sport front calipers. Will keep you posted as I move forward with the stereo install Cheers Darren
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