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  2. HI, In the coming year or two I think we will be deciding to rebuild the motor in our 93 LS400, I understand that will cost more than the car is worth but we do love the car and choose it over any new cars. Also it was my wifes grandfathers car so it has some sentimental value for her as well. So I would like to know if anyone has had a Lexus V8 rebuilt in South Australia, who they used and what they think of the service they got. I have had one price of 10k plus just to rebuild the motor but I am having trouble understanding that it would be so high when it is basically the same work as any other V8 motor, maybe a bit more being all alloy, but not 3 to 4 times more than a standard V8, maybe I am wrong but I need to understand this a bit better if I need to pay 10k plus. We would be getting other things bought up to scratch like suspension so we should be back to a virtually new ride. Oh and that would be extra on top of the 10k aprox, price I got. So please if you have had your Lexus V8 rebuilt I would love to hear from you, any information you have to offer, advice, place you went to and a rough idea on your cost. Thank you in advance if anyone replies but I almost don't expect any.
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  4. All compartments now sold out. Next batch will only be processed through with a minimum of 5 orders.
  5. Hi All, Got a set of IS250/350 2011+ Fsport rims+ tyres ( Ad08 60%) - $1700 (Tyres alone cost over 1k ) used Immac IS250/350 2011 Fsport steering wheel. - $600 Brand New OEM Is250/350 DRL headlights - $2000 retails over 4k at lexus. Image of what rims and headlights are like below.
  6. Not new but new account

    Hi, I lost my password and couldn't get the email to change it so I just had to re register, We have a 1993 LS400 and in the near future want to have the motor rebuilt and a few other repairs where ever necessary. So the hunt begins looking for suggestions if anyone has had a 1uz rebuilt in South Australia. I will search the group and if nothing found Ill start a thread asking for any advice, Had one price of 10k plus so not overly enthused about that. Thanks, Forums like this are great.
  7. PPE header group buy

    Yeah I'm suprised ive been this patient haha.
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  9. G'day

    Congratulations on the relationship and being honest. I hope you all the best with the new lady!
  10. Some more oil change info here
  11. Just sold the ISF and Purchased a GSF.

    sorry to revive an oldie, but this thread reminded me of the stupidity of some (or most people) when it comes down to buying a performance sedan. so many assume and go straight to le germans and get say, a wimpy BMW 340i M-sport brand new when they could have purchased a GSF for the exact same money, albeit dealer used/demo with around 15,000kms on the clock.
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  13. Upgraded Infotainment system

    I would really like to get something like this and use my own gps etc apps. Has anyone else bit the bullet?
  14. Techsteram datalogging cable

    I got mine from a local Ebay sale. Came in 3 days (Jan 17) approx $30 I think. Is that the same cable? Similar to this
  15. FOR SALE - ISF DIFF (non LSD)

    cant complain with that. Thought you'd be stuck with the non LSD for a while as not many ISFs going around. Good cash and you get some storage space back and now enjoying your new LSD, cant complain. Im sure youre releieved now its all done (thats when the patience pays off)
  16. Sadly I sold the car. After 18 months plus, the stress of never knowing when the problem would resurface killed it for me. I am now driving an Audi - not the same, and cannot compare to the lexus, but after repeatedly talking to 'experts' in the field I was just throwing good money after bad with no end in sight what made it worse, was I would talk to one mechanic/technician who would want to try this or that and then going without car for 2-3 days finding out my pocket is poorer, car is no better.
  17. Same silver sticker was used when the fuel pressure regulator recall was performed, so isn't a guarantee that the airbags have been replaced. Best to give Lexus as call, as their records will indicate what has been done based on VIN.
  18. Lexus isf seats

    Sorry to hijack, (free bump anyways) but are you stripping weight / upgrading to racing seats? What have you chosen if yes? Any extra headroom? Thanks in advance
  19. Abandoned ISF

    That's very sad.
  20. Suspension Upgrade/modification

    aragosta definitely looks amazing, it will be around 800-1000 more including labour than kw v3, besides the price difference, warranty issue also should be concerned.
  21. Frankie and his IS250

    Another update. Fabulous Profound II =)
  22. Hi List, Have been told my transmission is on way out and ASC/ENGINE light come on approx every 100 km. Just wondering if anyone has had their's done and if so what sort of cost is involved. Thanks
  23. You Have To Have Kw!

    I have ordered one set, now there is big sale of kw worldwide. So what kit are you using on your isf now?
  24. Hi All, I have a set of the original Lexus Low Dusting Brake Pads for sale - price $250 + delivery. I'm selling my IS250, and I bought three sets of these (two for the front, one for the back) a few years ago. The car now has the low dusting pads front & back ... but they are also long wearing so I've never used the second front set :) Shoot me an IM if you'd like them. Pickup is welcome (I'm located in Melbourne)! Cheers, David
  25. FS: 2008 Sports Luxury

    Hi Folks, Its been a great run, and we've loved the car, but after 9 years of totally reliable driving its time to sell. Happy to chat on price, but the car is in absolutely outstanding condition with some great mods. Lots of details in the ad on Carsales, so shoot me an IM here (or via Carsales) and we'll see what we can work out. Currently offered with a few bonus items, but I've got them up here for sale as well ... so get in touch quickly if you're keen on buying! Cheers, David
  26. Babalouie ISF Maintenance Thread

    Where about's are you based I have only been around Wakefield in their track cars (driving) it was great. Went around Marulan track (driving) what a joke, great for go karts, have you thought about pm 800's front pads so much cheaper than the MX. AND I think Philip Island is the best track I have been around ( with a professional driver ) and many times around BATHURST at maximum speed ...............................60kms and if anyone remembers Oran park that had a scary front straight, sorry to much raving enjoy cheers Neill.
  27. Hi all I'm new to the group how's everyone? Just wanted to asked if u guys know a good and nice looking front lip for is250 2006? Thanks. And where I can get one too? I'm in Melbourne.
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