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  2. Isf Owners Post Up Pics Of Your Isf!

    Hi All, I am very pleased to be the owner of a black 2010 ISF! Given all I have heard and read about these cars I am very much looking forward to getting it on the track and appreciating what this car was also designed to do. I have received my track pads, so I just need to fit these and change the brake fluid to a Dot 4. I look forward to crossing paths with other ISF owners in due course and will post a few photos when I work out how to / I am allowed ... the ‘paperclip’ and ‘click to choose files’, doesn’t appear to be working or I don’t have necessary privileges to post as yet. Matthew
  3. You 1st link is for a scammer. 2nd link looks similar to one where a member on here got dudded, (v22 renamed in the files)
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  5. Hi guys, Just found this group. I have a 2009 120 series Toyota Prado Grande. I live in Central Queensland. Joined up to see if of can get some info on all your fancy electrical goodies on the Lexus. Seeing if I can retrofit some goodies onto the Grande. Tilting side mirrors are first on my list.. Is the 470 set up the same in the 3rd row? Can your rear seats be removed and draws fitted or a Lifestyle rack? cheers Geoff
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  7. PPE header group buy

    Ppe headers are here , good Xmas present. Thanks to Danny for organising the group buy . Now too the new year of installation and tune .
  8. As the title suggests - I’m selling my XForce Exhaust off my ISF. Been on the car for a little over a year. Nothing wrong with it, just want to change it up. Cost new - $1470 + install Selling: $1200 postage: pick up Hornsby can arrange for install as you pick up, as it will be from a workshop. PM me for more details
  9. FS - 2011 Lexus ISF OEM blade rims.

    bump, price update.
  10. WTB ISF Front black head rests

    Thanks But I couldn't find anything on their website for a ISF
  11. Head light issue

    Sounds like the bulb easy and cheap to replace
  12. Upgraded Infotainment system

    haven’t got anything yet but i’m researching with auto elec thinking of trying a bmw tv module setup and swapping the plugs to work with lexus as sockets and pins are different apparently but the module to interact with isf standard dash is my other isssue still researching i can get the tv locked once installed working so you can watch the footy news cruising
  13. subs are known to go on older model is250's iv replaced over 20 so far all 06-07 models
  14. You guys have been asking for it - so here it is!! Original Dyno Pull of 339hp atw with Xforce Cat Back, HPS intake and AFe Drop in filter (447 nm torque) RR Racing Performance Package Inc: PPE Headers, Tuned Intake with larger MAF and custom tune = 403hp atw (527nm) - see video below Sound doesnt do it justice - this thing blew my ears off! There are so many caveats to this an the reading- different conditions and input/ramp rates can read out false figures. so dont get hung up on numbers, as long as you dyno back to back, using same parameters its the increase/difference that matters. Happy to say, Im part of the 400hp atw club now :) Special shout out to RR-Racing Motorsports Engineering They are THE authority when it comes to this platform. Their service and knowledge was second to none. They asnwered calls on public holidays and late at night all so that my experience was the best i could have. Results speak for themselves guys !!! How to fudge figures - how to get the most accurate reading I initially had a low reading this morning - the car was hot, we had changed the position of the dyno fan to try and pump air into the airbox (per verbal instructions from the team at RR - we might have been doing it incorrectly) - we should have just left as we had it in the original run. After letting it cool down, running the exhuast fan for a while and positioning the fan in the original placement we were able to pick up additional horsepower. This was mainly due to the A/F ratios being in a much happier place due to the coolant and intake temp. Running the car in 4th gear will get you another 10-15hp. Also changing the ramp rate for the rollers can get you another 10-15hp if so desired - this can be seen with the 412hp reading on the monitor. The higher the ramp rate the faster the car will come to speed and the higher the output/reading NB: both my initial run and recorded run was done in 6th gear - closest to 1:1 ratio. Anything less - youre just cheating yourself
  15. FOR SALE - ISF DIFF (non LSD)

    The bloke i bought my LSD off blew it (he blew it, i bought reconditioned, never used) by doing a monster slide on a car cruise, and hitting a pothole. One tyre went in mid 60kph drift haha! BANG! Can just picture it.. From feeling like a hero to a zero in a blink!
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  17. Ive lightly scuffed my front left rim on a kerb Can anyone recommend a colour that works with the IS350 F sport rims? Thanks BAz
  18. Full RR Racing upgrade package installed in Melb

    how did you go Vaku - sorry mate i just realised i didnt answer you that well - busy af at work this time of year! yes re the steps - that is precisely how it happens Personally speaking, i wouldn't suggest doing the tune UNTIL the mods are done - lets not forget that this is a self learning ECU that will adapt to changes in hardware to a certain degree - having said that i elected to fit the hardware first and then just cruised around for a day or two on minimal throttle until it was all uploaded, at which point i did some nice 4th gear pulls (all on a private road of course ;) i am wrapped with the results
  19. sydney isf tuners who can recommend

    I have taken my ISF to Autowerks in Sydney for & ECU tune. Sonny has done a few ISF before, so he knows what’s involved. I was happy with them.
  20. Supercharged ISF

    doing headers exhaust intake tune once done am going to considering nos compared to supercharger the shot of nos for track runs will be good fun
  21. Gearbox problems point to an ECU replacement. I can get a used 2005 unit but does anyone know if this will fit my 2004 ls430?
  22. HKS SSM Exhaust

    As far as I know it has been a discontinued item for a very long time, my mid section was about $900 as there wasn’t much to it.
  23. rc350 engine remap

    I am waiting on Bluefin or similar company to come out with an upgrade to the rc350 f sport. Does anyone know of any real upgrade at the moment.
  24. FS: Xforce mufflers x2

    Hi team, up for sale are my 2.5inch inlet xforce mufflers. As these are generic mufflers they can be adapted to fit onto a stock ISF, IS350 and pretty sure IS250 exhaust. this is perfect for someone that doesn’t want a full exhaust but wants more volume from their stock exhaust. A much cheaper alternative - gives a great deep tone price: $350 firm for both postage: pick up only from Hornsby many questions let me know. ph: to be provided to winning bidder
  25. Good to meet you as well mate. Yeah it was a lot of fun. ill be organising another one In February. There is a meet up and show in silverwater this weeekend. So will put up a new event and see who wants to join!
  26. im with SAU (skylinesaustralia) also im using sparco shoes and gloves matching my whole sparco outfit
  27. New spark plugs

    Because you cant get the DFE type in the cooler heat range
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