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  2. thanks mate! apple play? also anyone have babyseats in the lexus?
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  4. this would be related to the is250 transmission problems as the 3GS and the 2is share the same platform the gearbox will need a good flush not just drain and refill but emptied out from the toruqe converters
  5. Indeed, not many looking for ISF and interesting that it's a much better car than the equivalent Germans... Price lowered.......
  6. Ill have a look tomorrow ;) Done Edit: Does Port Kembla count Guess not Ive put the link in anyway as its another source for V22 as long as the link lasts..
  7. Thanks mate Loving the isf v8 Sounds amazing
  8. I have also just purchased a 1990 Lexus LS400 with 278 000kms on the dial. I must say this is a beautiful car. I also own some Saabs, which I enjoy, but this LS is, well, very nice indeed. Robert
  9. Watching with interest.
  10. If you have an ISO that is too large to burn on a single layer DVD-R, here's how to shrink it to fit with common freely available utilities... - Use 7-ZIP to expand the original too large ISO to a directory. - Delete files from that directory that you may not want. Point of Interest files can be opened with notepad to see what they cover. (E.g. POISR008.IDX and POISR009.IDX are NZ North and South Islands; TOYOTA_EGA and TOYOTA_VGA image directories are not needed for Lexus) - Use ImgBurn with default settings and the default automatic speed of AWS to burn the contents of the directory that now fit on a single layer Disk
  11. Hey guys, I am new to this site and also just bought a 6mt Is200 with the 1g-fe engine (GXE10R). I want to buy a short shifter for it from ebay but they all say it's for a 3SGE engine, I am not sure if it will still fit the 1gfe gearbox so I will need some info from you guys! Thanks.
  12. Decided to keep the Axleback portion. Midpipe for sale - $900
  13. Hey,am new here and am driving a 1998 Toyota altezza, I would like to know who's on coilovers and what is the lowest one available on the market!
  14. Hi fam, Apologies for the late reply. I am based in Sydney. However Danny was able to pop over since he doesn't live too far out and sorted me out.Thanks though to everyone who replied. Ordered my own one which should be arriving this week!
  15. What ever happened to this ? I have a is250 06 RWD A960E Trans Initially had P2757 Torque Converter Code with P0761 and P0981. Changed the SLU and TCC ( SL1). The TCC problem went away. Now im stuck in the 3rd gear with code p2714 and the p0761. Did the solenoid C fix your problem or do you think it could be something else like a SLT solenoid? I checked every resistance of my solenoids. They all seemed within literature range or about .2 ohms off from the highest expected for the SLT. Techstream was able to command each solenoid. I was able to get out of 3rd if i cleared my obdii while driving full force in the road rolling in 3rd gear. Please let me know if it worked for you replaceing the solenoid c. I also took my solenoid c out while i changed the other solenoids. Hit it with some electrical cleaner, Guess it didnt do anything. Also Just wanted to verify that you updated your ECU with the lastest toyota/lexus calibrations? ( my local dealer will not provide this service, claims it wont do anything. and Toyota dealer is trying to rob me) Thank You
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  17. I fitted a K&N panel (not the pod) along with my JoeZ. Not sure that there is any difference over the stock panel besides being able to clean/reuse. No issues so far.
  18. knocking\ rattle in front and rear suspension.Sounds like a shock absorber noise so replaced rear shock- noise still their!
  19. After a few days and a couple of mixed drives I can say the steering does feel marginally different. Main thing is the reduced wandering feeling..... strange that
  20. So they dont have a website? I think ill have a crack at making my own. Doing the exhaust myself anyway. Whats a little more work
  21. SOLD
  22. Hey everyone I was just wondering how rare the yellow edition IS200s are in manual. Only 100 were made and I myself have an auto, #69/100 but I was just curious what portion were made autos and how many were manual?
  23. if you think the is250 has stiff steering youll hate the is350 and the isf steering is250 steering wheels is very light compared to rest of the 2IS line up
  24. Fuel injector, start the car in a dark place and see if you can see any sparks around the plug and leads its a good starting point let us know what you find cheers. Get a infrared heat gun cheap as chips of eBay point it at each exhaust manifold and the coldest one is your problem.
  25. Same generation and therefore it should fit and work. Try comparing part numbers if you are still unsure.
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