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  2. Let's start with an easy one: Speakers. LS400 UCF11 with Kenwood head unit; I know the head unit works fine, I had it working in another car just last week but, I can only get front speakers to work. Now, I know there's a situation with the rear shelf sub amp where the amp runs off the rear speakers (or something like that) so the sub won't work but, how does that stop the rear door speakers from working? The connecting loom from the car the the head unit was wired by the previous owner but, I've checked it & it works fine; after checking for continuity from the plug at the head unit to the door speaker connector, I get nothing from any of the 4 wires... Any ideas?
  3. Full RR Racing upgrade package installed in Melb

    Even with the cats gone the stock headers are restrictive but 360hp is a good effort though, it would have been more worth while getting the headers followed by the tune. But comes down to whether one can justify spending close to 3 grand for 30-40hp gain is another thing.
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  5. Full RR Racing upgrade package installed in Melb

    Interesting that is around 390 rwhp not bad, mine was 237 with xforce before. Tune and cats opened 270 rwkw (360rwhp) Looking back it would have been cheaper going RR tune.
  6. Full RR Racing upgrade package installed in Melb

    I'll be getting before and after dyno figures along with times from eastern creek. Install of Sydney based package to take place next month
  7. Geez that's tough. I will say though I looked around before, deciding to sell at wrecks - there were quite a few around the country, and I had a good transmission guy say to buy if from a wreckers, give it to someone (specialist in these types of gearbox's) and get them to overhaul it, fit it and you may get away with a $3500 job all up. I have to agree with you on the Lexus luxury, no optional extras and smooth and quiet to drive - I still love 'em to death. But I use my car to make a living and it needs to be reliable, I bought the Audi AF 3.0 TDI (turbo diesel) and it flies, but returns a 6.5/100kms - brilliant. Good luck with whatever decision you make.
  8. Thanks for replying Nutmegs! I only found out the car had the problem 40kms after buying it in a private sale. I don't know what to do with it now to be honest. I can't sell it like this and can't drive it. I'm starting to accept the cheapest option will be to just replace the transmission. It's funny, the whole reason I love Lexus is their reliability (and comfort).
  9. Hi all, I'm Tony & I just took delivery of a Toyota Celsior UCF11 (I hope that doesn't exclude me from membership here). It's a long story which started over three months ago so, I won't bore you with all the details. Needless to say, it has a few small electrical issues. I have a local contact who has had vast experience with LS400/Celsiors & SC400/Soarers & even he's baffled with one or two... I hope to gain some valuable knowledge from all here... A little background: I'm a qualified panel beater who started in the auto industry 30 years ago as an apprentice mechanic with York Motors Rolls Royce Service.
  10. Full RR Racing upgrade package installed in Melb

    yeah they do tend to have happier dynos over there as well as alot of downhill 1/4 miles lol highest ive ever seen outta mine was 296kw, came off the dyno back in 2015 with around 285-290kw and went back recently for a check up and still pulling the same figures. All dynos and operators are different in many ways but mph always tells the truth.
  11. Full RR Racing upgrade package installed in Melb

    Looks like the RR RACING tune is a good thing enjoy. Be good to get some dyno figures and see if it makes more power than a oz tuned car who knows you could get as much as the yanks 420 rwhp, somehow I don't think so cheers.
  12. Hi Listo, I am sorry to hear about your woes too! Bloody shame Lexus doesn't come out of the cupboard and admit the problem instead of ignoring it like it doesn't exist. Too many people having the same issue that dealerships ignore, and when you go to specialists and experts they are scratch their heads. I sold my lexus and purchased an Audi A5 and love it! I think if money was a consideration, and was 100% going to keep the lexus I would've bought a 2nd hand gearbox and had it reconditioned and start again. But still the issue hangs over your head - will it stick in 3rd gear again at some stage. I sold and never looked back. I am not on time when seeing my clients and traveling somewhere, anywhere stress less is brilliant. Good luck to everyone putting up with this terrible complaint and shame on you Lexus!
  13. Early days with an F - Practical observations

    Must come down to driving style. Don't worry, if I really get stuck in I'm north of 16, easy!
  14. Hey mate, did you get this done? I've got the same car and looking like I will need to do this too as I just keep paying for professionals to tell me its fixed when it's not.
  15. Hi everyone. I just joined this forum after doing my head in on this same problem. Gears intermittently fail to go past 3rd or 4th and getting recurring codes P2714 and P0761. Sometimes one or the other. I took it to Lexus Blackburn who charged me just under $200 to reset the computer and told me with confidence it was fixed. As I drove away 200m down the road, it slipped back to 3rd again. I drove it back and they assured me it was fixed and it might take a day or two. This was massive BS. Took it to an automatic transmission specialist who were baffled. They switched the solenoids and it still had the same problem. They sent the computer off to get repaired. The computer technician said it was damaged and that they fixed it, $1500 later (including the transmission service) and it's still doing it. Can anyone tell me anything at all that may be helpful? Thank you so much in advance!
  16. For sale, ISF watch, as new, very rare and still in original box. Cost $495... Sell for $200 - unfortunately I sold my ISF so the watch needs to go as well contact my email


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  18. Full RR Racing upgrade package installed in Melb

    There are some pretty fast down hill quarter mile tracks in the US 😂
  19. Full RR Racing upgrade package installed in Melb

    From your list, it looks like the 2008 model ISF is the fastest of the ISF’s. as there is no other year models in the list.
  20. Full RR Racing upgrade package installed in Melb

    For those doubting that an 11 second pass is doable - this was from 2013 before tunes etc here is a list of NA cars to do it since (mind you there are some nitrous cars as well)
  21. Full RR Racing upgrade package installed in Melb

    Thx gents. This one was my second run and my best 60foot of the day. Not forgetting full tank and spare and *BLEEP* in the boot. I didn't even look at my tyre pressures either I was spewing with 12.3, I want 11s in the next run - it's all about the hole shot launch in my opinion - seemed to go better when I manually shifted at 7k too for the record
  22. Full RR Racing upgrade package installed in Melb

    Id be happy to be in the low 12's! I really want someone to test some 0-100 times with tune and full bolt ons..
  23. Yeah the GROM looks to be a winner, i read about 120859348 bad reviews hence not getting it, but hear that with some more recent updates its been working well! Deffinately an option for keeping the OEM look and getting some better tech. Beatsonic also retains SWC, including the choice of having some buttons work on the nav unit or all on the new HU and i also have to ability to push video from the HU to the factory screen, (that doesnt include phone apps, but actual DVD video).
  24. RT @The_IMJ: IMJ September Review - Rapid-access cardiology services @marrow @TheRACP @EmilyRAtkins…

  25. Full RR Racing upgrade package installed in Melb

    That's a good time, well done.
  26. Full RR Racing upgrade package installed in Melb

    see attached - note this is the quickest time slip for the day, the 1.8sec 60 foot time netted me a 12.4 funnily enough?! i can post that when i go home if anyone wants to see it
  27. @AndyMaherDFA @AlexAxais Leave politics out of sport!

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