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  2. isf headers ppe

    how much mate
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  4. New Front Pads & Rotors

    Hey have a look at these options. These pads are very good. Better option all round. Check out the chart below I`ll be fitting the EBC Redstuff to my car as i`m in need of fronts soon. Being in the trade up here we here very good things about EBC brake pads. Hope this helps.
  6. Tool can be used on multiple cars but the tune is specific to your vehicle ID. You have to download you vehicle details, send it to them and then they send you an amended file for you to upload
  7. New Front Pads & Rotors

    I'm keen to the the mu 400's on all 4 as my fronts are starting to get low. Whats the best rotor for cheap? stick to OEM?
  8. Can the tune be applied to other cars or does the tool only work once on one car? The tyres look sick! I've got the PS4s and they also look crisp.
  9. F Sport rear sway bar for sale to suit the ISF only. 19mm vs OEM 16mm - reduces roll and improves handling. $200.
  10. Here is a picture of my rear 275/35 Michelin Pilot Super Sports tyre on the standard ISF OEM rear mag, it fits perfectly.
  11. New Front Pads & Rotors

    If you use the same rotors with different pads, they have to wear into each other as they are not perfectly flat, but they will work. I’m sure driving around and out to the track, plus after a 20 minute session on the track they should be ok. When I take my ISF to the track, I have a spare set of OEM front rotors with Project Mu RC 09 pads, marked and labelled so they go back in the same position on the ISF, and in the same place in the front brake calipers. That way they are match perfectly to the rotors every time I use them. As the rear brakes don’t do as much work as the fronts, (only 20 to 30%) I only change the pads over to Project Mu RC 09. they have to wear in, but after driving around and out to the track, plus a 20 minute session they are fine. One of the things that I like about the spare set of OEM front rotors for the track is, it keeps my street OEM front rotors looking like new.
  12. Carbon build up / Italian tune.

    350 (2011) has both direct AND indirect. Issue very much reduced.
  13. HAha - that’s the at it is mate!! nah the 275s are on my 19x10.5, but John and Chris from Lexus recommends the 275 on the stock 9inch or 9.5inch rim. will be a little heavier but worth it for traction
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  15. are the 275s on the stock rim? can you show me a pic? funny how as soon as i did the tune im now looking at brakes and tyre replacement too haha
  16. Thanks for that. I was just wondering how far down it went, because in some of the sample photos on eBay (clearly of another vehicle type) it went a lot further down and I wasn't too big of a fan of the design. This isn't too bad though.
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  18. Carbon build up / Italian tune.

    Not convinced this is necessary, scroll down here and see the valves after 50,000 km. I am no expert but carbon build up is a trait of direct injection and if you read the patent for direct injection, it points out carbon build up is still an issue yet major manufacturers all went to it. Per my previous post the carbon is there as no fuel is flowing over the valves to clean. I was looking at an Audi RS4 and this is one of the things that really turned me off. There are some seriously bad photos with RS4 Audis But I doubt you will find a photo of an ISF showing carbon build up. Everything with carbon build up on the IS is to do with 250 and 350 which run direct injection. My opinion only
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  21. You dont say what series 1, 2, 3? IS350 (My choice) IS250
  22. It just sits over it. The velcro tabs wouldn't do anything. The mat is also soft not heat formed. I also doubt it would affect the operation of the bag as the force they go off with would force it thru the windscreen... In the pics I haven't pressed it down onto the tabs yet. Looks better in the flesh.
  23. Not too shabby for the price. Are you able to upload a pic of it installed? Curious to see how it goes over the passenger airbag part of the dash.
  24. USA fob key

    Didn't go ahead. Sorry. Couldn't justify the cost for a card. I did find a post on an US Lexus forum re an Ozzie who got one and it worked. Something re ensuring the frequency was correct. Had a look for the post but its alluding me atm. Baz
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