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  2. No longer for sale. Thanks for the interest!
  3. New Front Pads & Rotors

    I only like to do 2 track days a year in the ISF, & I already have my name down for a Lexus track day in June & October, at Eastern Creek with Lexus of Chatswood as my backup.
  4. IS 2010 - 2013 Roof Rack - Bike Rack

    hahaha perfect....!! for my Intense Tracer If you could assist with freight, i'll grab the racks off you. and maybe some bra and g strings too
  5. ISF Car Bra

  6. New Front Pads & Rotors

    Come out to one of our track days John - only $250- $350 a day!!
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  8. New Member

    Greetings from the Sin City!
  9. Spare Smart Key

    Yes locksmith can help in getting the keycard with reasonable pricing !!
  10. New Member

    Hi all, my wife recently decided to swap cars(don't ask me why) so now my daily driver/work vehicle is a Silver 2007 RX350 sports lux (one owner,95 ks)we found at our local Lexus dealer. Am enjoying the car immensely and will really benefit from all the knowledge, tips and tricks from members on this forum. So far I have upgraded the factory xenons to Philips xtreme vision 2 and added a Grom aux 1 interface to the sound system. Both worthwhile upgrades for me being a musician driving mainly at night. Thanks for having me on board, cheers Jkeys.
  11. @nherry7 @rickmittica I'm still trying to figure out why he tried to do with that pass

  12. IS 2010 - 2013 Roof Rack - Bike Rack

    I will try to find some picture but to be honest a big pain the ass to freight
  13. Last week
  14. IS 2010 - 2013 Roof Rack - Bike Rack

    can you show me some photos of the bike rack and willing to freight to Brisbane?
  15. @nherry7 @SoccerAM @DonRossJnr 😂

  16. LED conversion for your Lexus

    Lexmania is now supplying LEDs for your lexus anything from Interior to exterior we have -Driving lights -Higheams -Foglights Prices start from $80 per set Interior lights Prices start from $5 Parkers and numberplate lights Prices start from $5 per set! WE have also have a full LED conversion kit for IS250/350/F pm us on the forums or facebook!!
  17. A terrific How I Treat.

  18. New Front Pads & Rotors

    Once the weather cools down a bit, I'll test them out at the track, & will let you know.
  19. New LC On Display in Sydney

    It's a beauty!
  20. *edit* All done with the update on a 2011 IS350, thanks a lot bazzle! Burned onto a DVD+R with 4x write speed and worked just fine.
  21. New Front Pads & Rotors

    Awesome brakes! Looking forward to a report John
  22. is350 owner from NZ here, I have emailed lexus nz in regards to the recall which she claimed there was no such recall. However here was a passenger side airbag recall. It's a bit annoying but hope other people can share their experiences trying to remedy the issue
  23. New Front Pads & Rotors

    Depending on what the US dollar is doing, & including customs, all up the rotors cost me $1898.81 AU dollars delivered to my door.
  24. Your Fav Car Music?

    I listen to all types of music genres in the car from Pop, Rock, R&B, and Alternative.
  25. New Front Pads & Rotors

    They look nice...was the landed cost pricey?
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