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    Just an FYI, PPE got back to me a few mins ago. They are now complete, ceramic coated and they are preparing them for shipping now.
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    see attached - note this is the quickest time slip for the day, the 1.8sec 60 foot time netted me a 12.4 funnily enough?! i can post that when i go home if anyone wants to see it
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    Hi Guys, Following the true tradition of Lexus ownership, I have let go my old trusted IS250 (currently for sale) and became the new owner of ISFBloke's old car (MY11 Black ISF). Before buying this car, I had exchanged some detailed messages with Andrew (ISFBloke) as well as getting the car fully inspected by Chris the master tech of Lexus Chatswood. Some of the members here knows this ISF well, it had PPE header & RR racing USRS Bushing fitted and the last owner added JoeZ PTS exhaust, tuned by Autowerks in Beverly Hills currently output a health 275.7kw at the wheel quite consistent with what the US guys are getting with similar mods. I can see a few ISF owners here will be running this setup soon :D. I'm also considering to add the RR racing intake and oil catch can to complete the stage 1 bolt on upgrades. To carry on the legacy of this awesome machine, it'll go to the track a few times per year, I was invited to the recent Burrows Drives Day at SMSP Eastern Creek sponsored by McLaren, had the chance to let loose the beast and chasing down a few 911s/M3/C63, only lost pace at the corners to AWD cars with the crappy road tyres I had. Upgrading to Rays wheel with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 !!! The car was pre & post track checked by Chris of Lexus, he is very excited to see this car back in the stables, big thumb up to Lexus Chatswood. On the Burrows day, I also had the opportunity to test drive the new McLaren 720S, which is now my new favour supercar. And very pleased to meet an owner of RCF (Peter) testing his new RR racing oil catch can on the track who shares the same passion of Lexus, also goes to Chatswood for track prep. I've invited him to sign up this forum. I look forward to join the F Club events both on or off track, the F are being used for school runs so I'm considering a few options to deal with the catless setup. I'm open for suggestion, highflow cat/PPE with stock exhaust/HKS SSM??? Exterior upgrades are also on the card - Tom's front lip and rear diffuser. Andrew (ISFBloke), I wish you all the best in your oversea venture, your car is in good hands. Drive Safe William Here is some photos showing off my three "babies" and the track day.
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    Yeah they definitely look like good cats. I called them, he wasnt 100% familiar with the car setup so said about $300 each if easy (as per some car designs) and upto $500 each pending the difficulty, accessability to where to weld them in etc. So $600 - 1k but im sure its closer to the 1k which is similar to Kyo's quote at Northmead. The only difference being the brand, Ballistic to Magnaflow i guess. No wander some are tempted to remain catless, much cheaper initially lol
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    Give Sureflo exhausts a ring ballistic cats are the best all sizes.
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    My next set will be Federal. Check these out below. http://www.federaltyres.com/index.php/ultra-high-performance/595rpm.html
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    Stock setup is: Front - 225/40 R19 Rear - 255/35 R19 Michelin PS3 should be just over 300 per corner, Michelin PSS would be closer to 350 each You could also opt for Continental CS3 which should be around 300. If you want more grip, go 245/35 on front and 265/35 on rear. The extra rear width helps a bit with power traction in the wet and wider front is much better in the hills. There will be a slight difference in the speedometer indicated speed - on stock mine was off by 4kph, now it's off by only 1 kph.
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    They look fake have a look at Denso printing on the plug it is dull and why don't they show the tips in detail, no thanks. Haha, at that price you are probably right.The add below them for $285.00 is from a sydney dealer. Being myself i would just fit NGK, can`t go wrong there. You`re in the trade just go to Repco and get them. Here $26.40 each.
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    Hi guys Long time no speak. I've had family commitments that I have had to attend to, in particular surgery. All is good now. I thought I would post a few pics of my latest mod to the isf. Spec D led tail lights. Only fitted today so haven't had a chance to see them at night. So far, I'm really happy. One problem tho, before I purchased them, I asked if the indicators were amber. They stated they were amber. Purchased thru ebay USA. I haven't left feedback yet. Sure enough, they are red!! Far out, yellow sticker coming soon. I'm in Perth. Not 100% sure on the rules and regs. Anyone know? Lastly, does anyone know how to remove the rear red bumper reflectors. I would like to darken them slightly if possible, or if available, replace them? Cheers Sam
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    Thanks Howie. I'm thinking of the RR Racing road and track coilovers (i.e. the Afco ones, not the Penske)... seems like a nice piece of kit. They're doing a special at the moment... $2400USD with USRS.
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    Yes I did find out .
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    Excellent. yes it’s a hot day, not the best for a dyno run, but a starting point. looking forward to your write-up.
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    So I went to get a run @ Croydon Racing Development. They use a Dyno Dynamics dyno. These are notorious for running lower than other dynos - Mainline runs higher and DynoJet (and other hub based dynos) even higher. Ran in 6th gear. XForce cat back, HPS intake, ambient temp was 33 Celsius (fricken hot today!!!) also had the 19x10.5 275/35 wheels in the rear (heavier than stock I expect) Now that you have all details - puts things into perspective - and my excuses 😂😂- my figures were ... 307.9hp atw. Tuner gave the above info (which I already know to be true) I know it was running low but at the end of the day the main figure we are all after is the BEfORE and AFTER comparison. No point in comparing different dynos with different settings etc. I will however provide a detailed write up with before and after using all the same parameters. New thread coming shortly 😊👍🏼
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    Last year when mine was on the dyno, I ended up with 288kw (386hp) atw’s. with the new header group buy that is happening, it will be good to see what they end up with on the dyno. if they end with the magic 300kw, I’ll have to go back & see if Sonny can tweak some more out of mine. they must be learning some more about the ecu over time, one can only hope. It would be good to see what “Gregorydarcy” RR Racing tune ended up with atw’s.
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    There are some pretty fast down hill quarter mile tracks in the US 😂
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    Thx gents. This one was my second run and my best 60foot of the day. Not forgetting full tank and spare and *BLEEP* in the boot. I didn't even look at my tyre pressures either I was spewing with 12.3, I want 11s in the next run - it's all about the hole shot launch in my opinion - seemed to go better when I manually shifted at 7k too for the record
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    First run I did was 12.3 at 188kmh - 1.86 60 foot track temp was warm too - full tank of juice and a bunch of work *BLEEP* in the boot - ran a few 12.4s after that - the trap speed says it's good for high 11s
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    Well i had an exciting morning on the M5 about 5:30am. Drivers rear gave way, bit sideways then thump thump thump. Nursed her over to the breakdown emergency bay and saw the damage :-( Was planning to get new tyres soon, well that will have to be today now lol Ps Have done about 20000kms out of them, more than what i expected months ago Just hoping no rim damage but towie had a good look for me and suspects its ok as the inner part gave way but it was still riding on the tyre (kind of). Anyways will find out soon enough later today (fingers crossed)
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    close to joining the PPE/TUNE club.... Greg can you go through the OBD tune process please, do you need a laptop or can you use a desktop for this? Are the steps : read ECU with OBD device and upload to the device then a PC to be sent to RR racing / download file they send back via PC and copy to OBD device then plug / upload to the car? curious if you can do this process BEFORE adding headers etc so I can tune on the spot? how long does the process take to upload etc? Cheers :)
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    I wanna help you but I have no idea of it.