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    The bloke i bought my LSD off blew it (he blew it, i bought reconditioned, never used) by doing a monster slide on a car cruise, and hitting a pothole. One tyre went in mid 60kph drift haha! BANG! Can just picture it.. From feeling like a hero to a zero in a blink!
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    So Before I bought the tune I raised the the issue of climate difference (between US&Aus) with RR and they mentioned that I buy a techstream cable in order to record a few runs, so I can send across the pond to them So they can monitor how the ECU has adapted to the new map and make any necessary changes if need be maybe just me being ocd but all precautionary, plus I love that the dudes at RR are so pro Lexus F’s
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    how did you go Vaku - sorry mate i just realised i didnt answer you that well - busy af at work this time of year! yes re the steps - that is precisely how it happens Personally speaking, i wouldn't suggest doing the tune UNTIL the mods are done - lets not forget that this is a self learning ECU that will adapt to changes in hardware to a certain degree - having said that i elected to fit the hardware first and then just cruised around for a day or two on minimal throttle until it was all uploaded, at which point i did some nice 4th gear pulls (all on a private road of course ;) i am wrapped with the results
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    RRRACING- view my performance build notes. Bang for buck can’t go past it
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    I’ve had the same tuner for close to 10years now, 3 vehicles later and never had any issues. His knowledge and experience is mind blowing, in saying that mine was the first isf for him to have a crack at. He was successful in a little over a week using a few different programs combined as he created majority of his own. 4-5 days on and off the dyno and hours of road testing as well as a few track mornings out a Queensland raceway and I haven’t looked back. My tune was about 1500 but he admitted he couldn’t charge for the actual time spent on the vehicle. Comes down to who u know I suppose. If you get a chance to study how these cars are you’ll learn on the dyno that power starts dropping off well under 7000 and the 7200 redline was made for guys that wanted that little bit more before gear change due to hitting limiter before the 1/4 finished. I was just curious as to why yous felt the need to check your tunes that’s all.
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    too many experts that way - leave to the people who cracked the ecu & specialise in that field
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    Cost of a local tune was $2100 with dyno time. IF I could do it again RR Racing is a no brainer (I should have done more research ) anyway live and learn, would love the 7200 redline.
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    Great - looking forward to it mate!! come on guys- you wanted it, get amongst it! If we get a decent turnout this will become a more regular thing!!
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    HKS SSM with stock mid will only disappoint you.. its ... quieter then stock imo..
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    When i got mine done about 1 year ago, i called around. Parramatta Lexus quoted $620 so assume Chatswood would be similar if not the same??? Few other independant workshops quoted me $450 to $530ish. The condition of my oil at about 80000kms from memory was better than expected (no issues). Did it more for peace of mind and a worthwhile investment like others have mentioned :-)
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    If anyone is really serious about dropping the coin on a supercharger, i would suggest trying harrop in prston vic They know supercharges, have an in house enngineering facility, aluminium casting facility, CNCs and in house dyno If they think there is a market for more kits and someone is willing to put their car and coin up, you never know I know a few people there from the work on the mini with the TVS900
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