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    theres an unwritten rule about owning a sports car: dont talk about fuel consumption. its like signing upto the gym but complaining about getting sweaty. its part of the package :)
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    Brake calipers now painted classic Brembo red. Caught the old girl in some nice light this afternoon at my shop!
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    There is a cheaper way to this madness. Remove the stock headers, cut off the stock cat/converters below the primary oxygen sensor & weld new 200 cell high flow stainless cats. Power difference of around 5kws less at the wheels as compared to headers ( proven in the U.S ) . To drop the sub frame and do this would take around 3 hours. Sikky headers have released a video showing how to install their headers, it is on the ISF usa forum. The work is easier than people think. High flow stainless cats around $180-200 each. But if you are to do this fit a cat back system to reap the benefits. Otherwise cut the flanges off the stock headers & replace them with 3 inch flanges as compared to 2 inch. There is a really good gain just from doing that. ( 13kws atw )
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    The header replacement is a 3 hour job, 4 hours max ! ! ! ! The front sub frame is only dropped down by aprox 6 inches, it does not require removal at all.. $1000.00 including stainless high flow cats would be about right. Watch this video it might open your eyes a little to give a better insight on the job at hand. Hope this helps. https://www.clublexus.com/forums/is-f-2008-2014/855500-sikky-isf-header-installation-guide-video.html
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    your looking around the $1000 mark - give or take big job including dropping the sub frame. dont compromise on the install as its a bitch to fix later
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    It will require a little splicing for the auto fold mirror mod but the instructions are clear. No hard drive music player.
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    Full brake disc/pad replacements on the ISF cost $4500 from a Lexus dealership, had them done a year ago.
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    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum but thought I would share a problem and solution I had with my 2000 IS200. I bought my IS about 6 months ago when it had 143,000 on it. Ever since I first bought it, about 2 out of 3 times I started the car when it had been sitting for an hour or more (like overnight), it's blown a puff of blue smoke. I presumed it was the valve stem seals and so bought some to put in at some future time. I did clean the PCV valve though and even tried a new one but it didn't make much difference. I replaced the spark plugs a couple of months ago and noticed quite a bit of oil in the spark plug tubes. Also, I saw that the rocker cover was leaking a bit, so I bought a gasket set for it a few weeks ago. I replaced the cover gasket as well as the spark plug tube seals inside the cover the other day. And lo and behold, it's fixed the smoke on start up problem. The plug tube seals had gone real hard (like bakelite) and so it obviously was affecting the PCV system. Anyway, hope this helps someone else with an IS200. Evert
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    My car came with a JoeZ intake/filter, gutted mid section and a hks ssm and it make around the 250kw atw, from there we put on ppe headers and made a new custom mid section it made 270ish kw consistently. Got it tuned by BPS back in 2015 and bumped it up to around 290kw at the wheels, gains werent too drastic power wise but we gained 80nm torque across the range and power came on harder eariler, think he said he also played around with the auto settings. Throttle response was dramatically improved as well as up and downshift motions, will post up dyno sheet when i get a chance.
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    Purchased 2 sets off Rakkdon and installed over weekend They're great quality dashcams and very easy to use. Camera warnings as well for us pre 2015 models that didn't have it come from factory.
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    Hey guys, kinda new to this forum. Been mainly living off the fb lexus pages for years, Have a 11 ISF, Mods include PPE headers, custom mid section and hks rear ssm, usual joeZ intake etc,few carbon and novel ad ons, upgraded pads and rotors, work kiwami wheels wrapped in nitto nt05's, few underbody braces, toms strut braces, RR Aos and a custom tune performed by james at Bayside Performance Services (BPS) back in early 2015, recently been back for a check up and power levels is still a consistent 285-295kw atw. Had the car since 2014 and have driven it the entire time like it was built to be driven, countless track events and cant fault the car at all. Considered doing the RR racing sc setup off rafi but decided to do a rear mount precision turbo setup which will be alot cheaper and more efficient. Updates will come once it gets started. Pete
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    Has anyone here had an E85 conversion or are you running an E85 blend? I've seen a lot of yanks are running a 1/4 blend of E85 and get noticable gains in response.
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    My input, Penrite 5w-40 Full Synth oil, yep buy a few containers when on sale etc. plus I run Wix oil filters. Have ran it in my V6 hilux since new, now 300,000 kms and never missed a beat. My lexus gets 10,000kms oil and filter changes and its pushing 200,000kms and never missed a beat either. :)
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    Long story short on this saga: got a second opinion on the brakes and it turns out that the front rotors could be machined and pads replaced and the rear rotors were in near perfect condition! Suffice to say that I am disgusted with Lexus Indooroopilly's attempted gouge... This, combined with the dealerships refusal to offer the pick up and delivery service because i didnt purchase the car through them means that i will never use these shonks again! Be warned: Ned Kelly has nothing on these clowns!
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    Engine oil is a complicated topic and there will be differences between the two, down to a combination of chemistry and marketing. But with your usage pattern, the differences between the brands do not justify the difference in price. If you want to save money, keep an eye out on the supercheap and repco catalogue. Several times a year, they have 5w30 or 5w40 on specials down to around $30 - $35 for 5L.
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    Amsoil 5w30 soon
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    Spoke to the service agent at Lexus of Adelaide, and they use Valvoline 5-30w Full Synthetic on all ISFs.
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    Lexus of Melbourne used Valvoline 10w30 in my last 2 services and it goes alright. After 3,000km, the engine is still rather quiet, however I think the oil is just mineral and not even a synthetic blend. I use 5w30 Castrol Edge on our Aurion and Corolla and they run really well. The engine is more responsive and saves a bit of fuel compared to the original 15w40 that was used at the Toyota dealers. Engine stays quiet until well into the service interval. Then again, I can get this oil real cheap therefore I will continue to use it.
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    Too easy. Engine Reconditioner spent 3hrs @ 80 an hour with the port work. Time I spent to r & r the inlet manifold 2hrs. Hope this helps.
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    good to see to see you making some progress babs also good to see a oldschool still around
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    No more mods planed for now, but let’s see what comes along. I have also fitted the Lexus torsen diff, as my 2009 ISF didn’t have it. as of today, I have 34,931km on her. I baby mine too much, & only drive the ISF when the weather is good. it is a fun machine, which I plan to keep for a while longer.
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    I went with 245/30 and 275/30 I also went with a +32 offset in the front so it sits flusher on the front, also needed to roll rear guards to fit the rears without scrubbing.
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    Swift springs installed and front lip. Really want some Vossens bad now!
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    Hi, It's been about 5 years since I posted my original comment... ;) My GSH450h is still going strong after more than 120,000km. My batteries are fine - never had any problems with it or anything else on the vehicle - gotta love Lexus quality. My fuel economy is practically the same as it was when it was new in 2007 - I still get 700km tank average. It was only very recently that I managed to have the time to make some mods to my car, specifically around the Navigation Lock override and DVD lockout as well as introduce an after market ipod and Hard Disk integration I also installed my own bypass switch for the Nav lock and DVD lock override purpose - if you are interested and you would like me to help you do this change to the car, do let me know. Regs,
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    I'm surprised to see a number of people conducting their own minor servicing. Or maybe it's just an oil change within the recommended period. From my experience (on cars and bikes), the lower the 'w' rating on the grade (ie: 0w - ??) the better it is for cold motors (starting and first few kms). The lower the running temp rating (the 2nd figure in the grade) the more responsive the motor (and theoretically the better the fuel consumption seeing friction is reduced when running thinner oil). And furthermore: The tighter the difference between the w rating and operating temp rating (say 0w-30 versus 5w-40) the longer the oil will hold together since it doesn't require as many additives to either thicken the oil at operating temp or thin the oil at cold temp. It's the oil which is responsible for reducing friction and engine cooling - the additives are there to assist it. Formula One cars run either a straight 5 or 10 oil depending on the likely running temp of the engine (they also use huge oil coolers and warm their engines up prior to taking off) rather than running a 0w-20 or something similar - which would be much simpler than having to lug a huge oil cooler around! Just my 2 cents. BTW I haven't changed the oil in the Lexus myself as yet. I can't even get Lexus Service Dept tell me what oil they've put into the car!!!!