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  1. Hi All, I have completed my brake replacement/upgrade. I now have installed RR-Racing Competition 2 Piece Slotted Rotors front and rear. They went onto the car without any issues and fitted perfectly. A big thanks to Lexus of Chatswood for checking my work after I had completed. These guys do really look after me very well. I think the brakes look great and they are noise free. I have only completed 200 kms so far since yesterday so I am looking forward to see how they last. A big test will be a track day in July so hopefully they perform as good as they look. I have included 2 quick photos of before and after.
  2. Hi, here is what i have found so far. 1. OEM = approx US$2,000 delivered 2. Figs = approx US$3,100 delivered This included 2 piece discs, ET500 pads (Street), Castrol SRF, SS lines. I also opted for extra RB XR70 pads for track days(US$300). Should last >5 times longer than OEM and look cool!! 3. RR-Racing = approx = US$3,200 This includes discs and Endless MX72 pads for street/track. I was looking at Figs as the specs showed 34mm discs as apposed to 32mm for rr-racing. Let me know how you go with Brakes Direct please?
  3. Hi, I am currently investigating as well. From what I have found so far is: 1. OEM 2. FIGS Engineering 3. RR Racing I am tending towards FIGS at the moment. Need to decide this week. BTW how many KM have you done on the originals?
  4. I would have no issues with 2nd hand or demo. They are built so well. I was initially looking for a ISF. Just thought the RCF was just perfect. Just keep looking for what you want. I went Starlight Black, black interior. There are some nice ones available I have seen online. I also went the extended warranty so covered for 7 years.
  5. Hi, I have had mine for about 8 weeks now. It gives me a buzz every time I drive it. Which is as often as possible. Happy to do any shopping, pickups etc just to get a drive!! Have done over 3000 km now and am going to try to get as many kms as possible till I cant drive any more. Just enjoy the experience and you will be rewarded. Sorry no help from me other than do it!!
  6. Hi Ian054, congrats. Awesome car. Great colour. I got mine about 5 weeks ago! Starlight Black.
  7. Thanks. Starlight Black with black interior. It has just a little more power than previous! What colour is your beast?
  8. Hi Johnmic, how are you finding the RCF? I picked up mine last week and am just loving it. Can't help but smile every time I get into it. It was a nice step up from my IS250!
  9. Hi, I am using DBA T2's front and rear. I used Remsa pads. I could not be happier. They stop great and have lasted well.
  10. Slotted rotors should wear pads slightly quicker for normal driving. Track driving I believe should wear better! Though I am no expert. Just what my research found from US. I am not hard on brakes as my last set of OEM lasted 4 tracks sessions and 40k. This set of Slotted are up to 20+k with very little wear to date. I suppose depends upon how hard on brakes you are. They do stop harder when stopping aggressively though.
  11. You don't. Slotted rotors will wear pads a little quicker for normal driving. They just look better! IMO. They are better on the track days though!
  12. I have had the DBA T2's for over a year now and just checked and I have plenty of disc to go. They have worn a little but would expect at least another 12 months. Pads have plenty of life as well. Make sure when you have new rotors to bed them in correctly as this should extend their like etc. Front discs are DBA2726S, Rears DBA2727S. Remsa Pads. If you want solids just take 'S' off model numbers. I am happy with these as stated and have a second set already sitting on the shelves when these have done their time.
  13. Hi, I am running DBA T2 Slotted with Remsa Pad's. I am not having any issues with them. They are quite and are wearing well as I do about 25k+ per year. What rotors are you running? I would be running solid rotors if you are worried about wear as they will not be as aggressive on the pads for daily driving. The slotted ones do look better though!
  14. Not sure on other years, but my 2009 Sports has full leather seats and auto. Last sports just before F-Sport edition. I thought all Sports had 18 inch rims standard. The older sports had a manual I believe.
  15. Hi, I have not tried but would look at some products that polish plastic headlights etc.