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  1. Hey..... Any left? Or new stock arriving?
  2. Thank mate! Booked in and ready to go for the Intake! Hey Stef, How much you payin for the intake?
  3. Lexus Canberra....... Spent a few dollars, bought a Convertible sport luxury, promised goody basket and plate covers as part of the deal.......... nothing !!!! email promises -nothing!, more email promises - nothing! No integrity, just lies, buy your car somewhere else ............................. :(
  4. Ian, You may have missed the "C" after the IS250 in my reply or my new pic of a red car instead of a pearl white one. I now have the convertible which has a smaller/narrower boot than the sedan. Imagine taking the armrest out of the backseat of your 250, that's what it is like. So far, my international websurfing has not rendered anyone making a rubberised/waterproof boot liner for the convertible. If i put the roof down after it rains, all the water and other crap (leaves etc) on the roof goes into the boot !!!! I liked the idea of the OEM bootliner covering all the pockets and the first aid kit, it made for "secret" spaces, less accessible to dust and the kids.
  5. The bootliner and the cargo net have been the most practical items I have bought for the car. Cut the slots into the liner and hook up the net. We get six bags of groceries in the net and no rolling cans around the boot on the way home!! My car is 3 yrs old now and the original carpet and plastics look like new under the liner. I recently bought an IS250C and cannot find a liner anywhere. I made one from carpet as an interim and installed a new cargo net. With the roof down I get 4 bags of groceries in the boot (and nothing else) ;)))
  6. I bought my kit two years ago. A quick email to Jonari (the link I gave you) and they will give you a fully landed quote. It will attract GST and some shipping. The kits on EBAY are cheaper. You need to choose what kit you like the look of best and chase the best deal.
  7. It's not a happy conversation to have but there is quite a lot of technology missing between an optioned up prestige and a sport luxury, enough to make a difference in the buying price, starting at the 16" wheels.........
  8. That is not a 2008 sport luxury rim. Those wheels have been swapped
  9. You have done a lot to your car but the pics aren't selling it very well. You have an expensive WALD kit but don't show the car profile. better pics might win!
  10. YES! get the car immediately treated by meguiars at Seven Hills to gtee a mirror finish and protection from the elements. Thereafter, every 6mths get a top up polish and wash with meguiars carwash in between. No swirl marks and a deep wet look to your paint........ With hindsight. i would have also put 3m film on the bonnet, cheaper than fixing paint chips especially on a black car. See here
  11. and now that you stand corrected :)))), back to the issue of some new rims.......... what about Lumarai, they are specifically made for Lexus, several subtle differences from generic rims, and are available in Sydney (black, silver, chrome). Check out their website.
  12. I am in Burma this weekend, bugger.... Sorry, not this time
  13. Sounds like an amazing offer by Atlantis! Are there any finer details about the Atlantis end? turning up empty handed sounds weak.
  14. A bit of a delay while I finalised the rims.... Lumarai chrome, Staggered Fitment - 18x8.0 5/114.3 ET40 (Front) 18x9.5 5/114.3 ET40 (Rear) Tyre size 235/40/18 & 265/35/18. I am still trying to get continental extreme DW's but they are out of stock with tirerack. What do you think?