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  1. LED conversion for your Lexus

    Lexmania is now supplying LEDs for your lexus anything from Interior to exterior we have -Driving lights -Higheams -Foglights Prices start from $80 per set Interior lights Prices start from $5 Parkers and numberplate lights Prices start from $5 per set! WE have also have a full LED conversion kit for IS250/350/F pm us on the forums or facebook!!
  2. common problem on the 06-09 if you do a search you will find some answers these melting dash has been an issue and first cases being reported around 4 years ago some dealers did replace it under warranty back then but im not too sure now people now days mostly just buy dash and door trims out of later model cars and just replace em
  3. the ISF has stiffer bushings than the regualr X50's though aftermarket USRS kits (figs or RR) is pretty much the same
  4. Isf Owners Post Up Pics Of Your Isf!

    hey good to see you still kicking around in the F
  5. Dash cracking

    some of the 2006-2009 IS250/s had this problem lexus australia never did officially recognised this as a problem but individual dealers did fix this problem (sydney city lexus esp) it'll be a good call up your local dealer and ask about it first
  6. Lexus ISF OEM parts

    ad on gumtree
  7. Odd electrical issue

    2007 hybrid as lexus/toyota warrants for 10 years battery should be on its way out get your battery checked for the hybrid system not your small battery in the engine bay btw how many kms on the car?
  8. Lexus ISF OEM parts

    pics of the seat
  9. Lexus ISF OEM parts

    All off a low KM 2011 we have various parts off a ISF PM for more info
  10. LC-F V10 twin turbo

    if the LC came out looking like a concept i guess we can hope that it'll be a mental looking car though thats a mazgazine rednering not the offical lexus release
  11. PPE header group buy

    nah no tune is needed but it is good to get a tune to maximise your mods
  12. PPE header group buy

    thanks for the vouch those who know me will know that i did everything i could to get this boat floating