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  1. swifts are around 650 delivered to your door
  2. moved to the correct section
  3. apparently 600hp plus 300K plus price tag going after the R8
  4. nope no swaps on my end if the buyers want to sort things out like that i dont get invovled
  5. its recomended that you do ah tranny service every 30-40k kms on any IS not just the ISF
  6. 1, Best one? (personal pref) ie F sport intake looks stock and not as loud as a CAI (F sport intake is not the same intake from a F sport) injen/K&N etc is nice loud but exposed prices vary from 300-600 K&n~to F sport 2.Easy to fit? ( most of thm are) 3.Best power? (on a 250 it will make no difference) 4.Worth it? (if your after sound yes if anything more than that no)
  7. sounds good
  8. no just for parts sorry but i can always work things oout with you if u want call me
  9. updatged posted mot of he major parts ISF parts are rare so grab em quick
  10. LSD icn whole subframe is $3600 sold as it is wont seperate
  11. well usually for X japan parts it a 7-10 day wait if u buy from the parts dept but with warranty issues its gota be paper work etc x japan means parts have to come from japan and usually they dont keep the parts on hand and instead they make it order by order normal procedure is 4 weeks the dealer telling you its usually 6 weeks is just making BS to you
  12. thats a 08 ISF this is a my11 isf that was for sale few months back
  13. damage is all on the passenger side