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  1. yes this is all from the blue ISF
  2. Alrighty stripping out the rest of the 2011 ISF 2011 ISF suspension 4 shocks and springs complete $800 2011 ISF Carbontrims $900 2011 ISF Mechanical LSD $3200 2011 ISF Door trims in immaculate condition $800 2011 ISF rear boot with spoiler $350
  3. or i can supply you 2012 sports luxury shocks for fraction of a price as well
  4. pm replied mate
  5. X force exhaust for a ISF used very good condition no cracks no scratches etc $1100
  6. please use the correction section no selling on model specific sections
  7. regarless 7.7L per 100 is impressive i can only manage 10L in my 350 the GS is worse being heavy average 11-12 and 8-9 on the freeway
  8. yeap i think thats it i didnt know the name as my mate gave me some worked wonders though
  9. there is a product that acts as a polish for glass try that a go also removes small scratches too
  10. i havent pulled apart the GS rear sub but by going what the other models are like your going to find it hard to get something that will fit on the parcel tray easiest option would be if your going aftermarket get the biggest speaker and custom make a mount bracket to go on to the parcle tray and mod the rear sub wiring to suit the ML wiring
  11. well where is the car originally from? i guess its a non aus delivered car
  12. well pulling the battery terminals out does reset your car so the car is learning its mixtures and idling revs etc give it a few days and it should go back to normal if not report back and well go on from there