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  1. TNK automotive Girraween 96368415 $600 for the service drive in drive out using genuine toyota atf they have done number of IS's there i do mine there too most of my isf and 350 customers have taken it there
  2. i would go for a 2011 ct200h over a 06 is250 ct is much more modern in design better nav system ct will probably will do around 1000km out of a tank where the is250 will do around 500-600 km depend how u drive it loses out on power but the is250 isnt a real performer either ct actually has better leg space and room in the back though the CT200h is alot more noiser car and does feel like a cheaper car though
  3. lol we can tell by its 16's cuz only the 16" wheels look like that
  4. its not a sports its a presteige with sunroof options its worth 9-10 max this top is covers everything that you would want to know please do a search before posting in the future thanks
  5. some buyers do worry about it as they think lexus workshops seem to know what they are doing which is not the case in some areas but generally new cars up to 4 years old i have seen some people who were hesitant to buy but after 4 years people dont even seem to care that it doesnt have log books lol
  6. 96368415 TNK automotive has done many 2IS ISX50 and ISF's cheap prices too log book services too
  7. sonny tuned it my suggestion is revert back to stock im looking into possible causes but not gonna promise anything at this stage but i do a highly possible theory of why it happened and based on some facts that i need to confirm if you want to talk to me about it give me a pm and ill give you my number and we can have a chat
  8. another customer of mine has this problem too now just got tuned yesterday same problem as urs
  9. Hello I would like to know what you think about the thread I just posted  do you think this is tune related or a total coincidence, I'd appreciate your opinion on this, thank you Neill.

  10. +35 offset will be good mate u can go abit more agressive actually i got 9 +32 and 10 + 40 in the back 245/ 275 combo
  11. yes i would do that the F sports are sought after than the X as well for the obvious reasons as mentioned on my first post oh and i forgot to point out F sport has bucket seats compared to the rest of the line up they are similar to the ISF bucket seats
  12. there alot of differneces between the X and F sport -sound system -body front spoiler and grille (will set u back atleast 1K) and half if u do find any F sport wrecks -suspension -wheels -Telescopic steering wheel -memory seats what is a fair price? X is a lower grade than F sport so the F sport prices are higher than X
  13. on a is a baby seat is abit tight i wouldnt even bother with a rc