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  1. PPE header group buy

    finally headers are done!
  2. PPE header group buy

    another update this friday they should be ready to ship
  3. PPE header group buy

    yeap same update as me they have advised me 2-3 days and its finished
  4. PPE header group buy

    ok thanks for the guys who have paid still have few more members that need to finalize the payments
  5. You Have To Have Kw!

    you need to use to stock rear top hats other than that pretty easy iv sold the set out of the ISF but still have the set on my IS250c still runing strong no noise
  6. PPE header group buy

    alrighty guys will need to other payment in a week or so feel free to contact me when ever your ready
  7. Babalouie ISF Maintenance Thread

    babs the oem brembos are fine i had no issues on EC man in problem with the F is the lack of traction my best on EC was 1.52 and that was on stock brembo pads and rotors
  8. PPE header group buy

    alrighty guys productions in now just the waiting game
  9. 2012 ISF LSD Mechnical diff

    Just new in stock out of a low KM wreck 23K kms comes with all shaft etc $2900 last one got sold within weeks upgrade your single legger isf to dual leggers
  10. engine is the same regardless of RHD and LHD
  11. Let me know if you get a spare set I will pay you eg if someone pulls out cheer thanks Danny.

  12. LC-F V10 twin turbo

    inside sources suggest its a V8 TT 2 of the 2T motors put together 600hp +
  13. PPE header group buy

    group buy is now closed
  14. PPE header group buy

    thanks to all the guys who made the deposit we had 2 people withdraw and 1 unconfirmed yet so 5 orders total atm
  15. PPE header group buy

    alright guys iv sent pms out please respond to all pm please get the deposits in asap