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  1. this would be related to the is250 transmission problems as the 3GS and the 2is share the same platform the gearbox will need a good flush not just drain and refill but emptied out from the toruqe converters
  2. if you think the is250 has stiff steering youll hate the is350 and the isf steering is250 steering wheels is very light compared to rest of the 2IS line up
  3. hard to tell with just that phone vid sound definately there though does the tapping intensity increase with rpm?
  4. in this market you need to spend to get quality products i dont know what kind of exhaust you would have heard previously me working on these all the time i get to hear a lot of exhaust yes what your saying is true there are some rice box exhaust out there but on the other hand there are some truly exotic sounding exhaust for this car and those generally cost a lot more than the average joe can afford
  5. lol sell your car and get a non roof car spot welds for starters wiring changes etc might as well get used to the roof at the price its gonna cost you labour will be ridiculous too
  6. my old is350 Greddy Axle back Invidia mid pipe very hard to find 2nd hand for the axle back will set u back atleast 600-700 used new they are 1.3K not my car but invidia axle back only no mid pipes 1.3K new as well
  7. probably check the thickness of the oil your putting in iv seen another ISF do this but it had 100K kms on it
  8. did your mechanic confrim those shocks are oem/factory shocks? being a sportsluxury it shouldnt be bumpy at all it should be like riding on a sponge
  9. if the rear parcel tray isnt sitting it properly it will get caught going up on the bottom leg of the scissors this has happend to me number of times just realign the rear parcle with your hands and keep moving it around untill you find a good spot
  10. 2 sets left from 20
  11. Ok guys the Visors are back grab em quick getting really rare now
  12. no it will have nothing to do with warranty
  13. just a quick search 2010's didnt come with nav standard 2011s pretty sure they all came standard with nav easy way to tell between a 2011 and 2010 is the front bumper bar and also interior trims if they are black on the centre console and window switches presteige 2010s were grey
  14. could have been a listing error maybe do you have pics of the actual car? might have been a 2010 advertised as a 2011