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  1. thats great to hear! was going to suggest probably had some chemicals on the windscreen if the car has been to a panel shop happened to mine when i got the guards replaced
  2. my protection was $900 id say worth the money got it on all my cars atm i learned that detailing with cars you get what you pay for Justin from Definition detailing has done my cars
  3. leather seats are sold
  4. yeah definatly nice car mate post up some pics when you get it buddy
  5. wow LX570? nice love them tanks had 1 for a loaner whilst i the RX in for service lovely car did u get it new? love the updated face
  6. lack of intrest and people pulling out got it cancled im doing individual orders now
  7. i have and its not a cheap conversion roughtly set u back 13-15K just in parts
  8. 2010 RX should have blueetho for the phone but doesnt have the streaming function where u can listen and play songs straight off your phone to your car
  9. still in warranty take it lexus to get it fixed
  10. IS350 3.5 package available can sell as conversion package or can do a deal on drive in drive out deal Pm me for prices and specs
  11. yes shipping inc
  12. very nice peter
  13. no sorry only sell as it is as the diff is actually part of the engine package if some 1 wants to pay the money for it ill sell it to them if not itll be sold as a conversion pacakage