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  1. I think that the door open chime is the most pointless and annoying of any alarm ... most likely introduced for the US market where door chimes are (or used to be) almost ubiquitous. And as this has remained unanswered for so long, I'd say its near impossible to disable :(
  2. Hi Bazzle, I used "Burn" and ran it at 4x speed. I didn't make any other changes to the process (I just accepted whatever defaults it came up with). Cheers, David
  3. Thanks Bazzle, That's really helpful and somewhat surprisingly (being DVD-R) it works! So I'm up to at least v22 of the maps ... most appreciated! Cheers, David
  4. Hi Water, Yup, when my partner is in the car with me, we frequently operate Google/Apple maps from the iPhone. I'm with you on the below ... ... but, the navigation software is genuinely very good for communicating the navigation tasks ... for example, "Heading slightly left at the roundabout, take the second exit" is an instruction that I've not heard from either Apple or Google Maps. And there are a few of these examples I can think of ... not an imperative, but it does motivate me to try and keep the software current! Cheers, David
  5. Hi Atlantis Yes, all attempts until I saw the post suggesting DVD-R DL (which very nearly appeared to work) have been with a DVD+R DL (v 20 & v21 ... as well another unsuccessful roll of the dice this time around unfortunately. Cheers, David
  6. Hi All, I've previously had trouble getting any DVD after v19 to load in my 2008 SL (I've tried V20 & V21), but with the below informative post, I thought that I'd give v22 a shot. I should add, that I operate only Apple Mac computers at home and don't have access to a Windows machine. I therefore use "Burn" for writing DVD's ... Unfortunately I couldn't get it to work, despite going through Rural's excellent list. As this is the third time I've wasted a number of DVD's, I thought that I'd make it some comments on the below as while they appear to be informed, they not tested. Please bear in mind that my investigations are for a 2008SL, so newer models may be OK. DL (double layer) disks don't work: I could get the image to write onto a DL-R disk, and the car read the disk ... it told me what version it was! And while it showed the map location with the car on it, as soon as I tried to enter an address I got an error. I noticed that the region hadn't been set: I'm in Victoria, and I believe that the region on the image may have been set for NSW? ... anyway, despite pressing the "Change" button to set the region, I was unable to do so (tapping the "change" button got no reaction from the maps application)... probably that functionality is on the second layer of the disk...? DL+R disks fail outright: the car won't recognise them at all. This isn't an option with Burn - I've tried single layer DVD-R disks, and it spits them out before it even tries to start burning an image. Doesn't work - the unit doesn't recognise the image once it has been edited. I couldn't find how to do this in Burn (I suspect it doesn't offer this feature), so I can't comment as to whether this works for the 2008SL. I also tried going to the GPSPower website and looking for the smaller file, but I couldn't find it. I'll have a better search another day (I've got to go buy some more disks), but that'll probably be the last time I try it. I'll just have to live with the v19 files unless someone is able to advise what error I'm making...? Cheers, David
  7. Thanks PMD008 - I guess that is exactly the point I'm wanting to sign up for. My other car, a BMW, had been given very poor service by BMW Melbourne - the bottom of the car was covered in oil (from an oil change during a major service). It was so bad I thought that the engine was leaking oil ... all it was was totally c*ap job done by an apprentice that hadn't been properly supervised. I ended up taking it to SouthernBM and have been very well looked after ever since. I am looking for exactly the same organisation, but for my Lexus :) I'm not too worried about not servicing it with Lexus now (given the age of the car), but would prefer to have it done by someone who is recommended. Folks on this forum are enthusiasts and want to look after their cars ... and that's me too :) Hence the request for personal recommendations! Cheers
  8. Thanks Bazzle ... Have you (or anyone else) used these services...? I'd prefer somewhere that folks have used and are happy to recommend :)
  9. Hi Folks, I have a 2008 SL that I've owned since 2009 - its always had Lexus service, is low mileage and in great condition (its well looked after). Unfortunately, I've had a persistent issue with door locks failing and the Lexus service approach has been to change the locks (and charge me for it). I've now replaced all door locks in the car twice (I only got 2 "free" locks out of Lexus) ... so I am now thoroughly unimpressed with Lexus standing behind their product, and believe its time to look for a good third party service company. Does anyone have any recommendations for qualified/professional Lexus mechanics in Melbourne..? I'm in the east of Melbourne (near Doncaster Westfield if it helps), but happy to travel elsewhere if that's where good service is to be found. I've been through Lexus service in Brighton & Blackburn and both are not really looking after me. By way of example, my second car is a BMW which I take to SouthernBM (a very professionally run company that specialises in BMW's) ... so I'd like to do the same for the Lexus. Cheers!
  10. Thanks folks ... I'll pop a listing up on Whirlpool and see what recommendations folks there have for auto electricians. I'm annoyed at Lexus as they've completely disowned the problem, despite it being there during the warranty period: so much for paying for Lexus service :( Not at all pleased having paid for the privilege of having them ignore the issue. Not good enough for a premium brand ...
  11. Hi Folks, I find myself in familiar territory once again: the door locks on my IS250SL have once again decided to fail. And I say "locks" deliberately ... having only recently replaced the drivers door lock, the both locks on the passenger side have now started to fail. This tedious problem has now completed its second circuit of the car: the dock locks fail in sequence ... starting at the driver, rear driver, rear passenger and front passenger. I've posted previously about this problem and just put up with the fact that the car needs a new door lock once a year ... However, with three locks failing in a six month window, I'm convinced that this is not a problem with the locks, but rather with something in the electronics of the car. Does anyone on this forum have a recommendation for a solid/reliable auto electrician in Melbourne who would be able to look at this problem...? And although I've had the car regularly serviced by Lexus (and paid Lexus to fix the door locks previously), I find that they are unwilling to do anything more than change the lock (and charge me for it) ... despite the problem starting while the car was in warranty. Of course, other suggestions are welcome too :) Cheers! David
  12. Hi Folks, My IS250SL (2008) drivers door lock/actuator has failed again (this is the third time for the front door alone), and Lexus are not interested in replacing the unit under warranty ... actually, all of my doors locks failed, one-by-one in a clockwise pattern, starting with the drivers door ... its been the only consistently unreliable part in the car. I ended up paying for some of these replacements as they started failing towards the end of my warranty. Lexus has quoted me $600 to replace the part - what a bargain :( I'm not at all impressed, having had the car always serviced by Lexus, they show little interest in fixing anything post-warranty. As they won't honour any warranty, it looks like I may as well take a look at sourcing either a 2nd hand part, or having a new one sent from overseas. Has anyone had experience with sourcing these..? I did a quick search, and there's only one prior post but no real discussion :) I found one on e-Bay (from a wrecker - $120), so that's an option ... but maybe there are other better options..? It looks to me that I can replace the door lock/actuator fairly easily - I've already installed the folding mirror option so I'm familiar with the fun of getting the door panel off ... and I'd guess that the actuator just plugs in. So I'd have a crack at it myself ... Anyway, I'm interested in the experience of others and what folks advise ... $600 seems poor value when I'm only going to get a 1-year warranty and they appear to fail within 4 years anyway!
  13. Hi Peter, I understand your frustration ... as I started reading your post I couldn't believe how much you'd spent on the sound system relative to the value of the car ... I guess mine is worth about $25k-ish (I've got a 2008 SL, with 67K's on the clock - car is in brilliant condition) and spending ~10% of that on a sound system doesn't add up for me :) In relation to road noise, I find that comment surprising. I have very little road noise in my car - my father, who only ever opens his mouth to insult me or say offensive cr*p, said "I can't believe how quiet this car is, I can't even tell if the engine is running". And I get comments from other folks who've got German cars (last one was a Merc owner) who commented how quiet it was. I have Pirelli tyres on the car, based on a recommendation from a (good) local tyre store. I always prefer Michelin, but he persuaded me that the Pirelli's were better and I took the advice ... maybe the road noise is from the tyres or perhaps insulation that has come loose during the fitting of the new stereo..? I've fitted an override for parts of the SatNav system ... glad I did so. It doubles as my iPod integration point, so its useful ... but I still can't operate the SatNav while driving and I'm not keen to invest further in the car :) I'm going to enjoy it till it dies ... I'll probably turn over my BMW for something else (Tesla?) in due course, but the Lexus is reliable and relatively inexpensive driving so I'm going to hang onto it for a while. Cheers, David
  14. Hi Peter, Sorry about taking some time to respond - I've just decided to live with the sound system as it is. The suggestions that StormIS made have helped improve the sound, but the quality of it remains rubbish when compared to standard sound systems in other cars (the standard sound system in my BMW is *far far far* superior). When I purchased the car at Lexus of Brighton, there was a very enthusiastic young fellow who raved about the quality of the ML sound system ... so for a long time I thought that it must have a failed component/incorrectly configured/needed additional tuning. The realisation that it was utter cr*p took a while coming, but I realise that it just is like this. There's a lot to like about the car, but the sound system isn't part of that. And yes, the software that sits around the control centre is incredibly tedious in how it behaves ... I think it adds to driver distraction rather than being a safety aid. I drove a newer model at the last service and it looked to have been improved somewhat.
  15. Hi Stormis, Thank you for the suggestions - I've tried to paste an image of my initial settings up, but I can't figure out how to do so. Anyway, they are (or were): Treb => +1 above the centre settingMid => the centre settingBass => +1 above the centre setting.I have adjusted to now be: Treb => -1 below the maximum settingMid => +1 above the lowest settingBass => the maximum settingI have only driven the car once since the setting (up the train station), and while it sounds much better, I will want to see whether this brings it up to the spec of the (standard) BMW unbranded system. I'll let folks know how I manage. Hi Jonokhoa, Thanks for the offer of help - I am in the Doncaster/Box Hill area. I will see how the settings StormIS has recommended work out, although they are not too dissimilar to what you've specified. Also, I think my "centre-ing" of sound is identical to what you have specified. Cheers, David