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  1. Maybe ask The might have something available.
  2. I was referring to the Sydney crowd, so my apologies for not being clearer on the matter. You were the only one to post a location, but albeit 1000km away from most people asking the questions on here.
  3. Me either... everyone is tap-dancing around the issue like it's some illegal activity. I know my box needs flushing and this thread is one of the most useless reads I've seen so far. If you know a reputable place to get it done, for the benefit of other readers please mention where it can be done.
  4. > why not cut the cat converter out-sports exhaust! Maybe the (up to) $62,000 fine from the EPA if they ever find out is enough of a deterrent. You cannot remove the catalytic converter from a vehicle that is equipped with one from the factory according to ADR.
  5. Mine discs were gone before 20,000km... I'm still using them however. Bear in mind, "gone" refers to the whopping 1mm of wear the factory allows for before requiring disc replacement. After that 1mm is gone, the disc does not wear nearly as quickly and I'm only just about to replace them at 75,000km where they are really at a point that can be called "worn".
  6. Silver sticker is for the fuel system repairs being done. Got one on mine when it happened.
  7. Lexus discs are very soft, so it's actually not unusual to see them needed to be replaced around the 20k mark. Don't go for genuine though... the price is ridiculous. Buy some DBA or RDA discs for a fraction of the cost.
  8. Front sway bar is a massive need on the IS250. Far too soft from factory. Rear replacement is nearly useless though in a RWD.
  9. Ultra are great to deal with. I ordered every single part they had in the catalogue for my Micra The thing handles like a race car now.
  10. 20's are fine if you keep the stock height, but not if you're lowering by 2 inches as he stated above. I ran 20x8.5 +38 offset fronts and 20x10 +45 offset rears without scrubbing (standard height). 225 front tyres and 275 rears. Loved it.