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  1. Early days with an F - Practical observations

    Lowest mines been is 13.
  2. Swift spring thoughts and experiences.

    Yep I’ll chime in here. Running a 2012 ISF on Swift springs, haven’t done much cruising yet been about a week in. I had a 2009 IS250 with Tein S-Techs before so expected similar characteristics, however what I did find is that with the reduced suspension travel I do feel the bumps a lot more (could be due to the increased weight of the F). It will generally absorb small bumps well and it feels more planted to the ground but small pot holes you will definately feel. I’d say eventually I’ll go with the ohlins RR Racing coilovers due to track work but for now they’re a pretty good road/track set up.
  3. Great stuff blackadder. Yes, Lexus actually uses RACV for their lexus roadside assist service so it'll be just as good as the factory unit.
  4. Nope you don't but if it is still under warranty or you have lexus roadside assist they'll replace with a new sealed battery for free. Or you can call your local motoring association to have one put in (they always carry the Lexus batteries that are approved by Lexus). Failing that just head over to battery world, as supercheap don't stock the exact maintenance free batteries for lexus last time I checked.
  5. Grats on the pick up. She's a beauty. As for intakes that work, look up HPS silicone intake with Afe filter. They're about $220ish plus $70 for filter. There are other better looking ones such as the RR Racing Titanium group buy going on at clublexus that looks mint but it's obviously metal so will have heat soak.
  6. Nah what i meant was I think they already are led sills so you may not need to buy new sills, it's just missing the harness for power.
  7. No mine doesn't light up Sam. I understand there are LED's under the sills though and all it requires is a feed to the door switch (+positive wire), why they didn't hook it up from factory I have no idea.
  8. Hi Sam, the app is called Road Trip. I add the data in after every fill and I use it to track all expenses such as registration, etc. My ISF is stock apart from an X-Force cat back. Purchased when it had around 48k, has not missed a beat at all. If you check out the mileage threads on clublexus forums you'll see plenty of cars there well over 200,000kms with only general maintenance. Being a lexus they are rock solid. I'm on my third lexus now and every single one has been completely reliable.
  9. Bta Motorsport - Tuned Is F

    Mine is stock apart from an xforce cat back, and made 268rwkw (closed bonnet 6th gear pull). Another ISF on the same day made 266rwkw.
  10. It will require a little splicing for the auto fold mirror mod but the instructions are clear. No hard drive music player.
  11. Hi Sam, no the ISF mirrors don't fold in automatically, that was something I missed coming from the IS250. There is a mod that can be purchased from these forums though. Regarding Bluetooth title, yes that's correct it only provides streaming. But you can operate the play/pause/forward/back controls. I usually have a Spotify playlist so it doesn't bother me too much.
  12. A December 2012 is an MY13. Which is good as you'll have Bluetooth audio playback. The car does have a bit of stance from factory and will wear the inside of your tyres. That part is true. Brembos can be expensive to replace, but $4K? Sounds a bit rich to me, others thoughts. Ring Lexus and ask for a check for any recalls outstanding, you'll need his VIN. Regarding servicing, its just oil changes until he gets to the around 75,000kms. So the next service for you will probably be over a grand. Not too much to worry about but this is why I always get a Lexus stamp, resale value folks. Have a full report done, it will probably include a compression test and tell you if this cars had a rough life. And being rural (assumed this because he's 1 1/2 hr from a Lexus dealer) the paint condition may be pretty poor on closer inspection. All the best and send us pics!