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  1. Thanks Alex for organizing the meet, sorry I couldn't stay for the cruise. Sounds like you guys had a great run afterwards. Great to meet all the boys too. Will definitely join the next track day once all my mods are installed. Here is some quick snap shots of the meetup.
  2. HKS SSM Exhaust

    Sounds good to me, that's same setup I'm going for. How much would a custom midpipe for this application cost? There is a US shop selling a new (old stock) HKS midpipe for $945 USD, too much for me. Import Monster just told me the SSM has arrived their office in Japan, but the next container shipment to Australia will be in Jan next year :(
  3. Sweet!! I'm in mate. I often take my family to the nearby Blaxland Riverside Park for BBQ, funny the jail is just right next door. MY11 ISF Hope my new HKS exhaust can arrive before that. William PS. Need to spread the words on social media, can someone put a post our Facebook and Twitter?
  4. HKS SSM Exhaust

    Yup, I placed an ordered for one via Import Monster, the cheapest I can find but still cost a lot for an axle back. Boys, we need to have an ISF meet-up to compare our mods and sounds. Where is our friend Danny? Let's organize a EOY Lexus meetup.
  5. HKS SSM Exhaust

    Even with PPE header? I understand the stock midpipe will restrict the flow. Interim Setup: PPE + Stock Midpipe + HKS SSM (I heard this setup in person at Chatswood Lexus, pretty good) Future Setup: PPE + HKS Midpipe / Custom Mid + HKS SSM.
  6. Item No longer Available, lol
  7. HKS SSM Exhaust

    Depends on your situation mate, really personal choice. Can't beat the sound of a straight pipe catless exhaust roaring on track. I use my F for school run and prefer sunroof tilted when driving, so I'm getting a HKS SSM with stock midpipe as an intermediate option.
  8. Just read the Roll Racing info page, so it's basically a rolling drag race from 50km/h. I guess the marshals have to ensure the two cars sets off into the racing zone at the same time to get a fair comparison. It'll be interesting to see if our ISF can take on the big boys, especially with your new RR racing performance package. Definitely interested on join in the next roll racing with you, my car has the header, exhaust (HKS SSM arriving soon) and Autowerks tuning, stock intake. I want to see how much of a difference the RR Racing intake/tuning will make on the track. PM me your contact detail mate.
  9. Is that an evening event at SMSP? Is spectator allowed? IS-F meetup anyone lol? Need to checkout this beast in person.
  10. New Front Pads & Rotors

    Project Mu just sent me the their recommended Brake Pad Bedding Guide, as attached if anyone looking for it. Considering running a separate set of Rotor/Pad dedicated for track use as well, do you swap them yourself at home or at Chatswood before and after? Two piece rotor is so pricey... Brake bedding PMU _Non SAS_.pdf
  11. New Front Pads & Rotors

    Thanks guys for the feedback!! I've just ordered a full set of DBA T3 Rotors from Brake Direct website. Price & Link here: Going to pair them with the Project Mu NS400 for the street. Although Brake Direct did seem to recommend Remsa pads over Project Mu pads. I might give it a try next time. Now I just need to figure out if the Project Mu NS400 compound can work with HC800 on the same rotor surface when going to the track, so I can just swap the pads.
  12. New Front Pads & Rotors

    Anyone running DBA T3 Rotors with Project Mu NS400 pads? Care to share some experiences with this combo? I already bought a set of NS400 pads for the street and looking to upgrade the rotors, I'm contacting Brakes direct to get price on the T3. Also planning to get a set of track use pads, maybe Project Mu HC800, anyone know if NS400 and HC800 compound can work together on the T3 rotor?
  13. New Front Pads & Rotors

    eBay USA seems to be the best place for OEM Lexus parts.
  14. NSW - WTB - White Lexus IS-F 13"/14"

    Beautiful car mate, congrats! White on white is a rare find. You mind letting me know how much you got it for? PM me if you want. Ceramic coating also seems to be a popular paint protection method, where you located?

    Is it PPE header? Nice to know it's compatible with the GSF :) I hope they can make an Equal Length header for the RHD soon.