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  1. HKS SSM Exhaust

    Gents, Quick shout out to the F Club, recently upgraded from IS250 to ISF, my re-intro post here. Anyone here in Sydney running the HKS SSM (Super Sound Master) or PPE Dual Mode exhaust? Can I come over for a quick sound check? Drive Safe William
  2. Hi Guys, Following the true tradition of Lexus ownership, I have let go my old trusted IS250 (currently for sale) and became the new owner of ISFBloke's old car (MY11 Black ISF). Before buying this car, I had exchanged some detailed messages with Andrew (ISFBloke) as well as getting the car fully inspected by Chris the master tech of Lexus Chatswood. Some of the members here knows this ISF well, it had PPE header & RR racing USRS Bushing fitted and the last owner added JoeZ PTS exhaust, tuned by Autowerks in Beverly Hills currently output a health 275.7kw at the wheel quite consistent with what the US guys are getting with similar mods. I can see a few ISF owners here will be running this setup soon :D. I'm also considering to add the RR racing intake and oil catch can to complete the stage 1 bolt on upgrades. To carry on the legacy of this awesome machine, it'll go to the track a few times per year, I was invited to the recent Burrows Drives Day at SMSP Eastern Creek sponsored by McLaren, had the chance to let loose the beast and chasing down a few 911s/M3/C63, only lost pace at the corners to AWD cars with the crappy road tyres I had. Upgrading to Rays wheel with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 !!! The car was pre & post track checked by Chris of Lexus, he is very excited to see this car back in the stables, big thumb up to Lexus Chatswood. On the Burrows day, I also had the opportunity to test drive the new McLaren 720S, which is now my new favour supercar. And very pleased to meet an owner of RCF (Peter) testing his new RR racing oil catch can on the track who shares the same passion of Lexus, also goes to Chatswood for track prep. I've invited him to sign up this forum. I look forward to join the F Club events both on or off track, the F are being used for school runs so I'm considering a few options to deal with the catless setup. I'm open for suggestion, highflow cat/PPE with stock exhaust/HKS SSM??? Exterior upgrades are also on the card - Tom's front lip and rear diffuser. Andrew (ISFBloke), I wish you all the best in your oversea venture, your car is in good hands. Drive Safe William Here is some photos showing off my three "babies" and the track day.
  3. Yeh, such a solid car, only selling to upgrade. I had to start stripping it as well now. Exhaust removed, price dropped.
  4. What's your fuel economy?

    13-14.5L for me, daily to Sydney city 10L on highway to Canberra Full tank does 380-400km max Car has H/E and tuned.
  5. So I got a few offers on my old car, feel losing too much $$, so I decided to part out then sell the car at reduced price. 1. Invidia Mid-Pipe - $300 2. Greddy SP Elite Exhaust - $700 3. BC Coilover - $700 - Travelled less than 20,000KM & swap with your stock suspension 4. OEM MY12 DRL Xenon Headlight Fully Loaded - $1200 5. OEM MY12 F-Sport Front Bumper in Obsidian Black - $800 & swap with your old bumper Obsidian Black 6. OEM MY12 F-Sport Seats Front & Back - $800 & swap with your old seats much be in good condition 7. More & Photos to be added this weekend. All parts are still on my car, all in great condition, will start stripping the car this weekend or early next week. Pickup at Breakfast Point (Near Concord) NSW William - 0408 266 666
  6. PPE header group buy

    Ok, went to see PEC in Northmead this morning, saw Hakan and Arthur, got quoted $450 each side fully installed with Magnaflow High Flow 100 Cell 2.5" CAT, if you want TIG weld then extra $50 each side. So $1000 for the total job, how's that sound? or maybe just put back the stock exhaust lol. Thanks John, I had exchanged a few messages with ISFBloke just before buying his old car, took it straight to Burrows Day at SMSP last week, such an awesome car, chasing up a few 911s at ease but only losing around the corners to other AWD cars. Chris Marriott the Master Tech at Chatswood Lexus helped me with vehicle inspection and track prep. I'm really loving the car, just need to change a few things to make it more livable for me.
  7. PPE header group buy

    Thanks BLK, I'll do a proper re-intro thread on forum this weekend. I also have a 3yr kid, using the F for childcare runs, the open exhaust setup might not be best suited for this task. PPE website shows they supply optional Megnaflow brand CATs:, so this is what I'll go for. I'm going to see Performance Exhaust Centre in Northmead tomorrow, let you guys know how I go.
  8. PPE header group buy

    Yes, you are right mate. Also just did some research, found a photo on PPE website, exhaust need to be chopped/shorten near the flange for high flow cat to be welded in-between. I'm now the new owner of ISFBlokes's old car. (MY11 Black), car already has PPE header and the last owner had the JoeZ exhaust fitted, Dyno tuned at 275kw at the wheel. The performance and the sound is unreal, you guys will love it! With PPE and JoeZ, this setup removes all the CATs. After driving it for a week, honestly I'm a bit sick of the constant smell and drone below 2500RPM. After some research on the US forum, it appears a high flow CAT on the exhaust will remove the smell and ease the drone. So I'm planning to get a CAT installed and see how it goes, some will say the CAT will reduce the header gain by 10-15hp and defeat the purpose of installing a header, but I rather sacrifice some performance to not poison myself and the family, also avoid a hefty fine ($10K apparently for no CAT) from police. Let me know how you guys feel after install the PPE, especially those who also has catless exhaust.
  9. PPE header group buy

    Are you guys installing the PPE header with the CAT or without the CAT? Can the CAT be fitted afterwards without taking the header off?
  10. Guys, I'm selling my MY07 IS250X, got a bit of km on it but extremely well maintained, zero accident. Will be parting it out if no taker this weekend. William - 0408 266 666
  11. Tyre noobie

    Guys, can you recommend any tyre shop for semi slicks?
  12. Thanks John! It's now on Carsales. Got a bit of km on it, 164000km, mostly on highway between Sydney to Canberra, I'm managing a project down there. Full service history at Lexus Chatswood, never missed a beat. Put a IS350 engine in it, you got yourself a nice looking IS350 F-Sport. Might have to part-out if can't sell at the price.
  13. Hi All, Putting my car on the market, upgrading to a IS-F/M3/C63, bought a new SUV for the wife so now's my term for some fun. Some of you know me and know this car, I've done every improvement I could for this car except a engine swap. Spent so much at Lexmania, properly even more in the future if I get a IS-F. All Genuine OEM or quality aftermarket parts. Really hoping to sell it as a whole (excluding the Rays G27) with OEM 18" wheels/tyres. Will part-out if I can't get the asking price. $17,900 with 11 month Rego!!!! $14,900 For Club Member. Carsales Adv: William - 0408 266 666, Breakfast Point NSW (Near Concord/Cabarita) BEST LOOKING & SOUNDING PRE-2011 IS250 IN AUSTRALIA Genuine OEM MY12 Xenon Headlight Genuine OEM MY12 F-Sport Front Bumper Genuine OEM MY12 F-Sport Seats Front & Back Genuine OEM MY12 F-Sport Dark Interior Trim DBA T2 Slotted Rotors Joe-Z Intake Pipe New Wheel Bearings New Brake Pads Just performed a Transmission Oil Flush by TNK Automotive Just performed a oil change by Autotech World Square The car started as a 2007 IS250X Limited Edition, gains a 14-speaker Mark Levinson sound system, sunroof, satellite navigation, leather seats, 18-inch alloy wheels, special badging, sports pedals and metallic scuff plates and sports suspension. I love the car very much and treat it as my 2nd baby (used to be the only baby until my daughter was born :D), my wife hates it because I spend so much money and attention on it.
  14. Fix the photos mate, good luck with the sale. Let me know if you willing to sell the tyres separately.
  15. ISF - Wheel Arch Space

    Cheers! I guess a set of KW will fix it up nicely.