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  1. Congrats Peter, have you taken delivery of the car yet? I don't think that blue one in your HUGE signature is your car. There is a grey GS-F goes around Sydney world square, looks so good in the flesh with muscle car stance, definitely a standout. I have a 2 year old kid and maybe another one next year, so also looking to upgrade to a GS for more leg room. Always love the 3GS look than the 3IS. Don't think I can quite reach the GS-F but definitely the facelifted GS350F is on the shopping list. Waiting for the next L'exhibition
  2. Name now officially trademarked, so exciting to see a new performance car era from Lexus & Toyota.
  3. SOLD! Wife wants me to clean-up the garage, need to get rid of these spare tyres. Two tyres only, 19" Bridgestone RE050A, 235/40R19, about 90% thread left. Perfect for the RC (front), too wide for ISx50 without fender mod, not sure about fitment on IS-F. Retail over $400 each, someone just take it from me for $200 both. William
  4. Just want to give Lexus Chatswood a BIG thumbs up for their excellent service as always! Definitely makes me a loyal customer to Lexus, especially the Chatswood dealership. I called them two weeks ago for the fuel pressure sensor recall, and asked for a courtesy car. Since the recall is performed for free standalone, I thought the dealers would try to up sell something to you like "why don't you do a service while you at it" so they can charge you back. But the girl on the phone was very friendly, no muck around and being very patience with me to book in for the earliest time slot. Also ensuring me the recall is free of charge. A week ago she called me again and offered to pickup my car from my home or work then drop it off back to me afterwards, so it saves me spending time drive to the service centre. So I said why not! So this morning an old gentlemen from Lexus picked up my car from Sydney CBD where I work and left me a 3IS 350 F sport as courtesy car for the day. And he returned the car back to me in the afternoon with a complimentary car wash! Everything free of charge. The whole experience is very professional and polite. Colleagues at work own Porsche, BMW and Audi are now very envy the Lexus customer service. Great job Lexus Chatswood.
  5. i'll give ya a buzz on Friday and maybe come over for a chat car is in insurance repair at the moment, a P plater ran into my back while stopping at traffic light, luckily just the bumper, getting a brand new one from the insurer with the money I spent on my daughter's childcare now days, i can easily buy two of your ISF engine... or even an entire ISF by now!
  6. Woah Danny! Installed and engineered?
  7. I got my tyres from Tempe Tyres, I rang them for the same question you are asking when I upgraded to 19" with wider tyres. Over the phone they asked me for the rim size & offset and told me exactly the max tyre size I can go. When fitting the tyres, they checked my ride height to make sure no scrubbing and offered me free swap if it scrubs after fitting in the same day.
  8. Are you running on the stock 19" rim? And is your car at stock height or lowered? I have a IS250 with 19x9.5 R19 +45 rear rim and 265/35 R19 rear tyre, slightly lowered on coilovers, no scrubbing at all, so no need guard rolling. Not sure about 275 wide.
  9. right, thanks jerry and with your setup, does the header makes the exhaust more droney?
  10. Jerry, I've got invidia mid and greedy sp3 on my already, thinking about getting the PPE. So what do you mean by HFC? And is your setup bolt-on or require fabrication/welding?
  11. Guys, great catchup today, good to see some old faces and welcome some new ones. Big thanks to the organiser! My photos of the day:
  12. that's true... their car park is tiny. alternative is the kebab shop at five dock officeworks/shell servo well, we can alway decide on the day depends on how many of us actually turn up, hope to see more ppl this meet
  13. Yyah! Wouldn't mind cruise down to Harry's Café at Burwood afterwards then ppl can catch M4 go home after.
  14. How's going gang! Time flies guys, almost 6 month since the last meet. Any new meeting event being organized? Got a new DSLR, looking to try it out.