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  1. Its actually quite simple i didnt race him more of a ralley thing, i know the audi is quicker but what i said was i cut off everyone by taking the left lane. My car looks like a show car and is a very nice car but also has speed not straight away but it kicks in about the right time.
  2. well I guess we all won't beat a lambo one on one but the funny part is having a load on the car that's over the limit lmao. Wow , uv done pretty well by fitting 8 ppl in the car. The is250 would be really uncomptable in this situation lol. The rear compartment is so sqashy lol anyway, good on ya
  3. I raced a audi S3 down Victoria road gladesville travelling towards parramatta. what happen was, My lane was comming to an end and I didn't realize so I tried cutting into him but didn't make it and the idiot got really angry began screaming to himself lol. Anyways I eventually got in the lane and he began speeding away from me and 250SEX doesn't like this. Cutting through lanes I beat him and he got stuck behind. He got really angry. But what really made him crazy mad was when I cut through whole bunch of cars by lefting into a left turn lane, as the green light came on, I stepped on it and killed everyone. Bye bye Audi. Too bad u loose like always
  4. Thats my car people. Your right its got 20"