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  1. Who thinks i can save my rear tyre

    What's the cost on those? and do they just connect where the tyre valve cover goes on?
  2. Babalouie ISF Maintenance Thread

    Hi buddy, can i trouble you for ideal locations to use the trolley jack for the front and rear of the car? "...and I fits perfectly into a handy-dandy hole in the middle of the crossmember" got a rough idea for the front but where is best for the rear? Thought i'd double check with you before i go raising the car. Need to do a complete details on my car since picking her up 2 months ago
  3. Suspension Upgrade/modification

    Worth their weight in gold, really good quality product
  4. Suspension Upgrade/modification

    Has anyone experience with MCA red series with their ISF? Look forward to hearing from you I am familiar with their product as in have red on the track car but want to hear from other ISF drivers before upgrade the suspension
  5. Brisbane ISF owners?

    Should join us at Norwel OR Morgan park sometimes
  6. Brisbane ISF owners?

    I'll be oversea from the 12th..would be great to meet fellow ISFs. I'm sure something will always pop up in the future
  7. Brisbane ISF owners?

    lol...thats what i meant to describe
  8. Brisbane ISF owners?

    2 weeks of ownership..!!!! love this car. Love it even more when the 2nd throttle body opens..!!!
  9. OEM muffler tip fell out

    thanks guys for the reply
  10. OEM muffler tip fell out

    i may as well get all 4s welded for extra security otherwise the car ran flawlessly and plenty of compliments with fellow commuters
  11. OEM muffler tip fell out

    does it require removal of rear bar?
  12. OEM muffler tip fell out

    Hi guys, Can anyone give me a rough price on having my muffler tip re fitted/welded back on. It's the lower rear driver's side. The fortunate situation was it came off while i was washing the car..!! and appears like a *BLEEP*ty OEM weld Big job? does it require taking the rear bar off? or can any muffler shop re weld back on without removing the rear bar? Rough cost would be great also if anyone had this done
  13. Brisbane ISF owners?

  14. Brisbane ISF owners?

    just bought one..white 09 update...very nice car...!!!! inconspicuous vehicle and has aesthetic appeal