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  1. Lexus F Melbourne Drive Day

    In that case and if you get a reasonable amount of laps not a bad gig.
  2. Lexus F Melbourne Drive Day

    In that case it is not a bad price to thrash someone else's car. However if I remember correctly we were not allowed to drive ISFs. You got to drive the celebrity CT cars and IS350s, got driven in the ISF and a ride in the LFA. As I understand BMW run M2s and M3 plus at the island.
  3. Lexus F Melbourne Drive Day

    I also did the 2011 event at Sandown. If you have never done a track day, it is fun but don't think it is anything super special. It is really about making money by Lexus not giving something back to their customers and hence they are charging for the event. TBH it would be cheaper to take your own car to a CAMs come and try day at Sandown or PI and you could get more track time. Yes it is in your car but sometimes that is the point. By the way I am still waiting for photos from 2011 event, which is typical Lexus PR all lip service and no real substance. Lol Is it around $400.00?
  4. Windscreen

    $950.00 total with clips and moulds etc.
  5. Windscreen

    I got one done under insurance (chip / crack), price wasn't so unreasonable, priced so well that insurance had no troubles going genuine. Yes, new moulds are used. I got my dealer to arrange and I think they out sourced installation. Murphys law, I can another small chip a month later lol I try to find price later
  6. I am thinking about moving on from my ISF. so last weekend went to test drive at Lexus Melbourne, sorry don't have one. So was like ok, can't buy one then. Went to BMW south bank to test an M3 "sorry you have to make an appointment", I said what! Oh, yes it is an M and it is special. You have to be kidding, so it was like seeya! Man, I don't know how these business get people to buy cars. Ill sit on my F for a few more months, lol Will have to do something soon as lease is up, again. ;-)
  7. New Front Pads & Rotors

    At the moment my new combo does not squeal at all. Mind you I have gone for a more street friendly pad, rather than track orientated. It will be interesting to see how much dust they produce. I am happy camper early in the piece
  8. New Front Pads & Rotors

    Bchler no idea how you are getting those prices for OEM parts and labour, seeing as I was quoted double and did ask for their best price or going elsewhere. Guess the service manager is so kind to me after all. Lol Spec, if you are down south east in Melbourne , try Johnny at OTR they were pretty good to me for a walk up. In the end car is out of warranty but if OEM pricing was as bchler said I would go OEM
  9. New Front Pads & Rotors

    So after 111,000 km it was time to replace my rotors. Looked at OEM but price was crazy high, I think + $4,000.00 for F&R rotors and pads. Ended up going DBA T3 4000 series (would have done 5000 series but don't offer). Match with a set of project Mu street pads (daily driver not track car) and so far so good. All up installed (because I'm lazy) $1,500.00
  10. ISF Brake "clunk"

    If you in Melbourne I have some old front pads
  11. New Front Pads & Rotors

    Are people replacing the spring clips and small parts (kit) when replacing pads and rotors.