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  1. FS - Lexus ISF Swift Springs (08-11)

    All good, not in any hurry. Car is just sitting there doing nothing so would have to pull the covers off to fit. LOL
  2. FS - Lexus ISF Swift Springs (08-11)

    Sorry cant do that, I live in Melbourne.
  3. Carbon build up / Italian tune.

    that is my understanding of a port and direct injection system, port fuel is traditional and gets into the chamber via the inlet runners. Direct is at eh chamber (high pressure).
  4. ISF at Auction - for anyone looking for one

    Try again
  5. Carbon build up / Italian tune.

    Ok, cool I was making a presumption and guess I was wrong on that front
  6. Nothing to do with me but just noticed it.
  7. FS - Lexus ISF Swift Springs (08-11)

    I am sure it is hard to remember but did they change the ride quality for either comfort or handling from OEM? At the moment the car doesn't driven and thinking of off loading but then again, I have always hated the wheel gap. Best price delivered to 3168?
  8. Local Supercharger Expert - ISF

    If anyone is really serious about dropping the coin on a supercharger, i would suggest trying harrop in prston vic They know supercharges, have an in house enngineering facility, aluminium casting facility, CNCs and in house dyno If they think there is a market for more kits and someone is willing to put their car and coin up, you never know I know a few people there from the work on the mini with the TVS900
  9. Carbon build up / Italian tune.

    Not convinced this is necessary, scroll down here and see the valves after 50,000 km. I am no expert but carbon build up is a trait of direct injection and if you read the patent for direct injection, it points out carbon build up is still an issue yet major manufacturers all went to it. Per my previous post the carbon is there as no fuel is flowing over the valves to clean. I was looking at an Audi RS4 and this is one of the things that really turned me off. There are some seriously bad photos with RS4 Audis But I doubt you will find a photo of an ISF showing carbon build up. Everything with carbon build up on the IS is to do with 250 and 350 which run direct injection. My opinion only
  10. NSW - WTB - White Lexus IS-F 13"/14"

    Other than the initial rubbing getting in and out, first 6 months of ownership. It is pretty good. Drivers seat is obviously the worse, passenger side get sat in rarely and the rear seats maybe a dozen times at best. For a long time I sat on a towel as wear black jeans for work but gave up after a while and just cleaned more regularly. Need to give the dirvers seat a good scrubbing as it doesn't get driven now, spends most the time sitting under covers. I lover the white interior but yep you have to maintain it or you will regret it. PS: I went to take a photo of interior but it is locked and keys are elsewhere
  11. New Front Pads & Rotors

    I run the T3 rotors all round with Project Mu pads but cant remember which grade. I dont track the car so was just looking for a low cost quality combo. No complaints what soever, no squeal and low dust.
  12. NSW - WTB - White Lexus IS-F 13"/14"

    Yep a clear bar might be a good idea. I have got a good couple of stone chips in the bonnet over the time. White on White is the same as me but 2010. get use to Leather cleaner if you wear any type of dark jeans. Once a month minimum or it will only make it harder later.
  13. Carbon build up / Italian tune.

    Isf is both port and direct injection, not sure you will have carbon build up alla Audi or BMW. Direct injection is the trouble with carbon build up, no fuel flowing over the valves,