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  1. How much are you looking to get for the wheels & tyres ?

  2. X Package cars all came with the corresponding Sports or F Sport suspensions. They are more stiffer than the ones found in Sports Luxury and Prestige. Also depending on your kms, your suspensions could be failing.
  3. Found out I sent the wrong ECU to OVT and sent my old IS250 MT one. I've sent off the correct one for tuning and it's in the US right now. Sorry for the delay but results will be posted eventually. I also heard that OVT has developed a 7400rpm tune for their in house RC350 which also includes a transmission tune. This includes Transmission output torque control, Transmission shift lag minimized, stationary launch control, and more. This tune will also be similar to 3IS and 4GS owners.
  4. Welcome to the forums, Depends where you are if you're looking for meets. Sydney has one every quarter I believe.
  5. Just putting it out there to see if anyone's interested. They came off a car that had 347kms on it and the tyres on the wheels are still the original new tyres. Some wheels have very small and minor rashes but overall the wheels are in great condition
  6. ECU has arrived from OVT and will install tonight or tomorrow. Dyno results won't be out until early next after Christmas break but I'll post up initial impressions (maybe even after Christmas break due to double demerits =D)
  7. Unfortunately my supplier says v23 hasn't been released. We can either get v22 now or wait maybe a month or two for v23.
  8. Seems like we got 10. If everyone can PM me individually and I'll see if I can get my hands on the disc. I'll only be taking care of the 10 people included in the list and no more.
  9. Surprisingly alot of people, hopefully we can fill up those last spots by the end of the week.
  10. If you guys are willing we can pool in for a copy of the v23 maps. Copy and Paste your interest down below and we'll go from there 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  11. Looks like v23 is out. I tried securing a copy but wasn't able to do so. Only way I can secure a copy is to actually pay $350 for it...
  12. Haha my bad, sorry about that. I just google and manually look for the parts using sites like lexuspartsnow, etc. They're most US sites so maybe that's why the numbers didn't match. Some parts are similar though. Looks like I was off by 1 number haha.
  13. Here's the part number for the gasket underneath which you perhaps may need if it's damaged or if you like keeping things clean haha. 69241-53010
  14. I know General Japanese Spares ships and they have alot of stock. To be honest I'd just go for a new part. Wrecks could damage the part while popping it off and it's maximum $20USD in the states with some going for cheaper. You could check your local Toyota Parts dealer and quote them this part number. 69217-53021-B0
  15. In 1G0 colour right? I'm sure you can get one from a wreck for relatively cheap. Just head there and pop it off yourself. Otherwise I've seen some around for relatively cheap on eBay. Part Number is 69218-33010 for the Front Left Side. Edit: My mistake, the exact part number for the RH, Key cap cover is 69217-53021. 69217-53021-B0 is the 1G0 colour for your car.