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  1. Yeah, I'm not so sure they would release v23 so soon. I was told v22 only got released October last year and October the year before that. So I'm inclined to believe that v23 will be released October this year.
  2. Same generation and therefore it should fit and work. Try comparing part numbers if you are still unsure.
  3. From the Fourth generation XF40 models?
  4. Good write up, you feel any difference or do you think it's placebo?
  5. Is that an MY13 ISF with red seats I see? Let me know when you sell your car haha.
  6. Can vouch for rakddon, great dash cam and a very good price
  7. Will you be interested in one of these? It's an OEM part and replaces the stock ash tray compartment up front. I use this as a sunglass compartment in my car. Good place to out your phone and what not too. $100 + shipping
  8. My intake, pieced together from HPS, F Sport, OEM, Blitz. Cannot hear it when cruising. Can hear a great sounding rumble from 3k rpms onwards (opens up at 3.5k). 2IS350 Intake_zpsvioke0lx.mp4
  9. You'd need to spot weld the entire roof haha. Not many people would be keen to swap roofs as it's a big job and expensive. If not installed properly, it could cause big problems.
  10. Items have been shipped. I'll update once they arrive.
  11. 2012 and 2011 is exactly the same. Only 2013 is different.
  12. 2012 standard shocks are fine. I also recommend MCA Blues for around $1500. They're very comfortable and you can leave them at stock height. Call the guys at MCA and tell them how you want the coilovers set up and they'll do it for you.
  13. Inside the centre compartment. You can plug the BlueTrip into the cigarette lighter in there and use a 3.5mm male to male (preferably short) to connect the BlueTrip to the Aux jack.
  14. Yep through the Aux cable using Griffin Bluetrip. Unless you of course have an MY13 which comes factory with A2DP Streaming.
  15. I heard that once programmed the Smart Keys can't be reprogrammed to another key. You have to buy a *NEW* unprogrammed key to have it programmed to your car.