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  1. Got some more compartments in today but by popular demand only 1 remains! Grab it before it gets sold!
  2. Usually a silver sticker on the door frame on the driver's side. Should be stamped with a date and Code. Usually you'll get a letter if you haven't had it done or you can chase them up by quoting your VIN at a dealership.
  3. I've had Vleds on my car for almost 3 years now with no decrease in brightness and colour dulling. Good quality LEDs I've actually taken them out of my car when I went back to stock and up for sale if anyone's interested.
  4. Hey mate, interested in the sunglasses holder replacement for the cigarette light/ashtray - are you doing a group-buy? How hard to fit does one need to remove the electronics above to gain access? Is the faux-carbon a prefect match to a MY12 IS F black interior?

  5. Great news for our 200t members with potential power bumps up to 240whp and 273 lb ft torque (178rwkw and 370nm of torque) On the other hand we have a potential turbo kit coming out for the 2gr fse (2IS350 3IS350 RC350 GS350) Picture is from the Lexus IS Freaks facebook page by Mathew Wilson of OV Tuning
  6. FS: MY13 Lexus IS350 F Sport

    Yeah, F Sport came with only 1 option which was to have the sunroof or not. Previous owner didn't want it in his I guess. Bump, Price drop shoot me a reasonable offer and I'll consider it.
  7. FS: Bunch of Parts

    Bump, a few things have sold.
  8. Early days with an F - Practical observations

    Sorry, pretty tied down this weekend... Unless it's in the morning sometime... probably around late morning? For everyone else, PM me and I'll get some numbers for you guys.
  9. Early days with an F - Practical observations

    I've currently got 1 unit but I can get more in, just let me know via pm and I'll hook you guys up. It's around $100 a unit + postage (based in Sydney). If you're local I can install for you as well.
  10. Early days with an F - Practical observations

    Here's an alternative to the sunglasses compartment if you don't use your front cigarette jack. It's a complete OEM Lexus replacement
  11. FS: Bunch of Parts

    I'm selling my IS350 F Sport haha. USRS will stay on the car for now until the car sells (because I really can't be bothered taking them off right now). But, if they do come off they will be going to someone else as he's asked me for a long time.
  12. FS: Bunch of Parts

    Pretty much up for sale is... Ark DT-S Cat Back exhaust (first one imported to Australia I believe) - $1600 ISF tail lights (Just the outer) - $300 ISF Brembos Front and Rear Full set - $2800 Aimgain 3pc Rear Spoiler (077 White) - $700 ISF Steering Damper (Brand new) - $50 3rd gen IS and 4th gen GS and RC IS350 engine cover - $100 Lexus ISF Seats in White - $1200 Lexus IS300 LSD diff (will fit the IS250 manual) - $400 Feel free to pm me for any info and what not I'm pretty firm on the prices as I'm really not in a rush to sell them. I would still rather go ahead with my plans but if someone wants to grab them for what they're listed I'm happy to let them go.
  13. Purchased 2 sets off Rakkdon and installed over weekend They're great quality dashcams and very easy to use. Camera warnings as well for us pre 2015 models that didn't have it come from factory.
  14. FS: MY13 Lexus IS350 F Sport

    Hey guys, please help me so I can buy my old car back and start on a project =D This is my MY13 IS350 F Sport (No sunroof) up for sale. Car has been modded but parts have been professionally installed and removed... Car is bone stock now bar some USRS bushings which haven't been taken off the car yet. My plan is to take them off but they can be included in sale if price is right. I'm open to all reasonable offers so don't hesitate to shoot me a PM or text me on Zero Four Zero One Eight Two Four Six Seven Five Thanks guys