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  1. Both IS300h and IS200t will be thirstier than their brochure claims. The IS200t will drive like a normal turbo car The IS300h (and all Lexus hybrids) have nice insta torque off the line due to the battery. They also have regenerative braking which charges your battery while braking or cruising. Due to this though your brakes will feel a bit funny at first and you won't be able to hold speed cruising like other cars. Another thing would be to not be alarmed when you start your car, or cruise at low speeds as the engine will most likely not come on due to the car using the EV (battery) instead of the engine (provided there's enough battery). The car's engine will automatically start if the car feels like it doesn't have enough battery or when you accelerate hard. You can also keep the engine on if you're in sport mode (I think). It all really depends on how heavy your foot is. In terms of usable power the 200t for sure is the better car in performance with more torque (getting up those hills in the 300h will be a bit sad) However, if none of that really concerns you and petrol is the main, if not only concern, then I would go for the 300h as they offer pretty much the same options in both cars in the F Sport trim. They're both great cars. PS. The 3is350 is even thirstier than its 2is counterpart.
  2. Just wanted to mention that Justin from Definition Car Detailing has lifetime warranty on his Body Armour 9H coating.
  3. I recommend Justin at Definition Car Detailing. He's done my car and all our family cars and does a really good job. Did mine just under a year ago and it's still great (even in the crazy Australian heat). Check him out on his facebook page here
  4. After you change your battery the ECU computer pretty much resets itself. All your seat memory positions, fuel avgs, kms range will reset but nothing will change significantly. It's just the computer trying to relearn.
  5. I've got v20 that I can provide for you. I've also got OSRAM D4S CBI 5000k in my low beams. Looks very nice. High beam improvement also sounds like a good idea. Can I ask what bulb types you're using and where you got them from?
  6. Released a couple days ago. Should be able to watch the full episode somewhere.
  7. LED output are much lower than HIDs. Also your Low beams are specifically designed for HID bulbs and High beams are designed for a halogen bulb which also add to your problem. The discharge of light from your LED bulbs are not optimised in the housings therefore increasing brightness but losing lumen.
  8. May I suggest an alternative? I'm currently getting my 2012 IS350 tuned from these guys and reviews seem to be great. If all goes well, I am considering in being their distributor in Australia for the Lexus community for the 250, 350, 200t range. Do keep in mind that any of these tunes will result in an instant void in warranty.
  9. Welcome to the forums, You looking for E-fame? Performance?
  10. How much are you looking to get for the wheels & tyres ?

  11. X Package cars all came with the corresponding Sports or F Sport suspensions. They are more stiffer than the ones found in Sports Luxury and Prestige. Also depending on your kms, your suspensions could be failing.
  12. Found out I sent the wrong ECU to OVT and sent my old IS250 MT one. I've sent off the correct one for tuning and it's in the US right now. Sorry for the delay but results will be posted eventually. I also heard that OVT has developed a 7400rpm tune for their in house RC350 which also includes a transmission tune. This includes Transmission output torque control, Transmission shift lag minimized, stationary launch control, and more. This tune will also be similar to 3IS and 4GS owners.
  13. Welcome to the forums, Depends where you are if you're looking for meets. Sydney has one every quarter I believe.
  14. Just putting it out there to see if anyone's interested. They came off a car that had 347kms on it and the tyres on the wheels are still the original new tyres. Some wheels have very small and minor rashes but overall the wheels are in great condition
  15. ECU has arrived from OVT and will install tonight or tomorrow. Dyno results won't be out until early next after Christmas break but I'll post up initial impressions (maybe even after Christmas break due to double demerits =D)