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  1. I'm selling my IS350 F Sport haha. USRS will stay on the car for now until the car sells (because I really can't be bothered taking them off right now). But, if they do come off they will be going to someone else as he's asked me for a long time.
  2. Up for sale Ark DT-S Cat Back exhaust (first one imported to Australia I believe) - $1600 F Sport Front Sway bar/Cusco Rear sway bar set - $450 ISF tail lights (Just the outer) - $300 ISF Brembos Front and Rear Full set - $2800 Aimgain 3pc Rear Spoiler (077 White) - $700 OEM Lexus Illuminated Door Sills (White) - $300 (Not a mark on them in brand new condition) GTSpec 4 point and 2 point braces - SOLD F Sport Rear Chassis Brace - $350 ISF Steering Damper (Brand new) - $50 3rd gen IS and 4th gen GS and RC IS350 engine cover - $100 Lexus ISF Seats in White - $1200 Genuine Lexus OEM LED Fog Lights for 4th Gen GS (Modified to fit 2nd gen IS 2011+ front only). Can also fit ISF, and 4th Gen GS - $300 For those who know me, I've decided to keep the USRS bushings (because I can't be bothered taking them off), the intake (as a lingering sentiment), and the box compartment (because it's mad). Feel free to pm me for any info or text me on 0401 eight two four six seven five I'm pretty firm on the prices as I'm really not in a rush to sell them. I would still rather go ahead with my plans but if someone wants to grab them for what they're listed I'm happy to let them go.
  3. Purchased 2 sets off Rakkdon and installed over weekend They're great quality dashcams and very easy to use. Camera warnings as well for us pre 2015 models that didn't have it come from factory.
  4. Hey guys, please help me so I can buy my old car back and start on a project =D This is my MY13 IS350 F Sport (No sunroof) up for sale. Car has been modded but parts have been professionally installed and removed... Car is bone stock now bar some USRS bushings which haven't been taken off the car yet. My plan is to take them off but they can be included in sale if price is right. I'm open to all reasonable offers so don't hesitate to shoot me a PM or text me on Zero Four Zero One Eight Two Four Six Seven Five Thanks guys
  5. I remember I ended up doing the same thing and snapped one of my ignition plugs while pulling it out (they're quite fragile). I just shoved it back in and it ran fine until I decided to just change my engine for peace of mind. Never had any trouble taking my throttle body apart during the process though... except those allen keys...
  6. I'd imagine they could feign ignorance (whether they know or not). To many of those who don't know these cars it is quite difficult to differentiate the models and most can't be bothered googling.
  7. I used to get almost 750km a tank (66L) in my IS250 and I know the CT has around 45L... with real world consumption of around 6-7L/100... CT really saves the fuel costs around city driving but I know Hybrids generally don't save us much on the highway. With the 7k you save on the 250 you can put toward I guess maintaining the vehicle and putting toward extra fuel tank costs... The CT is a newer car and has better fuel consumption but the IS250 is known to be reliable, bigger, and fuel savings aren't as big considering the 7k difference. Though being older there are a few things I would check on the IS250. Service history, has the transmission oil been changed? Many 250s have carbon build up and chew through engine oil. But having driven both... the V6 in the 250 is mighty smooth. A lot more smoother than the 4cyl in the CT, is more comfortable, and has more power (to get you up hills and across lanes and such). What trim option is the CT? I'd also imagine maintenance on the CT is cheaper than the 250 and hybrid batteries have at least 10 years of warranty...
  8. If you've looked at these cars long enough you'll also be able to tell haha Also they look different 16" Prestige 18" Sports. Note: The 18" Sports wheels are on the IS350, hence, the bigger brakes.
  9. That 4th picture is of a different car haha. It's definitely a Prestige. You can see that the bumper has no Headlight washers which means the car has Halogens as opposed to HIDs. HIDs came standard on all Sports models. This is further emphasised by the dial on the right hand side of photo 8. This is the headlight leveling adjuster than only halogen models come with. HID models come with auto headlight leveling. This plus leather seats and no alcantara points toward Prestige. Sports come with 18" wheels and you can see this is running on 16s. No X badge on fender means it's not an X and a Prestige with sunroof option. It's got low kms but it's not worth 15k. You can pick up a much better deal, such as a Sports Luxury, for 15k and these engines last a while. I would check service history as well and revs in casr it has been clocked. Also check if it has cooled seats. Sports models don't have cooled seats and only heated. Sports models also have electronically adjustable steering identified by a little squarish knob on the left side of the steering column just under the left window wiper stalk. If it doesn't have that it means the steering is manually adjusted by a lever on the bottom of the steering column. Sports and Sports Luxury models both have electronically adjustable steering while Prestige is manually adjusted by said lever.
  10. I can get more in for sure. PM me your postcode and I'll quote you.
  11. Willing to negotiate with forum members provided it goes to a good home Details are all in the ad Also has the RR Racing LCA bushings that I haven't taken off yet which can be included in sale if the price is right. Please PM me if interested
  12. I got a 350 F Sport for sale if you're interested =D It's an MY13 model with the upgraded HDD nav and BT streaming.
  13. Pretty sure the short shifter doesn't really matter about the engine but the gearbox. Though the 1GFE IS200 runs a different box to the 3SGE Altezza box.
  14. RC does look hot but I've been in the back and there's really not much room. You'll be able to fit the child in the back no problems but good luck with the baby seat. ;) new 2017 IS is out and the new facelight RC should be out as an MY18 model either December this year or early next year.
  15. Yeah, I'm not so sure they would release v23 so soon. I was told v22 only got released October last year and October the year before that. So I'm inclined to believe that v23 will be released October this year.