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  1. 2012 and 2011 is exactly the same. Only 2013 is different.
  2. 2012 standard shocks are fine. I also recommend MCA Blues for around $1500. They're very comfortable and you can leave them at stock height. Call the guys at MCA and tell them how you want the coilovers set up and they'll do it for you.
  3. Inside the centre compartment. You can plug the BlueTrip into the cigarette lighter in there and use a 3.5mm male to male (preferably short) to connect the BlueTrip to the Aux jack.
  4. Yep through the Aux cable using Griffin Bluetrip. Unless you of course have an MY13 which comes factory with A2DP Streaming.
  5. I heard that once programmed the Smart Keys can't be reprogrammed to another key. You have to buy a *NEW* unprogrammed key to have it programmed to your car.
  6. The Griffin isn't too bad, I use my own equalizer on my Xperia Z5 Compact. Only thing I found annoying was that the volume had to be jacked up since the AUX connection wasn't that great
  7. I used to use the Griffin Bluetrip coupled with a FiiO L8 or L17. Best solution in my opinion as it takes up minimal space and doesn't interfere with OEM bluetooth as long as you set it music streaming only. Actually got a brand new device and cable recently
  8. Bad news... My supplier has informed me that they were only able to get 1 of the compartments in. Toyota has had a manufacturing issue and could not supply the other 3. They estimate that it will take around a month for the rest of the order to come through. If you guys are happy to wait a month then I'll put the order through. If not I'll just cancel... The steering dampers have no issue so no worries there.
  9. Put the order through and I should have the shipment by mid next week. For those you haven't please PM me your details for shipping (for interstate buyers) and your number (for local) to arrange pickup/installation/shipping.
  10. I'm going to get 5 compartments and 5 steering dampers in I'll post up details soon
  11. The steering damper is what comes in all ISF models and essentially reduces some vibrations from the steering wheel and adds around 230g to the steering weight.
  12. Hey guys, Some people have expressed a few interest in these two items and I'd like to organise a group buy. Box Compartment - $100 each ISF Steering Damper + the two bolts - $50 If you're in Sydney I can install these in your car for you. For those interstate, you'll probably need to pay for shipping but it won't be much anyway
  13. It can be made to work as long as you know what you are doing. Generally swapping a nav into a non nav in the 2nd generation IS requires swapping the dash wiring, amplifier in the boot, and in your case the steering wheel.