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  1. Just sold the ISF and Purchased a GSF.

    They buy it for the badge factor without looking at the reality that the Lexus is a brilliant track car and arguably one of the most reliable cars in the world. After speaking to people who have owned or own some German cars and the horror storeys you hear and the repair costs i wouldnt have anything else in the Garage.

    I will see if there is anyone here in Adelaide who can do it.
  3. Wanted IS-F

    It isnt at Lexus of Adelaide though. They did want it though. I know how hard it is to get a good ISF today and had the same troubles myself when i was looking. Whoever gets it will be very happy though. Got to say the GSF surprised me. It is a brilliant car. The ISF set the path though.
  4. Wanted IS-F

    I just sold my 2013 flame blue with black interior ISF to a dealer here in Adelaide. Full Lexus service history, meticulously maintained. Has 78,000 kms but in excellent condition. It should be advertised on car sales early next week. If you’re still looking then its definitely worth a look. Was completely stock. Never modified. I upgraded to a GSF. If you want more info then you can PM me. Good luck.

    I think its around $3500-$4000 for a new set of PPE's as far as im aware. Depending on the dollar. Still alot cheaper reusing the old one.

    Just uploaded the new photos of the GSF. The other one was from the internet as i just picked up the car and didn't have time to take photos. Very happy with it. Im still wondering why the sales haven't taken off as it is a brilliant car. Im assuming price.

    Yes they are PPE. Spoke with Chris from Chatswood and was very happy with the good news.

    Good news for future GSF owners. MY ISF headers which i still have will fit onto the GSF. I am booking it in for fitting in the next 2-3 weeks. Looking forward to feeling the difference. I know they made a nice difference on my old ISF.
  9. Isf Owners Post Up Pics Of Your Isf!

    If you have another SA meet It would be nice to meet up with other ISF owners.
  10. NiNjA joining isf club :D

    Do you know if sonny does a tune for my GSF?
  11. NiNjA joining isf club :D

    Congratulations buddy. Is it stock or soes it have any mods?
  12. Just sold the ISF and Purchased a GSF.

    Hey Nick, Good to hear from you. I got to say it is a very different car. The chassis and handling has been completely revised. And a very comfortable 5 seater. How are you?
  13. If they bring a tune in for the GSF it will be a lethal weapon.
  14. Just sold the ISF and Purchased a GSF.

    Hey KYO, Thanks. I have taken delivery of the car a couple of weeks ago. This is a photo of my car as i was driving it back from Sydney. I agree with you, the GS has nice leg room. I also bought a GS250 for the wife for her everyday car and she loves it. I have seen 2 GSF's in Adelaide. One is a White one and the other is Black. Not including the Red one that Lexus of Adelaide has for sale. I can say that i prefer the blue that i have in the GSF range. It just makes the car stand out and screams "Look at me".
  15. Just sold the ISF and Purchased a GSF.

    By the way if anyone in South Australia wants my "V8 ISF" number plates they can PM me.