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  1. Isf Owners Post Up Pics Of Your Isf!

    If you have another SA meet It would be nice to meet up with other ISF owners.
  2. NiNjA joining isf club :D

    Do you know if sonny does a tune for my GSF?
  3. NiNjA joining isf club :D

    Congratulations buddy. Is it stock or soes it have any mods?
  4. Just sold the ISF and Purchased a GSF.

    Hey Nick, Good to hear from you. I got to say it is a very different car. The chassis and handling has been completely revised. And a very comfortable 5 seater. How are you?
  5. If they bring a tune in for the GSF it will be a lethal weapon.
  6. Just sold the ISF and Purchased a GSF.

    Hey KYO, Thanks. I have taken delivery of the car a couple of weeks ago. This is a photo of my car as i was driving it back from Sydney. I agree with you, the GS has nice leg room. I also bought a GS250 for the wife for her everyday car and she loves it. I have seen 2 GSF's in Adelaide. One is a White one and the other is Black. Not including the Red one that Lexus of Adelaide has for sale. I can say that i prefer the blue that i have in the GSF range. It just makes the car stand out and screams "Look at me".
  7. Just sold the ISF and Purchased a GSF.

    By the way if anyone in South Australia wants my "V8 ISF" number plates they can PM me.
  8. Just sold the ISF and Purchased a GSF.

    BLK ISF Unfortunately the Alfa Giulia was never a consideration despite whatever the performance. The MAIN reason is for the reliability. What there of. Second of all the resale value. For me i have alot of respect for LEXUS for their reliability, running costs, build quality and as everything else the badge stands for. And the fact that the wife is a more one eyed LEXUS nut than i am. I do also respect the engineering with the German vehicles but again the horror stories and expensive running costs especially a few years down the track have deterred me. Got to say again the GSF is such a totally different car to the ISF. And i love the ISF. It was the start of a beautiful relationship with LEXUS.
  9. Just sold the ISF and Purchased a GSF.

    I tried that once with my ISF, full exhaust and headers and found it was too loud. I did however have the headers with the standard exhaust and loved it. Had most of the power gain but was still quiet enough. I still have the headers but dont think they will fit on the GSF.
  10. Just sold the ISF and Purchased a GSF.

    Thanks BLK ISF. I have to say the GSF is a very comfortable 5 seater. Its nice to have the extra space. The GSF has had some good reviews which will help get it more known to the public. It definately deserves it in my opinion. Im not sure about the mods at this time. It sound pretty good as it is but you never know.
  11. I saw that review just after I purchased the GSF. Really made my day. Its not easy to get any jurnos to say something nice about Lexus especially when comparing them to the German Rivals. I have to say that the chassis on the GSF impressed me so much and how it handled high speed cornering. It shows how much they have improved over the years.
  12. Just sold the ISF and Purchased a GSF.

    Thanks Sparky. Im not sure if you can opt for ventilated seats with the Alcantara or if it is only available with the leather seats. I quite like the Alcantara option though. It wasn't going to be a deal breaker for me. I would have loved to have it in my ISF all these years especially being full leather. But for the price i paid for the GSF, i was not going to complain at all. I don't think i could find anything i don't love about it. Probably the only thing i need to do is find stickier tyres. Those Michelin Pilot Super Sports cannot hold on properly.
  13. Just sold the ISF and Purchased a GSF.

    Sparky it is the same car from Lexus of Chatswood. Blue with black alcantara and it only has heated seats. Im not too worried about missing ventillated seats with Alcantara. I was drooling after my test drive 2 weeks ago and had a few sleepless nights tossing up not wether i wanted it but the price tag. But no regrets now and i get alot of people looking at me because they've never seen a GSF before.
  14. Just sold the ISF and Purchased a GSF.

    Hey iinkz, no ive never owned a infinity. I sold the ISF a few weeks ago and just waited until i found either a GS350 or a GSF at a good price.
  15. Just sold the ISF and Purchased a GSF.

    Thanks guys. I almost had to sell a kidney to get it as well but the guys at Lexus of Chatswood made me a great offer. Im 6'1 as well Sparky and can appreciate the comfort of the GSF and the fact i have 2 teenage kids so going out will be a lot more comfortable. I assume i might be a little lonely on this forum for a short time but hopefully we get a bigger group soon.