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  1. Thinking of purchasing a 300h, can any IS300h owners comment on real life fuel economy figures here at all?
  2. Hey K2sty, I was actually heading in the opposite direction - I was looking to upgrade to a 335i because I wanted to try something new. Would you consider the new F30 335i? Apparently the new N55's are a lot more reliable than what they were? or would you suggest I stay with Lexus?
  3. Is it worth going sports tyres (something like the Advan V105) over normal tyres on an IS250?
  4. Hey Yeah, I assume they're genuine - purchased them from Amazon directly for $$$. I sent Osram some pictures and they said it was all good too. I was just expecting a whiter light. They're slightly whiter than the LED DRL's but the DRL's are kind of yellow when they're on 50% intensity. I was really wanting that new Mercedes LED look with them haha.
  5. How are you finding the CBI's - I installed a set into mine 3 weeks ago and they still seem kind of yellowish.
  6. Yes, prestige optioned with EMV2 had ventilated seats. Woodgrain trim would be the easiest way to tell if it was a Sports Luxury. Haven't driven the 2IS IS350 but had the 3IS IS350 for a day the other day and I noticed that it was noticeably more bumpy over bumps but I still loved the way it drove.
  7. I've seen a grey import IS350 on carsales before. You could potentially bumper swap the newer model.
  8. 1. Should be fine - personally I wouldn't purchase a car with over 100k km for peace of mind but that's just me. 2. I don't think the oil burning problem is as common in Australia when compared to the US - if you look on clublexus it's well documented while over here it's barely mentioned. 3. Servicing is once a year or 15,000km. I paid $550 for my last minor service, major you're looking at $1.2k. Even my Accord Euro is $400 for a minor service, $800 for a major so servicing costs don't seem too bad.
  9. Lexus gives you a coffee, chocolates and if you're really nice to them a loaner for the day as well (although complementary for in-warranty vehicles).
  10. The IS250 uses a timing chain too but the 90,000km service is still quite expensive ~$1.2k.
  11. Thank you friend for the advice, the only thing stopping me is....is it really ok, buying a car that is about 10 years old? It's a Lexus. Not a BMW, it'll be alright lol.
  12. I think OP was one of those one post wonders... I wonder if we'll ever find out what he ended up doing.
  13. Your immobiliser has to be reset, look up how to reseed it using TIS. Dealers have to contact Toyota HQ in order to get an authorisation code to get TIS to initiate it. I think I recall reading that there were some places online that could do it remotely too but you have to becareful because you might brick your whole car if you don't know what you're doing.