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  1. Hi PMD008, It is possible to reprogram a used key although a lot of hassle. If it's a new key, OBDII with Techstream is a piece of cake - you just have to press add a new key and hold it to your button. Used keys are a bit more work. The info's definitely out there, I just can't recall how to do it but more than likely you'd have to go to the dealer for that one (and even then I think most of them wouldn't know how to do it).
  2. Isn't the tick-tick noise the engines direct injection system? Does it sound different from normal?
  3. Thinking of purchasing a 300h, can any IS300h owners comment on real life fuel economy figures here at all?
  4. Hey K2sty, I was actually heading in the opposite direction - I was looking to upgrade to a 335i because I wanted to try something new. Would you consider the new F30 335i? Apparently the new N55's are a lot more reliable than what they were? or would you suggest I stay with Lexus?
  5. Is it worth going sports tyres (something like the Advan V105) over normal tyres on an IS250?
  6. Hey Yeah, I assume they're genuine - purchased them from Amazon directly for $$$. I sent Osram some pictures and they said it was all good too. I was just expecting a whiter light. They're slightly whiter than the LED DRL's but the DRL's are kind of yellow when they're on 50% intensity. I was really wanting that new Mercedes LED look with them haha.
  7. How are you finding the CBI's - I installed a set into mine 3 weeks ago and they still seem kind of yellowish.
  8. Yes, prestige optioned with EMV2 had ventilated seats. Woodgrain trim would be the easiest way to tell if it was a Sports Luxury. Haven't driven the 2IS IS350 but had the 3IS IS350 for a day the other day and I noticed that it was noticeably more bumpy over bumps but I still loved the way it drove.
  9. I've seen a grey import IS350 on carsales before. You could potentially bumper swap the newer model.
  10. 1. Should be fine - personally I wouldn't purchase a car with over 100k km for peace of mind but that's just me. 2. I don't think the oil burning problem is as common in Australia when compared to the US - if you look on clublexus it's well documented while over here it's barely mentioned. 3. Servicing is once a year or 15,000km. I paid $550 for my last minor service, major you're looking at $1.2k. Even my Accord Euro is $400 for a minor service, $800 for a major so servicing costs don't seem too bad.
  11. Lexus gives you a coffee, chocolates and if you're really nice to them a loaner for the day as well (although complementary for in-warranty vehicles).
  12. The IS250 uses a timing chain too but the 90,000km service is still quite expensive ~$1.2k.
  13. Thank you friend for the advice, the only thing stopping me is....is it really ok, buying a car that is about 10 years old? It's a Lexus. Not a BMW, it'll be alright lol.