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  1. Probably will :) My preference was not to mod my car - especially on the exhaust. Lexus gave this exhaust to Yamaha to tune the sound; I think it's got a very good balance in terms of tone and loudness. It's just enough that you can hear it even when cruising and remind you that it's there should you wish to push that pedal. I've heard a few aftermarket ones; not a fan of the additional drone; takes away from the luxury when cruising. Driving spirited on the roads; I don't think this car needs more power, so no Intakes and exhausts - needs wider tyres and could loose a little weight. I've gone wider with tyres and it has made a difference on my drives through the hills. If I were to track this, I probably would have gone Intake, exhaust and front splitter & rear diffuser; but on the road, for what I use it for, these additions don't make sense.
  2. Gday all.

    welcome... These cars are quite reliable, I think Toyota uses bin parts which have least amount of issues from the other cars they make... Interesting about the Audi - I had a A4 B7 and never had any issues with it - it was a 2L Turbo S-line; and I used to give it a lot of juice from the right foot. The only thing I had to replace on it was the driver's side window regulator which I strongly suspect was because of a really bad 20k drive on rough terrain which I should have turned back instead of attempting. The plastic housing broke and only option was to replace the whole unit - since no one makes these small parts anymore.
  3. I've got mine listed for sale - My11 though. In Vic, so might save you on some of the transport costs - or drive down as well. http://au.lexusownersclub.com/forums/topic/13817-for-sale-lexus-2010-isf-my-2011/
  4. For Sale: Lexus 2010 ISF - MY 2011

    Bump - Let's see if I can get an End of year offer. Car has just been serviced at Lexus.
  5. when driving an IS-F there's no such thing as too far I've done great alpine road on my motorbike this Easter - it was awesome; got lucky with some fantastic weather as well. It does need an overnight stay though so that you're fresh when you drive/ride that road; stay up in Bright or Omeo and then drive the next day. Well worth it. Even the road up from Bright to Hotham and all the way to Omeo is fun. All summer roads though...
  6. Yeah, I've done a bigger loop on the same route - Yarra Gelen - Healesville -> Alexandra -> Mansfield -> Whitfield -> Milawa Then return partially via the freeway and exit at between Euroa - Broadford depending on traffic. Generally not good for long weekends though as the whole section between yea - mansfield is a shocker.
  7. Looking for an ISF!

    I've got mine listed for sale.. Also listed on carsales site.
  8. I'm selling mine - doesn't exactly match your specs though - Let me know if you're interested in a Black exterior and racing colour interiors. Car is in VIC.
  9. For Sale: Lexus 2010 ISF - MY 2011

    Bump... in case someone is still searching for that great car :)
  10. For Sale: Lexus 2010 ISF - MY 2011

    Indeed, not many looking for ISF and interesting that it's a much better car than the equivalent Germans... Price lowered.......
  11. For Sale: Lexus 2010 ISF - MY 2011

  12. For Sale: Lexus 2010 ISF - MY 2011

    Now on Carsales....
  13. For Sale: Lexus 2010 ISF - MY 2011

    Bump - Updated description. Both recalls (passenger airbag and cooling fan assembly) have been done. Maps updated to V22
  14. I'm selling mine - MY11 if you're interested. Very low k's as well. If you're interested, see the post in the Buy / Sell section.