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  1. Bump... in case someone is still searching for that great car :)
  2. Indeed, not many looking for ISF and interesting that it's a much better car than the equivalent Germans... Price lowered.......
  3. bump...
  4. Now on Carsales....
  5. Bump - Updated description. Both recalls (passenger airbag and cooling fan assembly) have been done. Maps updated to V22
  6. I'm selling mine - MY11 if you're interested. Very low k's as well. If you're interested, see the post in the Buy / Sell section.
  7. - Nov 2010/MY 11 - Black - Orange accents (rare and fantastic looking) - Low Mileage <57,000 Kms - Full Service books available. - My 11 which has all the suspension udpates - Near New Lexus Front Rotors + Pads (Mid 2016) - Near new Michelin Pilot Super - Front and Rear (Mid 2016) - Cargo net fitted in boot - Indoor car cover (to keep dust at bay once the car is washed and inside the garage) - Vic Rego valid till end Dec 2017 - Will supply RWC once deposit is paid while finalising sale - Cooling fan and passenger bag recalls completed - Maps updated to v22 Most of you already know and appreciate Lexus build quality and know about the ISF, so I'll spare you the usual sales speil. The car is very well maintained and has been used as my weekend cruiser (not used as a daily drive). Most of the K's on this car are from cruising in the hills. It's in beautiful condition inside and out. Non-smoker's car and I don't allow any food in the car either ! Photos attached. Asking price - $57,000 (Excluding Govt Charges) Location: Kew No test pilots due to insurance clause, but I can take 1 person for a drive on request. ps: I don't monitor these forums often - if you're interested in purchasing the car, please message me.
  8. not good. even on the FB forums there was some confusion and last minute suggestions on time and route. Eventually no one turned up. Not sure if iinkz and jgs98 actually turned up ? I was there, waited for a while and then went for the drive around - once I take that puppy out, I end up driving the hills...
  9. Sorry guys, running a bit late. Meet is still on, will reach 2:30
  10. depends on the year of the car. Newer ones 2010 onwards just need the long press (5 seconds or thereabouts) on the Vsc button and the TC & ABS both are switched off. A short press also works, but re-engages both systems once the car reaches 20/25 kph.
  11. Alright folks; Meetup point and route is below. There will be a few folks from the Facebook group who are not on this forum... Start time - 2pm meetup for 2:30pm start. Meetup - BP Fuel Caldermeade - At the truck parking area. Approx Route - Lang Lang -> Nyora -> Drouin South -> Warragul South -> Korumburra -> Kongwak -> Loch -> Tooradin - At the ice-cream shop:)
  12. ok, looks like the voting is better for 11th Feb, i'll plan out a trip and post up details here. Probably going to be a post-lunch meetup and drive through some hills (East or South East side).
  13. yeah, we had one 3 years back I think, and after that it just went quiet. There's a fair few people, but just not active... even these forums are very quiet. I'm part of a few other forums (IT and Motorcycle) and there's always some chatter going on - the motorcycle forum is really one of the best - very active, lots of rides and events.
  14. Planning for a Melbourne meetup. please use the voting tab and let's see how many numbers.
  15. errm.. this one was for Jul last year. Maybe I'll create a new thread for Feb this year - I'll put a few dates and we can vote to see attendance numbers. We should have more meets, but each time I put one up not many turned out - I do end up going for drives around regardless. I've discovered a lot of driving/riding routes since getting my motorcycle licence. I'll put one on Facebook group as well.