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  1. I believe so... I'll try calling him, but will find a good day - as he always tries to sell me the RCF or LC500 - so it takes a while to discuss cars with him :)
  2. If I remember correctly - the Sales guy told me approx 30/year.
  3. 1. Natroth ....... great idea 2. iinkz 3. rossv 4. Ninjavendetta 5. Vaku 6. gfs250 7.Obo2192 8. Atlantis 9. fzrashid 10. Vukie 11. Spec 12.
  4. Has anyone ordered from this site before ? Navigation AU - GPS DVD
  5. Check the service book - it will have this 15,000 or every 12 months whichever comes sooner. Going to another service workshop (qualified only) will not void warranty unless it's extended warranty provided by a dealer subject to custom terms. As per law they can't void manufacturer's warranty on a new car if there was a service book maintenance done by a qualified mechanic/garage. depending on how old the car is though, it may affect resale value.
  6. Anyone up for a club meet & Drive day ? Possibly one of the Sunday's.
  7. Was planning to setup a club meet in Melbourne soon.
  8. Update: I got original Lexus parts from the US. Front Rotors + Pads + Shipping all up for just over a $1,000 (arrived in just under 2 weeks - DHL) + $231 for fitting from Toyota service. Much better than the 2.8K the dealer quoted - bloody joke...
  9. Sport Maxx is no good. Once the enter mid life, very noisy and a bit grumbly in corners. if you're not looking for premium pricing of the Michelin PSS, i'd recommend the Continentals. Bridgestone Adrenalins are also good, but for the price the PSS is much better.
  10. Congrats, welcome another ISF owner
  11. Congrats! ISF is a great car, you'll be enjoying driving this beast.
  12. Yeah, PSS is a very good tyre - I've just replaced on mine now and it's great! Also interesting is that I went up a couple of sizes on the front and rear with lower profile and was expecting it to be a bit harsher on the ride, but for some reason it's actually a bit more comfortable - must be something to do with the sidewall construction on the PSS. I'm running 245/35 and 265/35. I see that you kept it stock? you should've changed it - the wider front makes a noticeable difference :)
  13. I'm just going to do my first replacement around 55K. Though the dealer was surprised that this was my first rotor change - most get changed around 40k is what he told me. But I don't do any city miles, mostly long drives and fast sweeping turns. The rotors on ISF cost a fair bit though - and from the dealership it's a rip off 2.5 just for fronts. i'm getting mine from the US now.
  14. do you do a lot of city driving? depending on how you do stop/starts in traffic it can wear out the brakes much faster.
  15. so far we have 3 confirmed and 6 'maybe'.