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  1. FIGs engineering front bushings Group buy

    Did this ever end up happening or is it still coming? About to pull the trigger direct from FIGS at the moment.
  2. FIGs engineering front bushings Group buy

    Is this still going ahead? I didn't receive any PMs
  3. ISF ECU tune , thought ?

    http://www.tuningtechfs.com/ They deal more with Euro cars to date - but have bought an ISF for in-house development. Same handheld device and tuning method as RR Racing
  4. ISF ECU tune , thought ?

    TTFS was the mob I used, RR Racing while more responsive, didn't have a solution for Aus ISF's yet that didn't involve sending my ECU to them in the USA
  5. ISF ECU tune , thought ?

    So without knowing the exact tech specifics of the tool - there is an initial ID/Read process to dump a file, you then send this file to the tuner who creates the tune based on this file. I believe this file contains ECU specifics - VIN, etc that may tie it to your car specifically. They then send you back a larger file to upload to the tool and then onto the ECU. With all the issues in getting it to work on my car, I had to take multiple reads from my car to provide to the tuners, so it is a critical part of the tune process.
  6. ISF ECU tune , thought ?

    Not sure when I'll get back to the Dyno, I would easily recommend the tune if you have the money. As I mentioned the driveability is improved and it definately adds to the fun factor. Plenty of discussion the US Club Lexus forums and dyno results - I can only add that it now works on Aus delivered cars too :)
  7. ISF ECU tune , thought ?

    OK finally some good news! Last update to the handheld tool and it actually wrote to the ECU successfully :) Took it for a quick spin this morning: Feels much more responsive across the rev range for improved drivability in auto mode and as for manual: where before it felt aggressive now it feels a bit scary :) and I didn't realise till I got home, I didn't have it in Sports mode for either auto/manual driving! Will have to do some more driving and arrange for a post-tune dyno run, also have purchased the Toyota Techstream cable to measure KCLV, etc so this time I can make sure the car is ready for a dyno run.
  8. ISF ECU tune , thought ?

    Still trying a few things with them. If this fails I'm looking to send them a spare ecu from a written off ADM ISF for them to spend some R&D time on. Not giving up yet!
  9. ISF ECU tune , thought ?

    Yeh currently working through some compability issues with them specifically regarding the different ECU's that the Aus cars have vs the US ECU's they have already tuned. Not too sure if there will be a positive outcome but should know soonish.
  10. FIGs engineering front bushings Group buy

    copy and paste to add to the group buy 1.ilv1004s 2.iinkz 3. plankton007 4. seeker ISF 5. rysith
  11. ISF ECU tune , thought ?

    So I've bought the OBD remote tune from TTFS, have received the handheld tool and read the data they require before they can proceed with the tune. There have been a few delays mostly regarding software glitches with the tool, but these have supposedly been sorted and now it is just a matter of TTFS finalising the tune for me and sending me the file to write back to my ECU. I have a JoeZ intake, JoeZ exhaust and Novel headers and carried out a pre-tune dyno as a baseline. Once the tune is on and run in, I'll be doing a second dyno to see the difference.
  12. FIGs engineering front bushings Group buy

    Is this still going ahead and what is the final price?
  13. Where did you get the illuminated sills from and how much were they?
  14. Still working on getting the ECU solution out to the masses?
  15. Sorry to hear Danny, hope you are moving onto something just as exciting :) Does this mean no more movement on the ECU flashing or will that still be offered sometime in the future? Any pics of the Think design center console? Also with the Tom's CF kit - is it just the front lip or is that the rear as well? If rear willing to split?