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  1. Hey Danny, is the asking price the same as the original post?
  2. That gentleman there is selling a damn fine ISF. I'd buy if I had the money. Note it is in VIC
  3. I believe Ltuned is right. The tank holds about 65L. From what I've read, 55 is your main and the other 10 is the reserve. The light comes up when the main is close to 0, but your reserve sits without notice. Sounds about right as I've gone done to 20KM remaining, which I know is an estimate. However I've never been able to do a full 65L refuel, only ever 53-54. I could be wrong, but sounds plausible 0.o
  4. I would maybe suggest your Local Toyota dealership. Had mine done once at Toyota Noble Chullora. Was $189 including oil filter + oil and anything else I could provide like filters could be added on top. Lexus Sydney quoted me the same price as yours for my next service for 75000KM +. Just ended up doing the service myself.
  5. Hi fam, Apologies for the late reply. I am based in Sydney. However Danny was able to pop over since he doesn't live too far out and sorted me out.Thanks though to everyone who replied. Ordered my own one which should be arriving this week!
  6. Hey Lexus Fam, Hoping someone has the Filter wrench for the IS250 I can either buy or burrow. emptied out all the engine oil and couldn't get the filter out. Had one from a set I got from supercheap auto and my tools broke it lol. If someone can lend a hand or let me use their filter wrench I can get my baby back up on the road
  7. Hey Hey! Yea it does reduce performance. I gotta push more on the accelerator to move my baby. Check out this article below, gives more insight. http://www.nrcan.gc.ca/energy/efficiency/transportation/cars-light-trucks/buying/16740
  8. Hi Danny, Was that from the Flame Blue ISF?
  9. From what I've read, theres still alot of buggy issues and most aren't as consistent with quality. We're probably better that they don't have it working on AUDM versions of our 2nd Gen IS until they work out all the kinks. 300-500 USD is quite an investment.
  10. For mine. I had something with the same amount of damage on my front left wheel like yours. That cost me about 120. For you I'd say maybe about the same or a little more. My rear left wheel was worse as the while rim copped the gutter rash more deep.. That cost me 250 :(
  11. Magman at Revesby or Sharpline Paints at Liverpool.
  12. Hey Danny, did that ISF by any chance have a F-Sport intake?
  13. PM sent on the Intake
  14. Well I found the tools. Got the panel open real easy. Didn't even have to pry it open :) If Plankton can source one for members that'd be great. However, I'll burn a few copies and test the copy I have just in case others want it. I do agree, it does feel clunky. I've tried the 3rd Gen IS and the feel of the joystick is very figgity as well IMO.
  15. Uhhh....I got the Whereis V20 ISO file. Haven't burnt it to a disc yet to test. Mainly since I don't have the tools yet to eject the drive bay cover. Apparently the tool picks are already located in the car somewhere?