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  1. FOR SALE - ISF DIFF (non LSD)

    Ended up selling for $1,200 cash, and got the new / reconditioned LSD for $2,000. So not bad to swap out for a LSD diff for $800!!!! Took me long enough though haha, but worth the wait!
  2. Lexus isf seats

    Sorry to hijack, (free bump anyways) but are you stripping weight / upgrading to racing seats? What have you chosen if yes? Any extra headroom? Thanks in advance
  3. Ha, would have been good to spot them before getting new ones shipped over!!
  4. Woah looks pretty cool, my son would definitely froth out on those colours! My clients however most likely would not, and i have to be a bit more conservative in my daily in case someone needs driving around between sites. I am actually really happy with the LED's, getting happier and happier in time. I think i will upgrade the reversing lights and high beams also..
  5. So, i read all about how nice it is to have an updated LED interior, with some warm white lights internally, rather than the yellow dull glow currently in the car. Being the little car nerd i am i went online and hunted around for some cheapies thinking all LED's are the same. I was wrong, very wrong. I bought an absolutely crappy and sub-standard set: The globes flicker, and you can see the individual little lights through the covers. They are not much brighter than the standard bulbs, just a different colour. Also, they sent two wrong bulbs, which don't fit anywhere. Great. Tried to rectify the issues over a few weeks and they were retarded and English definitely wasn't their primary language, so i gave up. Oh well, moving on.. Enter V-Led: Far more expensive, and far better quality. End cost to the door was $140 AUD vs those cheapies, so almost 10 x as much. Would i do it again, in a heartbeat. Im thinking about upgrading the reversing lights.. I ended up getting the dimmest set, the long life options, and it is FAR brighter than the previous LED and the factory bulbs. I just don's see ow someone could need something approx 4 x as bright as this?! Maybe in the puddle lights (mirrors) but bloody hell they light the interior up! One thing i was unsure of at first, was which globes to get for where, so here is my little guide: Vanity bulbs / behind the sun visor - 2 x (low light, long life) Front map lights (on the roof) - 3 x Rear map lights (on the roof) - 2 x Trunk light - 1 x Puddle lights / mirrors - 2 x Now you can switch out some of the bulbs for more or less powerful option, and opt for different colours etc. Heaps of choice. I for one love their products, they are just such high quality, and i dont intend to sell the car. Im now happy, and im fussy as all hell..
  6. 19s or 20s on the ISF

    Definitely would have, i couldnt say when the next time this opportunity will present itself, its a rare opportunity!! Very jealous. Make sure you record the laps on your setup John, so i can live vicariously!!
  7. 19s or 20s on the ISF

    Got the invite, couldnt swing it with the missus DEVO!!
  8. Man i have never liked the idea of the turbo being anywhere but under the bonnet.. Having it under the car like that gives me nightmares of hitting something on it!
  9. 2012 ISF LSD Mechnical diff

    True that, nothing like whipping the tail around in the wet!
  10. FOR SALE - ISF DIFF (non LSD)

    You should be able to pick up a LSD diff from a wrecker for around the $1,500 - $2,500 mark, depending on age and km etc, and it will take about 3hrs to install. At Lexus rates thats $450. The wreckers sell all the diffs from the IS-F for the same price, $1,500 - $2,500 regardless if it is LSD or not. Both seem to sell.. Mine is still for sale, would be open to any offers to people who want to put an aftermarket centre in a non-LSD diff.
  11. Sensational footage as always!!!! Some serious machinery on the track with you..
  12. FOR SALE - ISF DIFF (non LSD)

    Yup same boat as me, would have got exxy!! Im just trying to live with the smell for now, and slight ticking when the engine is cold, passenger side. Well, i will say im definitely jealous, headers would finish off the car.. Long term i think ill get a carbon bonnet and boot in time, spare out, change front seats for some racing seats (2 inches more headroom), rear seats out (is that legal in NSW?) and then make it a weekend / rally weapon. Im pretty average on the track, but i bloody love it. Also like the idea of buying a supercharger etc, but i already dont get the most out of the power due to lack of skill so probably dont need to haha!
  13. FOR SALE - ISF DIFF (non LSD)

    I have the tune, widened primaries (cheap header alternative) full cat back and intake pipe, so the power is there. but just couldn't get it to the ground! And importantly, couldnt get properly sideways when i wanted to. Both these issues have been thoroughly resolved haha! I actually think i have leaking primaries as well, but cant stomach the header cost right now, the group buy was a great price though.
  14. FOR SALE - ISF DIFF (non LSD)

    It does pop up, but the power never drops anymore, the diff sorts it out without power retardation and brakes being involved. Its honestly night and day, little "squirts" from traffic lights, tight turning, going up hills on angles etc, all used to spin the inside tyre then after a bit the brake would grab and the car would lurch off amidst power drops and sometimes snap oversteer. Now its a split instant (if anything) and no dramas at all, it just gets going. Also, when really getting into it out of a flowing corner, the inside tyre would slip and upset the balance of the car, it felt like the body was rolling, the traction light comes on, power and revs were artificially dropped, then it would sort itself out.. You felt like the car was on edge. Now, it just stays balanced, and powers out. Its much more predictable, faster, and safer, so much better in fact that i cant fathom how it was released from the factory without it. If the car had launched from factory in 2008 with a LSD im sure it would have been received MUCH better by the market and journos, and would have been much more popular instead of the unknown gem it realistically is. I can only imagine how good a proper "OS Giken" centre would be in our diff, which from what i have read is far superior than the mechanical torsen. Someone should buy my old diff, and put the OS into it, that way no downtime without a car!! The power gets put down to the ground almost instantly, much more traction in 99% of situations, but then when you want to be a hooligan its BLOODY AWESOME!! I knew i was going to love going properly sideways again after having LSD cars previously, but am so so happy. Probably the best mod i have done to the car for overall performance and enjoyment.