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  1. Watching with interest, thanks Danny for organising. I wish i had the funds, but am looking to do a LSD diff before this.
  2. Im very intrigued to know what yo are up to if you're selling the beast? Where to from here?!
  3. Oh my god.. Please keep us all updated!
  4. I actually did the flange trick you mention above, and i think for what it is and what it costs it gives a great outcome. With the porting, do you mind sending me a message about what the cost was? Now there is going to be a couple of questions, hope its not annoying, but Im very intrigued: Did you do the throttle body as well? How long did the work take? What gains did you get? Is there a noticeable difference in throttle response? What are your impressions? Thanks in advance!
  5. Yup. Foolish.
  6. Yeah i could be keen pending the price as well, but i have a sneaky suspicion that a group buy will not take the sting out of the price. They are expensive! When i first joined the forum there was a member selling a set of almost brand new PPE headers ceramic coated, for $1600, and i let them slip through my hands.. What an idiot..
  7. This is way up my alley, love these little DIY things ha! Ill try it out this week sometime..
  8. 50km, John you are heavy on the old right boot! Even at 16l/100 you should get 144km.. You animal haha!
  9. The plot thickens.. Please keep us updated, as we all know this tuner intimately.. I hope this is all resolved, let us know.
  10. Looks great, now go tune it and have your mind blown!
  11. Not yet, but I know a few people in the game (i work in commercial property) so may ask them the question.
  12. Sigh.. thanks fellas, i figure if you two aren't thinking its a good idea with some of the mad projects you do, then its a no go for us mortals!! Cheers
  13. So this is hard to capture in a title, but is there anyone with a 2008-2014 (old shape 2IS), gun metal grey Lexus IS250/350/ISF who wants to trade roofs? From what i have read its a pretty easy swap out, the roof linings and controls etc just get switched over. I need the extra headroom, and never use the sunroof, though it works perfectly. I want just a standard roof! My car is 2009 ISF, gun metal grey. Be interesting to see if anything comes of this, could be pretty sweet for both parties potentially.. My exterior and interior is mint condition, yours headlining etc would have to be too. Maybe @plankton007 can comment on the idea? Should be sweet right? Another option is putting a proper carbon fibre roof in, but this would be big $$$ im presuming.
  14. My 90km service was around $1,400 for the ISF in Jan, yes prob could have got it cheaper elsewhere.. But they pick my car up in the morning, drop a loan car, the drop my car back in the arvo,and i work driving my car all day. The car is driven everyday and though serviced extremely well through Lexus, is not babied at all. Its treated very well, over serviced probably, but has NEVER skipped a beat.. The servicing isnt cheap, but the car runs perfectly every time i press that Start button and mash the throttle. For a 7 year old car, thats fine by me. I dont thrash my cars, i treat them very well, but if i want to have a bit of fun it needs to be reliable and do what its supposed to do. If you want cheap servicing, get a Hyundai, this is a high performance V8 revving hard anytime i want it to, and is 7 years old. 7 YEARS! NO ISSUES! You get what you pay for, look after your car and it will look after you.
  15. For all your eBay genuine Lexus parts needs: Those guys are amazing and cheap.. Quote the part number needed in a message to them, tell them the shipping address etc when getting a quote. Then get it programmed by Lexus when it arrives. Mine was $70 to program, for my ISF, delivered for around $270 AUS from memory.. They do all parts, for a fraction of what we pay locally.