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  1. What's your fuel economy?

    15 on the track..?! Come on man thats got to be a joke, i refuelled halfway through the day on the last track day, and then almost emptied it again. I know he may be running lean numbers, but that is BS. 16l for me average. I work 5 min from work, and drive short trips alllllllll day working in property.. Car barely warms up on the way to work in winter. 8-8.4l on the open roads
  2. PPE header group buy

    Yeah, jeeebus, lets hear that thing!!
  3. USA fob key

    I bought mine from US, through this eBay user: Just message them asking for a quote on the year and model of car you have, thats what i did, and voila!
  4. USA fob key

    Yeah the credit card and FOB key both work on our cars from the US and Japan etc. I got lexus to program mine (credit card) and they did it for free.
  5. Full RR Racing upgrade package installed in Melb

    Id be happy to be in the low 12's! I really want someone to test some 0-100 times with tune and full bolt ons..
  6. Lexus isf kit

    I got one second hand in the end, some nice chap had decided to kick my left set of tips in, breaking the welds
  7. Lexus isf kit

    Thats a bargain. those exhaust tips alone are bloody $500!! EACH!! Ask me how i know..
  8. Haha whoops!
  9. WTB ISF

    Thats great buying, well done! Mechanically these cars are very strong, would be surprised if there were many issues. Enjoy!!
  10. Full RR Racing upgrade package installed in Melb

    Great write up and review, sounds like the beast has been unleashed!
  11. FOR SALE - ISF DIFF (non LSD)

    Ended up selling for $1,200 cash, and got the new / reconditioned LSD for $2,000. So not bad to swap out for a LSD diff for $800!!!! Took me long enough though haha, but worth the wait!
  12. Lexus isf seats

    Sorry to hijack, (free bump anyways) but are you stripping weight / upgrading to racing seats? What have you chosen if yes? Any extra headroom? Thanks in advance
  13. FOR SALE - ISF DIFF (non LSD)

  14. Ha, would have been good to spot them before getting new ones shipped over!!
  15. Woah looks pretty cool, my son would definitely froth out on those colours! My clients however most likely would not, and i have to be a bit more conservative in my daily in case someone needs driving around between sites. I am actually really happy with the LED's, getting happier and happier in time. I think i will upgrade the reversing lights and high beams also..