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  1. Hi, I loaded the V22 map into my 2007 is250 yesterday, when it came up on the screen I was unable to punch in any new addresses, "location not found in selected area" etc or something similar would come up on the screen, it just wouldn't let me into the system. I went to press the "change" button for the "States" etc and nothing would come up. I could hear the disk searching and moving around but nothing would come up. I then reinstalled my older V20 copied disk and all works fine again. Any info or suggestion would be great :)
  2. Just had both recalls done on my 2007 IS250 yesterday at Blackburn Lexus in Melbourne. Excellent service, very time efficient and my wife was impressed with the complete setup - Thank you Blackburn Lexus!! :)
  3. Gidday, I followed a youtube "walk thru" vid and brought the screen off ebay in the UK, is bloody easy if you just take your time and step through it slowly over a couple of hours.
  4. Gidday, Yep tried this over the weekend on my 2007 IS250 and it worked a charm, had it have a couple of goes at it with the extended counting but all good. Many thanks,
  5. Hi Atlantis I wrote this line below on one of my posts in this thread for the benefit of Melbourne Owners, it reads - "Get that oil changed and I can highly recommend Kewish Automotive - 29A Amberley Cres, Dandenong South, Phone (03) 9793 2220" Sorry mate but that clearly states a business name and address, even a phone number to call and as for your comment "this thread is one of the most useless reads I've seen so far" well best of luck to you and that will certainly encourage new members to the forum with an attitude like that coming from a moderator..
  6. Hi, I had heard and read about this also while trolling forums and threads etc beforehand and I to did question the transmission specialist that performed my full service. It was not a concern he said and will have no effect whatsoever on the car. I personally suspect its a sales pitch from the high end dealers to up sell their products and make it sound technical to do but I may very well be wrong. After 20,000kms since my full auto service was completed our Lexus is running so very smoothly and I will be returning to the same independent business to have it done every 50,000kms.
  7. Gidday, Sorry to hear about the lock fail, and I'm also sorry to see 30 views of your thread and not one reply, not even a word or two of encouragement, not that any encouragement can physically fix your car issue can hey, we are a forum after all and its comforting to know that some people give a *BLEEP* about things. I myself have not had this locking problem, but with more bells n whistles on our cars than a Christmas tree, I'm always holding my breathe for that day that something gives. I like a good Google research to solve any issue, so I'll start with reading about this locking issue and see what comes up. Best of luck and I'm sure it will be something very simple at the end of the day, issues generally are.
  8. Hi, If done properly they can, I went to an independent automatic transmission business and I stood there beside the car, (car on hoist) and with the car running I watched the black *BLEEP*ty oil come out and then slowly change to a nice red as it was flushed though... That was good enough for me and yes it will be done again at 200,000 kms
  9. Hi, Just wondering how many have had or is going to get their automatic transmission fully flushed and a new filter installed which cost around the 400 mark Its was a no brainer for me, but I like to read peoples opinions.
  10. Hi, My local diesel mechanic replaced mine, is done through the back seat, was no big deal he said. Just like the automatic oil etc, a filter is a filter and should be replaced, but hey its your car... Thoroughly get your automatic oil flushed to, it is not a lifetime/sealed unit, understood, oils wear out, filters wear out. My auto oil was black and shot at 150,000 easy hwy kms.. I watched him flush it thoroughly out and let the new red oil circulate through and was shocked at the color, yes the automatic now changes very nicely.
  11. Gidday, I say have a crack at it... If the body is good, oils are fine and everything is clean and tidy, its doesn't blow smoke and changes through the auto good, well the no books deal is your bargaining strength for a cheaper car.. As for the new engine cost maybe needed down the track, look on ebay as you can get a V6 IS250 engine with low kms (70,000kms) from $500 ready to fit from a wrecker, its only a simple V6 and I have been thinking of getting a spare engine to have in the shed ready to go if mine blows up. they are cheap!! Get a panel shop to check it out and a mechanic to look over it..... To easy.
  12. Gidday, So it has been a week of driving the car since the automatic was flushed and yes it is noticeable for the better. I drive a lot with the cruise control on, again 99% country hwy kms this car does, when I first brought it back in September 2015 (146,000kms) and after all the thrills and excitement of all the Lexus brand and its bells and whistles had died down a little you start to notice things for what they really are. One thing that struck me a little weird for a Lexus was that with the cruise on, travelling at 118km, freeway conditions and we would come up to a long steepish incline on the way home from Melbourne and each time half way up the the incline and still traveling at 118kms, the auto would quietly and naturally jump down a gear, like any normal auto, then a few seconds later it would search again for another gear, the tacho would quickly just up and it all felt quiet ugly to be honest, I would end up disengaging the cruise and things would settle down once up over the hills. This reason is while I started to read about Lexus IS250 automatic services and oils etc. Anyway this week, same speed, cruise on, same hill and normal weather conditions, I approach the hill and the Lexus drops back one gear as expected around the same location as always, then smoothly and effortlessly continues up over the hill, no searching for the lower gear, that made me smile.. Worth the $400 spend if things are running smoothly again. You have to love new fresh slippery bright red oil :)
  13. Hi, Well today I drove my IS250 to Dandenong to the premises of Kewish Automotive - Transmission Specialists. I had booked my car in a week ago to have the automatic transmission serviced, this being a full flush and new filter kit installed. My car is a 2007 sports luxury with 156,200kms, I am the second owner (brought in 2015) and after talking with the original owner, he confirmed that he had not had the gearbox serviced/oil changed. After reading a lot of different views about "sealed for life" etc, well personally I found that a complete crook of bull*BLEEP* myself and hard to believe, nothing is sealed for life and oil breaks down, its that bloody simple in my mind. I brought this car to keep long term and I believe preventative maintenance is the key to this and like I said in my earlier post I was referred to Kewish Automotive and they came high recommended from a good relative in the car trade. Anyway I will get to it, David at Kewish Automotive was excellent when I arrived, I then went shopping up the street and I happen to return earlier than expected, the car was up on the hoist so I was able to watch the procedure from the side line and chat to David as he went out his buisness. The oil was a very dirty brown colour, the pan was slightly gunky and the 3 x magnets were covered but no metal flakes or chunks were present, this was great to see and Im glad I had arranged to have the oil changed, the cost was $400 plus GST. The new oil was flushed thoroughly right throughout the system and gearbox with the engine running until the new red tranny oil appeared, I was surprised at the amount it takes actually to flush the system. These photos below I took myself. This oil is from my automatic today, a car that has been babied along at 110 - 120kph only on open roads and freeways for most of its 9 years by 2 mature owners, It has never been flogged or raced through the gears so I would hate to think what the oil is like in a car that has been given a hard time with short stop start driving. Get that oil changed and I can highly recommend Kewish Automotive - 29A Amberley Cres, Dandenong South, Phone (03) 9793 2220