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  1. Isf Owners Post Up Pics Of Your Isf!

  2. New Front Pads & Rotors

    Hey have a look at these options. These pads are very good. Better option all round. Check out the chart below I`ll be fitting the EBC Redstuff to my car as i`m in need of fronts soon. Being in the trade up here we here very good things about EBC brake pads. Hope this helps.
  3. Local Supercharger Expert - ISF

    Funny enough i spoke to these guys today. For one ISF it is 20 grand for an estimated extra 100kws at the wheels. Massive gains in any ones terms but faaarking expensive too. Ahhhh off now to dream anyway of having 380kw at the wheels As for a group buy/fitting we would need more than 10 us to get a little relief in the wallets.
  4. New spark plugs

    These are the ones i can get. I just put the hard word on my suppliers and they agreed only if to be purchased in a set of 8. I was just testing the waters out of curiosity after reading your 1st post. As i said though, the price for the Denso ones you are looking at is very good. NGK DFH6B-11A
  5. Tyre noobie

    My next set will be Federal. Check these out below.
  6. New spark plugs

    I sussed out my local suppliers here & they would sell me the NGK set for $160.00 which i thought was pretty good. Once i told them about ebay & rr racing they obliged.
  7. New spark plugs

    That`s a good price for them.
  8. exhaust tips replacement for OEM

    Ring Xforce, they sell the quad tips. Better still check em out on their website.
  9. New spark plugs

    They look fake have a look at Denso printing on the plug it is dull and why don't they show the tips in detail, no thanks. Haha, at that price you are probably right.The add below them for $285.00 is from a sydney dealer. Being myself i would just fit NGK, can`t go wrong there. You`re in the trade just go to Repco and get them. Here $26.40 each.
  10. New spark plugs

    Fooking hell they are cheap, just found them on ebay, Like you said they are in Bankstown.
  11. New spark plugs

    Just check the part numbers. Denso list 2 iridium spark plugs for our cars with one being half the price. Part # IKBH20TT is the cheaper plug. The other is the FK20HBR11 which from the dealer will cost ME $28.00 each. Their retail is $38.00 each.
  12. New spark plugs

    Check out this website for Denso. You have 2 options. Then check this place on Ebay in the us of a
  13. Brisbane ISF owners?

    Just check the Qld Raceway calendar, Downshift is usually once a month, be it a Saturday or Sunday morning.
  14. Brisbane ISF owners?

    Yes hopefully it will be a good morning session. Haven`t been since April last year. Weekend early mornings are not usually my thing, getting there from the GC by 6am is really . My son has pestered me to go so a group of us with various beasts are going.
  15. Brisbane ISF owners?

    Hahaha too funny, yes when the airbox trap door opens & all the noise kicks in it is quite Bring it to Downshift on Sunday the 13th August at Willowbank & give the intake & exhaust a good work out