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  1. These prices are a joke i bought a Aurion with the 100000 km,s service just done at Toyota (i asked for the print out ) $670 this is a major sevice the Lexus is350 is virtually the same motor . How much would Lexus charge for a ISF major service.??
  2. NICE love the colour what exhaust are you running enjoy.
  3. Best to get one at the rear of the car LOL Ps what is Ltuned ????
  4. Hey why are you selling it cheers.
  5. $70 dollars for a tube of grease $18 postage I wonder why I haven't bought it. Try inox spray.
  6. Hey Marvin did you ask what the difference between T2 and T3 rotors, don't know the torque specs just tighten with Loctite (I have done 10000,s of brakes you get a feeling) cheers.
  7. Give it a radiator flush see if any junk comes out, the rubber is strange has someone used silastic on the engine cooling system before ??
  8. Are your fans kicking in,is the radiator blocked,check for bubbles in the radiator let us know what you find.
  9. So what if its 5 year old it tells you what assh#les insurance company's can be
  10. Is the A/C tube blocked and it sounds like windscreen check the sunroof drain tubes to good luck.
  11. There is a thread on here somewhere about the number, I email Lexus Australia and got no reply they are either ignorant or they don't know.
  12. That's a good price $100 labour as it should be for a straight rotor pad swap. I can change them in less than an hour so a brake shop would be even quicker. But the 40 years of training helps.
  13. Go for it, if that's with spark plugs that's excellent even still its a good price.
  14. I bet they said dam this things got so many angles, look good though.