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  1. This is one of the best upgrades you can do, I love my 2011 diff spins on a 50cent piece, and the push out of corners is fanbloodytastic.
  2. Well RR have done years of tune testing I thing Rafi was the one to crack the ecm in these cars (don't quote me) USA has just as many weather conditions as OZ if not more(and he can tune the ECM to any fuel type). My car was not dyno tuned it was flash tuned which is a generic tune, it took less than 1/2 a day to do a flange mod, dyno before and after, plus he put the wrong idle tables in causing the car to break down on the way home.(which cost me a lot in $ and stress he did eventually paid 1/2 my towing fees so generous of him) I am a mechanic and I new what the problem was as I had my scan tool with me, ooh but no it couldn't be the tune (says sonny). His tune does not increase throttle response only above 3600rpm, NO gearbox parameters are changed, NO rev limit changed, NO ECL delete. I have personally spoken to Rafi about a tune for OZ and he assured me there would be no problems with a RR tune in OZ as you have to give him the commuter model number for every single car, because there a some variations for different models.(He has sent tunes to a few place outside the USA and had NO problems, send him a email) I have had 2 HSV,s dyno tuned and it takes a day to get them perfect on the dyno 1/2 a tank of petrol is used and then road tested for 45 minutes, my ISF had maybe 5 litres used and a 5 minute test drive. And no I have not seen a RR tune in OZ if I had my time over I would have gone RR as they know a hell of a lot more about these cars than any one in OZ.
  3. If you want the best tune for the ISF go with RR Racing they do so much more than Sydney based tuners... More throttle response, higher red line, gearbox calibrations, ECL eliminated and Rafi will bend over backwards to help you, and it will be cheaper. Sydney BASIC tune $2000 and it is a simple flash tune IF they get it right. Do your home work
  4. Let me know if you get a spare set I will pay you eg if someone pulls out cheer thanks Danny.

  5. Hey this sound good get a group of us club day would be awesome. I have been around the track in the V8,s they hire, and it was a blast drove it like I stole it and it scared the sh#T OUT OF ME come on someone get this going PLEASE cheersNeill.
  6. $350 to change a shock =$350 hour labour what a joke.
  7. Sorry I hate Sydney traffic the last time I was up there someone stuffed my car with a bad tune. be nice to have a day at Wakefield park though.
  8. Wow talk about tight ass Lexus dealer should be changed in pairs pay them for the other shock and see if they get a shock.
  9. Love to know were you got a good deal on the PPE cheers.
  10. I saw this awhile ago NOW I am interested any info on were to get this and instructions on fitting cheers.
  11. Who is fitting these and at what price cheers.
  12. Need more info could be a simple idle pulley or your exhaust has fallen off. LOL
  13. Check top and bottom shockie mounts and sway bar link, have you got warranty let us no what happens cheers.
  14. These cars are not noisy I hope no damage is done, tell us what you find.
  15. That's good news^^^^ also I think there isn't a dash mat made for right hand drive ISF I searched 12 months ago,found left hand but no right,if you find one let the forum know cheers.