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  1. Welcome both cars are very nice if you are in Sydney take the ISF to Sonny Duran At Autowerks and get a tune enjoy.
  2. Just buy a good tool eg king chrome I still don't know how you broke a filter removal tool were you going the right way if you get stuck just put the fresh oil in and do the filter later.
  3. Very nice car but they are dropping a bit in price, not many people know what they are getting its worth every penny good luck
  4. Fuel injector, start the car in a dark place and see if you can see any sparks around the plug and leads its a good starting point let us know what you find cheers. Get a infrared heat gun cheap as chips of eBay point it at each exhaust manifold and the coldest one is your problem.
  5. How many km,s on it. sounds like a tappet if it get any louder take it to Toyota it is virtually the same motor as the Aurion let us know cheers.
  6. I had a bad sharp rattle over sharp bumps, put some self adhesive felt tape (from Bunnings) on the top of the spring loaded wind deflector and cleaned the rubber seal with WD no more rattle, it may work for yours check out utube for sunroof adjustment to and the US forum good luck.
  7. Hey sparky have you gone to a good panel beater and got a quote that would be interesting ??
  8. Yes it takes a little power and no your car should not shake when you turn it off
  9. It could be obstructed by some thing or the motor may be on the way out, take it to Toyota it should be the same motor as the Aurion rear shade has??
  10. looks good did you get it of UK eBay cheers. ( I don't get the don't talk to me bit??)
  11. Yep add up the money, pros and cons how long do you want to keep the new or old car for as I have seen the price slowly coming down on carsales. I read your us forum post to if you could find the right car at a dealer and got a good trade yes but there are a lot of "ifs and buts" its up to you in the end cheers my ISF friend
  12. Just had a full flush new filter and pan gasket by a GOOD auto gearbox shop. I supplied the WS ATF (12litres trade cost $204,80 from Toyota ) $295 parts and labour so $500 all up and yes no difference just nice and smooth as it was, 76000km,s and its done, so just a price guide and peace of mined......cheers
  13. Yep I'm getting mine done at Dr Sonny,s in a month and I cant wait. PLEASE let use know what you think after the tune cheers.
  14. These prices are a joke i bought a Aurion with the 100000 km,s service just done at Toyota (i asked for the print out ) $670 this is a major sevice the Lexus is350 is virtually the same motor . How much would Lexus charge for a ISF major service.??
  15. NICE love the colour what exhaust are you running enjoy.