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  1. ATF Fluid

    A GOOD automatic gearbox place can do a filter and fluid change (not just the pan ) many cars are "sealed for life" which is a load of crap, did mine at 70000km perfect before and perfect after, but it will cost you $500 WS oil 12lts, filter kit, and labour. You can do it yourself for $350 not worth the hassle. interested what Chatswood charge cheers.
  2. Isf Owners Post Up Pics Of Your Isf!

    Just saw this on the US forum looks good.
  3. Local Supercharger Expert - ISF

    I think you should give RR a email explaining what you propose and see if they can help out with a custom tune, even if you have to send the ECM to them good luck. 25k ouch!!
  4. Local Supercharger Expert - ISF

    GO for it if they can tune it what's holding you up ( and don't say your legs) There's a bloke putting a RR supercharger on the UK forum and no change out of 10000 pounds
  5. Local Supercharger Expert - ISF

    Interesting BUT no intercooler and who will tune it ?? you know you want it though
  6. Who thinks i can save my rear tyre

    Good find what's the USB plug for ??
  7. Hello!

    One on car sales $79000 there are better deals than this. Depends what your budget is and how long you want to wait cheers.
  8. Hello!

    Welcome what model are you looking for.
  9. isf headers ppe

    Read a bit more, they do produce a bit more power and a lot of problems as well. installed correctly with after market cats no problem, no change out of $4000 for a small gains unless full tuned.($2000+ ) Plus if you have a JOE Z exhaust it make it too loud for a DD. OK for the first month it will sound great and then you get sick of the drone and the loouuuuddddd noise. Tell me if you want to go for it.
  10. Just be aware of all the fake ones, oem,ngk denso a lot made in china. I ended up getting mine from a Lexus dealer in the usa, if they are cheap there probably fake.
  11. Come on who bought this car to worry about fuel economy NOT ME, after all it is a sports car. But I average 13 and boot it as much as the other road users let me ( get out of my way) cheers.
  12. PPE header group buy

    Man that's got to be loud ^^^^^^ any sound clips cheers.
  13. PPE header group buy

    Give Sureflo exhausts a ring ballistic cats are the best all sizes.
  14. Who thinks i can save my rear tyre

    Saw this on the US forum the pics look the same now I know what BLK ISF stands for ( doe you drive ISF with black tyres ) cheers.
  15. New spark plugs

    The ones from RR are IX iridium change every 60000kms not the Double fine electrode 100000kms type, I emailed them and I don't know why they don't sell the DFE cheers.