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  1. Full RR Racing upgrade package installed in Melb

    Interesting that is around 390 rwhp not bad, mine was 237 with xforce before. Tune and cats opened 270 rwkw (360rwhp) Looking back it would have been cheaper going RR tune.
  2. Full RR Racing upgrade package installed in Melb

    Looks like the RR RACING tune is a good thing enjoy. Be good to get some dyno figures and see if it makes more power than a oz tuned car who knows you could get as much as the yanks 420 rwhp, somehow I don't think so cheers.
  3. PPE header group buy

    You cant go wrong with Sureflo ballistic cats all sizes and Sydney based. I had them on one of my ss 100cpi
  4. PPE header group buy

    What cats are you going to use.
  5. Full RR Racing upgrade package installed in Melb

    RR Racing are the best they know the ISF inside and out, I wish they had a distributor in OZ as the post is bit of a killer.
  6. Saw someone put window tint over the silver consul ^^^^^and it came out very nice, you could go as dark as you want, and if you sell just take it off
  7. Check ilv1004s ( Danny) he is a moderator on here if any one can help he can cheers.
  8. Modern oils are very good and don't need additives, waste of money.
  9. Thanks Bazzle how can you tell if its already been done and if not is Lexus contacting owners cheers.
  10. What air bags are replaced in a 2010 my11 ISF and what is involved in removal and refit, eg dash removal, side air bags etc.....
  11. Babalouie ISF Maintenance Thread

    Where about's are you based I have only been around Wakefield in their track cars (driving) it was great. Went around Marulan track (driving) what a joke, great for go karts, have you thought about pm 800's front pads so much cheaper than the MX. AND I think Philip Island is the best track I have been around ( with a professional driver ) and many times around BATHURST at maximum speed ...............................60kms and if anyone remembers Oran park that had a scary front straight, sorry to much raving enjoy cheers Neill.
  12. Suspension Upgrade/modification

    Most no brand shocks are made in Taiwan or china they look so nice but are sh#t read a lot before buying junk, a ISF DESERVES THE BEST.
  13. Suspension Upgrade/modification

    What is wrong with what you have in the pic,s. Bilstien make a few shocks for the ISF B6 B8 but you have to match springs check out the US forum and just buy the best PENSKE or RR RACING let us know what you go cheers.............
  14. Babalouie ISF Maintenance Thread

    Great stuff did you end up getting endless mx72 pads if so how much and were from. And the Advan tyres very expensive, what are the MX72 (on the Mazda) like for road and track cheers.
  15. Alfa Romeo Guilia QV

    If you want a PURE Alfa buy a C4 not a DD though but a future collector.