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  1. Looks pretty sus any hissing sound,you might get away with plastic weld or a manifold from the wreakers.
  2. Thanks Danny car is STILL at sonnys I will let you know tomorrow did your customer get his fixed cheers. one thing that sh#ts me is I am in Moruya and I said to sonny "I do not want to be coming back" well I didn't but the car did on a tilt tow
  3. Who tuned the car. can you tell us what the fix is cheers.
  4. Yes mine is a my11 and at the moment its in at Sonnys will let you know what happens.
  5. Do a compression test, any bubbles in the radiator, your plugs will tell you the story, get a heat gun of ebay cheap as chips, point it at the exhaust manifolds with the car running the coldest is were the head gasket has failed tell us what you find.
  6. Hello I would like to know what you think about the thread I just posted  do you think this is tune related or a total coincidence, I'd appreciate your opinion on this, thank you Neill.

  7. DYNOTUNE now P2119 code Ok i had a full dyno tune done by a Reputable tuner in Sydney he has done a dozen ISF,s ran good but 200km,s out of Sydney the P2119 code comes up (I know what the codes are throttle actuator or throttle body or ecm) it did it 7 times now in 250km,s I cleaned the TB which wasn't dirty. Had it down Toyota and they are stumped and guess its the TB. my question is, is this a coincidence or is it something to do with the tune. Yes I have rang the tuner up and he says OH it couldn't be the tune!!!! but the car has run PERFECTLY for 8000km,s before he touched it. HAS ANYONE HAD THIS PROBLEM AND ANY SUGESTIONS ON HOW TO FIX THIS, Would a computer reflash fix this thanks in advance. PS I want my baby back... Yes it has more power UP TOP, 237rwks after 270rkws but still the same until 3500rpm a LOT OF MONEY for a small gain if I had my time over I would NOT do it after all the computer is a self learning computer . My 2 commodores tuned by Gentec Canberra with full bolt ons were day and night this tune is on the ISF is like I think I can, I think I can OH gee I wish I was a 5.7 liter v8
  8. could be condensation smell the steam does it smell like coolant, keep a good eye on your temp and coolant level hope its not a head gasket good luck.
  9. Welcome both cars are very nice if you are in Sydney take the ISF to Sonny Duran At Autowerks and get a tune enjoy.
  10. Just buy a good tool eg king chrome I still don't know how you broke a filter removal tool were you going the right way if you get stuck just put the fresh oil in and do the filter later.
  11. Very nice car but they are dropping a bit in price, not many people know what they are getting its worth every penny good luck
  12. Fuel injector, start the car in a dark place and see if you can see any sparks around the plug and leads its a good starting point let us know what you find cheers. Get a infrared heat gun cheap as chips of eBay point it at each exhaust manifold and the coldest one is your problem.
  13. How many km,s on it. sounds like a tappet if it get any louder take it to Toyota it is virtually the same motor as the Aurion let us know cheers.
  14. I had a bad sharp rattle over sharp bumps, put some self adhesive felt tape (from Bunnings) on the top of the spring loaded wind deflector and cleaned the rubber seal with WD no more rattle, it may work for yours check out utube for sunroof adjustment to and the US forum good luck.
  15. Hey sparky have you gone to a good panel beater and got a quote that would be interesting ??