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  1. Is the A/C tube blocked and it sounds like windscreen check the sunroof drain tubes to good luck.
  2. There is a thread on here somewhere about the number, I email Lexus Australia and got no reply they are either ignorant or they don't know.
  3. That's a good price $100 labour as it should be for a straight rotor pad swap. I can change them in less than an hour so a brake shop would be even quicker. But the 40 years of training helps.
  4. Go for it, if that's with spark plugs that's excellent even still its a good price.
  5. I bet they said dam this things got so many angles, look good though.
  6. Nice love the F sports, they go bloody hard for a v6 wheels suit it to enjoy.
  7. They are such a nice car a good Christmas present the only problem is you cant use the full potential of the car on the road. Every time I drive my ISF everybody seems to be going so slow enjoy. If you want some info check the US forum cheers.
  8. Steer clear of lube mobile even to tie your shoes will cost you an arm and a foot. So what was the quote from Macarthur cheers.
  9. Are you changing them yourself there is nothing hard about it, if not any GOOD mechanic should only charge you 2 hours to do good luck.
  10. If you just want the just the belt done should be $500 if you want seals, water pump, belt $1200 or get your own aftermarket parts and some quotes it depends on car condition and how long you want to keep the car and your own preference. I am a mechanic cheers.PS It is a Toyota motor which are super reliable.
  11. WOW is that the same wheel good job.was there any paint involved
  12. Just take it to a Toyota dealer or any GOOD mechanic its not a hard job cheers.
  13. Happy new year some nice car you own enjoy.
  14. what's a good lsd oil for the 2011 diff go oem or after market cheers.
  15. What is the cost and is it just plug and play cheers.