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  1. Thanks Barry and Danny I will talk to MCA and send details to Danny I have just dun 2 weeks in Tassie and found the IS good but not good enough I'm an old cock so I push her hard but not stupid if that makes sense anyway thanks again. Zuk
  2. Hi All I know this must have been dun but I'm new here, Anyway 2008 IS 250, 150 ks on her I was thinking of getting 2012 shocks out of wreck with low ks, I have been quoted $2200 for KYB set up she still handles ok but 150 ks is pushing the life of suspension and I'm thinking if I can buy s/hand it should give me a nice improvement comments appreciated. Ps I don't want to lower her roads to bad out here. Zuk
  3. Ok just a happy word the K&N filter made a marked difference really noticeable.
  4. Last Question dose anyone know if there has been any problems with K&N air filter oil affecting any sensors on Lexus.
  5. The stock intake is smallish I just incresed the the amount of air into the airbox with the hose.
  6. Thanks ilv I had a good look at the air on mine and you are rite I believe it wont make any difference so I ordered a K&N and I have mounted a cold air hose from behind the front grill direct into the air box I will see if that makes any difference, hopefully will help a little.
  7. just going to order air intake for 08 IS250 any advice before I buy one, ( best one, easiest to fit, best power, is it worth it so on )
  8. Just a word I have been quoted $400 by a Lexus dealer for a full oil, filter change and he tells me it should be dun at a certain oil temperature they say they have dun lots of them.
  9. WTB parts is250 08

    Ok looking for 2012-13 black leather front seats in great condition.
  10. WTB parts is250 08

    You might be rite bling I do like her but I am used to more power and bigger car I'm doing a run to Tassie in Feb bike in tow, I will play down there and see, I think I will sell her when I get back , so if any one is looking for a bargain 2008 IS250X red, tyre's, rego, pipe, 140k, nice car $16000
  11. WTB parts is250 08

    Thanks Barry I kind of believe quality is rarely cheep but quality is value for money.
  12. WTB parts is250 08

    Just looking for any go fast bits that will fit 2008 IS250X, (pipes, air anything worth wile)
  13. Hi not sure if this is where to post this I'm looking for drivers door trim black leather no switchers or speakers just trim, IS250 2008
  14. OK people I fitted the Throttle control Ebay 169.00 had it in two days very simple to fit and works great the car is so much better to drive all the lag is gone and the unit lets you set the way you like, it worth the money (E drive) the car feels like it has more toque I know it doesn't it just reacts better like gearing down a bike ( dropping a tooth of the front sprocket)