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  1. I'm about to get my IS350 done - Lexus are $1,150. I tried a few Toyota service centres but some wouldn't quote, however one did and it was $1,200! Anyone know mechanics who specialise in IS, in Sydney (pref inner to outer west)?
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  3. Hi, I'm a noob here (recent purchase) and not sure if this is the right spot for a new 'how too..' since the last post was 6 years ago... Here goes anyhow. 2011 IS 350 Prestige with touch screen / sat nav system. I think 2011 is '2IS' for second gen (?) in this forum. I'm trying to figure out how to keep the radio / accessories on when pushing the 'Engine Stop / Start' button, when stopping the engine after parking. At the moment, everything turns off whereas key ignition cars leave the radio on when turning the key one position back. Hitting the Engine button again for accessories means the system takes 10 secs to reboot so isn't convenient - usually it's an interesting story on the radio that might go on for a bit but you don't want to sit there with the engine idling unnecessarily, looking dodgey. I searched for this topic but couldn't find a match so hopefully this hasn't been asked before and maybe it's a common gripe. Not sure if other push button ignition cars have the same inconvenience. Thanks for having me aboard. Ahoy! Stephen