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  1. Early days with an F - Practical observations

    ^ tell me more! I have to case my sunnies everytime then put them in the glove box. Also I totally agree, the shifter pattern is *BLEEP*ed up, why did they make it reversed?
  2. Upgraded Infotainment system

    Yep, works brilliantly!
  3. Rr racing vs figs

  4. PPE header group buy

    RR is the way to go
  5. PPE header group buy

    +1 keen for this. Can we get a smaller group buy going for the USRS bushings too?
  6. anyone running an E85 blend?

    Bump. Anyone tried this?
  7. Headers for ISF

    Cheers, mate! Will look into doing it too.
  8. Headers for ISF

    Make it public, how much was it all?
  9. Babalouie ISF Maintenance Thread

    I'm loving this.
  10. Has anyone here had an E85 conversion or are you running an E85 blend? I've seen a lot of yanks are running a 1/4 blend of E85 and get noticable gains in response.
  11. Upgraded Infotainment system

    Vline installed and working correctly. Works brilliantly! Finally seamless bluetooth and steering wheel control.
  12. My baby arived!

    From a Japanese eBay seller. The last part is a meme
  13. My baby arived!

    My HPI #8427 arrived! It's perfect, captures every single detail on the car :) 'Don't talk to me or my son ever again!'
  14. Airbag Recall

    I got a notice that my passenger airbag is in recall and to organise a time and day. Does LExus still provide you a new car to drive for the day while they take away your car or is that for cars still under warranty?