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  1. Rr racing vs figs

    They feel great! Definately a little more input feel at the steering wheel. The car feels much funner to throw around, add to that the larger tyres I had put ontoday too. Cost me $170 at the mechanic to be installed.
  2. What's your fuel economy?

    Average 14L/100.
  3. Rr racing vs figs

    I bought the Superpro ones, getting isntalled on Tues SPF3491-90K
  4. FS: Bunch of Parts

    USRS gone? Got a pic of the seats? Condition?
  5. Tyre noobie

    I've decided to get the SuperPro bushings and have them pressed in. They are only $160 online and are the same ones FIGS uses.
  6. Rr racing vs figs

    Has anyone used these SuperPro ones? ~$160 vs $550 for the RR or Figs sounds much better.
  7. Tyre noobie

    Yep those. Worth it? My fronts were $300 each and the currently fitted are bald as anything on the inside but ok on the outside
  8. Tyre noobie

    Just from the RR racing website. Unless there is a cheaper place or a group buy going on?
  9. Tyre noobie

    I ended up getting the 265/35 for the rear :) now to order the RR steering bushings so these expensive *BLEEP*s don't wear like no tomorrow like the current ones did.
  10. Tyre noobie

    Will 265/35 make a noticeable difference over 255/35 in the rear? The 255 are $50 cheaper than the 265. Will 255/40 work?
  11. Tyre noobie

    I don't track but drive quite harshly. I have decided on the Michelin Pilot 4s. Are the sizes 245/35R19 front and 265/35R19 rear ok? When I order them is there a left side and right side model or does it not matter?
  12. Tyre noobie

    I am totally perplexed by tyre numbers. My stock wheels 2011 ISF is due for a replacement of all 4, what numbers are on my tyres and what should I be looking to buy? Looking at $300 per corner max
  13. Cost me $400 USD, usual price is $400. Model year 2011. Worth every penny in my case as I couldn't stand not having steering wheel controls and having to plug my aux in every time.
  14. I have the Grom Vline, full Android upgrade. It is plug and play and doesn't interfere with the stock nav system, you press the AUX or Audio button and it switches between stock/Vline. Full steering wheel controls and android app support. Got mine for about $500 I think with the pre order.
  15. Early days with an F - Practical observations

    ^ tell me more! I have to case my sunnies everytime then put them in the glove box. Also I totally agree, the shifter pattern is *BLEEP*ed up, why did they make it reversed?