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  1. Also for peace of mind get a Trans shop to flush it thru. Cost between $460 and $650 here in Melbourne. $340 to $450 for just a drain, filter and refill.
  2. If you purchase and you want the Lexus stamp in the book just get a minor service performed at a dealer to add the continuity again. Good luck. I wanted an ISF but funds didnt allow :(
  3. Shouldn't be. mechanicals the same as other 350 models other than suspension parts and interior trim etc
  4. I believe the inner tyre wear is able to be reduced by a proper alignment 0-1mm and front inner rear bush change to prevent dynamic toeing out. On Euro cars Ive had, Merc SLK, Audi , VW R series they did the same esp on the rear. Each car was expertly aligned and I fitted Michelin PS3's to each one. Issues were then negligible. The Michelins PS3's (and now PS4's?)apparently handle any scrub better than others. I have done the above to my IS350. I also now have the harder bushes to go in soon.
  5. Magnet magnet:?xt=urn:btih:D8CDCF479F854CE13FCE3EC9B7FB89B32B27BCFC&dn=Toyota%20WhereIs%20v22%20AU%20-%20NZ%202016.rar& Using UTorrent 2.2.1 (Dont update...). Download Now box Paste into Add Torrent from url Downloading now to see if it works.
  6. Google search brought up a myriad of hits so here is one that seems to be plausible
  7. Don't worry re the flappy paddle bit. Engine mode in ECT does it nicely. I'm very happy with my F sport 2011, Bought it 6 months ago following on from having a few sporty Euro cars. Handles well, goes very well, comfortable, economy not to bad, best from memory low 7's (l/100) Current Average 10.4 l/100 I researched a lot before I got mine. Found nothing untoward in the IS350. I can hear the injectors from time to time but I may be overly sensitive.
  8. Is this helpful?
  9. More links here: pw: gps Thanks to pmaiden5 post#50 and Torrent Magnet here: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:F13C7C2A66CF209E616ECD13BC665C4B4DC3DB79
  10. Then from Omeo to Blue Duck/Anglers Rest and the back way into Falls Creek... or continue to Mitta Mitta and Wodonga direction :) The Whitfield trip is only a few hours each way. No where near the Great Alpine rd. Better in summertime for both routes but we have driven the back (bitumen) roads north of the Maroondah hwy quite a few times in other club and solo drives. Great driving road
  11. Mansfield to Whitfield been done by my wife and I in all our cars
  12. I'm guessing it wont fit an series ii 2011?
  13. Here one Ive done a few times. Not sure re highways and snow traffic on P/hols though. Eastern suburbs to Yea, Whitfield, Yark, Ruffy, Creightons creek, Longwood East back via Gooram to Merton. Home via Maroondah hwy, Yark, Alexandria. Food and loos at, Yea, Yark, Ruffy, Merton, etc
  14. Its done, have a beer and enjoy the ride. Its not only Lexus, Toyota, Ford, Holden, Dodge etc etc . I occasionally work on 4 wheel drives that look big but when you want to get somewhere... so many wires, covers, tubes, brackets.. its just the way it is.