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  1. Good result. Where was the noise travelling in the car? From behind or along the metal fuel line to the front?
  2. What does the noise sound like/ compare to? Where does it seem to come from when sitting in the car?
  3. Tyre noobie

    Can you post the link to this calculator please :) EDIT: Found it
  4. Tyre noobie

    Ensure you dont have too much toe out. 0-2mm in, may help with standard bushes.
  5. USA fob key

    Example only I will have to wait but price seems similar to the Fob type.
  6. Who thinks i can save my rear tyre

    Who thinks i can save my rear tyre? Easy. Superglue sticks rubber real well . Rim can be buffed back smooth and clean and resealed with wheel paint. Problem with low profile tyres is when they loose 1/2 their air, it isn't always noticeable with a walk around look. What then happens is they run superhot in the sidewalls due to flex (wall friction) and they fail.
  7. USA fob key

    I guess I didnt ask the right question Is it the credit card type? If not and its the same fob as the Aussie one what is different?
  8. USA fob key

    If there any benefit? Also I saw a credit card one advertised on US Ebay!
  9. ISF - Wheel Arch Space

    Also it may be so tyre doesn't hit on full lock and you hit a bump
  10. Banserki Care to share where to purchase please?
  11. Did you purchase in Oz or from Os? What year is your Lexus? I found this $700 Baz
  12. Good stuff. More info on the unit and how its connected would be useful. Baz
  13. 1st link in the 1st post is for an real estate sale?