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  1. Some more oil change info here
  2. Upgraded Infotainment system

    I would really like to get something like this and use my own gps etc apps. Has anyone else bit the bullet?
  3. Techsteram datalogging cable

    I got mine from a local Ebay sale. Came in 3 days (Jan 17) approx $30 I think. Is that the same cable? Similar to this
  4. Same as above. Lexus sent me (2nd owner) a letter.
  5. well done , great looking car, I like white :) Heres some sills for you
  6. Babalouie ISF Maintenance Thread

    Thanks for the informative posts :) Bazzle
  7. Upgraded Infotainment system

    Asked Grom a couple of questions re adding (sideloading) apps and info on rev cam. Answer: Dear barry,The factory camera stays functional you just lose the factory USB port function in the vehicle.You can install applications from the google play store as well as "sideload" applications of your choosing.The ISF touch screen is a single point touch style screen and does not allow "drag and swipe" or multi touch gestures. Using applications outside what we offer bundled in the vline unit may not work or may have limitations due to this, there are up and down side arrows on the screen but may not do all the functions you need for those apps as they were not designed for our unit or that vehicle. In that case you would need to use a keyboard/touchpad/mouse/controller for full usability of those applications
  8. Having one issue that I didnt have before. When I stop an oily smell comes up into the cab, mainly thru the dash vents. I thought it may of been oil from oily hands on the cat convertor and would burn off but it hasnt changed. Ive checked for leaks around trans, engine, diff joy. Anyone know if there is a breather on the top of the gearbox?
  9. Upgraded Infotainment system One of these? Where did you purchase? Mine is an IS350 2011 (oz)
  10. Acceleration pedal and engine response

    Does the 250 have the ECT mode button on the dash like the 350? If so use that setting.
  11. New link Hopefully will last a few days SL-OZ-22.rar - 1.4 GB Click "free download button" Click captch (Im not a robot box) Create download link Go
  12. Thanks to gfs250's recommendation I had mine done today. The oil came out black, but that doesn't always mean a lot. Filter wasn't too bad and no buildup on the magnets in the pan. Was easy to flush thru as mine has an heat exchanger on the side. Had the diff oil changed as well. That just looked like diff oil when it came out Right again for the next 70k's Cost for trans oil change and filter $440 An hours driving it just felt nice and smooth, not much noticeable difference but most of my runs are in top gear on freeways atm anyway. Bazzle Kewish Automotive (David) Address: 29A Amberley Cres, Dandenong South VIC 3175 Phone: (03) 9793 2220
  13. Have a read of this thread