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  1. Ive lightly scuffed my front left rim on a kerb Can anyone recommend a colour that works with the IS350 F sport rims? Thanks BAz
  2. ACE exhaust in Heatherdale rd Ringwood make up complete systems. They do a rear muffler and tip replacement. Will get them to do that to mine in the new year. Bazzle
  3. Found I had to cut a small bit out where the headlight sensor is under the windscreen, other than that OK :)
  4. Carbon build up / Italian tune.

    Grunge can also get into intake runners , ports and on rear of valve for a variety of other reasons as well. A good long drive will reduce a lot of this.There may come a time though when a can of Seafoam (Subaru Inlet cleaner) will do wonders.
  5. ISF workshop manual

    Some links to follow up on: ask here IS350 ? OR IS-F books pricey
  6. Is an LS350 the same as an IS350? If so if you have the DVD map model it can be done from the post further down the page. If its the SD card version you are stuck with updates from Toyota only atm. Note: DVD map version has 2 little holes each side of the lower clock panel that you insert a rod into to remove panel and show DVD map slot. (The removal tools should be in the tool kit)
  7. Carbon build up / Italian tune.

    350 (2011) has both direct AND indirect. Issue very much reduced.
  8. You dont say what series 1, 2, 3? IS350 (My choice) IS250
  9. It just sits over it. The velcro tabs wouldn't do anything. The mat is also soft not heat formed. I also doubt it would affect the operation of the bag as the force they go off with would force it thru the windscreen... In the pics I haven't pressed it down onto the tabs yet. Looks better in the flesh.
  10. USA fob key

    Didn't go ahead. Sorry. Couldn't justify the cost for a card. I did find a post on an US Lexus forum re an Ozzie who got one and it worked. Something re ensuring the frequency was correct. Had a look for the post but its alluding me atm. Baz
  11. Received and fitted this 2 days ago. Description says IS250 but fitted my IS350 12/2011 ok. Cant see why it wouldn't fit the ISF as well. Was hard getting the little Velcro pads to stick to hot dash but an isopropal wipe helped. Also you push the front of the mat down to bottom of glass and it is held there as well between dash and glass. Purchased as I was getting a real lot of radiated heat from the top of dash. On Wednesday when it was hot (sun-shining also directly on dash) there was a noticeable reduction in radiated heat. Well worth the $25
  12. Carbon build up / Italian tune.

    Just be careful to ensure water flow is very minimal to prevent hydraulic lock. Other than that ...yes... it does work well. We used to do it a lot (in the past) for that purpose.
  13. The links in one of my earlier threads are for V22, I doubt too much has changed since then? This is the Mitsubishi V23 one. magnet:?xt=urn:btih:DFA70DBB4F1E709A13DB4D30AE5D76DFBA1650F6 Magnet for the MMCS V23 pw-DU4PnKzHEDGjDgLz It does have the loading.kwi on the disk though. If that can be used on the Toyota DVD it 'may' work. Haven't got time to 'play' atm.....
  14. Downloaded V23 for Mitsubishi yesterday :) Not Toyota yet unless it can be used?