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  1. Thanks I was thinking of getting one off them . I wont now
  2. I'm looking at updating my maps also
  3. WTB ISF

    Thanks mate I'll do that today
  4. WTB ISF

    A bit out of my price range atm :-(
  5. WTB ISF

    Here it is :-) Just needs a little tidy up that's all
  6. Rr racing vs figs

    Let us know how they go and feel like once installed ?
  7. ISF Watch

    Where are you located ?
  8. Tyre noobie yep that's the ones
  9. Tyre noobie

    I just check them out around $550 to your door
  10. Tyre noobie

    Where about are you getting the bushes from ?
  11. USA fob key

    Thanks mate
  12. USA fob key

    Have you got the numbers on the credit card and the part number of the card please as I might get one soon .Thanks
  13. USA fob key

    Sorry mate .No its the std fob not the credit card one . All the numbers on the US one was the same .and it program in straight away .I'm not sure if all of the US ones will work but this one did
  14. USA fob key

    Yes it all worked out the key program straight away and the guys at sci fleet Toyota did it for nothing also .Lexus was going to charged $90 to do it
  15. USA fob key

    Yes I did find out .