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  1. LC500 Exhaust..

    Look a lot better at my place
  2. ISF belt slip at high RPM

    How did you go with this ? because mine has started to sound ive got a supercharger now lol
  3. PPE header group buy

    Do you have to get a tune if you put on headers ?
  4. LC-F V10 twin turbo

    What the new LC F may look like .A 4.0L twin turbo V8 with around 600hp
  5. WTB ISF Front black head rests

    Thanks But I couldn't find anything on their website for a ISF
  6. As the title said I'm after the front pair of black ISF head rests .I know it might be a long shot but i'm hoping some one will have a pair :-)
  7. Thanks I was thinking of getting one off them . I wont now
  8. I'm looking at updating my maps also
  9. WTB ISF

    Thanks mate I'll do that today
  10. WTB ISF

    A bit out of my price range atm :-(
  11. WTB ISF

    Here it is :-) Just needs a little tidy up that's all
  12. Rr racing vs figs

    Let us know how they go and feel like once installed ?
  13. ISF Watch

    Where are you located ?
  14. Tyre noobie yep that's the ones
  15. Tyre noobie

    I just check them out around $550 to your door