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  1. Lexus isf kit

    $350 posted from the states
  2. On the highway with cruise control I had mine down to 7.3L per 100k
  3. ISF belt slip at high RPM

    There's a guy in the US say's it could be the A/C compressor thats causing the belt to slip
  4. WTB ISF

    Thanks Sparky. Yes I know .plus they've been a dream car of mine since they first came out next to the LFA :-)
  5. WTB ISF

    Thanks mate
  6. WTB ISF

    Thanks .Yes its a 2010 done 103.000ks smoky granite mica paint on it .Beautiful car and wow its fast :-)
  7. WTB ISF

    Thanks Mate . I picked one up yesterday I couldn't turn it down for $34,000 needs a bit of a clean up but mechanically its perfect .Now I can see why you guys love the ISF's
  8. Anyone knows if there's someone wrecking a isf because I'm after a set of isf exhaust tips
  9. Lexus isf kit

    PM sent
  10. WTB ISF

    Wanted to buy A ISF must be a 2010 or later my max budget is $45.000 .Prefer in QLD but will consider ones in NSW as well . Cheers Bill Call or text me on 0422131001
  11. Isf Owners Post Up Pics Of Your Isf!

    Blue and Black are my favourite colours .I'm deciding which one to buy right at the moment :-)
  12. New member

    Beautiful car and welcome to the club ...
  13. Isf Owners Post Up Pics Of Your Isf!

    Beautiful car Mate .I'm after one aswell but a 2010 model
  14. Hi Everyone

    Hi I'm Bill .I currently have a IS300 but im looking for a isf now as the Is300 is a bit too small for me . Plus I've learnt a lot from all the information that's in this site .Thanks