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  1. When i had mine tuned , there was a code that got tuned out , Sonny came in and showed me on his I pad that it had been cleared I thought I had a photo but can't find it. Also had a live circuit that Danny sorted for me .
  2. Nice ,black on black clean looking car mate
  3. So this happened today , went for a look and drove out on these . XXR527 Matt black . Front and rear 38 offset .19x8.75 front vredestein fronts 225/40/19 19x9.75 rear . Ado8 Yokohama rears 265/35/19
  4. Thanks mate . It's good to own a rare model of car .
  5. Thanks for that mate . Nice car you have there looks the goods .
  6. Here is the result of swift springs. Sits nice now for a set of wheels
  7. Caltex 98 on the day , sonny reckons it's a low reading due my exhaust cross piece isn't the same length from both headers . He thought it should have been over 270kw . Headers are next on the list , but first swift springs going on tomorrow , then find a set of wheels .
  8. Already done that . Made 20 extra kilowatt at the wheels and plenty more torque.
  9. Thanks mate for that just want no issues with scrubbing tyres. 35 offset is there standard of these wheels
  10. Below are the wheels I'm looking at . Would they Fit with a 35 offset all round want to get 19x8.5 front 235/35/19 want to get 19x 9.5 back 265/35/19 guards are rolled and swift springs installed . Cheers in advance
  11. Nice mate , don't see many in this colour , welcome
  12. Installed my oil air separator recently
  13. I get my swift springs installed on Wednesday. Cost to Sydney was 700 delivered
  14. Cool what's the address and I will head down cheers mark
  15. Yeah it's not much down low but when she's opened up noticed a lot more . Had two little slips in the wet on the way home