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  1. PPE header group buy

    Ppe headers are here , good Xmas present. Thanks to Danny for organising the group buy . Now too the new year of installation and tune .
  2. PPE header group buy

    That's good news , hopefully have them the week after as I have booked mine in for installation on the 3 of October
  3. PPE header group buy

    Hey mate are you going back to sonny to retune your car . If you are has he quoted you how much . Cheers
  4. Isf Owners Post Up Pics Of Your Isf!

    Here are a couple of pics of my ride taken today
  5. PPE header group buy

    this is also on my list on my list after the headers which are purchased already with group buy.
  6. PPE header group buy

    Thanks mate , I will drop it down one afternoon let me know when it suits you . cheers
  7. 19s or 20s on the ISF

    Yeah they are 94w . Wouldn't know on the load option as got them in a package . Cheers
  8. PPE header group buy

    Hey Danny , being tax time there might be a possibility that I could get a set . Price pending too . Cheers

    When i had mine tuned , there was a code that got tuned out , Sonny came in and showed me on his I pad that it had been cleared I thought I had a photo but can't find it. Also had a live circuit that Danny sorted for me .
  10. 19s or 20s on the ISF

    Nice ,black on black clean looking car mate
  11. 19s or 20s on the ISF

    So this happened today , went for a look and drove out on these . XXR527 Matt black . Front and rear 38 offset .19x8.75 front vredestein fronts 225/40/19 19x9.75 rear . Ado8 Yokohama rears 265/35/19
  12. Swift Springs

    Thanks mate . It's good to own a rare model of car .
  13. 19s or 20s on the ISF

    Thanks for that mate . Nice car you have there looks the goods .
  14. Swift Springs

    Here is the result of swift springs. Sits nice now for a set of wheels
  15. Caltex 98 on the day , sonny reckons it's a low reading due my exhaust cross piece isn't the same length from both headers . He thought it should have been over 270kw . Headers are next on the list , but first swift springs going on tomorrow , then find a set of wheels .