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  1. Brake calipers now painted classic Brembo red. Caught the old girl in some nice light this afternoon at my shop!
  2. Awesome thats the same tyre combo Im going for, my front are +35 so will be pretty much same fitment
  3. CVT's look so good on our cars, 20x9 and 10.5? Ive just ordered same size rims, what size tyres did you go for?
  4. Swift springs installed and front lip. Really want some Vossens bad now! Yep Bayson R, under 300 shipped, its actually really good, urethane so its flexible and wont break, im going to paint it gloss black soon. Got my spacers on this week too. New wheels on the way but 4-6 week wait :( Cant come soon enough...
  5. Swift springs installed and front lip. Really want some Vossens bad now!
  6. Hey guys, just installed some Swift lowering springs (which are great by the way), but my AFS light is on. Read up on it and its very common, maxed out the adjuster on the rear LCA and it hasn't fixed it. Anyone experienced this before? Snap On scanner didnt pick up any error code to clear but wondering if its just a matter of visiting Toyota/Lexus and getting them to clear it? Thanks in advance
  7. Any chance of another group buy on the sunglasses holder?
  8. Hey guys, Ive got a pretty minor tapping noise coming from the passenger side cylinder bank after a decent drive. Completely goes away after cooling down and doesnt return, pretty random it comes back as per above long drive. The timing of the tapping isnt consistent enough to be a lifter, at least I dont think so. Just wondering if anyone has had this before? 2010 with 63000kms Cheers Adam
  9. Its transformed the car. So happy
  10. I installed the Xforce system today. Got to say its great value for money. Buying a system that cheap and having a Father that fabs some real quality systems I honestly was expecting it to be worse than it is. The welds arent fantastic but it sounds excellent and flows fine. Picked up some noticable mid range kick and loving the throttle blips on down shifts.
  11. Thanks mate, interesting, this noise is from the front for sure. Will suss it out soon enough, either way not a major issue. I notice in the Xforce for sale thread from Danny that you have the same system, I cant wait too fit mine- do you have any sound clips of yours?
  12. Cant wait too fit this up :) Cheers Danny
  13. Sent you a PM mate
  14. Wow. I had no Idea the numbers were so low. Can only be a good thing for future resale value