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  1. So far we have maybe 4... anabolic1986 (pending price) alexl8891 blkISF (pending price) banserki
  2. That last pic hahaha!
  3. Thanks for organising this. Put my name on the list for now please, Alex.
  4. Reading your other posts sounds like yours is quite a beast. Still umming and uhhing about ppe headers. Wondering if the gains are worth the cost at the moment. Topic has been done to death but what about your 2c?
  5. Nice looking F, would know if I saw that one, love the plates!
  6. Hello gents/ ladies Just wondering how many Brisbanians out there. Have been seeing a few out towards Chandler/Capalaba area lately. Seen a black, silver and white one so far. But few and far between sights for me. Still kinda rare I guess.
  7. Any updates on stock for ISF?
  8. Mmmm will look into this. Done it yourself?
  9. 34,931!!!!!!! Holy smokes that's amazing. Your car must be immaculate, must look like it drove off the showroom floor. Wish I could do that, mine is now a daily driver, part of me hurts as the k's rack up but I enjoy driving it too much.
  10. Anymore future mods? How many kms have you racked up in it if you don't me asking?
  11. Yeah I expect the price will still be exorbitant (which is a damn shame!) but the shipping costs will be much lower which is better than having to pay for full amount. According to Lexmania he has an installer who can install it for a very good price. That is for NSW people only. The ISF is fast, but it needs to be faster and more violent... not enough violence lol. I'll let you all know about the price.
  12. Do you have exhaust as well? Or just stock with headers? I've heard it's like being on sport mode all the time. Any truth in that? Yeah still searching for someone in Brisbane who can do it.
  13. BLK isf... you wouldn't be interested in a group buy or know of anyone else interested? Just trying to get a quote on it atm for PPE headers.
  14. What spacers did you get? And where from? Car looks amazing btw... can't believe how good the spacers make the car look. You looking at selling them when you get your new rims?
  15. Did this regularly on my prado due to all the red dirt I had travelled through. Never though to try it on the isf. Tried it the other day, maf sensor was pretty clean but still gave it a good spray. Felt a touch more responsive afterwards, but overall really minor. Would be a different story if sensor was actually really dirty I reckon.