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  1. Lexus of Melbourne used Valvoline 10w30 in my last 2 services and it goes alright. After 3,000km, the engine is still rather quiet, however I think the oil is just mineral and not even a synthetic blend. I use 5w30 Castrol Edge on our Aurion and Corolla and they run really well. The engine is more responsive and saves a bit of fuel compared to the original 15w40 that was used at the Toyota dealers. Engine stays quiet until well into the service interval. Then again, I can get this oil real cheap therefore I will continue to use it.
  2. Oh hello...
  3. ^ That is a rather long drive, especially as Mansfield isn't too far off from Mt Buller and that is give or take 300km from Melbourne. I've never tackled the Great Alpine Road but I heard it's a ripper. Just too damn far and long.
  4. I have a soft spot for the route going from Warburton through Reefton up to Marysville then Black Spur, and vice versa. However, the traffic might be a killer during the public holidays, especially going through Black Spur to Marysville. The road from Marysville to Lake Mountain is a killer as well, however given the snow season has started, the entry fees will most likely apply to reach the top. Deemed the best driving road in Australia according to Top Gear.
  5. Bump. Sorry to hijack the thread, however would be keen for one given a public holiday is around the corner. Please post suggestions below.
  6. Depending on where you are, you can actually grab a MY12 and maybe a MY13 for circa $55k. There's a MY13 with around 76k km for sale down here in Melbourne for less than $55k. Sorry to break the hearts of the two gentlemen above who are trying to sell their cars also in Victoria.