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  1. Your right. I took a 2010 blue isf for a test drive a while ago and loved it. I enjoyed it so much better than my Audi 2015 S3 sedan I previously had. The ISF is so well balanced, comfort and performance. The seats are so nice to sit in. I was shocked how comfortable the rear seats where. Like a lounge. Pity I won't be sitting in them much. To be honest, I had my older brother in my ear about fuel consumption. Typical accountant. I totally agree with you and I don't think it will bother me. I'm currently driving a work vehicle, a Holden rodeo 2005, petrol 4x4. That my friend, is like driving a boat. And fuel consumption, like 320km to the tank if I'm lucky, almost running on fumes. ABSOLUTE PIG You have a point about the kms. I never thought of it in that way. Nice work. I've told myself, if I do land this ISF, I'll only do tint, exhaust and flat bottom steering wheel. Problem is, I think a lot of the fun is doing the mods and seeing / feeling / hearing the results! Thanks for your advise and ideas $$$ :)
  2. Thanks Spec. I've seen your car on carsales and it's really nice. Problem is Ive got my heart set on white exterior, full black interior. My last 4 cars have been white.
  3. Hi Howiefied I think if I end up purchasing an ISF, my mods will be very similar to yours. Nice dark tint, exhaust, and possibly a flat bottom steering wheel. I can't thank you guys enough. You have put my mind at ease.
  4. Hi Howiefied How good is the information you supplied?!?!! Is this an app? I'm guessing you had to add all the information in to track your consumption? Without breaking out the calculator, I think I was pretty close guessing 380km per tank with urban. I found a thread on this website after I messaged my question, with all different results, some good, some really bad. From memory, your ISF is fairly modified. Modified cars normally consume more fuel? What fuel do you run? Lastly, I really appreciate the advise and help I have had from this forum. Every question has been answered with clarity and sensibility and has put my mind at ease. Which now brings me to another question. In the back of my mind, the 69k on the clock is bugging me a little. I would love a 40-50k ISF, 2012+, white, one owner, non smoker etc. I have been looking for 6 months or so. The vehicle I have found ticks all boxes, but not the kms. A lot of the vehicles I looked at were 60k plus. Also, I've noticed a lot have been multiple owners. My next point is I would probably do around 8k a year. Am I over analysing things?
  5. Hi guys Just a quick question. What sought of Km's do you get with your isf's? My driving is mainly urban so I would expect around 380km per tank? Am I under estimating or over estimating? I appreciate the point about it depending on how you drive.
  6. That's a positive. Let's hope after all the help I've received from you guys the inspection comes back good. I'll keep everyone posted 😁
  7. Awesome help! Thanks for the lead. I agree about the Bluetooth. Just another thing to go wrong. Very nice feature tho regarding the valve. I'll def look into it. The faults you had concerns me a bit but I'm guessing it was covered under warranty?
  8. Hi Howiefied, I have another question, sorry for breaking them! Does your ISF side mirrors dip when you put the vehicle into reverse? I remember my 2012 is350 f sport. I really liked that feature.
  9. Hi Blk ISF. Thanks for your detailed post. The detailed inspection is money well spent I feel. The exhaust is the first thing I will be doing. I saw a 2011 ISF white for sale not long ago on carsales, with a X-force varex full stainless steel catback exhaust with remote on/off. The seller stated it was $2000 fitted and sounded amazing when valve opened. I actually like the sound of that idea. Thoughts? I think my biggest problem will be finding people in Perth that I can trust to do work like this. Might have to drop a message in this forum if I end up with a ISF.
  10. Great idea Bazzle. I have previously driven a few different types of vehicles (Ford EL XR8, Toyota Hilux 2010 SR5, Lexus IS350 F Sport 2012, Audi S3 Sedan 2015) I have to admit, my favourite was the Lexus. Although the Audi was a great car, it wasn't comfortable. I felt like a race boy. Suspension was garbage, even though it had the magnetic ride. I remember when I purchase the IS350, I looked at the ISF but didn't dare take it for a drive as I knew I would have been hooked!
  11. Hi Howiefied I would miss the auto folding mirrors. Is it a auto sparky job to fit the mod or plug and play? I'm a sparky by trade but I find our wiring to be a lot simpler compared to automotive. I could live with the Bluetooth setup. Did this model of ISF have a hard drive to upload music? Am I pushing my luck?
  12. Hi Water, fair comment. Before receiving Howiefied's message I didn't know it was just oil changes. If I was to purchase this particular vehicle, I would do the next service with Lexus as it sounds like a major, plus it wouldn't hurt to have it plugged into there computers to check over 😊