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  1. I’ve had the same tuner for close to 10years now, 3 vehicles later and never had any issues. His knowledge and experience is mind blowing, in saying that mine was the first isf for him to have a crack at. He was successful in a little over a week using a few different programs combined as he created majority of his own. 4-5 days on and off the dyno and hours of road testing as well as a few track mornings out a Queensland raceway and I haven’t looked back. My tune was about 1500 but he admitted he couldn’t charge for the actual time spent on the vehicle. Comes down to who u know I suppose. If you get a chance to study how these cars are you’ll learn on the dyno that power starts dropping off well under 7000 and the 7200 redline was made for guys that wanted that little bit more before gear change due to hitting limiter before the 1/4 finished. I was just curious as to why yous felt the need to check your tunes that’s all.
  2. Troubles? Why not take it to a reputable tuner here, check the afr’s and overall map rather than playing tune ping pong across the world?
  3. HKS SSM Exhaust

    As far as I know it has been a discontinued item for a very long time, my mid section was about $900 as there wasn’t much to it.
  4. New Front Pads & Rotors

    I tried that with a square set of works in 18x9.5s and advans. Expensive exercise but in the end the range for decent semis in 18s is endless and cheaper compared to 19s.
  5. HKS SSM Exhaust

    Ppe, custom mid and hks ssm at full noise 730D658F-7949-4AF1-B3B5-1CDF5E69068E.mp4
  6. Changed car care brand. Sort of.

    I love bowdens products, their interior and leather love/guard works awesome on the leather. For the outside I use their snow foam first, use the car wash below bought in bulk majority of the time just use that thru the foamer gun and rinse. I wash it with a mit maybe once every 6 months, usually use bowdens lazy wax and fully slick after most washes. Gets polished using McGuires every 6 months or so, front end is pretty smashed with chips but rest comes up pretty mint.
  7. Local Supercharger Expert - ISF

    They don’t do tuning themselves, no dyno at their facility. A mate of mine use to manage the shop and most jobs are just generic files and they load them up.
  8. Local Supercharger Expert - ISF

    I spoke to bullet back in 2014 when I purchased my isf. They were very hesitant and couldn’t garuntee it would be successful, with a top mounted setup you’d loose direct port and only way around that is to convert it to sequential injection. Funny enough I already have a loom to support this plus a flex sensor using a haltech elite. My tuner is literally half an hour drive from bullets workshop.
  9. isf headers ppe

    Think we spoke on the phone today
  10. isf headers ppe

    I have a drivers side ppe for sale, open to offers. A good fabricator should be able to knock up a passenger side easy as. In Brisbane and can ship
  11. HKS SSM Exhaust

    I’m from Brisbane
  12. HKS SSM Exhaust

    I have a hks ssm on my isf, will upload some clips tonight if youd like? im running ppe headers, custom straight through mid section to the hks ssm. It has quite a loud raspy sound casually driving and on decel and is quite vocal on wot lol
  13. WTB - ISF Rims

    Older style or the newer style?
  14. SOLD - Facelifted 2007 IS250X

    The market for is250s is a dead market, soo many on car sales as it is. I had a 08 x manual, mint paint with heaps of tasteful mods with 205ks, lexus history etc. Ended up stripping some of the mods and just left coilovers in and is350 brake upgrade. Sold as is for 12k as is to a family member, had trade in offers of under 10k but thats how it is. Given the age of yours low teens would attract alot more buyers.