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  1. WTB - ISF Rims

    Older style or the newer style?
  2. The market for is250s is a dead market, soo many on car sales as it is. I had a 08 x manual, mint paint with heaps of tasteful mods with 205ks, lexus history etc. Ended up stripping some of the mods and just left coilovers in and is350 brake upgrade. Sold as is for 12k as is to a family member, had trade in offers of under 10k but thats how it is. Given the age of yours low teens would attract alot more buyers.
  3. What's your fuel economy?

    No, hes always been quite conservative with how hes tuned all my cars over the years especially knowing how I drive them lol
  4. Isf Owners Post Up Pics Of Your Isf!

    The mrs racing at motive half mile last year at stanthorpe
  5. What's your fuel economy?

    anywhere between 10-12 on average with normal/ spirited driving around 15 on track on long trips its dropped into the high 7s Tuned by James at BPS
  6. Rr racing vs figs

    You have a part number or link?
  7. Tyre noobie

    On a positive note, highly rate the nitto nt05 245/35 and 275/30. I do a fair amount of track mornings a year and always drive the car quite spiritly and still get a good 10,000 ks outta them. They are classed as a semi and have awesome dry grip, wet isn't too bad overall. But if you want more ks out of your tyres don't get these as they're quite soft.
  8. Tyre noobie

    Whatever you end up choosing make sure you check the load and speed ratings on them. Could void your insurance in an event, last time I got pulled over they had nothing they could get me on, desperate enough they checked the tyre placard lol
  9. New spark plugs

    http://www.rr-racing.com/Lexus-IS-F-NGK-One-Step-Colder-Plugs-Includes-8-P-p/rrr.ngk2309.htm he also has normal ones for same price
  10. USA fob key

    I guess you'll find out
  11. USA fob key

    yahoo auctions, jesse streeter, nigel jdm. Theyll all good, dyor
  12. USA fob key

    Get them outta japan, heaps cheaper
  13. Lexus isf kit

  14. Full RR Racing upgrade package installed in Melb

    Even with the cats gone the stock headers are restrictive but 360hp is a good effort though, it would have been more worth while getting the headers followed by the tune. But comes down to whether one can justify spending close to 3 grand for 30-40hp gain is another thing.