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  1. rcf wheels still for sale?


  2. Full isf body kit All oem complete parts Front and rear bars, guards and side skirts All in black, sides in grey Was planned to f the wife's is250 but never got around to it. Guards not pictured but in mint condition, few minor scratches from storage etc. Perfect for is250/350 Located in Brisbane Can help with delivery within brisbane. $2500, am neg for quick sale
  3. Black lexus ISF seats, blue stitching Fronts and back all in very good condition Fronts don't have headrests,(is250 ones have same fitment) Price accordingly to compensate front headrests not supplied. Currently removed from vehicle Located in Brisbane, southside $1200 Can assist with shipping within brisbane
  4. I run a Nitto nt05 275/30 on the rear currently and have no issues, previously ran a 265/35 kuhmo ps91 and they were fine aswell for daily duties. On the rim size with a 9.5 rear anything less than a +40 you may experience slight scrubbing with a 275. Pending ride height and camber ofcourse
  5. Pretty much researched and followed these setups to death, I find the us guys turbo kits a bit half assed. More about the efame for them over there
  6. Id wait till the dollar gets better, I bought my headers before buying my isf lol the dollar was a lot friendlier back then. But at the end of the day the headers are a pretty big game changer.
  7. My car came with a JoeZ intake/filter, gutted mid section and a hks ssm and it make around the 250kw atw, from there we put on ppe headers and made a new custom mid section it made 270ish kw consistently. Got it tuned by BPS back in 2015 and bumped it up to around 290kw at the wheels, gains werent too drastic power wise but we gained 80nm torque across the range and power came on harder eariler, think he said he also played around with the auto settings. Throttle response was dramatically improved as well as up and downshift motions, will post up dyno sheet when i get a chance.
  8. Thanks, plates have only been on for about a year, im on the southside out at greenbank but forever out at queensland raceway and down the goldy.
  9. Work Kiwami 19x8.5 +35 and 9.5+38, nitto nt05s 245/35 front and 275/30 rear No scrubs with flush fitment, didnt want scrub as it sees the track regulary.
  10. Another ran a 11.30@127, not long after the kit he had engine failure and lost some compression. Was too much for the high mileage ISF. I was talking to Rafi about purchasing just the mounting/hardware kit off him so save weight in shipping as the SC unit can be purchased locally and the fmic can also be fabbed up locally for cheaper. I put the figures together and it added up around 10,000-10500AUD including all parts and fitted. Touch up on my tune would also be required but that would only be a couple hundred. Since then ive researched and decided to do a rear mount single turbo with a precision 6766, there is ample room under the rear. This turbo will be efficent/responsive enough to run half a bar or a little more no worries, will run its own oil setup in the rear to save running lines to the front, either pwr air to air fmic will be fabbed up or water to air.... not sure yet. Will also just do a simple fuel system intank pump upgrade and all together it should produce around 550rwhp quite comfortably. If further tuning is required or I want to shift to the e85 life I have already had a custom plug and play loom made utilizing a haltech elite so i can in future run a flex sensor. Have purchased some of the main pieces to the puzzle already but will be moving forward after tax time.
  11. Profile autosports and tuning in Cleveland install mine a few years ago without any dramas
  12. Hey guys, kinda new to this forum. Been mainly living off the fb lexus pages for years, Have a 11 ISF, Mods include PPE headers, custom mid section and hks rear ssm, usual joeZ intake etc,few carbon and novel ad ons, upgraded pads and rotors, work kiwami wheels wrapped in nitto nt05's, few underbody braces, toms strut braces, RR Aos and a custom tune performed by james at Bayside Performance Services (BPS) back in early 2015, recently been back for a check up and power levels is still a consistent 285-295kw atw. Had the car since 2014 and have driven it the entire time like it was built to be driven, countless track events and cant fault the car at all. Considered doing the RR racing sc setup off rafi but decided to do a rear mount precision turbo setup which will be alot cheaper and more efficient. Updates will come once it gets started. Pete
  13. Brisbane ISF owner here
  14. I had this code thrown when my car got tuned back in 2015. It was to do with the throttle body parameters i think my tuner said, anyway he dialed a couldnt measurements back and I havent had any re occurances in over a year now.
  15. It can be done but you wouldn't gain a lot na, however gains would be quite substantial if running e85 when boosted. About a year ago i went to the exent of getting a custom plug n play loom made up to utilize a haltech elite to run a flex fuel sensor, which also runs fuel and ignition timing as I was looking boost my isf at the time.