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  1. Not necessarily IS-F specific, as it relates to the 2006-2013 Lexus IS chassis in general - but i have made some initial inquiries and done some basic research on upgrading/updating the IS-F stereo/nav etc as it's very much outdated, quite daggy and not great to use in my opinion. I was wondering if anyone else on here has done a similar update? Stinger sell the complete new dash trim assembly (not cheap...around $1200) and it incorporates a new little screen and controls for the HVAC unit. Android Auto/Apple Carplay head units can be purchased over a large price range from the basic ($400 approx) with many of the better ones around $700-900. So it's roughly a $2000 investment to update the dash and stereo/nav. No doubt the price of the Stinger dash kit is enough to turn most away, but was just wondering if anyone has done the upgrade and if you are happy with it. Please feel free to share pics too.
  2. ISF belt slip at high RPM

    Thanks all for the responses - i will soon be ordering a new belt tensioner from USA and a new drive belt and installing both to get rid of this noise.
  3. Hi all, Im sure im not alone here, but my ISF has a loud belt slip noise which occurs generally on higher RPM gear changes. I have heard this on several Youtube video reviews and read topics on US forums about it - so i assume its somewhat common. My question is - what methods have people used to stop or reduce the slip? New tensioner? New belt? Any spray for the belt to make it more sticky? Does the tensioner allow any ability to adjust the tension or is it spring loaded and therefore auto tensions? Any comments would be appreciated.
  4. Isf Owners Post Up Pics Of Your Isf!

    Thank you - my 2 preferred exterior colours were silver or blue with the ivory interior but i just couldnt find an ivory interior that had been looked after...they were all trashed. So i decided black was my interior colour.
  5. Isf Owners Post Up Pics Of Your Isf!

    Hi all - new member here. Just got my IS-F a few months ago from Brisbane. Was in pretty desperate need of a paint correction and a thorough detail inside and out, but its looking great now. Have started doing a few little mods and enjoying the car alot.
  6. Isf Owners Post Up Pics Of Your Isf!

    Looks great with the spacers - have you got specs / brand info you wouldn't mind sharing? The rear wheels in particular need a good 10-15mm to make them look good. Any scrubbing?
  7. Thanks for the info - i was looking for some nice quality LED's to update the interior lights - just placed an order the VLED's.
  8. New member

    Hi All, New member here and first Lexus experience. Previously had several Japanese and Euro cars (Nissan 200sx S14a and S15, and MK6 VW Golf R and VW Golf GTI) but after some annoying issues with the VW's i was looking for a trouble free (hopefully) new car experience and really wanted my first V8 after owning multiple 2.0L turbo 4 cylinder cars. Was also looking at the C63 AMG and BMW M3 as well as the IS-F, but the IS-F by far had the best reputation in terms of reliability and trouble free operation - which ultimately swayed me towards the Lexus. Purchased my MY12 IS-F from Brisbane a few months ago (1 owner, 42,000km, blue with black leather) after scouring CarSales for about 4 months and loving it so far. Drove it back down to NSW (Newcastle) over a weekend with my wife. Have spent the past few months getting it looking nice (was in desperate need of a very good detail inside and out and paint correction which i did within the first few weeks of owing the car) and its looking really smart now. Have already replaced the brakes (disks and pads) and just purchased a Xforce exhaust. Looking forward to learning from other member on this forum and contributing when suitable. My brother works for Lexus Newcastle so if anyone in NSW is looking for a new or used Lexus let me know and ill put you in touch with him.