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  1. Yeap in for me. Will drop by and say Hi. No cruise . White MY13 ISF
  2. Isf Owners Post Up Pics Of Your Isf!

    the one without the stock wheels looks tough and some how looks like the bigger brother of the stock wheel ISF
  3. I'd be interested in just meeting up and say hi.
  4. ATF Fluid

    What would the recommended intervals be? Also isn't the ATF for the life of the vehicle?
  5. It's hard to gauge against others in a tight race as there's nothing to keep drivers in check during the rolling portion (start). Although most drivers seem to get their act straight and have a honest race during the Eliminator portion (last man standing). Definitely worth going as it's probably the closest feeling in what it would be like in Fast n furious / Need for speed.
  6. Yes and Yes. Make sure you buy your tickets online Here. Its cheaper online then at the gates. You can walk through the pits freely too, sometimes its alittle dangerous as not all participants follow the speed limit so watch out. You can even watch from the barrier, so you're right up close although from the Grand Stand is better.
  7. When's the next rolls race on? I wanna hear this beast in action.
  8. NSW - WTB - White Lexus IS-F 13"/14"

    Cheers for the interior tip blacky. How is your interior holding up now? And I had no idea white on white is rare. I wonder if it's due to the fact that people in general avoid white interior and white isf are scarce?
  9. ISF workshop manual

    cheers Petro. I was after something more like a blow out diagram each section of the car with some detail steps on service procedures, like for example flushing coolant, oil change, suspension diagrams, electronic diagrams and such,
  10. ISF workshop manual

    Hi, Has anyone got a link to the full Lexus workshop manual? Something similar to the Haynes manuals you can buy. Or better yet, the OEM part number so i can try and try order it from Overseas. Fleabay has some dodgey looking listings but I'm not willing to risk it.
  11. NSW - WTB - White Lexus IS-F 13"/14"

    Thanks guys, yes I think a clear bar on the front bar is least I'd do, maybe full bonnet too. Kyo, Located in SW Sydney and thinking about having a chat with bright shine detailing, I've heard good things about him. Will send you a pm too
  12. Legend Baza. I'll try be trying this out soon.
  13. Any more updates here BCHLER? Pics or videos are a must. 😁 It's nice to know at the end of the day what dollar figure a mod gives you rather then just accepting the marketing hype around it.
  14. NSW - WTB - White Lexus IS-F 13"/14"

    I sure hope so. I'm just trying get everything in order for her arrival and research alot on preventative, mainly on cosmetic seeing as these cars are bullet proof. Any suggestions on clear Bras and paint protection?
  15. NSW - WTB - White Lexus IS-F 13"/14"

    Sure. Managed to snap one up from QLD. Some of you may have seen it on carsales. It was only posted last week and I bought it sight unseen within that week. It's being frieght this week. It's a 2012 MY13. White with white interior and very low KMs. 28,xxxx 😁. Haven't got any great photos of it so hope this will do.