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  1. Isf Owners Post Up Pics Of Your Isf!

    Hi All, Thanks LTuned for the advice ... again! I had no problem attaching these couple of photos this morning from my iPhone, but it wasn’t working with the iPad late last night for whatever reason. Have a great day all! Matthew
  2. Isf Owners Post Up Pics Of Your Isf!

    Hi All, I am very pleased to be the owner of a black 2010 ISF! Given all I have heard and read about these cars I am very much looking forward to getting it on the track and appreciating what this car was also designed to do. I have received my track pads, so I just need to fit these and change the brake fluid to a Dot 4. I look forward to crossing paths with other ISF owners in due course and will post a few photos when I work out how to / I am allowed ... the ‘paperclip’ and ‘click to choose files’, doesn’t appear to be working or I don’t have necessary privileges to post as yet. Matthew