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any particular reason why, other than the look at me factor? unless your living in the snow and need to warm up your car for several minutes, its rather pointless. the electric seats warm up within 30 seconds, and the heater within a minute or two. for the engine, just drive slowly for the first minute or so and you will be fine

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For the look at me factor and not being able to leave anything standard lol, i looked into it last year for my ISF.

Messaged a few different places in Sydney that actively promoted they do this kind of service like Carbon car sytems etc.

Long story short, here is their response at the time:

" Regarding your IS-F and the COMPUSTAR remote start system unfortunately we have found that the overseas Lexus vehicles differ electronically to the Aus delivered cars. 

So we cannot offer a solution for this vehicle"
Another stated that the way the Lexus ignition setup works, is those that have a working system (remote starter), once in the car, the ignition would turn off and you would need to start it again.  Im sure there are some youtube videos showing this which seemed pointless to me having to effectively start the car twice everytime when using this feature so i didnt pursue it after this as i had other mods to spend my $ on lol

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