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  2. Thanks Jaylexen for your reply.... Have you changed brake fluids for track duties?
  3. Cool and if are wheels good in wokr? I think you should write review about it at
  4. To entertain children and adults during lockdown, the team at Lexus has created some colouring templates of the Lexus LC 500 sports coupe Finished designs can be shared with Lexus on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by including the @LexusUK tag in your post. Lexus LC 500 Super GT You can create your dream racing car livery with the Lexus LC 500 Super GT car colouring template, but remember to stay within the (racing) lines. This illustration also includes racers from, BMW, Audi and Aston Martin because it commemorates the 2019 race when Super GT cars from Japan and cars from the German DTM series competed against each other for the first time. The first of these so-called ‘Dream Races’ was held at Fuji Speedway, with Nick Cassidy taking victory in the Lexus. Lexus LC Road Car If high-octane motorsport isn’t your thing, there’s a template that’s much more relaxing featuring a Lexus LC road car in two idyllic settings. The style of all these Lexus illustrations is inspired by Ukiyoe, which are traditional Japanese woodblock prints from the Edo period (1603 – 1868). About the Lexus LC 500 The Lexus LC 500 is Lexus’s flagship luxury coupe It was the first Lexus to be built on Lexus’s front engine/rear-wheel drive Global Architecture – Luxury (GA-L) platform It is the faithful evolution of the award-winning LF-LC concept car The LC 500 has a 5.0-litre naturally aspirated V8 engine and 10-speed direct shift automatic transmission. It delivers 457bhp and 530Nm of torque, enabling acceleration from 0 to 62mph in 4.7 seconds. LC 500h is a self-charging hybrid with naturally aspirated 3.5-litre V6 engine and first application of new Lexus Multi-Stage Hybrid System. It delivers 354bhp and 348 Nm of torque enabling acceleration from 0 to 62mph in five seconds. Download the templates here Archive
  5. You are correct in saying the premium algorithm differs for everyone with large variances in premiums. It helps to shop around with all the main insurance companies and calculate using the flexi premium tool to find the ideal balance of additional excess and annual premium, there is a sweet spot where if you gone beyond it, you are paying more on excess with little reward on reducing annual fees further. I am with AAMI live in Sydney (inner city) where my premium is $1,300. The reason I got this so cheap is I have enlisted a trusted family member (female & senior) to be the policy holder even know I am the RCF's owner.
  6. Not wrong. I've tried iPhone 4's and later, but they don't work. Weird thing is sometimes the display shows the music track title/artist for a few secs but then drops out. I can not get iPhones to play at all. It's a pity there's no firmware upgrade available (?), particularly for Bluetooth streaming music. The hardware is there already.
  7. 2014/2015 is black & 2016 onward is orange with the exception of the mentioned track edition which is red. You wouldn't see many of them on the road due to very limited numbers. All RC F's come with Brembo 6 pot fronts and 4 pot rears which is more than enough for street driving and will hold up nicely around the track for about 15-20 minutes sessions provided you are murdering each lap!
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  9. Want red cover 😂 Blue (Power??)
  10. I like toy review. It is easy to undenstand. Even in writing part. I know how it is hard write clear about this topic becouse I work at so have to deal with "car" topic
  11. Hi guys, Another query regarding the RCF. I know everyone's situation is different when it comes to insuring their RCF because of so many variables to consider. Just want to know which company you guys insure your RCF with and why did you chose them as your insurer. i've been doing the usualy, Shannons, AAMI, Allianz etc and they range between 1900 to 2200 for 39 year old, clean history and garage at work and home.
  12. Bump, Price drop 32k or swaps for 4WD dual cab ute with cash my way -
  13. Of all that I got from essay writer, the impeccable support is what made me swoon! Where do you find such nice people who are ready to help you out even at 3 in the morning?
  14. Its only color they all came with the same brakes except the track edition which comes with carbon disc,s . The RCF have come down to a great price ENJOY.
  15. Look essay-company com i use it since I studied at hight school so I trust them
  16. Wanting to purchase headlights fof 1994 ucf20 ls400, can someone assist please..KTB
  17. Hi guys, looking at getting back into another Lexus. I've noticed some rcf comes with black or orange brake calipers. Are there performance difference between them or just for aesthetics. The vintage I'm looking at is 2015 and 2016. The red coloured are reserved for carbon ceramic brakes and for later models. Thanks in advance
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    Good idea. Sad about the spam post between ours 😞
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  20. thanks for this article, I am am essay writer and now are writting blog about how people use cars in time of pandemia
  21. Hi Guys! I've just bought a Lexus RCF, and am looking for the wheels as shown below. Please PM me if you've got anything available, thanks; new or used works fine.
  22. Sometime student need essay help so you should know that you can use online writing service. I use it when I have not time to study becouse of work. It helps me a lot
  23. buy a toms drop in filter and be done with it less blind but more effective and resuable and non oiled so it dosnt foul the maf sensor
  24. With the way the aussie dollar is at the moment, i wont be buying this intake anytime soon 😞
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