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    Have you done any other mods?
  3. Hi all, Iā€™m chasing a set of genuine RCF, GSF or LC500 wheel set in good prestine condition with no curb rash, scratches/scuffs or other damage. DM me what you may have for sale. I am on the Gold Coast and may need freight too. Thanks in advance Cheers Mike
  4. Hi Do you still have RCF wheels for sale?
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  6. hey man Still haven't tried lol U want to go Halves ? šŸ˜„
  7. thats my mates car mines sitting on 24K kms
  8. If it was black with cream interior it'd definitely be on the top of my list. Well done on keeping the car so close to new though. It's a crazy used car market at the moment..
  9. Yeah the blade wheels are standard and the other BBS design was an optional extra.
  10. Nah, pearl white from NSW. Had FBO too and came with spare BBS wheels, steering wheels, headers and all the bits that came off it.
  11. in saying that i have a 2011 ISF pearl white with 29K kms with 1 yr rego 60k or above asking price
  12. original blade wheels were still available up to 2014
  13. Did you buy the black one from Ballarat Vic?
  14. I paid $55k for my 2011 last year with 48kms. I thought that was an awesome deal. Depends what this car is worth to you. I plan to hold onto mine forever as a collectable. Think these will be still kicking around in 10+ years due to their reliability factor. They are definitely going up in value as the v8 market is dying. Looks like the next get c63 will be a 4 cylinder hybrid of some sort.
  15. Yep, these MY12 > prices are going one direction and cant see this changing anytime soon.
  16. I am a new member and just saw your post. You probably have this sorted by now. If not then have a look at this link; https://gromaudio.com/store/vline/index.html#lexus I have been looking to upgrade my LS460 with this but haven't ordered as yet.
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