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  3. Not sure if this topic is still current - but I had the same problem recently and solved it by switching the "Auto start/stop" button on and off a couple of times and the problem was solved 🙂
  4. Great options. Thanks to all
  5. Hi there, i have these EBC Redstuff fronts on my car & they are fantastic. Hardly any dust & i have tracked the car twice. Far better than the original Brembo that were on the car from factory. Check out the link below. As for me i wanted stopping power & less dust. This is them. As for the other brands mentioned above, yeh nah.
  6. Hi there, These were Brembo front and rear rotors from the US I have waiting to put on when my pads wear out as the current ones are lipped
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  8. Hey Corey, I'm about to go through a break pad change myself and have heard good things about the Project Mu NS400's stated above. I've already put an order through for them, however I've still got about 2 weeks left to wait for the front pads to come back in stock. People over on the American forums have rated them quite well, especially in regards to brake dust. My second option was the Brembos, they're quite affordable on Sparesbox: Front set: - $116 Rear set: - $106 Pads on Sparesbox tend to go on sale quite often so they can be had for even cheaper. However, I would rather pay the mere $106 extra for the entire set of Project Mu's just based off the minimal brake dust alone, not to mention the quality. As soon as I have them on the car and bedded in I'll be happy to give you some detailed feedback.
  9. Heres what you need. $6k for a running engine, gearbox and all wiring/ecu is a bargain.
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  11. amazing what you find out. I would have never thought about putting an AMG pad on our cars. Great info @Babalouie thanks man
  12. If you're happy to stick with oem, Brembo pads are cheapest here: $153 and $117. They're proper Brembo (which means duuuuuuuust) and are actually for the AMG CLK55...which just happens to use the same caliper as the ISF 🙂 More expensive option is Endless MX72 or SS-M, which are about $800 for a set of 4. MX72 is an awesome road/track pad with little downside, and are slightly less dusty than stock (which still means way too much dust) and SS-M are street-only pads which seem to emit invisible dust but aren't up for a trackday. I have NS400 Project Mu on the wife's IS250, and I wouldn't call them low dust, more like...okay dust.
  13. a quick google search can be done before you post C1289 Description The Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) Module monitors the Pressure Transducer Redundant. The ABS Module sets the OBDII code when the Pressure Transducer Redundant is not to factory specifications. whoch means your ABS pump is on the way out give me a call on 0431149649 we can help you sort out your car at lexmania lucky we have a GS430 in stock to fix your problems
  14. If you look at the cost of other IS-F exhaust options on the market, the Xforce will be even more desirable. It is very affordable in comparison. As for noise/sound, we are all different so while many will love the sound, for me it was too loud for everyday (also i have a young child) which is why i started looking at options to quieten it down. I wish i had just bought the varex option to begin with as it would have saved me a tonne of cash. The ability to adjust the sound is great, i run the valves at 50% open for everyday driving which just takes the edge off the boomy sound but still has a nice tone to it (certainly still louder than stock). If i want to go for a spin on my own, i can open the valves up to 100% for max noise. And when i have my daughter in the car or am on the freeway etc i can make it quiet. The bluetooth "Smartbox" is definitely a nice option and i would recommend it. Varex version: Non Varex version:
  15. Thanks awesome info - thanks @_ISF I’m just planning ahead. But this will come in handy when I need it!
  16. For rotors either buy the OEM Brembo's from ebay USA (much cheaper than sourcing locally) or buy aftermarket DBA rotors from Brakes Direct: I run the street x version (the gold ones, although i painted mine black) which are both slotted and cross drilled. I have had them on the car now for about 2 years and 10,000km and they are great.
  17. The (japanese made) Project MU NS400 are supposed to be the lowest dust and are very well regarded worldside. I am thinking of buying some and this is the best price i have found: Otherwise the Winmax W1 are a good option (Japanese made). I have a set of front Winmax pads that were on my car for honestly about 2 months if you want them cheap. $80 and they are yours. I removed them and replaced with Bremtec Euroline pads because of a squeal (which turned out to be my rear pads,...not the fronts as i had thought). The Bremtecs are good, a bit cheaper but more dusty hence why i am considering getting the Project Mu's. I was going to just keep the Winmax pads as spares but if you are interested then snap them up, they would be lucky to have done 1000-1200km's.
  18. Hi, I’m looking to buy a second hand mid pipe for my 2006 IS250. If you have one lying around or am parting out please let me know. Cheers
  19. You can always hit up lexmania and see if they have trim parts for you. Much cheaper than retrimming or going to dealer
  20. Doyle’s trimming do a great deal on their dash cams installed. Can’t remember the name, but when I enquires and researched it had good reviews
  21. Are these the depo ones or glands? They look great. would look at getting these myself
  22. Such a beautiful car but heard somewhere that they are only making like 65?!!! That’s even more exclusive than The LFA! i shudder to think what the rrp will be on this!
  23. Thanks for that BCHLER. Anything OEM gave me a heart attack worth pricing. Parramatta Lexus wanted $4500 for front and rear rotors and pads !!!
  24. I’ve always run MPSS on my previous cars. Can’t best them for a good road race tyre. Will have to check out these falken and mps4 options too when it’s time to change it up
  25. So by the looks of it Varex is a no go and xforce is too loud? im looking at options for my exhaust and thought the xforce sound on clips was pretty good. Sorry to hijack. the blue tooth option for varex does sound pretty cool
  26. You may want to check out project mu or endless mx70(I think that’s the part number) that’s what I’m running on my car atm let me know if you have any further questions
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