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  3. LTuned

    new member saying hello

    Welcome, she looks good.
  4. hi everyone! Just a friendly hello to everyone. I own a 2014 is250 f sport. it's a weekend car!
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  6. ilv1004s

    Siri eyes free no available

    i dont think the early current shape RX's in aus come with apple carplay
  7. Hi All, Recently picked up a RX450h 2016 but cannot get the Siri going on the infotainment system. Supposedly you should be able to just hold down the off hook button on the steering wheel and you should be able to give a command to Siri via the infotainment system. When I try to do this all I get is a short beep sound and nothing happens. Would appreciate peoples input on this Thanks! John
  8. These people 'used' to fix them PMA auto works 213 molan street ringwood vic 3134 (03) 8838 0594
  9. Lexus Nerd

    Lexus Announces a Higher Degree of F

    Ahead of the official launch tomorrow morning (AEST), Lexus have announced the following new features in the RC F Track Edition: Improved aerodynamics, including fixed wing providing 26 kg of downforce Stiffer bushings for rear suspension arms, steering rack mounts and engine mounts Revised intake routing and a lower rpm trigger point for the secondary intake opening (2,800rpm vs 3,600rpm). Carbon fibre roof and bonnet Titanium muffler and tailpipes Brembo carbon-ceramic brake rotors (d'oh, I thought they were already standing in an RC F/GS F) with red calipers Pilot Sport 4S tyres 65 kg weight reduction and styling enhancements that improve aerodynamics and increase downforce. New launch control feature (now standard on every RC F) - targeting acceleration from 0-to-100km/h in around four seconds
  10. Precisely engineered to seamlessly push performance to a new level. The new Lexus RC F Track Edition. Overseas model shown.
  11. Hi there, I don't own an IS, I own an NX 300 and purchased my roof racks from my Lexus dealer. The roof racks are easy to fit, only take about 3 minutes to attach and same to remove. All I can say is I am so thankful that they are so easy to attach and remove, simply because they are soooo ugly on the car 😞 I was sort of hoping I could leave one on for attaching a UHF aerial to, but nope too ugly. So if you looking for something that looks good on your Lexus, you might want to look at them first, as I got mine in the box and never saw them until first time I attached them.
  12. none of my cars have the lights turned on while opening just the DRLS
  13. i have a ML unit out of a 2011 model that i can see pm me for prices
  14. Hi All, I've unfortunately just cracked the LCD touchscreen in my 2010 IS350 F-Sport (it has the Levinson sound system). Does anyone know the best way to go about getting this repaired/replaced? Is it best to go straight to Lexus servicing? I'm guessing the whole unit will likely need replacing which will be fairly expensive, so open to any suggestions or recommendations (I'm located in Brisbane). Thanks in advance!
  15. toi_isf

    Isf Owners Post Up Pics Of Your Isf!

    It's a Bayson R front lip. Link in BLK ISF's post above
  16. Hi I'm new to the IS world as well with the purchase of my IS20 last September and have come to really enjoy its handling and how flexible it is to customizing. I'm in the Albion Park area so hit me up if you ever want to chat or swap ideas about these cars. I currently have two IS200's now - bought one as a spares car but its too good to pull apart so I'm either going to re-register it and sell it or build it up as something special. I have a manual gearbox almost ready to swap into it cause I hate auto's. Cheers Mick
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  18. Ok just for reference, if someone else searches this problem. Apparently according to our owners manual, when you unlock the car using iether the handle or the FOB, the rear parking lights, the number plate lights and the front positioning lights will turn on. The front positioning lights are the daytime running lights. I was certain for the last 6 months the headlights had also turned on, this was how it worked for our Honda, but hey guess I was mistaken :S
  19. Unfortunately not me 😞
  20. banserki

    Paint correction recommendation

    Looks great!
  21. Hi fatjoe very interested but can’t commit at this point if it’s okay with you l’ll keep in touch mean while if you sell them , my loss Bones
  22. I have struts +_coils. Sent you a PM with a link to my for sale post on these forums
  23. Hi new member could anyone help with replacing front struts (coil overs) for a IS250 2006 not after lowered or race just need to replace OEM stock Melbourne vic pedders don’t stock them but can install supplied coil overs thanks Bones
  24. Imagine the LC in its most breathtaking form.
  25. Thanks for the reply, Thats what I thought as well, but I am severely visually impaired and when my wife reads the manuals etc it can be a harrowing experience 🙂 She did try to read it to me, when she said the item that had the 2 eye lashes on the stalk, this was her description of the parking lights icon as eye lashes 🙂I asked her to stop, but I guess will wait until we are back at the dealer and get them to sort it out. Thanks
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