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  2. I have a series 1, and comes up as Prestige for most insurers. Sometimes, However, it is included as an option to select manually. Mine has nav, Mark levinson, sunroof, sports pedals, starfish wheels. re2011 model, this may help:
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    hi all, anyone keen on swapping me their standard cat back exhaust for an x force system?
  6. congrats on the lexus.. love the white paint job..kinda miss my white isf awesome engine note past 4k rpm
  7. I will check it out. It came straight from Lexus Gold Coast who had serviced it and put on 4 Yokohama tyres, so I would hope they have put the wheels on their correct side. Had a fantastic drive back to Sydney over a week, in and out of the coastal ranges. A real wolf in sheeps clothing when you can let it loose.
  8. Sold, only have the standard Rcf wheels left
  9. Awesome, that`s a good price 👍
  10. Another option is the RCF/GSF bushings. I went from RR to RCF/GSF and many others have too from the facebook group.
  11. got the superpro ones for $143 delivered from sparesbox, the whiteline same is like $90
  12. Cool, it does look nicer 😁😁 i`m curious what sort of price ???
  13. the superpro one looked a bit nicer lol just got that bushing 🙂
  14. I think I've worked it out now, using CarsGuide's pricing + specs page. You can see the 'additional features' for each spec/trim level. One thing remains confusing is that in 2013 there is 'IS250 X Special Edition' and 'IS250 X Xtra' but which is it? The additional features for each of these seem to be identical.
  15. Just looked on the Whiteline website & that says it fits. Personally i`d buy it direct from Whiteline. Then any questions & you can ring Whiteline direct for help. 😃
  16. Hello, first time posting. Hopefully soon to be IS250 owner. I have a question for the more experienced than myself. Basically, how do you tell if an advertised IS250 X is actually an X and not just a Prestige or Luxury trim with an X glued to the car? I am specifically looking at a mk2 2013 IS250 X and just wondering how I can confirm it is what they say it is. Strangely, when I went to get an insurance quote and entered the rego, it was detected as a Prestige. Is their database wrong or is that perhaps more accurate than what the seller has posted for their own vehicle? Is there somewhere/somehow I can check to make sure? I have tried CarFacts and VIN Check and the best details I got was the Variant / Series of GSE20R - but this is not specific enough. Any help would be appreciated.
  17. just out of curiosity this says it will fit. any one tried?
  18. Enjoy your ISF they are a great vehicle. from your photo the rear mag wheels are on the wrong side of your ISF, the blades are facing the wrong way, they should be the same as the front mags. you should swap them over.
  19. Yes l did see the video but the Superpros are an improvement over the stock ones.
  20. Nolathane and super pro haven't got the big washer added to the inner sleave which stops deflection under braking, which is very bad with the standard ones. Compare the 2 videos, i haven't got a link but they are easy to find on utube yes they are pricey but the braking difference is worth it.
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  22. Cheers Peter 🤜🤛
  23. Man you stole them 😆 well done. I have fitted plenty of Nolethane & Superpro bushes to various vehicles and i really don`t see any difference between the 2. Superpro probably a little stiffer. May your lockdown end soon 👊
  24. Thanks Peter I actually recently fitted the Press in 90 Superpros along with HKS coilovers at the same time so it was hard for me to judge. Just looking for someone else's perspective that's just done the superpros. My car is a late 2011 build, its a MY12. It had the Sachs shocks. Car rides so much nicer, much more compliant. Seems to handle well but haven't had a chance to push it hard on my favourite rds due to lockdown. Paid $150 on sale through Sparesbox.
  25. Ela Jim No not on my car yet, it`s only just over 60,000km old so i`m not bothering yet, as for those with a more kms & think they see the need to these are a great option. Then the Superpro equivalent is more expensive, SPF3491K from Burson retails for $290.00 the kit, possibly cheaper when surfing the net. If i was looking at replacing mine i would just go with the Nolethane. We have our own business so Repco and Burson are our major suppliers. Hope this helps Jimmy 😀 I`m on the Facebook Lexus Aus if you want to message me. Peter.K
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