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  2. Howdy everyone, Recently bought 2007 400h from family friends, single owner, 154,000km and very well looked after. A Lexus just wasn't on my radar until I drove it. Previous car was a 90 Series petrol Toyota Prado = huge fuel consumption ! So far, apart from being a bit nervous about the cost of major repairs, I'm super impressed with the vehicle. I still have a perfectly intact Valet Pack too, which is something of a novelty! I'm going to spend some time reading forums about the car. Curious to know if there are service manuals available or even the list of Lexus dea
  3. Hi Nick, My 2007 400h records around 9.3 - 10.5 l/100km. the lower consumption is highway/touring. I try to be careful with wide throttle as it can greatly reduce the efficiency. ODO reading on my car is 155K with original hybrid battery.
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  6. Hi Lexus Owners I have a problem with my IS200 2002 It all first started when driving the car the revs would start to drop and the car will run really rough then stall - it would start straight up again the it would idle 2500 revs and the brake pedal would be really soft and the car would be hard to stop and crawling pace I have taken the car to my trusted Mechanic and he had it for a couple of weeks he called people and the common thing that would pop up would be that the Throttle Body was causing this whole issue - they would have the car hooked up but no error codes would
  7. upgrade to some used F sport shocks shocks arent too expensive new eirther pm me if you want a quote
  8. Good thing she changed her mind.
  9. Thanks. What a car! Even the Mrs is blown away, she wanted a Stinger!
  10. One of my favorite bands.
  11. Welcome! Hope you're doing well.
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