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  2. cheers will do. theres 2 other things bugging me about the car which hopefully i can get sorted as well: 1. drivers seat is squeaking. i believe that this is because the foam inside is rubbing against the frame. looks like a mission to get the drivers seat out of the car properley! 2. my stereo makes bluetooth phone calls, but doesnt stream bluetooth music. am looking to either upgrade to the next model stereo which does, or get some sort of aftermarket plugin. any recommendations on these 2?
  3. Yeah lucky me but anyway i found it was a m10x.15 thread The bolt not rounded but the tensioner thread is thats why im here asking the bolt thread size Anyway i got a guy to come and fix it and i might just go to the wrecker and get that bolt.
  4. Hi Joestar, I think its be best you ask to the company mechanic for that kind of bolt rounded size?
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  6. Give Lexmania a ring ask for Danny he will have one or tell you where you can buy one, you were lucky it didn't snap off.
  7. 1991 August Lexus SC400 Soarer limited Edition for parts. In Canberra. Starter motor gone, so you can either fix that and drive it away or get a tow truck and use for karts. Second engine in at 230,000kms and has done total of 300,747kms. Last driven on 4/7/19. $1,500
  8. I went with the same guys. It’s NOT an Aussie business, it’s based in the UK but they must have an Aussie agent. My CD was also delivered in 4 days in an Australia Post padded envelope. My CD also works properly. The “funds transfer” caused me to research where I located adverse criticism about them, albeit a number of years ago. However, I am satisfied with my purchase which is fully functional. There you have it for what it’s worth! $100 against >$400, your choice.
  9. So i just done my water pump and putting everything back and to the part putting back the tensioner bolt (left handed) and it rounded. So i just wanted to know what the thread size of the bolt
  10. In the fourth instalment of Journeys in Taste, we travel from New York to Chile to meet the esteemed chef Sergio Barroso of Restaurante 040 in Santiago.
  11. Maybe?
  12. My 2018 Lexus NX300 seems to having trouble with the blue tooth phone. When I receive a call and answer it, the person on the other end can not hear me. If I dial out it is the same problem. It has worked perfectly up to this point and it is frustrating to not be able to use the hands free feature.
  13. take it back to them the car is too relatively new to have anyone with similar issues
  14. What if Lexus went beyond the road? Meet the all-new Lexus LY 650 Luxury Yacht. The seagoing Lexus flagship from the craftsmen at Marquis Yachts, arriving ...
  15. Take it back to the smash repairs if the problem started after they worked on it.
  16. It's a public page and if you don't want to use FB, there is google which has all the details. If you need anything in the future you now know where to go 😃
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  18. Found one! In the past, I have looked many times for one on ebay, without success. Last night I checked the listings and there was one from a 2011 car for $125 and only 60km from where I live. Thanks for all the replies.
  19. what yr modle is your car i have a few in stock 06-08 09-10 11-13 all different
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