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  2. Hi I bought an 05 is300, I have a nice note out of the cat back I installed. But I would like to buy these 5 to 1 headers from the US for 170 AUD. From videos I've watched, the heat generated can melt your stock intake, possibly melt the fuel rail directly above them and possible cause a carpet fire if I don't try and repurpos some bits of shielding. Any advIce would be much appreciated. And yes I will be getting a retune after the header install
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  4. Update. She appears to be running fine, and according to the fuel consumption figures etc, all is good, but she has to be still running a bit rich as the exhaust pipes are black, and there is still some smell, but I still don't have any codes from either of my OBDII checkers. I am going to try disconnecting the battery for a while in the hope that it might reset the computer, but I'm not gonna hold my breath!! Other than that, I don't know. Might have to bite the bullet and go and see Toyota.
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  6. Hi guys and gals, after my recent purchase of my LX570 I've been searching for someone to do a custom exaust system but am running in to problems with finding a set of extractors. The only way I have found this to be achieved is by taking it to a place called beaudesert exhausts in Brisbane. Has anyone done this before or know of an Australian company that stock extractors for a LX570. Thanks in advance all.
  7. @BLK ISF how is this going 6 months on? I am still interested in buying one of these but still a bit skeptical.
  8. Hi everyone, I'm Cam from Gladstone central Queensland and recently purchased a nomadic blue 2008 LX570. I absolutely love it. Looking forward to becoming an active member here.
  9. Hi, I have imported a Crown Majesta S180 from Japan (basically a Lexus LS430). My previous car was an Avalon which was rear ended by a P plater at a roundabout. I want to install front and rear cameras in my new car. Can anyone recommend a decent system that works well and is easy to use? I have checked on the web and they seem to get very mixed reviews. I also want it fitted so there are no loose wires dangling about. I want the wires hidden as much as possible. I know that supercheap and autobahn say they do this but are they any good? My understanding is that they would have to install an electronic box (and of course snap out panels to put the wires inside). Are the staff up to this or should I use a qualified auto electrician? Thanks Andrew
  10. Given up on Lsd for now but have found a reasonable ratio, 3.7 going to try and fit in the next few days if I get time, if all goes well I will fit a torsen centre to the housing down the track.
  11. Seems to be all good again now. It was running fine, but even so, I did still pull MAF and clean it again, although it looked clean, and was done only a few months ago. Also cleaned and vacuumed air filter, which again was done at the same time as the MAF, also looked clean. I'm obviously keeping a very close watch on everything at the moment! It just seems strange that no Check Eng and no codes showed up. If anything else happens, I will let you know. I think it must have been one of those temporary glitches that computers can sometimes have, but I will check hoses etc. One of my LS400s had a funny one too, some time ago. It sounded exactly like a hydraulic lifter not pumping up, but they don't have 'em! Only lasted a very short while, and never did get to the bottom of it. Thanks guys.
  12. You won't get import approval unless the car is 30 years old as they are sold new here.
  13. Hi guys I've just ordered an ES 300h about two weeks ago, and I am too excited to wait for its coming! I've been driving my current CT 200h for over 5 years and I am going to give my CT to my partner and I am to drive this fabulous ES! My dealer told me I will have to wait till late June to get the car. Just wondering if he is being too it possible I can get the car earlier, say in May? Oh, I live in Gold Coast. Cheers
  14. New Lexus Owners Club member seeking advice on water leaking into cabin of my 2007 RX400H. Love the car dearly but recent heavy rain in Sydney resulted in a large amount of water getting into the cabin causing the hybrid battery to fail. Is this a common problem with the SUV because it has happened before but not to the same extent and seems to be worse when the vehicle is parked in our drive on an incline front to back? Any advice appreciated.
  15. Check for air leaks, all rubber hoses on the inlet manifold and make sure every thing is plugged in MAF etc, definably running rich let us know how you go cheers.
  16. Haha, if i hadnt of got my car tuned and then retuned after headers id consider them but more of an FYI if anyone else it considering a tune.
  17. Similar thing happened a week ago. 2003/2004 LS430. We were cruising in slow traffic, foot almost off the pedal, for about 1/2 hour driving up the length of the Gold Coast. After about 25 minutes like that, it started to misfire when we were at traffic lights. If I kept slight pressure on the pedal to bring idle up to about 900-1000, then it smoothed out. Gave it a normal run the next morning and the problem disappeared. Don't know if it was the constant slow running and maybe getting warm, or dirty fuel or something else. Sorry that doesn't answer your question exactly, but at least it seems to have fixed itself after a good long run.
  18. She suddenly started idling very slow, and surging, When I got out and went around the back, the exhausts were emitting black smoke. When I got home, I left it overnight, and it seemed to be okay this morning, except possibly idling slightly high. This afternoon she was okay for a while, then started back with the surging and slow idle, At the lowest point, about 200 RPM the CHECK ENG message flashed on for a split secvond . Other than that, there are no warnings, and one of my OBDII sensors showed no codes. Haven't checked my other sensor yet, I'll do that tomorrow. At one stage I gave it heaps, and it appeared to be quite good for a while. When I got home, there was no smoke, but there was quite a smell. I've only just now thought , I wonder if the cats might smell through working hard because of how rich it was riunning . Could that be the case? Any thoughts, anyone? Thank you.
  19. Master seems OK, The capacity in theory isn't a great deal larger considering the factory calipers. Even stopping power wouldn't be overly better, larger surface area for heat dissipation on the other hand... I only fit them due to getting them for a really good price.
  20. They look good on the car. No issues with the master cylinder size when matched to the 6 piston calipers?
  21. I've used a larger width rotor in comparison to the ISF not the IS350, the rotors is a 355 mm rotor, I've had it up and running now, seems great finished about 30 minutes ago. Wish I could have offset the caliper another half a mm in but it could possibly be something else I will sort down the track, realistically it shouldn't be a problem in terms of pad wear etc.
  22. What is the rotor off? I have rotors that look the same but are standard is350 (2011) size.
  23. This sounds excellent, it will be good to hear how you go.
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  25. For anybody interested, the last week or so I've been in the process of fitting brembos to the front of my 3IS, With a little mucking around with different rotors etc. Here is what will hopefully be the end result. Just need to bolt on brake lines, possibly take a little meat off my spacers and give them a bleed. I've used a slightly thicker rotor than factory.
  26. I've had a used 1998 ES300 for about ten years and not managed to get it legally registered here in New Zealand. Apparently when it was imported from Singapore the paperwork was lost - I am now the third in a line of stupid suckers who thought it would be easy to get re-issue of the necessary documents. The problem is that I cannot prove which standards this car was manufactured to satisfy. I managed to get a de-registration certificate from Singapore LTA, a waiver from NZTA for fuel emissions standard requirements, and because the vehicle is now over 20 years old frontal impact standards are no longer important (hey, don't ask me...). But there are still a bunch of other standards it needs to be shown to meet. For imports from Singapore the typical procedure is to show a "Technical Letter" from Singapore LTA, but after many calls and emails that has been flatly refused. I think if I knew the VIN number (Lexus VIN number, not the NZTA VIN number of course) I would be able to get somewhere, either with Toyota NZ or Lexus Singapore, and get a statement of compliance. Problem is, there does not seem to be a VIN marking in any of the typical places. I believe it should be a 17 character code like JTJBC11A202418624. I have looked: front corners of windscreen (owner's manual says VIN should be here) firewall (only 'model' and 'frame' numbers here, eg. GF-MCV20-xxxxx and MCV20-xxxxxxx) door jambs, door pillars front cross-member just above radiator under plastic trim (found a five digit number here, is this relevant?) under lining of trunk, top and bottom, under spare tire etc under lining of hood under carpet of front seat floorpans wheel wells The lower edge of the windscreen is fully black tinted and has no clear opening, which is what I've seen on other cars so that the VIN there is visible. It occurred to me that perhaps the windscreen has been replaced but I really doubt it and shining a strong light between the glass and the dashboard shows nothing there (although admittedly it's a bit hard to tell). Are there any other places I should try?
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