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  2. Thanks for the invite mate! Was a great morning.
  3. Fantastic very jealous... By the way saw your strut brace on the other thread - is it Tom's or another brand?
  4. 18ADF

    Brisbane meet

    Was good to meet a fellow member on here
  5. Hello, I’m currently looking at Enkei PF01EVO and the SSR SP01 R, my tyres are currently the stock with sizing of 225/40/18 for fronts and 255/35/18 for rears. Was thinking of getting 18 with 8.5 and 9.5 for rears, not sure of the offset as I currently have the f sport so breaks are larger.
  6. Yesterday
  7. bummmr..i dont have FB or belong to the club lexus aus
  8. I can "feel" some wheelspin coming on 🚔😞
  9. Not for the current maps but for some a couple of years old I have this download saved.
  10. 18ADF

    Brisbane meet

    It’s a private group event but it’s on club lexus Australia
  11. I have no access to the link. What is the group name on facebook so that I can join?
  12. 18ADF

    Brisbane meet
  13. Let me know when and where! Looking forward to meeting more lexus owners!
  14. Would anybody happen to have a link to a download or torrent for current model maps for a 2is Australia? Thanks for helping!
  15. i actually haven't met anyone one here keen for a meet and great if you guys are planning something
  16. Last week
  17. Another revision on the turbo sump, we were getting too much pressure so new sump got fabricated with a vent incorporated and line sizing changed. Has been driven a couple hundred ks since without a issue. Finally feeling like all the teething issues are ironing out and ready to throw some boost at it.
  18. 18ADF

    Brisbane meet

    Possibly one Sunday, I can let u know
  19. I haven't driven an IS350 with FBO unfortunately. The closest I got was a cat back and an intake. I'm sure the headers improve it a lot. I know the feeling. I loved my IS350 too much to let go so I gave it to my parents. I picked up my F with 46000kms for around 50k. There are good deals out there but you have to be quick. I've never driven a stock ISF so it is hard to say what the difference is compared to mine with FBO. From my experience so far, both IS350 and ISF are great cars. ISF is a bit quicker, has a great V8 sound and is rare. I think my favourite part is the car is the rarity. Feels like you're driving something very very special. All the best with your future purchase!
  20. Thanks for the feedback - have you owned or driven a IS350 with FBO's ? I have been thinking of trading up from 2012 IS350 F Sport to 2012 / 2013 ISF but I still have a love for my car, however want more power and I am already FBO and a supercharger doesn't make sense because I would be close to a purchase price of a ISF. In OZ now they are $50k for around 70-90 kms on the Odometer and the engine can go forever. I might do it in a couple of years, but keen to get a view on someone who have driven both FBO IS350 and ISF...
  21. That's what I was intending to do.... Just wondering if anyone has done the same and any experiences from doing so?
  22. Hi, My car is 2018, RX300 In Australia we have lot of flies - right? It is not nice to wake up in the middle of the night because there is a fly / mosquito inside the Lexus and the car alarm goes off waking up half the neighbourhood while I am looking for the Lexus key to stop the alarm. Yeah I know there is button in the inside roof, which we can press to turn the theft sensor off each time before locking the vehicle. However I would much prefer if I could revert the functionality, i.e press the button when I feel the interior theft sensor is needed. I would also be a happy owner if there is an option to disable/enable the alarm from the vehicle settings, OR even better change the sensitivity so that a fly doesn't set if off. After some research I could not find a way to do this. Hopefully someone can offer a solution.
  23. Hi guys, My 3IS F Sport has 90,000kms on it now. Despite the gearbox being listed as having "lifetime oil" I want to service it around the 100K mark for piece of mind. From researching there is plenty of info on the 2IS 6 speed but very little info on servicing the 3IS 8 speed. I have found a transmission specialist who is confident in servicing the unit performing a full flush but he is saying the filter would not be changed as it is mounted behind the valve body similar to ZF boxes? Anyone have any experience in this area or have had the box serviced. My other option is to simply have a dump and refill which is only a partial change which would at least ensure the levels are resurrected which from research is pretty critical to these boxes operating to their optimum as they are quite sensitive to dropping slightly in oil level through evaporation over time...…. Thoughts Cheers......
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