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  3. I think they worked out to Y50,000 for a full F/R set, so vaguely about A$700 delivered Edit:
  4. Jesus christ that's hefty, I hope you've found a nice indie mechanic since then haha. I vouch for the Project MU NS400. They don't feel much different to OEM, slightly better if anything, and my gloss black wheels are still gloss black after a week of daily driving along with 0 squeal. You can get a front+rear set for only $338 AUD. How much did you get your SS-M's for @Babalouie ? The cheapest I can find are approx. $500 USD, and that's only for the front set 😨
  5. I use Endless SS-M for street, they feel just like stock oem in terms of pedal feel and are basically zero dust. For track I use Endless MX72 Plus, which last for a whole trackday session without fade, seem to be kind to the discs and are actually fine for street use. They're about half of the stock pad dust...but half is still a lot 😉 so I swap to Endless street pads between track days
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    RYDGES EVERY ROOM HAS TRACK VIEWS $200 a night twin with full buffet breakfast, FANBLOODYTASTIC
  8. Hey all, Just finished my 90k service and in need of some new tyres and brakes, most likely get the whole new set now, but the service rep told me that the report states I currently only have 10% left on the front brakes(pads?) and about 50% on the rear - when it gets critically low, does the car alert us? Looking for some aftermarket options, as when I bought my car at 60k, I had all 4 front discs and pads replaced at Lexus of Brighton, which amounted to about $5.2k~ back in 2014. Any recommendations for purely street use? I thought the OEM ones were great, has a strong bite but it felt quite strong and capable. However from the second I purchased the car with the brakes replaced, I always got brake squeal when coming to a stop towards the lights. It was incredibly annoying and the only time I wouldn't hear it was straight after a good wheel clean - but it would pretty much come back 10-15 mins of driving. The amount of brake dust was also quite annoying and was hard to keep the wheels nice and clean.
  9. Hey Babs what are you running on the street compared to the track cheers. I'm on pu400 still waiting to were them down, they are a good pad ..
  10. Endless SS-M. Zero dust, but no good for track and quite pricey.
  11. Hi all I have bought an IS200 2000 a month ago in Melbourne and seems like has a blown head gasket. I am looking for someone to lead me into doing this as DIY project. I know I should take it to a mechanic, but currently just don't have the financial position to do that. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks
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  13. As i have now sold my IS-F i have the Bluetooth module linked above that i no longer have use for. As long as your car has an AUX port then you can use this device to play music via Bluetooth in your IS250, IS350 or IS-F. I got it for Christmas so its only 9 months old, and still works perfectly. I purchased a shorter AUX cable as the one that came with it was about 1m long and i only needed it to be about 15cm long as it was mounted in the centre console. Happy to provide both cables and you can choose where you want to mount it. $50 shoot me a message on here or text me zero four22 247 831
  14. Finally I managed to upgrade my 2010 R350 to 2016 V22 map version. Here is the photo to show the location of Gen3 DVD slot location. JESUS!!! Actually it doesn't require the USB activation, maybe Australian model is different from US model Thank you all
  15. I have PS4's on my 2012 IS350 F Sport. Same sizes. Purchased from Continental Tyres in Mitcham vic. Bob Jane also had them. Very happy with performance and wear. Ex in NSW
  16. Not that I have been able to find. Some members on here have purchased new but no copies yet. This is the link for V22
  17. Thanks for the input. They don't deliver MPS4s to aus in a 255/35/18 from my understanding, unless you know a source otherwise? The MPS4s were my initial option however can't seem to find anyone with them (within Aus) in that size
  18. Hi guys, So since selling my IS-F last month I have a few bits and pieces I am going to try and move on. Shoot me a text on zero four 22 247 831 or message me on here. 1) Set of 8x Brand new genuine Denso Iridium spark plugs to suit IS-F / RC-F. Part # IKBH20TT. Refer photos below. I believe these are also the same plugs used in the IS250 and IS350 but obviously you will have 2x spares. $110 + $10 postage 2) Stock IS-F exhaust system. I have the full header back exhaust including all nuts bolts etc. The exhaust was removed at approx 45,000km so it's got plenty of life left in it and has been stored in my garage since removal. Perfect for someone on a budget that might want to do a muffler delete or fit one of those exhaust cut out valves. $200 pickup only (Newcastle) due to size 2) 15mm SCC bolt on hubcentric wheel spacers. Suits a bunch of Lexus models includes GS, IS, LS etc (refer list below). A full set of 4 with all bolts etc. These are very good quality SCC brand from Germany and are hubcentric to suit Lexus. No damage and nothing wrong with them - I simply removed them from the car before selling it. These cost me $541 (happy to provide invoice to the buyer) for all four delivered from Germany and are only 18 months old. These are the exact same ones I am selling: $250 + $10 postage for the full set Car Model Type Lexus GS GRL1_, GWL1_ Lexus GS GRS19_, UZS19_, GWS19_ Lexus GS UZS161, JZS160 Lexus IS C GSE2_ Lexus IS II GSE2_, ALE2_, USE2_ Lexus IS III GSE3_, AVE3_ Lexus IS I JCE1_, GXE1_ Lexus LFA LFA10_ Lexus LS UCF10 Lexus LS UCF20 Lexus NX AYZ1_ Lexus RC GSC1_, USC1_ Lexus RX GYL1_, GGL15, AGL10 Lexus RX MCU15 Lexus RX MHU3_, GSU3_, MCU3_ Lexus SC UZZ40_
  19. I have been running Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres on my ISF for a few years now, & they are a good tyre, you will enjoy them. The newer Michelin Pilot Sport 4s are a better tyre, & I will be getting them when the MPSS wear out.
  20. Hi all, Would like to hear all your feedback with different tyre recommendations for the IS 350 F Sport. What does everyone recommend for the staggered set 225/40/18 & 255/35/18. I'm leaning towards Michelin Pilot Super Sports, anyone else had other positive experiences with regards to overall performance and longevity? Leave your comments below..
  21. I have been told I need to replace my Lower Control Arm rear bushes. After some research, it is apparent that the recommended method is to replace the arms entirely rather than just the bushes. Genuine arms are abut $1000 ex (for the pair). Non-Genuine are about $500 (for the pair). I could also go down the route of importing the genuine ones from UK / USA etc. Would love to hear from other owners as to their experiences. Cheers Z
  22. It looks like 2010 is not free upgradable, even with DVD cloned. I cannot find USB activating, where can I find the USB activation?
  23. yes you will need minimum post to make a thread on that section its to prevent users from joining just to make a sale we want a community that provides info not just selling parts
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