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  2. Sorry for resurrecting an old thread, but I need some help. I have an RX450H manufactured in 2012 (so the "2013 model") and want to update the maps. I have the disk from Navigation Systems Australia but I can't find the DVD drive. It's not in the centre console as per the image in Helnandez's post above - there's just a DVD-drive sized void. Not in the boot (there is a DVD-drive sized box but there are no slots or anything). In desperation I tried inserting the disk in the entertainment system but it didn't like that. When clicking to update maps on the system screen the message is insert a DVD or USB. Could it be that there is no navigation drive and the maps are on a USB somewhere? If so, where? Can I copy the DVD to a USB stick and stick that in the USB socket? So many questions... thanks for any answers.
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  4. Toyota part number 87139-07010 for the cabin filter for a 2009. Assuming it's the same for a 2011.
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  6. Ah, quite a few things have happened. First thing is a good thing (to come out of a bad thing that transpired). I've had a Wald carbon ducktail spoiler stored away for ages, and now it's on the car. The ISF has a big flat ass, so even though it sticks out quite a bit, it is still a little subtle. It's a little bit like the moulded-in spoiler on the BMW E92 M3 and is rounded across the top instead of flat like the stock boot lip. It's actually carbon, which I bought slightly scratched years ago, and as is common with JDM carbon, it had slightly faded to grey. Getting it restored by Sydney Composites was an option, but I figured it would be quite a big, upright cliff of contrasting carbon against the blue, when you're looking at the car from the back, so body colour was the go. The first step is to remove the stock bootlip, whicjh is bolted in at the ends, but has clip-in bayonet fittings in the middle. The plastic bungs for the bayonet fittings aren't in the way, but the holes were filled with sealant. The front lip of the Wald spoiler goes across the 2 boltholes, so I'll sort that anon. The spoiler was beautifully high-filled and painted by Chatswood Lexus, which has its own bodyshop behind the regular service area. It's a shared facility that looks after their Ferrari/Maserati dealership, so the ISF rubbed shoulders with an F12 Superfast right next to it as it was being fettled. I'd asked them to hi-fill the carbon, to make the carbon weave less obvious once it was painted. Then you apply the body mounting tape to the underside of the spoiler, but to fit it, I unpeel a little section of tape at each corner. Then I secure the little tail of backing tape on the other side. The idea is that the little square of unpeeled tape at each corner is sufficient to lightly hold it in place, but isn't so sticky that you can't unstick it for fine tuning the position. I figure the critical dimension is to have it centred from side to side, and flush with the bottom edge of the bootlid. The Wald doesn't quite match the shape of the corner of the bootlid, so you secure the bottom edge, then get a second person to push the spoiler hard against the boot to make it flex to the right shape. Once it's held in place by your mate and the tape at each corner, you unpeel the backing tape like so. First do the critical spot, which is the bottom edge; then the sides.... ...then the front edge. Once that's unpeeled, it's stuck for good! The end result is that it still has a bit too much of a gap on the sides, so I mask it up and spam a bead of Body Sealant into the gap. And then use a selection of improvised tools, like the rounded butt of a paintbrush and toothpicks to smush the sealant into the gap and leave a nice rounded edge. There is a huge space under the spoiler, so quite a lot of water can be sloshing around in there. The main potential point of water ingress is at the front corners, where there is a slight gap between the tape, so I keep the bead of sealant going from the sides to around the front. Then daub some sealant on the underside of the 2 boltholes inside the boot. And I think it looks pretty good! Now the reason why I suddenly had an opportunity to go to a panel shop was because of this poorly-placed speedbump at Sydney's Queen Victoria Building. It's right at the base of a ramp, and as I had passengers in the back the tail was riding low. The metal scoop for the exhaust tips caught on the speedbump and.... ...pulled off the bumper. I was crawling at a super slow speed and the suspension had rebounded to full height, but the angle and position of the speedbump effortlessly removed the bumper in slowmotion. Two of my friends had their rear bumpers torn off at the same spot, and while I was commiserating over my ruined bumper, every second car coming down the ramp (even SUVs) grounded noisily over the speedbump, so this isn't its first rodeo by long shot. So the ISF (and carbon spoiler) was dropped off at Chatswood Lexus for a brand new rear bumper and they did a magnificent job on the paint finish. I can't fault it; it's not that common for bodyshops nowadays to want to touch aftermarket stuff, so it's nice to discover this one stop shop at Chatswood Lexus. Bumper misadvantures aside, the ISF also scored a few treats recently in a fit of internet impulse purchasing. The stock steering wheel had gone a little shiny, and no matter how much I scrubbed it, the matte finish would last all of 5mins since the leather was mechanically polished smooth by a decade of hands on the rim. has a sale on new steering wheels, and at US$600 it seemed like a good deal. And the new leather is far softer and squishier than the old one. To remove the old wheel, first you unplug the battery. Then you pop off these 2 covers on the side of the steering wheel and remove the 2 torx bolts as shown. This allows you to slide out the Claymore By Takata(TM), and you prise out those yellow retaining clips on the 2 main wires going into it. Then undo the main nut, but leave it on a few turns loose...then give the wheel a big yank. Leaving the nut on means the wheel doesn't come flying off with all your strength and you have permanent indentations in your face from this job. The new wheel comes with the paddles but not the controls for stereo etc, but that just unscrews and transfers across. Putting it back is the reverse of taking it off, one of the easier jobs you can do on the car. Oh and we can't forget the most important mod....a Lexus Japan dealer option coathanger, which attaches to the headrest legs. It can stow away when you're not using it, although it seems like it's somewhat more lethal to a passenger's forehead when it's in this mode. I guess maybe that's why they don't sell it here 🙂
  7. What’s the tp link audio device?
  8. Hi, I have had my RCF for one month, I am having trouble with the infotainment system “media” for playing music. For example: When using system with music “on” selected on USB/Bluetooth shutting down the car, you would expect the system to resume the selected setting as when the system was shut down. The system is in “off” position and upon switching on the system will automatically be on disc. I had have tried to download Club Lexus forums latest update for 2015 RCF but isn’t recognized by AUD RCF. Can anyone help, here is my system
  9. I disagree. You will gain a few kw from cat back exhaust if increase diameter of pipe. The biggest gains are from headers and high flow cats. For a start I would go cat back and remove secondary cats. This will yield a small kw gain. I use to drive a FBO 350 that was dynometered before and after so it does help with more kw.
  10. Hi! I know it's old topic but there is a possibility to program the used smart key. I just bought used smart key for my 2004 Celsior. I took it to Toyota and they got it working half way. I can start my car with it but I can't open the door locks with remote. And also the smart function doesn't work... Doors won't unlock when touching handles or lock when pressing that small button next to door handle. Also I need to put it in ignition switch to start the car. It might be that it needs that new smart card from Lexus. That remote function is programmed by opening and closing doors. I can do that for my master key but the used key I bought causes error message when pressing buttons on the remote when programming. I was using Techstream but I can't find menu for smart key programming. Toyota IT2 would work as that's what they used (or something similar) at Toyota.
  11. Have you checked for spark, any codes? welcome to the forum.
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  13. Hey I have an 07 and what to do it can u step by step for me sir...thanks
  14. Hi team My driver's side headlamp wont elevate properly when it comes on. Going over bumps, the light appears loose and reacts to the bumps abnormally. All lights work, but it shines downwards, not totally forwards. Is my only alternative to buy a new OEM headlight? Lexus - $2900. Others, $2200. Is there an actuating gimbal I can access to check why it doesn't elevate to the forward position, or is it just pay the money and move on? Would appreciate views from those who know.. Cheers and thanks - IanM
  15. Hey Geoff and Bazzle, thank you both for your help. I don't have access to a charger so I took the battery back to the mechanic. Got it fully charged up and she's up and running again... Took it back into the mechanic and everything else looks to be running right. Will be monitoring to see if the battery gives again. Thanks!!
  16. Just replace the shocks with a known brand unless you want to fiddle and adjust. Its not always as easy as some think. To keep balance with coil overs or complete sport suspension its advisable to replace all around.
  17. Hi everyone, new to forum. I own a 2013 lexus IS250. Recently I noticed something is wrong with my aircon all of a sudden. Vents on back seats blow hot air like heater even if temperature is low and front vents doesn’t blow as cold as it was before. I went to a mechanic and he diagnosed code B1446 air mix control servo motor-driver side. Does anyone have any idea how much it cost to fix and whether i should go to Lexus for repair or private mechanic. thanks
  18. My Is250 sounds like its about start I get one rev and then nothing I hadn't started it for 4days does anyone know what to do
  19. Thanks Bazzle. I didn't realize there was a 2nd dvd behind the clock that stored the map data. I was trying to insert the map disk into the front audio player. Oops. Once I put the disk in the correct dvd than it worked great. Thanks for your help and the newer map data 🙂
  20. Thanks for the towbar suggestion bazzle, I'm in Brisbane but will see what insights they may have. Thanks for your feedback water
  21. Got my 2nd recall done late last year. didnt bother me too much as the lexus dealer is 2 min drive from work. got a free brand new loan car to put around in for a day plus a car wash 😄 And somehow i had driven over a nail which they noticed and fixed for me too. good job lexus!
  22. I'm 4km,s west of Moruya NSW F##ing sh#tting for weeks, stay safe everyone this fire season is off the chart. I hope this scale never happens again, BIG THANKS TO ALL THE FIRE AND SES AND EVERYONE INVOLVED CHEERS.👍
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