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  2. Hello everyone, I'm just starting my search for a 2-4 yr old IS350 FSport. What things should I look out for? Was the model updated in 2015? Thanks in anticipation. Nicholas.
  3. Ok, my 2cents worth......Ps Mine is a daily so spends alot of time on crappy roads like Parra rd and does not see the track. Its not lowered but i do have aftermarket rims so its a 1/2 inch wider like the later model ISF's. Fronts: I was running the Mich Pilot Super sports and they were great. Good for the street, great grip and longevity. I do enjoy a spirtied drive and getting it a bit loose around corners but maybe dont push it as hard as some given i got about 32000kms out of them (yeah i was surprised as well lol). I have since changed them to the Mich Pilot Sport 4S MPS4S and yeah the hype is justified. They are a great tyre and didnt mind given i got so much out of the previous MPSS and the 4s are supposed to have more grip and better longevity. Ive done about 13000kms with the MPS4S and they are still performing great. Ok prices vary and generally most are very high. I know Tempe parallel import but they were priced cheaper than most and i simply emailed/phoned about 5 of my local tyre places and on this occasion, Jax was willing to price match so i got 2 front MPS4S in 245/35 19inch for $329 each supplied and fitted. Extra $50 or near enough for an alignment (was considering 255 but didnt want to scrub). The 245/35 fit great, no scrubbing whatsover. Rears: Initially ran the OEM size of 255/35 in MPSS and to be honest i wasnt that impressed. Ok plenty grip at first but after about 10000kms, i still had decent life in them but they lost a lot of grip and would break action with little effort. Ok i did up the power (tune, exhaust, headers etc) but still..... Then when i had about 20% life left in them i had a horrible tyre blowout (few of you probably saw my other post where i was lucky the rim wasnt damaged, tyre shredded). So i need replacements quick and got it towed back home that morning. I know youre not supposed to run different rears to fronts but i didnt think it was that big a deal in my situation and where i drive. So i went with 285/30 Kumho PS91's and paid $275 each (local price matched Tempe) so for $550 for both, i couldnt complaint about the price. They looked great being that wide and performed well. I was happy with these tyres and would of got them again when the time came but i had problems finding them recently. I had the PS91's fitted a few years prior and got about 22000kms out of them so cant complain. The only issue was at first i did get slight scrubbing and that was shaved guards (as said, my aftermarket rims has agressive offset as i believe 285's wont scrub on OEM later model wheels). After they settled in, no more scrubbing but im sure losing a few mm's in tyre helped lol. I only have my 2 kids in the rear not adults so little weight as well. When the time came a few months back to change my rears. The MPS4S was alot more exp than my fronts and given i had different brands front/back for years without issue i looked around and settled on Bridgestone Potenza S001. Got good reviews etc. This time i went a bit less wide at 275/30 (didnt want to go 275/35 based off the dia going to 26.6 inch vs OEM of 26in. Id rather keep it the same or under than over to avoid that bulge look). Ok its early days, about 3500kms but very happy with the rears to date. Good grip, low noise (not that id hear it over the PPE's lol) and longevity im yet to see. I paid $299 each for those (this time none of my locals wanted to price match) so got them from Tempe. About $450 was the cheapest i could find for the MPS4S for my rears so decided to pay $600 vs $900. Ps Not sure about the Azenis but i used to run Falken ST115's on my WRX. Anyone with a WRX knew they were the tyre of choice (REXNET and other WRX forums all those years ago lol).
  4. Damn its been a long journey but that light at the end of the tunnel isnt far now. Good to hear youre sticking to it (well guess youve invested too much time and cash to turn back now) but it will certainly be unique and a 1 off. Hope it performs well. I dont have that kind of patience. I know the ISFs are cheap in the US and they sell many SC kits there. Like others mentioned, our crappy dollar and value of ISF just makes it a more distant option now. I mean mid 30's, early 40's for a early model ISF, then approx 20k (half the car's value) for the kit. Perhaps if i had a 2014 model it might prove more worthwhile $$ wise lol Look forward to the final updates.
  5. Hey mate, They are ISF brembos. I agree, pedal feel is factory, a little firmer would be ideal but beggars cannot be choosers.
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  7. Will do, John - my car is due for it's first service in a few months - but I may drop by earlier to get it looked at - Lexus Brighton is usually very good at sorting out issues!!
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  9. I got a 2018 NX300, petrol only model, is doing the same. Auto engine stop/start stopped working saying battery charging, which is strange as I have been driving long distance. I asked the dealer bought from he said “could” be normal and give no real explanation.
  10. Hi all unfortunately my beloved 05 is200 sports luxury had an untimely demise with a Honda crv that had no idea where it was going. Sadly the car is gone but I was mid way through through refinishing 4× 5 spoke 17inch(oem) rims that had been sprayed in black back to silver. tyres were removed and discarded and 2 centre caps are missing! looking to get rid of these rims anyone interested please contact me and I can provide photos. any offer considered Cheers Lefty
  11. That happens to fake ones all the time and sometimes the real ones, did you have the fake plugs study them against the real ones when you get them cheers.
  12. Ive got bedders springs in my Fsport. Front is nice drop, rear is way too low. I have had to fit spacers in the rear. If the rear is too low you will have major camber issues
  13. Thank you so much for your help but i would recommend shenley locksmith to program smart keys for me.
  14. My windshield on my soarer is completely smashed and I can’t find anywhere to ship one to the states. I originally thought a sc300 windshield would fit onto the soarer but they’re a little different because of the cowl. If I swap cowls will a sc windshield fit? It would save me a ton of money and time
  15. Sticky Dashboard is250 It is very dangerous, It is reflected on the windshield on a sunny day and can not be seen the way Is it a good will of a Lexus company or is it a danger to our life?
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  17. When I remove ball joints ( a couple of ways ) but with the tool above when under tension hit mating part with a large hammer and it should pop open without bits flying everywhere. Also be careful with the pressure on the nut as you can distort it making removal difficult.
  18. 2010 IS250. No, did not change the front diff. I removed the front drive shaft and only use the Prado in RWD. It's great. Still capable off road as the rear diff is a LSD, the front is not.
  19. Seeking help in regards VSC light came on in 2006 is250. Checked with mechanic, seems like its transmission solenoid. Does any one else has same problem. If so what are the solutions. Is parts easy to buy? Are they cheap? does it need to reprogram after installation?
  20. Danny, where's your suggestion to source front & rear bars for a late 2009 IS250?
  21. I am a long happy owner of a 1997 ES 300, regretfully the only function recently not operating is the Drivers Side Window switch! All other functions from this consul work. Have checked window motor/regulator all good operates up/down with limited (approx, 3 amp) current drain.. VIN, Photos etc. can follow but first asking my fellow 'L' friends for a next step. Regards Chris
  22. Yeah, its out Getting the sunroof away from the roof of the car was easy - getting it out of the car was the hard part. I resorted to removing the passenger seat and taking it out the rear door - simple when you know how, but finding the right way took time and lots of attempts at different ways.
  23. if you buy any us made headers you will have to slightly modify the area where the steering colum sits and relocate the O2 area as it hits the sterring knuckle
  24. Do not want to put salt in your wounds here but it is not recommendable to drive with an empty coolant tank. Not even 500 meters. Stop immediately and fix it or tow it. When the water pump starts pumping airbubbles bad things happen. Modern engines with aluminium parts can very quickly overheat and sustain damage. It is essential to have enough fluid at all times.
  25. Newbie here, got my ride (RX) and enjoying the camadarie here
  26. Thanks 2bling but I need to find a stockist that has actually fitted one to a IS350. Hayman Reece make them for a IS250 (both pre and post 2013) but do not specify that they fit a IS350 (even though we know they are the same body). Because it is not specified for a IS350 the 1/2 dozen fitters I rang said that they would not risk fitting it as it is not actually specified for a IS350 only an IS250.
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