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  2. Hi All, As the warmer months are slowly approaching, it would be great to get around with some Lexus enthusiasts for a nice cruise. Any areas for suggestion.. Mornington or Dandenongs potentially? Anyone else know of other great driving locations within Melbourne proximity. Would be good to have a good range of IS/ GS/ RC/ RC-F/ IS-F/ LCs out on the same day. Hope to get some interest with this feed!
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  4. Hi All, I don't mean to turn Lexus Owners Club into a Carsales (..and definitely not into a Gumtree) however, due to my recent upgrade to a IS350 I'd really like to see my beloved IS250 go to a good home. This car has been well kept and looked after, hence the post through Lexus Owners Club. Vehicle comes with full service history from Lexus Brighton (VIC) and registration until May 2020. Car is fully optioned with Lexus EP2 package - this includes factory sunroof, 15-speaker 835-watt Mark Levinson Premium Surround, lane departure alert system, parking assist sensors, rear sun visor, factory optioned Lexus RX350 wheels which really complements the Titanium Silver exterior colour. In addition, I have just completed the annual service (next service isn't due until mid 2020 or at 75,000kms) which included new Bridgestone Eagle F1 tyres. Open to sensible offers. Don't hesitate to message or call me if you have any questions. 0423 817 276 Build date: August 2013, however 2014 delivered Exterior Colour: Titanium Silver (Which is an optioned extra, 5 stage paint process) Interior Colour: Black leather with titanium trimmings Kilometers Travelled: 65,000km Registration: Until May 2020 Sale Price: $33,500
  5. does any one else have bad road noise or tyre noise on there nx?
  6. Hi I was wondering if anyone knows what type of fuel filter (part no) that would suit 2013 GS350?
  7. I saw these three modified Lexus LS 560 Hybrids 3 weeks ago in Hakodate, Japan. Any members know their purpose?
  8. Last week
  9. So that’s what I got. After a couple of weeks of studying the issue. I found the right option and ordered it. Installation was not more difficult to disassemble))) Just kidding. I expect just the delivery of the head unit. Yes, I have a left-hand drive version. A compatible Android device on the right-hand drive version is very hard to find.
  10. I recently phoned up a Lexus dealer to check the service history, I was advised, the car has a carbon clean up at 97560 kms, in July 18, the car now traveled 104688. now, I am relieve, it is not carbon build up.I will clean the throttle body again to see of any change after.
  11. The time to destination always was twice as long as it should have been. I believed it was a "bug" in the software used to calculate the time. Playing around a couple of days ago i found in a sub menu the setting for "time to destination". The GPS does not calculate the time using your actual speed, but using speeds you input for residential (40kph max), main (90kph max) and freeway roads (115kph max). After inputting these speeds , Time to destination is now close to actual time. Hope this helps others like me who were not aware of this.
  12. They're great, not gonna' lie but the thing I'm looking forward to most is not having to look at my black wheels smothered in brake dust after 2 days lol. Unfortunately Project Mu Australia was absolutely terrible and made me wait 3 months without any indication of when they'd be coming in, despite being told it would only be a 3-4 week wait for re-stock. Just glad they're on now, and these slotted rotors look amazing too, especially with the distinct colour of the Mu pads.
  13. Thanks mate, i found a local place that does CAMS approved custom cages.. all the ones i found prefab online dont comply with local regs.
  14. Wow its a lot at about $250 AU but damn it does look nice. Its those little touches that all add up :-)
  15. Hi I have is250 2014 . Anyone knows how to put the visual screen in my phone to car sat nav screen ?
  16. I can't find my invoice to give you the part number. What I did though was bring in my OEM struts and they matched them up as best they could. The OEM struts had no markings on them so it was a bit of trial-and-error to set the correct amount of gas. I think the guy lost a bit of patience by the end, as he overshot and the force required to close the boot is a bit high - at least there's zero chance of it accidentally closing on me. I had to secure one end of the struts with an E-clip. Ended up costing me $77 for the struts, plus a pack of E-clips from Bunnings. Lexus of Perth wanted over $150 to re-gas the OEM struts. For $60, I reckon Danny's used IS 350 struts are a good hassle-free option.
  17. sorry for the late reply whiteline or cusco if you wanna go jap
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  19. Sorry to hear of your issues, I do know what you mean, mine was a brain tumor and other ongoing issues. I cant drive very far either atm (1 year on) but my wife is very understanding and likes to drive the Lexus 😏 With the gps did you keep a copy of the dvd? I only ask as I made my copy as in earlier posts for others on here to share.
  20. It does! Many thanks
  21. Thanks but tried that. Actually Canberra was the 2nd disconnect. The first had me situated between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.
  22. There's a leak somewhere. take it out and let it dry and reseal it otherwise get a second hand headlight
  23. Hi Guys, My navigation DVD player is dead. Is there anyway a computer dvd player can be used? I know these are proprietary connections and devices but if anyone has hacked one before I would be very keen to know the procedure. Also, would it be bad if i dont plug the nag dvd player in? Thanks
  24. Thanks mate - the IS-F is now paid for in full and will be picked up on Monday. I have enjoyed the IS-F and my first experience with a V8, but really want to take a good chunk out of the mortgage over the next 5 years so the expensive (and rarely used) toy had to go. My replacement car is a 2008 Subaru Liberty GT Tuned by STI with 94,000km. One owner, in very good condition and all original. A much cheaper car, yet it will still satisfy my car enthusiast needs of wanting a fun to drive and somewhat rare car. I will do some mods to it (i can never leave any car alone) over my ownership time.
  25. Sorry, the extra $200 would put a downer on the impulse buy. Cheers anyhow.
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