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  5. they used to do it but not anymore
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  7. ilv1004s

    altezza tv

    jap tv and aus tv run of different frequncy you will need a set top box in it
  8. I am not going to spend 600-800 on dealer as i would recommend hiring locksmith near me and they will do it for cheap.
  9. Hi everyone, I have a 2009 RX 350 that has developed a problem recently. So to try and make this short the problem is with the air conditioner. On a hot day say when it is over 35C or 40C the air conditioner starts to work fine and maybe about 5-10 minutes later starts to blow hot air. So what is happening is the compressor cuts out. But when you browse to the AC menu on screen it still has green lit up on AC. So what i do is toggle that screen AC switch off and on again and this brings the compressor back to action and cools like no problem. And the crazy thing is it continues to run fine throughout the journey without turning off again. It puzzles me why this happens? Mostly happens if the car was sitting out in hot sun before I got in. On days that are 35C+ if I drove out of my garage the air compressor will not stop but continue normally. On days less hotter this never happens. Any ideas or areas to check? Would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  10. I need an independent lexus service in inner city Melbourne Any recommendation please
  11. Update after 3 months: Had problems with the phone - dropping out, contacts list not loading okay, poor connections (couldn't hear the phone dialing), etc. Took it to the dealer - and after quite a lot of trouble shooting, the problem turned out to be my music USB !! It had a virus somewhere and once the USB was removed, everything worked perfectly 🙂 - thanks, Lexus Brighton, again!!!
  12. Hi All, Found this forum looking for a suitable phone holder for the UX200, I find that the wireless charging isn't fast enough and that it is awkward having your phone flat and out of reach whilst driving (I know that I should be using my phone whilst driving) however the ocassional glance is required. I picked up the car last Wednesday and the first thing I did was install the dual camera Blackvue Dash Cam. Things I really like about the car: Its a joy to drive, the sounds system is great. However I do suffer from an ocasional bluetooth dropout. I doubt its the phone (Note 9) as I didn't have this problem when I had the Mazda CX-5. The Navigation controls are finicky and could be better. The Lexus Enform application is terrible. I'm dissapointed that the entertainment unit doesn't have Android Auto or Car Play. I prefer using Waze over the cars navigation system. The seats are comfortable and I like the heating/cooling feature. The car's A/C is fantastic, I haved to turn up the tempreture because it get too cold. The fuel economy isn't great, I'll try driving it in Eco mode this week and see if I can get better mileage. I'm currently getting around 400km on a full tank, this is from the dealer's fuul tank. It may not have been complely full. Which petrol should I use, I filled it up with 95 today. If you have this car, please share your exeience and tips.
  13. take it to lexus even though its 2months out of warranty if have seen cases where lexus warrants the car out of warranty most likely a failed EPS unit get em to diagnose the problem and if not covered by warranty get a used EPS unit from a wrecker
  14. ilv1004s

    New member with my all black exterior GSF here~

    welcome another F owner
  15. i dont think there would be many ls400 at all but celsiors yes were imported number wise i used to see around 5-6 at a time advertised but these days its hard to see even a single example more AUS LS400s
  16. also new units can be had for pretty cheap
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  18. hi welcome to the forum!
  19. hello there.i have a 2004 lx 470.plan to go back to fraser soon.been there many times with the anay one been there with a lex with traction control.i have no button to turn off traction control. wandering how you went.any way to turn off traction control off.thanks
  20. Hi! I was thinking that is it possible to change Lexus LS430 instrument cluster to Celsior 430? Would like to have English texts instead of Japanese.
  21. HI just wondering if it a right hand drive model and does it still have the instrument cluster. I have an LS400 1992, i believe it should fit.
  22. Would anyone out there have an LS400 instrument cluster for sale. My model year is 1992.
  23. Hi Do you still have this car for parts? Would the instrument cluster be available? Regards Adam
  24. Hi Just wondering if this is happening by design. My RX270 (2013) speeds up on its own when going uphill when it is in cruise control mode. It can speed up anywhere between 2km/h to 5km/h. Is this common or is it by design? Thanks in advance.
  25. Hi, my previous post and experience with HID globes on an 2007 is250 - it had aftermarket globes and they would dim and flicker randomly Gidday fellas, So a read a lot, looked at Youtube videos that were available, spoke to a few knowledgeable people and also my trusty local mechanic. (good mate) Lexus wanted $1600.00 plus GST per housing, which I was serious thinking about doing. Lexus wreckers wanted $440.00 per housing for 2006 - 2007 housings, didn't give this a second thought as I would only end up with old housings again. After all my reading online both here and OS on forums etc, one person said to replace with new Lexus original globes and this will fix the problem. So I brought 2 x new HID globes for $350.00 each from Lexus and fitted them up. Fixed the problem straight away. They are perfect and super bright. I ran the car for 1 hour, not a flicker or fault for either side. So there you go, Lexus housings do not like Phillips low beam globes, I don't care what you think as I put up with this inferior standard lighting for two years and paid $100 dollars for *BLEEP* Phillips after market globes thinking it would help, but no it didn't, so its original all the way for me from now on with anything to do with lighting on this car. The Phillips globes would work for 15 minutes, then flicked off and on, would go out completely on either side at random intervals. Even my local mechanic was a little amazed, yes the cost is hard to justify but it fixed the problem and a lot cheaper than the cost of 2 x new housing.. It is not a ballast issue, ballasts never fail in Oz as our climate is to mild, so consider your globes, and consider Lexus genuine parts on this issue, oh please don't get me wrong, I love a bargain and always go for aftermarket parts, but this is a lesson learnt :) Cheers Grant
  26. Hi fellow Lexy heads, I'm just wanting to know if some great and kind person on this forum would by any chance have either a pdf or downloadable is200 2000 Service manual? I do have one on a disc from Ebay but cannot find it and it's killing my life right now 😤 I would be so grateful if someone could please help me out as it's needing some work that I can most likely do. Cheers everyone
  27. Cheers for the reply 😁 It's been a while since I was on here last but as my transmission is starting to slip and I cannot for the life of me find the Repair Manual here anywhere I'm now trying to see if someone can help out on here. You wouldn't happen to be able to help me out with that by any chance? Would be much appreciated 😊 I would love to do a conversion and super charge mine lol but I think it's just not the right time for it as far as how many k's my 2000 model has on her. I may look at dropping another engine in as it's been well cared for and is a nice car but with a conversion I think it would be more of a weapon plus a supercharger. An is300 is my dream with a manual conversion and a bigger engine upgrade but just possibilities for a nearer future if I decide to go down either route.
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