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  2. 2bling

    Lexus IS-F Tuning Options

    Looking forward to your RR tune could you tell us the A/F ratios over the rev range and if possible the timing tables would be good to your tuner can print this out very easily . and of coarse the dyno results cheers and good luck.📈 😎
  3. It all seems shady as lol, had a warning light for the auto also... I guess we will have to wait and see after it’s been diagnosed. My guess it’s run lean
  4. Hello all, Has anyone purchased a navigation disc off ebay from a seller in Armidale called quick sale_2012? He seems legit and appears to be the only guy selling different versions on ebay, only thing is he doesn't post due to "copyright reasons and high risk fraud action due to dishonest buyers", whatever that means. I can't see the problem with him posting if he gets paid for the item before he sends it and whether someone picks it up isn't going to make any difference what happens after that. Im looking because my 2007 is250 is running an early version of whereis and was looking at around v18 or v19 cheap.
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  6. murray sanders

    Sc Owners Picture Thread

    Thanks for the info Nathan , after taking the new rotors off that the mechanic installed for the roadworthy ( he didn't clean the grease off where they sit on the wheel hub and were not aligned properly , dirt on the grease ) and putting new disc pads all round it now drives perfect , I still have my LS400 and our RX350 SL , I'm afraid i would never buy another brand of car after driving lexus for over 10 years , we had an ES300 1999 model which was "T" boned by a sheila in a VW talking on her moblie phone , all of our air bags went off and were not hurt at all , none of the airbags in the VW went off ( which was the main reason she bought the car ) I might look around for another earlier SC430 as a project car , regards Murray
  7. Last week
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  9. Yeah I've tried that and tried re downloading still it's doesn't work.
  10. Hi Guys, Wondering if anyone can help with on How to update SAT Navigation on NX200t 2015. It's still has 2014 SAT NAV. I have searched online but unable to get any information. For the information, I haven't spoke with Lexus dealer yet. Thanks in advance
  11. Yeh definately niche market, the majority of the enquiries seemed to come from previous Lexus/ISF owners, but in the end managed a very quick and easy transaction so I was happy it was sold. Had some weird experiences along the way with people making all sorts of excuses up and finance issues, etc - part and parcel of selling privately especially with this type of car/price point.
  12. Hi , I replaced the DVD screen on my wife's 2008 RX350 today , got the screen off eBay for $20 in China , it took about 1/2 a day to replace but everything went smoothly and worked first up , the old screen had a crack in it from when we purchased the car and couldn't adjust the heater/a/con or use the navigation , I thought i would post this in case anyone else had a screen problem on any Lexus really
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  14. ilv1004s

    Used Oem Parts Available

    i can only get them new loooking just under 150 for the part new
  15. _ISF

    New Front Pads & Rotors

    Just an update after a good 6 weeks or so with these Bremtec pads fitted. Absolutely no noise/squeaks what so ever which i am very happy about. I think they emit a bit more dust than my previously Winmax W1 pads but nothing worth complaining about as both are better than the factory pads which were super dusty. No noticeable difference what so ever in street driving so im a happy chappy - i wish i had bought these initially as they are working well and were very well priced.
  16. designo

    Hello from Bahrain

    Installed Axle Back, Spaces and Air Filter within 48 hours. Lowering springs and strut bars are laying around in my house.. haven't decided on those yet.
  17. Hey, has anyone installed a eBay 6.1,7 or 8 inch unit into their is200 or 300? Is there any specific fascia kit I need??? not really keen on a name brand unit for double din as I’ve had android units for the last few cars but the Lexus fascias seem a bit narrow.
  18. TomTom data won't work (Lexus uses the Whereis map set) and are a bunch of scam artists. Stay away from both. Dig a little deeper in to Bazzle's posts.
  19. Hi all, just bought myself an IS200 manual and I’ve been blown away how awesome the car is. Looking forward to learning as much as I can with the forum! As this is my first Lexus please be patient with me as I’ve strayed from my usual Honda / Subie and Euro trash cars with this one!
  20. Peterkay

    MY12 to MY13 MY differences

    In regards to your stone chips, up here i had my front bar wrapped with a clear gloss type wrap for stone chips. The type of wrap used is a little thicker than normal wrap, specific for stone chip prevention. Best thing i did. No stone chips yet. A white bar with chips does not look good as the base colour of the bar is black and it came with 5 year warranty. As for insurance i used Bingle.
  21. ilv1004s

    FOr all the 1IS guys

    hey guys we will be having constant stream of altezza parts coming in from japan we can access to OEM JDM parts OEM body parts 3SGE conversions in MT or AT OEM lip kits wheels and more to suit the 1st GEN IS pm for more info
  22. Yesterday I drove a supercharged RCF. The amount of power on hand is very impressive... too bad the tyres were worn out so traction was a problem. The problem with GSF is that they haven't managed to hack a reliable file patch for it's ECU. It's quite different to the RCF mainly due to the TVD issue I was told. They're still working on it.
  23. obo2192

    OEM IS250 Engine Oil Filter.

    Hi all, Have a OEM engine oil filter for the IS250. I think it also fits other IS or Toyota vehicles. Part number 04152-31080 Selling for 15 if anyone would like to claim. Located in Sydney.
  24. koop21

    Koop21 ISF Build Thread

    It's all good _ISF. I'm happy that worked out for you too. I think you and I have sufficiently covered the park brake pedal bling mod for people to reference in future
  25. _ISF

    My IS-F story so far....

    Busy weekend and today on the ISF.... Wash and mini detail Installed carbon fiber roof spoiler Another oil flush and oil change Wheel balance and alignment Installed new Frush multi layer exhaust gaskets on my xforce exhaust (confirmed the crappy graphite gaskets that came with the exhaust were leaking in several spots) Re-aligned xforce exhaust to sit a bit neater Arranged for custom rear mufflers to be fabricated to replace the xforce rear mufflers Gutted my primary cats (sounds dirty now) Installed my RR Racing O2 sensor conditioner device Booked her in on Friday afternoon for a dyno run at my regular place (hoping for around 260kw)
  26. Well i had the day off today and got a wheel alignment and then went to my exhaust guy (Premier Exhaust for anyone in Newcastle - he is great) and we put the car up on the hoist to have a look. He has a BRZ in the workshop that they are doing an LS3 conversion on.....damn that will be a fun car. Discussed some options such as adding 2x extra resonators or swapping out the rear mufflers. I decided to ditch the rear xforce mufflers and my options were 2x stainless steel 2.5" Magnaflow or 2x custom made mufflers (which could have a chamber inside to muffle the sound more, filled with stainless packing and also allow me to have twin tail pipes). The custom mufflers are going to cost about $100 more each over the Magnaflows but it's worth it to me as they will fit perfectly, and have several other things i wanted (twin tips etc). So they have been ordered and will be 2-3 weeks apparently. Will update with pics later. Then i came home and gutted my primary cats.....she sounds a bit dirty now (more like a C63 AMG sound). And then within 10 mins of driving i got a CEL for cat efficiency so i installed my RR Racing O2 conditioner device - so far so good.
  27. Ok this is quite a topic and i beleive it could be a fault in the throttle body. If you youtube is200 throttle body there is an explination on how it works its really weird and doesnt make sense the first time you look lol Its a combination of electric drive by wire and a mechanical cable drive. Next time your by car get someone to press pedal and watch the throttle body. It wont move. And then do same thing with ign on or running and it works. They do it like this to help with warming up the car amongst other things
  28. Yes amplifiers are better for speaker output! the reason people bypass factory amp is because the aftermarket headunit has an in built amp you will also find sound quality to be on the not so great side as the speakers ohm rating is not suited foraftermarket headunit. Recommend new speakers be install too
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