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  2. ilv1004s

    Semi Slicks R Compound - What tyre pressures?

    generall you want to want to run less pressure as there is more contact patch to surface with out creating too much sidewall flex due to lack of pressure as for the psi going up as tyres produce heat and the heat expands the air in the tyres resulting in higher psi
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  4. _ISF

    Paint correction recommendation looks like they use good quality products and polishing machines. Otherwise if you go to Sydney you will have more to choose from but also no doubt you will pay more too:
  5. Last week
  6. Hi guys, chasing some standard rear mufflers for a 3IS muffler delete drone is annoying me, looking for something standard until have time to play around with adding some mufflers. Located in Sydney, if reasonable happy to pay for freight if seller can organise. Thanks.
  7. A bit of an anti-climax....rocked up at the dyno this morning and they tell me the computer is not working so we cannot dyno the car until a new computer is sourced and hooked up.
  8. $40 just want it gone.
  9. ilv1004s

    ISF 2010 (My11) external mirror connectors?

    ISF have 2 plugs as its a Sports luxury spec it is same as a 06-08 IS250 Sports or Sports luxury with auto dimming and saying that i have a silver SL mirror for sale
  10. BLK ISF

    New Steering wheel

    Thanks :-) Yep 1.5 weeks on and still loving it lol. Surprised me how nice it is in the flesh, much better to hold as the wheel is much thicker and the carbon parts feel great. It does make it a nicer driving experience. Its the right blend of standing out but looking OEM His Instagram name is Elvin_6188
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  12. Yes you read that right. Occasionally the car will crank but not start. Getting out and rocking the car back and forth, giving it a good shake, gets it going. Loose wire? Starter? Fuel filter just replaced. Has this happened to anyone else? VSC Off and Check engine Light comes on for a while after, then disappears. Had an alternator replaced a while ago. More recently replaced battery fuel filter. Hope you can help!
  13. Best off using a Lexus approved repairer... they should have proven their ability to colour match to Lexus' exacting standards:
  14. Up to you man, could give hydrogen decarbonizing a go if you like. I did mine at 123,xxx kms and happy I did :)
  15. Got PS4s 225/40/18s on the front of my IS 250 approx.15 months ago put approx .10K on them paid $220 each. Quiet,nice and grippy particularly in the wet and wearing well so far. I recommend them.
  16. 4x works variabza ts1 wheels (19x10 5x114.3 offset +20) black Comes with 4x almost brand new toyo proxes4 tyres (265/30/19). Less than 100kms used. They are in excellent condition except for one wheel with a small scratch (refer to pic) They were purchased for use in car show and has hardly been driven on the road. The tyres alone are $500 each. Asking for $2000ono
  17. Andrei

    RC350 Invidia Exhaust

    Thanks mate!
  18. timothykenneth

    Spare Smart Key

    But first you have dumb keys then you will be able to use it, that's why i prefer taking help from locksmith that help to make you the spare key.
  19. ilv1004s

    Used Oem Parts Available

    sorry no 3is parts available at this point
  20. ilv1004s

    2007 LEXUS IS250 SAT NAV

    try a new cd first if not your up for a new satnav
  21. seen that alot of times would rather replace the bar and get it painted in the long run it gonna come back off and plastic welding will not give you the factory fitment
  22. Old topic I know, what did they charge you? Were they able to do anything with the transmission at all?
  23. I have seen the gps signal in one of the underlying settings. Cant get to the car atm but will have a look next week if someone doesnt answer. Baz
  24. banserki

    2011 ISF Coolant Leaks
  25. I have a 2011 model and recently the car's electrics shutdown briefly while I was driving. There was a click and the cars nav screen closed and power went from radio, etc. As I was coasting fairly slowly at the time no harm was done, but I am concerned. Power came back about 2 seconds later of it's own accord. I haven't yet had time to take it to a dealer, but I thought I'd see if others have had the same experience.
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