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  2. New member with interesting project. 2007 GS 450h with shortened wheel base married to '63 Corvette Sting Ray body panels. Had horrific news today that there is a major issue with transmission.reliability. A number of US cars were recalled and transmission replaced. Does this effect local cars? Project half completed. Should I anticipate disaster?
  3. Hey, Interested in the mid-pipe. Can you tell me more about that missing part that connect? so i need to buy some adaptor?
  4. That is such a good series of events to secure a car that is in top conditions with Lexus fitted quality aftermarket bolt-ons... I hope I can replicate this series of event when I decide to get into the market for an ISF. I want do it just yet, not for the lack of money but more so because I still love my IS350 and don't want to let it go just yet.... Did you get someone to look over the car, or you did it all yourself? ISF are good cars, all ISX are, I have seen YouTube clips of stock ISX with almost 200,000 kms that are spinning the factory quoted numbers! Amazing.... Once you settle in on the power and the drive, I suggest jumping on RR Racing website and look at purchasing a flash tune for the ISF..
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  6. Same here. Got the notice the other day. They replaced the faulty airbag with another faulty airbag haha. At least I got a free car wash out of the whole process 😛
  7. Ahh well. I guess the only way to know for sure is to ask service department for the part# with a 2019 vin plate. Will post back if I find any solid information.
  8. I didn't feel any power difference with the intake, but it does add a very nice growl up front. You should be able to hear it in a few YouTube videos. It almost sounds like a V8 if that makes sense.
  9. 18ADF

    Brisbane meet

    Might as well delete this thread admin 👍
  10. The one on the car is toms yes, haven’t installed the rear toms yet
  11. Details are on Facebook, could setup a pre meet for anyone who’s keen
  12. Hello, I’m currently looking at Enkei PF01EVO and the SSR SP01 R, my tyres are currently the stock with sizing of 225/40/18 for fronts and 255/35/18 for rears. Was thinking of getting 18 with 8.5 and 9.5 for rears, not sure of the offset as I currently have the f sport so breaks are larger.
  13. Not for the current maps but for some a couple of years old I have this download saved.
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  15. Price drop $100 incl postage
  16. That's what I was intending to do.... Just wondering if anyone has done the same and any experiences from doing so?
  17. Hi, My car is 2018, RX300 In Australia we have lot of flies - right? It is not nice to wake up in the middle of the night because there is a fly / mosquito inside the Lexus and the car alarm goes off waking up half the neighbourhood while I am looking for the Lexus key to stop the alarm. Yeah I know there is button in the inside roof, which we can press to turn the theft sensor off each time before locking the vehicle. However I would much prefer if I could revert the functionality, i.e press the button when I feel the interior theft sensor is needed. I would also be a happy owner if there is an option to disable/enable the alarm from the vehicle settings, OR even better change the sensitivity so that a fly doesn't set if off. After some research I could not find a way to do this. Hopefully someone can offer a solution.
  18. being a 2010 model the hybrid battery will need replacing soon lexus warrantys the battery for 8 yrs or 160K kms which ever comes first the RX450h should be averaging around 7-8L per 100kms i had a this problem in a customers LS600h and after the battery change it went down by 4ls new battery installed from lexus was just under 6K so a RX450h should be abit cheaper than that
  19. Here's a few photos of my new F. What a great car! 🙂 All mods have been done by the previous owner. PPE Headers Joe Z exhaust Intake Swift springs F Sport forged wheels Castor bushes RR Racing air oil separator Carbon flat bottom steering wheel VLAND tail lights
  20. Hi everyone, I have a 1998 Lexus that I want to sell $500. The car has some panel damage and either a timing chain, or an engine problem. I am no mechainc and no desire to try to fix the car. The e=interior has been maintained in great condition and would be perfect for any enthusiast who would like the car for parts. The car will need to be towed at the buyers cost. Currently at my son's place in Erskinville. If you are interested please feel free to contact me 0401835577. car's rego expired on the 8th of November Regards
  21. I might need one and live just north of Sydney.
  22. Gonna keep it stock. Had too many modified cars previously i think i need a break from it
  23. Hello Looking for a set of standard LS430 wheels. I live around Sydney. John 0415448872
  24. Why not take the opportunity to upgrade to coilovers?
  25. A used invidia q300 mid pipe and catback exhaust system for Lexus IS for sale in Brisbane. It’s 80% new, come ask with price. (A brand new one worth $2400) Delivery available. Contact: 0466687668 (text only) Max
  26. Can anyone recommend a good independent mechanic (or a Lexus dealership with a good service centre) to service & repair my RC350 in Melbourne? Any help much appreciated. Nicholas.
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