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  2. yes you can get red seats in earlier f sport models Cruise is only available is Sports luxury on older models
  3. i dont think its possible with the new touchpad interface
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  5. Hi all, Selling my k sport coilovers out of my 2010 Lexus isf. They're only 4-5 months old. They will come in factory box with receipts and warranty etc They're still in brand new condition Only selling as I've got airbag suspension now so obviously no need for coilovers. Paid $1600 new Chasing $1000 Ono if interested msg me or whatever. I'm new here so not sure how it all works when it comes to selling items here. Will add more pics, I just took this one to post them for sale. Will take more once the other 2 coilovers are removed, Pick up only in toongabbie NSW 2145 Thanks
  6. disconnect the battery for 30 minutes so it resets the ECU. Other way is to plug in a scanner to see what codes are showing.
  7. There's MCA, BC Racing, Tein, etc he's already sold them and i would stay away from ksports as they are rubbish.
  8. I believe the 235 in the front will make it closer to the rear look. I don't mind it. Also, my car just touches the bottom of the front bumper on my driveway... I was hopping the extra milimetres will help avoid this. I had decided to change them but the guys from the shop insisted on keeping the 225 to avoid problems. They told me I would likely get ABS problems due to front sensor reporting different speed compared to the rear. It is good you didn't get any issues with the change. Did you have to make any setting change or reset any sensors or anything like it?
  9. Have a look on the USA forum it was a recall over there, good luck PS i have never seen a dash or door skins that bad you would think Lexus would wake up and replace them, as it would cost them nothing
  10. Had to give up in the end. Hopeless sellers. I've moved on to Honda Accord Euro's in their luxury spec. See you in four years when I can afford a late model Lexus. 😛
  11. I haven't bothered getting the voice activation fixed, just stopped using it. Ever since i stopped, no issues with echo for other person. Just have to use favourites or contacts thru phone book. I've advised Lexus because i'm sure it's a common issue, and its very frustrating. Be interested to hear if anyone has had it fixed rather than working around it.
  12. My problem was traced back to having had a broken ABS sensor when I took it to the mechanic to have the front rotors changed over. A new sensor fixed the problem in the end. Thanks for your post. It might help others though.
  13. I don't have any plans now; I want to keep the OEM look. My main interest was to have updated maps and been able to control Tune-In from the screen. I have had a TP-Link for Audio device that allows me to listen to mobile content via Bluetooth. This works flawlessly but you need to control it from the phone. Maybe when Australia v25 are released I will consider buying it. Lexus asked for AUD 430 for the v24 which is more than 6 month old now.
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  15. Can anyone help me out with this I have recently purchased 2007 model LS 460L GCC. While vehicle comes to 0 kmph on Drive mode, automatically engine shut off. We can restart at the same using push button start.. Why its happening ?
  16. Hey guys, Thanks for all of the valuable input! I thought I should do an update on my findings so far... I purchased this device It turned up on time and as described by the seller. Plugged it in and turned it on (it has a manual On/Off button. Connected it via Bluetooth through the 'Car Scanner' app and so far so good. No hiccups, no issues. It read codes but I technically haven't had to clear any codes as yet. Once again, thanks for everybody's input! Cheers
  17. My oil pressure never goes above halfway when driving to the redline. on warm idle it drops to 1/4 which is normal i think but it will never reach 3/4 as it should do, it only goes halfway. I also have no VVTI hitting in so i think it is related to that?
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  19. I had the same problem on two different 2005 ES330 models. Here is a video of my fix. Hope it helps. john
  20. after market tips on the 3IS are not on built to the bumper if you really want that look you will need to weld your oem tips to the aftermatket exhaust
  21. This topic was originally titled “Caliper Piston / s”, but is amended to better reflect the braking problem on my 2007 RX350 front wheels. Am experiencing symptoms like a warped rotor (new BDAs twice in last 12 months); a pulsating feel similar to but not ABS. This occurs when braking at speeds <70Kmh. My mechanic has done all the usual; Dial gauge, replace rotors (DBA), pads (Bendix), OBD codes, and ALL tyres have been checked for balance and then rotated. However, problem still exists despite being in workshop for 5 days now. Any advice gratefully received. Thanks.
  22. Hi All, I am looking to purchase some 2IS aftermarket parts. If you are selling anything from Gear Knobs to Suspension, let me know.
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