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  2. If anyone is interested and for future reference, Lexus was actually happy to machine/turn the rotors if required. Deciding factor is the remaining thickness of the rotors. Was advised that the front rotors limit for this car is 27mm.
  3. Looking for recommendations for independent service centres in Western / North Western Sydney. Did a bit of a service and found that 2 recommended options: Anyone had any recent experience with either of them or recommend someone else?
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  5. There are 2 speakers in each rear doors 1 tweeter and 1 midrange the middle grill is a fake just for looks, google it cheers.
  6. I'm pretty sceptical about wheel alignment shops as a lot of them can't ever seem to do them properly, while some charge you and may not even do them at all. Have always taken my cars to a reputable shop and avoid ones like the chains you visited. The good places charge a bit more, but it's worth a few extra dollars for peace of mind that it's being done properly, especially if your car and/or its suspension is uncommon. Not saying all Bridgestone tyres and such are incapable, but just seems to be the case from what I hear all the time.
  7. Hi, Noticed no sound from both my rear mid-range speakers. Tried all settings, surround on/off, checked owners manual for tricks etc etc. Seems odd both would have failed.Or maybe the previous owner disconnected them, maybe the rear seat passengers thought he sound was too 'trebly'... Before I pull off the door cards to see what's going on does anyone know something I don't about this? Thanks
  8. Hi everyone. New owner of a Lexus and member of this forum. My wife mainly drives this lovely vehicle and we’ve been mostly very happy. Sound system, handling in sports +, drive feel, braking, off road all very very good. Downers have been poor and disappointing mileage economy and tank range. in eco mode with very sedate driving on highway, only getting 400kms max on tank running 98 premium. Recent trip from Sydney to Melbourne and back through Vic country saw many petrol stops. However biggest issue and gripe is turbo engine noise on acceleration from cold and normal start. Has anyone else come across what sounds like a siren when touching accelerator either from still or driving? Any comments or suggestions as it’s now driving my wife and I mad. Dealer has replaced some pipes under bonnet and car has been back three times but still this noise which we think is turbo noise. I’ve has 4 cars previously with turbos and never had noise like this. any suggestions comments or other gratefully received. Thank you.
  9. Prob + The web page should give you an orange box with "Download" in it. Ignore the other stuff After you click on it a new page opens with another orange box with "click here to download the file" This one is not a Torrent but a direct download of the image file. Good luck
  10. Well those cats should be fine then. You`ll find after 3 or so tank loads of the BP98 all should return to normal. The ECU has picked up the excessive blended fuel flowing out the exhaust and thought WTF ! ! ! !
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  12. Just updating this thread - i recently bought 2x new front tyres, and went for the popular 245/35/19 size. This feeling in the steering at low speeds during sharp turns is drastically reduced with the new tyres.
  13. The manufacturer is usually embossed on the caliper. Pop a wheel off and have a squizz.
  14. Ring Blackburn and get a quote. If you supply your own synthetic oil and spark plugs if required like I did you can save 100's.
  15. Looking at buying a 2007 Lexus rx350 with 197, 849 ticks on the clock for $10,000. Car looks immaculate with one opener and full service history. I have no idea what I need to worry about/ look for. Will have it independently looked at... any thoughts peeps?
  16. You probably wont get anyone that knows Lexus inside and out like Lexmania.
  17. Yep if you keep oil changes and filters and don't abuse the car you can get 4000000 km,s out of it, if you want to keep it for a loooonnnng time cheers.
  18. Lexus RC-F Factory BBS rims and tyre package. These came off my 2015 RC-F and are in excellent condition. Wheels are 9"x19 on the front and 10"x19 rear, with offset 50 & 41 respectively. Tyres are 255/35 front and 275/35 rear, and have about 50-60% tread left on them. No TPMS. Lug nuts included. Chasing $1700 but if you jump to the eBay link below they are offering a discount code until the end of the month - brings it down to $1580ish.
  19. Yep, pretty sure I need this in my life at some point! 🙂
  20. Had my RCF for over a year with no issues, but the lack of 4 doors gets a bit tiring in the end. 😛
  21. Have seen similar on other brands of vehicles. 1. Standard bulb or replacement, Contacts loose or corroded allows them to heat up with voltage drop across same. 2. Higher wattage than specified overheats contacts, surrounding areas and wire. Your pic isnt clear on what parts are damaged. If locking ring etc is still ok carefully try to to clean away any plastic that can still touch glass. Check plug, contacts and wires for heat damage and discoloring. Replace/Repair if showing signs as mentioned. Also check fuse for high beam to ensure larger value has not been substituted esp if higher wattage bulbs fitted.
  22. I'm planning to hang onto the wheels...whenever I sell the stock wheels, years later when I sell the car, everyone wants me to part it out but I won't be able to 🙂
  23. Make sure to follow the step re turning on the recic mode. Step 1 - Turn on the re-circulation mode Before you start replacing the air filter, it's crucial to make sure your car is on re-circulation mode. Failing to do so can result in thousands of dollars worth of damage, as the computer control damper will be forced open, ultimately damaging the vehicle's HVAC system. To do this, simply press the "re-circulation" button or mode.
  24. Looking good, enjoy your new ride.
  25. The rattle will be your spigot bearing and front input shaft bearing, it should be quiet if standard.
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