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  2. It took a while to sell mine... have to find a Lexus enthusiast, most others are looking for European performance cars. The guy I sold to was the same, once I told him how much (little) it costs to maintain/insure this compared to ze germans... and drove him around the block - he was convinced that this was a better buy than the other's he'd been looking at. TBH, around 5 years back, I was in similar situation, looking for an Audi S5 (or maybe M5) till someone told me about Lexus - I didn't even know that Lexus had a performance car at the time other than the LFA. @rysith - it maybe worth considering removing the aftermarket parts (except the body kit) and selling on this forum - it's likely you'd get a few interested folks. you've got more than 10K in upgrades, Unlikely you'll get the value of those upgrades in the price of your car as single sell. best of luck with the sale.
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  4. Is there a particular brand to ask for at ACE to do this change over?
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  6. New intake

    More parts ordered today. scavenge oil pump for oil return line, water pump for w2a system and a air fuel ratio gauge. Took advantage of ebays 10% off everything promotion 👍 should be in the shop in around 2-3 weeks
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  8. Agree. I think the routing algorithm used by Lexus' navigation units is different from Google's. I've often compared what the Lexus navigation unit shows as opposed to using the shortest/quickest way that I know off the top of my head and it is very different. I believe regardless of the version, the routing algorithm in the Lexus nav units still remains the same so you're never going to have it at the same level as Google Maps.
  9. [SOLD] For Sale: Lexus 2010 ISF - MY 2011

    totally agree...drove the M models, the AMG models and have to agree the F is easier on the pocket and all round bang for bucks
  10. Hi Anyone using the Lexus Enform app at all. It seems to have limited functionality in Australia and crashes quite often after the latest Android 8.1 update. What are your experiences?
  11. What Is Your Best Fuel Consumption?

    Best is 4.2L/100km.
  12. Hey fellows, I'm from NSW and wondering if anyone can be a big help to find a front lip or a full body kit for my 2002 Lexus is200. That would fit perfectly. Thank y'all linking the item would be great help
  13. sydney isf tuners who can recommend

    Full e85, has a flex sensor incorporated into the loom. Just saving it for a rainy day at this stage and see what pump 98 brings me.
  14. keeping wheels
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  16. ISF exhaust

    Is this still available? Edit - just read your other thread, all good!
  17. New guy.

    Hello, and thanks for the welcome. I'd say there are very few NZ new ISF's about, but quite a few JDM ones have started arriving, hence you can pick an early one up for around $30k now. You certainly don't see many on the roads. Kia Ora cuz, Yes its certainly a nice piece of the world down here. And yeh, we do get quite a good selection of imports, there's not a lot that you cant get here! As for pics, I've just realized I don't have many, so here are the two I have. First is from the day I collected the car (caption is a running joke with a mate that Lexus are for the aged) Its bog standard at the moment, but I would like to do a couple of things, dependent on funds of course. I'd like to look into headers, intake, and an LSD. I think the LSD would make quite a difference, and maybe help the rear pads/rotors last a bit longer? Regards, Thomas.
  18. As title suggests, I’m selling my XForce Isf exhaust. After a quick sale only on the car for 18months and 15k kms. retail -1470. Advertises for 1200, dropped to 1100 now BARGAIN of $990 $990 for a full header back quality ISF exhaust- cheapest in AUS Chatswood pick up only selling due to upgrade Contact me with questions
  19. They will 100% same body same exterior panels
  20. 06-13 2IS Aftermarket Tail lights

    Hi, For sale are aftermarket tail lights for the 2006 to 13 Lexus is250, is350 and isf. They are brand new in box and an unwanted gift. They are smoked led. Price: $380 Can ship at buyers expense or can pickup within Sydney.
  21. Engine mounts

    Yup, exactly right on both counts. It's a rare thing, and people may not believe these quotes but they are true. I would get them to service all my cars if i could. I have a genuine relationship with my mechanic, who knows the ISF model probably as well as or better than anyone in the country. He is the master technician of Lexus, and he is the man! If he is trusted with LFA's then i think he is OK with my 2009 ISF haha! Plus, i reckon they would be chuffed to install the first supercharger on the car in AUS, they support the "F" community greatly with discounted track days etc.
  22. 2010 (MY11) IS250 F Sport for sale

    This is the only option via the Carsales website. Might add a snap pf the compliance plate just to be clear.
  23. Just to update. At 61,000km the front discs were down to 25.7mm. Bought a set of DBA non slotted discs (kangaroo paw) and Bendix pads all up for $280. (makes the above post's $250 front pads seem a bit expensive) Fitted them and the dust is gone. Wheels stay reasonably clean, brakes are as good as ever.
  24. I may have found one, if I can get the download link to work...
  25. Thule Roof Rack

    Up for sale is my Thule roof rack - WingBar Silver Just clearing out the garage and forgot I had these. No use for them now. They suit 2006 to 2013 Is250, is350 and F. Not sure about other models. Price: $250 Pickup: Sydney
  26. Super Rare OEM Genuine MY11-13 LED tailights. These are easily the best looking tail lights for the 2IS. Will not separate, and be sold as a set. Located in Melbourne. $580
  27. I got my ISF tuned by Autowerks. I found him through this forum as there are not many who can tune an ISF so assume the 350 would be in a similar position due to the ECU. I only know of CPI, BTA, Autowerks who can tune an ISF. I think there is another but cant recall their name right now. There is also RR racing in the US. They send over a email tune and you upload it yourself. Several have praised their tune as well as they are big in the US for 350's as well. Think they have even launched the supercharger kit for the 350 as well, they already have for the ISF, RCF and GSF. Dont know of anyone here in Oz who have committed that far yet. Ive got the bolt ons so not much more i can do to it so was looking around before i committ to a final tune. A retune for me is about $500ish as they tuned it the first time, i think if i went CPI, they charge me alot as it will be my first tune with them.
  28. Springs in car for few weeks went with coilovers didn't suite track driving excellent for street use excellent spring titanium structure so very light selling with 45000ks old shocks springs are 2 weeks old not sure what shocks and springs are worth but the springs retail for 700 so offers above 500 for both are welcome located nsw Sydney
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