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  2. Howdy everyone, Recently bought 2007 400h from family friends, single owner, 154,000km and very well looked after. A Lexus just wasn't on my radar until I drove it. Previous car was a 90 Series petrol Toyota Prado = huge fuel consumption ! So far, apart from being a bit nervous about the cost of major repairs, I'm super impressed with the vehicle. I still have a perfectly intact Valet Pack too, which is something of a novelty! I'm going to spend some time reading forums about the car. Curious to know if there are service manuals available or even the list of Lexus dea
  3. Hi Nick, My 2007 400h records around 9.3 - 10.5 l/100km. the lower consumption is highway/touring. I try to be careful with wide throttle as it can greatly reduce the efficiency. ODO reading on my car is 155K with original hybrid battery.
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  5. Hi Lexus Owners I have a problem with my IS200 2002 It all first started when driving the car the revs would start to drop and the car will run really rough then stall - it would start straight up again the it would idle 2500 revs and the brake pedal would be really soft and the car would be hard to stop and crawling pace I have taken the car to my trusted Mechanic and he had it for a couple of weeks he called people and the common thing that would pop up would be that the Throttle Body was causing this whole issue - they would have the car hooked up but no error codes would
  6. upgrade to some used F sport shocks shocks arent too expensive new eirther pm me if you want a quote
  7. Good thing she changed her mind.
  8. One of my favorite bands.
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  10. Your welcome! I hope you find one soon.
  11. Did you find the exact rims? I was also looking for stock rims for my 2009 Lexus GS 350 but I ended up ordering a set of American Racing rims from 4wheelonline. When I bought my second hand GS 350 it didn't go with its original wheels.
  12. 2010 LX570 Sports luxury - New owner - Lexus LX450d / LX470 / LX570 / Toyota Cygnus Club - Australian Lexus Owners Club Forums
  13. Hi Nick, in short you cant connect your phone and get full functionality if its anything like the Mark Levinson system I have in my 2007 400h, there isn't even an auxilliary input. I got around this by getting an FM modulator from Jaycar, i can at least stream my spotify/sound cloud music that way. Some of the modulators even allow phone calls but its not been very consistent for me. Sound quality is ok but there can be some interference noise in the FM band, I think it depends on which frequency you choose to use. The Mark Levinson hifi is superb though, Im enjoying my CD collect
  14. Congrats on the LX570, Kim. Nice to know that it works (the downloaded map).
  15. Congrats on the new ride, Phil. Have you had it fixed by now?
  16. Hi There, I have a 2007 RX 400h, the rubber cover on the manual tailgate open button, (central) above the number plate, has perished and cracked, exposing the switch mechanism. This is not the press button for the power tailgate. Any idea where I could get a replacement? Regards, Roy.
  17. not coilovers but I have dealt with their products and have seen their build quality first hand.
  18. Mine does the same thing too! After 3 years, just after the warranty, i started hearing occasional loud jamming noise whenever I close the power trunk.
  19. Can anyone recommend a reliable and reasonable cost mechanic in the Seven Hills/Kellyville area.
  20. well its a 15 year old car now so might as well learn to live with it or just replace it with a 2nd hand part
  21. 2013 RX 350. Power door sometimes operates correctly, sometimes not. Regardless of using dashboard button, remote control, or pressing the pad on the door itself. Have renewed the struts. Sensors on door are clean & not damaged. We use the rear door every day, so itโ€™s operating intermittently is a pain. (Have found that if itโ€™s parked in the sun for a while, it usually operates okay). Any help on what could be causing this, so I know what to expect to have it rectified, would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Dave
  22. your not gonna get much real info from members here with IS with towbars hardly any one has put em on even on the older models best to consult your local lexus dealer
  23. Since you've checked the fuses for the RH side and also replace the bulb it seems like it would be the headlight. Maybe try the bulb from the LH headlight and see if it works or better yet if you can connect the LH headlight to the RH side to confirm. worst case it would be the headlight itself. You could purchase a second hand headlight which would come with the cap so would save you some money there and solve the issue depending on if you done the above steps.
  24. My 2006 has the Levinson system but also had a faulty amp. I bought a second hand one from a wrecker on ebay for$300. Works perfectly. probably cost all of that to have one repaired.
  25. please read PM FOR PRICES
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