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  2. Hi there, I recently purchased a 2003 is300 and am looking at buying an after market head unit for it but have noticed that I have got to bypass the amp when doing it. After searching around the web for a couple days, I've found that the amp bypasses for the is300 have been discontinued and that bypass harnesses that are marketed towards the is200 are only available. Just wondering if the is200 amp bypass harness will work on my is300 amp and if possible, a link to somewhere where I could purchase one, although the info on if the amps are the same is all that's necessary. Thanks.
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  4. Didnt come out too bad. Been on since Xmas 2020. Still holding up. Ive got a bit more of the vinyl (ebay) so will have a 2nd try next summer to see if I can remove the few tiny bubbles I missed.
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  6. Are there any kits still for sale? Terry
  7. any transmission from W55 to W58 would fit the IS300? W56 and W57 are easier to source. That is why I'm asking. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello everyone and cheers, hope all is safe and sound during these crazy times... New to the forums, but not to wrenching.
  9. Good to see your ISF is up and running.
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  11. i get 8.2l in town constantly i have 18 with 255 on the back and 225 on front i use 98 from gull the highest my fuel gets with hard driving is 9.4l and ive had it as low as 7.3 with being xtra gentle yes to is250 is bit sliw in the mid range but with the tight tweaks this could be fixed
  12. Hello I have a question for the group My friend older lady has a 04 es330 the drivers side window wasn't working so she took it to the locale guy and he fixed it but now when she unlocks the door with the key the horn blows she has never had a key fob with buttons she always just opened the door with the key and got in I have a friend that says I don't believe in coincidences this is one of those times any help would be appreciated. I think one thing she could do is get a key fob but I don't know how to go about it . then there is the money part
  13. Best If you can let us know if you got the 2IS or 3IS shape as in 2013 Lexus changed body shape.
  14. Most Lexus dealerships in Australia use Castrol FS.
  15. 18ADF

    ISF Vids

    Out racing vs a mates 500+whp hilux, was running about 8psi IMG_0691.MOV
  16. I just bought a used 2014 CT H with 50,000 miles. I’m absolutely in love with this car. Not much power in EV mode but sport mode is more than enough for me. Smooth as butter. The interior is gorgeous & sleek, looks brand new. My only issue so far is the bottom clearance, always need to be mindful as backing out of my driveway or it scrapes and I cringe. This car is perfect for me zipping to and from work and making small trips on the weekends. Cheers!
  17. when could we do this package again?😁
  18. Neels post above mine tried the secondary cat removal with no success ?
  19. Official calibration firmware for EUROPEAN Lexus with description + firmware instructions + firmware Calibration Update Wizard v.8.8.0 for Toyota Lexus Scion – supports Intelligent Tester II, Techstream VIM, J2534 adapter. Tested with Intelligent Tester II. Year of issue: 2010 Version: 8.8.0 Developer: Toyota Motor Corporation Platform: WinXP Vista Compatible: No System requirements: IBM-compatible personal computer Pentium III processor. 800 MHz or higher Memory 256 MB (minimum) or 512 MB (recommended) Interface language: English + Russian Download Reprogramming
  20. A few ISF's for sale at the moment at prices that seem around $10k more than a year ago? Following the big surge in Holden, Ford V8's maybe? ... while ours are in a class above most of them them for mine, what are the thoughts on comparison to HSV cars of similar vintage? Holden GTS cars from 2014 asking around $115k!
  21. I am researching replacement of my shocks and struts. Consumer Report and others suggest the Monrow brand is best. I am wanting confirmation from someone who has replaced theirs and what brand you used. Thanks
  22. Hi there first time poster. Just picked up GS 450 today. I saw you post but when I went to check the file it says it is no longer there. Is there another location available? Thanks Greg
  23. A comprehensive Lexus repair manual also as a step-by-step manual for Lexus operation and maintenance. This Lexus repair manual includes the foremost voluminous data on diagnostic and repair operations of engine system components (considered, among other things, fuel injection system , ignition, starting and charging systems), automatic drive elements, transfer case (including all-wheel drive control systems), brakes (including ABS – anti-lock brakes , VSC – Stability Program, VA – Emergency Braking System, A-TRAC – Active Traction system , CRAWL – Off-Road Assistance System and HAC – Old
  24. Before you perform Pre-Delivery Service (PDS) on this vehicle, be sure you: Read and understand this PDS Manual Read and understand all applicable PDS Technical Service Information Bulletins (TSIBs) and Repair Manual information for this vehicle Read and understand the PDS Precautions in the TSIBs and on pages 0, 5 and 56. Attend the “Technical Introduction to Lexus Course L005” at the Lexus Area Office When performing PDS on this vehicle: Use the PDS Manual when performing this service Check the Technical Information System (TIS)
  25. Hi all, I'm in the market to purchase an IS250 GSE20 (preferably a Sports Luxury w/ Sunroof). I have a few questions before I do pull the trigger; How upgradeable is the standard GPS unit in terms of potentially adding Android Auto/Carplay etc, in other words a standard double DIN headunit with GPS? I assume the standard GPS is outdated and probably quite slow? From the few cars I've seen, I've not come across any that have a different headunit installed. Ideally I store all my audio files on a hard drive/flash drive, and have bluetooth functionality. Since I'm quite new to a
  26. Hi Guys, I have had this issue for a while where the button to increase the temperature on the climate control is unresponsive, meaning that I have no way to increase the temperature on the air conditioning. I found in the past by pressing it hard or at the right angle will help, but now I can't get it to turn up at all. Has anyone had this issue and come up with a fix? I have tried the search but couldn't find anything similar. Thanks in advance. The temperature down button works fine though. Picture attached of the unresponsive button.
  27. Congratulations and enjoy your "new" toy
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