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  2. Hi Do you still have RCF wheels for sale?
  3. thats my mates car mines sitting on 24K kms
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  5. I am a new member and just saw your post. You probably have this sorted by now. If not then have a look at this link; https://gromaudio.com/store/vline/index.html#lexus I have been looking to upgrade my LS460 with this but haven't ordered as yet.
  6. Yes thinking about buying and self installing. The only thing I dislike about my ISF is the clunky and dated infotainment system. A tesla style screen would also make the interior look slightly less dated in my opinion. There's really no functionality of the OEM system that I need to retain tbh. Plus with one of these Tesla style units you can get a Bluetooth obd dongle and display a whole range of cool data on the screen. Been reading over at the American forums and looks like people are having success with these units when installed in 200 series LandCruisers and LX570's. Sounds like t
  7. Hi all, I'm thinking of upgrading the wheels on my SC430 to the 19" RCF Wheel set. Anyone know if this may fit the car? Thanks in advance Cheers, Mike
  8. I've just taken mine into a garage with the same warning. The diagnostic is saying it's a capacitor... did you get yours resolved?
  9. dealers will have them or we can order them in for u at lexmania please message us through facebook via our lexmania business page
  10. Hi In August 2020 I purchased a 2019, IS300 F sport. This was a private sale in WA (Not Lexus Perth WA) and the vehicle is still under warranty 17000km on the clock. I have contact Lexus now 2 times by phone and have registered for the Lexus App. which when I try to login tells me "WE'RE VERIFYING YOUR OWNERSHIP" contact Lexus customer service 1800 023 009 this I have done twice now but still have not gotten any WELCOME PACK, Encore card or anything to date which is 12/11/2020. Am I doing something wrong?
  11. Hi are these still available? Any damage (curb rash), scratches, dents, stone chips? Also would you ship and are you negotiable on price?
  12. If you can let me borrow or save the iso I can repost on here ..Thanks
  13. Hi Lexus Lovers, Im new to the Lexus life, I recently purchased a 2002 IS200 Caliente. I bought it from an old fella who lovingly cared for this very clean low KM car, I wasn't looking for this car but it was so good I just bought it. I paid too much I am sure. Here in Aus we all have to convert the head units to be phone compatible to get our phone off our dashboards for safety. (No touching of the phone for any reason when driving) So... What units do people get? What is the work around with the amp bypass to avoid changing speakers. I realise new head
  14. how much are you looking to get for the car? how much did dealer offer for trade in?
  15. Thanks again, @bazzle. It worked and got the faulty DVD out. Imagine Lexus charges approx $100 for that. Used the DVD with your v22 ISO and it worked perfectly well. 👍 I hope someone can provide an ISO for v25 - v27 (2019 - 2021).
  16. any one ?? also looking at other solutions to the lack of Bluetooth streaming issue on the pre 2012~ ISFs Dont want to spend 2K on grom vline v2
  17. Makes sense. Tow bar will interfere with sensor proximity detector. Choice between getting a tow bar or teaching the unhappy woman you know to compromise 😂
  18. Bayson used to be available on Ebay, delivered to AU no problem. Thats where i got mine from but that was years ago and unfortunately times have changed 😞 For that lip, best to order direct from their website vs Ebay. According to their shippping info, appears they will post some items to AU so ask them there https://baysonr.com/collections/lexus-1/products/08-14-lexus-is-f-a-style-front-bumper-lip-polyurethane
  19. Just wondering if anyone can help me. I'm looking to buy an isf with preferably lower kms and clean. Budget of 40k and in Sydney. Would prefer black. Thanks
  20. Is or was ( 3 years ago haha ) 2009? I have a 2010 but I am not sure if I can do it in my car.
  21. Can be mixed. Not many good reviews re the use of E10. I would stick to premium. Premium can be 95 or 98.
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