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  2. Babalouie

    Babalouie ISF Maintenance Thread

    One thing I haven't managed to do with the ISF yet, was take it to the drags. So when the Lexus F Owners club organised a night at WSID, it seemed like a good chance to see what the car could do. It was the first ever drag event for the club, and we had five ISFs and one RCF turn up. Winning means cheating, so there's no way that I was going to rock up without trying to get an advantage over the other guys 🙂 So to start with, I rolled up with just fumes in the tank, and all the engine cover plastics removed. The stock ecu is a bit of an overprotective mother, and it is way too keen to dial back the power to save the engine. So the experience that everyone has with ISFs at the drags, is that the car progressively gets slower as the night progresses. The engine bay heats up, and the insulated engine cover retains all that heat, which causes the intake air temps to rise and the ecu dials back the timing as a result. So between runs, everyone popped the bonnet to let out the heat. The first run was thankfully a good one: 12.88 at 113mph. I was hoping for a sub-13, and having that first run in the bank meant that I could relax and enjoy the rest of the event and experiment a little to improve the time. In the end, the approach that seemed to be best was: Sport Mode, traction off, manual shifting after one bounce off the limiter, and no brake stalling off the line. I suspect that, like many modern cars, the ISF might have a torque limiting on a brake-stall, so stalling it up to 1500rpm on the launch seemed to actually make it bog down a little. The best launch seemed to be to hold the car lightly on the brake with the left foot....right foot poised over the accelerator, the lift the brake and mash the throttle on the last yellow light. You'd get a little hesitation off the line, then at the 4000rpm point, the power would come in, and you'd get a little flurry of wheelspin, and I held it flat through it. After 4 runs, we decided to park up the cars and have a chat for a bit to let them cool down, and in the meantime it got dark and quite cool. So that was ideal and everyone got better times after that. My times got down a little bit more to 12.7 @ 114mph It was an interesting comparison against the other F cars. Everyone had different mods, and my car might be faster in the first part of the quarter or the second half, none of the cars were exactly equal, although in the end the times were very close. The RCF has an axleback exhaust and got down to a 13.041 @ 110mph, another ISF with headers was at about the same time as me, and the ISFs without a full catback exhaust and only an axleback, were a couple of tenths behind. Dead stock was 13.095, so overall not a huge difference in times. I suspect the trick with getting consistent times with the ISF, is to manage the ecu. I'd done a top engine clean (kinda like seafoam) changed the plugs and air filter, so I should have less chance of the ecu recording a misfire and dialling things back. I'd checked the ecu with the Toyota Techstream software earlier that day, and the KCLV ("Knock Correction Learning Value") was nice and high at 21.0. I believe that's the key metric for the ecu to control power output, if the value is high, it means that the ecu is nice and content, and if the value is low, the ecu will be in overprotective mother mode, and basically will have the motor tucked up on the sofa under a blanket with chicken soup (and the power output will be potentially noticeably less). I'll do a proper post later with my findings about the ecu and what it reacts to, but I'm pretty happy with the 12.7 🙂
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  4. Ozsaint

    Used IS250 choice

    Thanks guys. Looking now at a 2008 Prestige Upgrade - good service history, body/mechanics a lot better than the SL's I have been seeing, and cheaper. So I'm okay to miss out on the extra features - also first car for my son so I'm not too concerned. Only one key though - so I'm worried about the cost of getting another one!
  5. Last week
  6. Hey Josh, I'd be keen for one for my '14 RC-F. Can you PM me some details as to what it unlocks and whether it has mirroring etc. Cheers Alex
  7. JLL111

    OEM ISF Exhaust for Sale

    Bump - Guys back for sale as buyer bailed. Cheers
  8. Hi everyone...have had our GS450H for almost 3 years now, had the check hybrid error come up a few months after getting her...had a taxi mechanic change out a couple of cells and it was good for over a year. just had the codes come up again, the same mechanic changed another couple of cells, seemed good but a few days later, the error comes up again...we do a long drive to Adelaide and back (Gold Coast...5000kms), it only goes off maybe twice...(I have a Foxwell scanner to clear the codes) he does he work again, this time when we get it back going off several times a other codes except for the ecb and vsc ones...I am wondering if it could be the converter or even heard that sometimes the gearbox could be at fault (something to do with the oil?) Do not really want to get a new Hybrid battery and then find out it is something else as well...any thoughts are really appreciated
  9. Recently had similar problem with my 2000 LS430 here in Perth (235k). Had both Tappet cover gaskets replaced (leaking badly) along with PCV hose which was perished due to age, also replaced Platinum plugs. Cost exactly $628.90. Parts and labour GST incl. Couple of weeks later temp gauge went off the dial, called out RAC - top radiator tank split??? No way it had anything to do with rocker cover gasket replacement - radiator just decided to die without warning, no previous coolant loss, replaced radiator and car has been fine ever since. Probably not much help to you I know but maybe have rad. pressure tested to see if any leaks under pressure.
  10. BLK ISF

    Isf Owners Post Up Pics Of Your Isf!

    His looks the same as mine and many others who have the same or very similar front lip. Good el Ebay =
  11. I am researching the possibility of having Apple CarPlay installed on my Lexus GS 2013 & RX 2018, both have 12.3 inch screen. It seems like there is no details on this forums (or any other forum I looked up). Thought would be a interesting project if there is a kit where i can DIY during xmas!!!
  12. Just a quick hello to everyone... I currently have a few Lexus GS, NX and just picked up a new RX. Love these cars, so reliable as my older lexus back in the days never had any issues. Since i have so many of these cars, thought i'll join a club in case I need some info. Have a great xmas and safe new year!!!
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  14. Successful dealerships can have weeks of backlog, regardless of brand. They may reserve a slot or 2 in case a valued customers is in need. Either join the queue or find someone that nobody want to go to. Then you will realise why there is no waiting.
  15. Lexus Nerd

    New F Track Edition

  16. Lexus today announced that it will stage the world premiere of the RC F Track Edition at the North American International Auto Show on 15 January, 2019 (AEDT). Livestream:
  17. 2bling

    New IS300 owner

    You will love it I hope, what year any pics enjoy.
  18. Hi all I picked up a 2000 model is200 recently that has a sunroof that is not working. When I press either the tilt or open button you can hear the motor start and then it stops with no movement of the glass at all. I have checked the 30A sunroof fuse and its OK, and the 10A ECU-IG fuse is also fine. I believe there is power to the motor just fine. If I do this while the car is on but not running I can see the dash lights briefly dim slightly when the motor starts - so it kinda looks like the motor wants to work but is jamming up or its just normal and the motor is hitting a limits switch or something - either way, to me it indicates that a decent amount of current is being drawn as opposed to just some control circuit energizing. I pulled the motor out and checked the brushes and gearing. There was a bit of dirt there and while the motor spins freely, the gear that mates into the roof mechanism was a little rusty and very dry. Cleaned it all up and re-installed it all with the exact same results. Were do I go now - can anyone recommend some further checks to do? I have seen a few comments around that talk about initializing the ECU that runs the roof, but that seems to start from the tilt open position - and I can;t get to that position yet so I think that initialization is not the issue yet. Do these sunroofs have a habit of jamming up in the mech - do I need to pull the roof apart now and lub it all up and make sure its moving or is there some other simpler check/step I can do. Thanks everyone Mick
  19. BLK ISF

    GROM Vline V2

    My reverse camera works perfect. All OEM functions are as they were prior to the install, i cant think of anything that ive lost due to the Vline.
  20. thanks mate. My cousin is selling his IS350 in Jan. He will take the Ark performance exhaust system and ship it over to me from the US. I'll post before and after once i've replaced it. Thanks for your comments folks.
  21. tomr51

    RX350 Navigation DVD

    if it is a DVD update, just change the dvd.
  22. Hi Tonono & everyone else. I have Tein H.Tech coilovers and Tokico Blue HP suspension available for sale. Used for approx then taken off to part out and prepare car for sale. I believe these should be suitable for IS250C also. Even the facelift IS250 suspension works for previous generation. Toyota don't make too many extensive changes between years unless it is an all new generation platform which for the IS was some years after your 2010 car. see my sale thread:
  23. fatjoez

    Fs: Tein H-Tech Springs + Tokico Hp Shocks

    bump still available as I'm in and out of Australia so never get time to sell them. They are still in good condition and as above only drove about 5000km or so on them then took out to part out car ready for sale. Please advise if anyone is interested or looking for shocks or springs!!!
  24. Lexus Owners Club

    The Lexus UX Design Story

  25. AlexFS250

    MY11 IS 250 F Sport for Sale
  26. My is350 2012 does the same. Lube didn't help mine The rattle is hard contact but 1st look didn't find the place it hits 😢
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