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  2. Bump, Price drop 32k or swaps for 4WD dual cab ute with cash my way -
  3. Of all that I got from essay writer, the impeccable support is what made me swoon! Where do you find such nice people who are ready to help you out even at 3 in the morning?
  4. Last week
  5. Wanting to purchase headlights fof 1994 ucf20 ls400, can someone assist please..KTB
  6. bazzle

    Come On Guests

    Good idea. Sad about the spam post between ours 😞
  7. This may or may not be of some interest..,00.html
  8. Hi Guys! I've just bought a Lexus RCF, and am looking for the wheels as shown below. Please PM me if you've got anything available, thanks; new or used works fine.
  9. buy a toms drop in filter and be done with it less blind but more effective and resuable and non oiled so it dosnt foul the maf sensor
  10. I hope all goes well, an exciting time.
  11. Thought about it, but a bit expensive. Ended up getting the kumho ps71s for $380 the pair fitted and balanced.
  12. Earlier
  13. 1 month new iDrive throttle controller w/ black face (removable) to suit 2006-on IS250. Works fantastic, you won't know how you lived without it! Plug & play. Comes complete in box. RRP: $299 Asking $150 Only selling due to loss of income. Cash on pick-up from VIC 3429 or PM me for a postage quote.
  14. Near-new condition, black leather with blue stitching & a carbon fiber top with F-Sport logo. Imported from USA 2 months ago. Comes complete in original box as seen. Asking $150 Only selling due to loss of income. Cash on pick-up from VIC 3429, or I can post at the buyers expense. PM me for a quote.
  15. Would like to replace the grille badge on my 2010 RX450h. I see that there are some for cars with and without pre-collision systems installed. Apart from the 4-way button on the LHS of the steering wheel, how do I figure out which grille badge to buy? Is there a sensor within the actual badge? Cheers - IanM
  16. Its on air, but not the sort of thing for me, you might not see it in woollies car park i hate taking my ISF there.
  17. theres 4 drains on the sunroof most of the cases its windscreen havent really seen any problems with genuine lexus sunroofs having leak problems
  18. For sale is a Borla Axle Back Exhaust for the IS-F. Nice subtle tone to bring out the v8 without being too over the top. Price: $500 Pickup Sydney, otherwise could organise shipping at buyers expense.
  19. For sale are Lexus RC-F option 2 wheels. Price: Sold Pickup Sydney or can organise shipping.
  20. Hi there We urgently require a key/fob for a 2008 Lexus LS 460 stolen last week in Auckland city now sitting in the yard of a West Auckland NZ towing mob, accumulating storage fees, waiting for us to get a key to get it out!!! (I am back at home rural Queensland now but my lover is stuck there because of this!) We can’t afford hundreds of $ for a new key & fob along with paying for its release and repairs for the damage done so are hoping someone in in the Lexus community may be able to recommend our best form of action please as it's urgent. Thanks guys, Kirstie (if you can help or have any questions please call Mathew on +6421677244)
  21. Your wrong there, you can definitley plug an iphone in and it will work just like an ipod, i know because thats what ive been doing for the past few years BUT... The newer the iphone/ios, the glitchier the experience. Eg: Back when i had an iphone 6s plugged in via usb cable, the music worked 100% fine, when i moved to an iphone xr, it started randomly disconnecting, i had to restart the iphone to get it to work correct. But the funny thing is, my mrs has the EXACT same iphone as me, with the exact same ios but my car doesnt recognise her phone at all. I can also plug a usb stick in, but it seems to have a limit in regards to how much music it can actually play. Eg if i put a few gb worth and say 600 songs, it will mostly play the same songs over and over (on random), so out of that 600, its only actually recognising 200
  22. I agree. May be a rename but it works :)
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