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  2. Hi all, hoping to become one of you soon! I'm currently driving a mk6 Golf GTI and its doing my head in - as much as I love the car I'm looking to swap it out for something more reliable but with similar performance. This is where the IS350 comes in. Budget is around ~20k. I'm wondering what the main differences are between the model ranges? From what I can tell the top of the line is the Sport Luxury auto --> F sport --> prestige (and theres another X model that i've seen float around that I can't quite place). Planning on keeping the car for about 5-8 years. From what I've found the reliability on these is up there (as expected with the toyota/lexus group). Wondering what I should look out for before making a purcahse? Thankyou!
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  4. Greetings Lads, I'm seriously looking at buying an ISF, seen a few on carsales sites, prices are within my range. Can anyone tell me what issues or problems this model has. I'd like to be well informed before taking the plunge. Cheers
  5. Greetings Lads, I'm seriously looking at buying an ISF, seen a few on carsales sites, prices are within my range. Can anyone tell me what issues or problems this model has. I'd like to be well informed before taking the plunge. Cheers
  6. Greetings Gents, Looking at buying a good 2nd hand ISF.. Can anyone inform me on any issues with this model. Problems encountered.. I'm quite serious to purchase shortly, but I would prefer to be well informed about this model before buying. Not many available on the carsales sites unfortunately and few have lower Klms. Cheers. Mike62
  7. Hi all, I am thinking of upgrading my RC300 2019 to an F model. But finding it hard to decide between keeping my RC and getting a second hand ISF or trading in my RC with a 2015-2018 RCF. Any advice from RCF/ISF owner would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hi Guys Got my PTS Performance rube systems isf exhaust for sale No gaskets or nuts supplies but you can get them form a bit and bolt shop or exhaust shop Please see the pics attached, price $600 And pickup is Schofields NSW No headers Jay 0413743826
  9. Hi All, Just bought a well loved old LS460. I love driving a sofa around 😉 All the normal 'issues' seem to have been addressed (controls arms, interior etc.). However, very keen to hear if anyone in WA knows of a decent independent mechanic in Perth who specialises or has good knowledge of Lexus and is able to provide regular basic services without requiring the soul of my first born child as a down payment? Cheers Groover
  10. Hi there, I'm on the hunt for a Lexus ISF in excellent/showroom/unmodified condition. Exterior colour blue, white or red would be my preference. Any model year is okay, just want to find one that's been well cared for by an owner who has mechanical sympathy and a keen eye for detail. If you have one or know of a car like this on the market, please get in touch with me on ph: 02 4579 6669 or email.. Kind regards, Nathan.
  11. Looking for a nice, clean set of Sport or F Sport wheels from 2nd Gen IS models. With or without tyres, not entirely fussed. Will consider other variations also. Must be in great to excellent condition & within Victoria.
  12. Hey George, did you end up getting any tuning/remap done? If so, who did it and how'd it turn out? Nicholas.
  13. I always use the synthetic Toyota-branded stuff they recommend for the car, it doesn't cost much more than the premium oils you buy in the shops. The Penrite synthetic does have a very good reputation, I suspect either would do the job just as well. The Penrite website suggests their HPR 5 5W-40 (Full Synthetic) for the 2010 IS250. Nicholas.
  14. drnick, did you find a mechanic you were happy with? - Nicholas.
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  16. Ended up just sticking with the OEM 12+ wheel tyre specs 2 x Michelin Sport 4 S 225/40/19R 2 x Michelin Sport 4 S 265/35/19R Since I couldn't find any credible sources online for 275/35/19R for the rears, only sources for the 245/35/19R fronts which were recommended. 275/30 are definitely not legal here for my wheels, only legal for the older ISF wheels which are .5'' slimmer and jump from 255/35-> 275/30, not 265/35->275/30.
  17. Hi all I am looking for stock LS400 1997-2000 wheels. located in Perth. please email me if you are in WA. Thanks
  18. Hi NX01 Have you tried eBay I just typed in cargo net for Lexus and up come heaps of them around $25 But if you want to do what I do is buy from AliExpress a Chinese eBay they have them for $5-10 most of the stuff on eBay comes from AliExpress. Its a bit slow with postage that's all.
  19. Hi there, I have an 2003 IS300 that's been running Supra TT calipers / rotors for the last 7-8 years. The car is still running the 2JZ-GE but does have a couple of mods ( R154 & coil-overs). Anyhow; my insurer's premiums are starting to grate so I decided this might be a good time to re-aquaint myself with the fine print before looking around. Bottom line is - the brake situation has me worried. RMS Light Vehicle Modification Guide states quite clearly that non-standard calipers and/or rotors require Certification; which is a deal-killer as the brake test costs $1200-1500 plus; and that bird's never going to fly. That said, the Supra TT BBK is currently sold by quite a number of Lexus dealers in the USA, which would seem to imply this set-up is officially sanctioned. Told RMS about this & they said I would have to contact Lexus Australia & get that in writing. Good luck with that. . . For this reason I'd VERY interested to hear from anyone running a BBK who has filed an insurance claim (esp with Shannoins, Ryno or Enthusiast) and how that process went. I'm damned if I'm going to throw $$$ at my insurer every month knowing I will probably be shafted if I ever need to make a claim. As much as I love these brakes (and they ARE awesome); unless I receive a compelling reason to do otherwise; I will probably convert them back to stock for peace of mind.
  20. Thanks Subby, my wife has a Galaxy S 10E and prior to that she had a Galaxy S8, so perhaps this is an Android/Samsung issue. Maybe I get my Brother inlaw to hook up his Iphone and test. But again thanks for the info, I maybe bashing Lexus and it maybe not their issue. Just so frustrating an issue.
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  22. Thanks bazzle I meant dashcam. I thought by cutting the wire which has 1live 1earth and 2 data wires I might be able to connect to wiring leading to the rear vision mirror.
  23. Any one in Aus / sydney installed or tried this product? Aparently it allows for pre 2011 ISF / ISX to have bluetooth music streaming.. The USA guys say it works for them but just want to confirm any locals using it before i purchase thanks!
  24. Get a quote from both it would be interesting in the price, they are a Toyota engine.The Toyota V6 is around $700 with plugs Major service.
  25. Hey guys, I've got a very slight oil leak around the sort of Y bend coming out of the engine, from being under the car I can't really see where it's coming from but it looks like it's directly in the middle of the engine underneath, looks like somewhere up. It's only very slight. Does anyone have any idea what it could be? / Should I just leave it? Lol Cheers!
  26. We compared a bunch of files in "v26" DVD that Bballplayer86 brought from the gumtree guy to the files in v22 DVD. There were the same size. Also, Bballplayer86 realised some 3 year old roads in a suburb somewhere were not recognised by his DVD. The gumtree guy updates the content in the version file and sells copies of v22 each year as if it was a new version. If the last DVD Lexus advertises online is v24 then I would think that is the last official DVD.
  27. Hello, I’m looking for my first Lexus, and recently joined so I can learn the ins and outs. I’m looking for an 03 to 06 LS430, seems the perfect highway cruiser. If there’s any particularly good source of info on these models, please let me know. Thanks, and hope to be driving one soon rather than just reading.
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