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  2. Congrats on the purchase, they are great cars and even better sleepers as the wider community have no idea when it comes to the ISF. Most probably assume its a 4 cyl lol. Ive had mine for about 5 yrs now and still love driving it as much as i did when i first got it.
  3. I have a series 1, and comes up as Prestige for most insurers. Sometimes, However, it is included as an option to select manually. Mine has nav, Mark levinson, sunroof, sports pedals, starfish wheels. re2011 model, this may help:
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  5. cjg


    hi all, anyone keen on swapping me their standard cat back exhaust for an x force system?
  6. Sold, only have the standard Rcf wheels left
  7. Awesome, that`s a good price 👍
  8. cjg

    11-14MY ISF

    looking to buy, please PM me if you can help.
  9. They are rare cars alright, I,m in Moruya NSW lived in Canberra for a while and i have never see a ISF in the wild, seen RCF RC GSF and 2LC,s around my area, I,m a mechanic of 40 year so i always look out for different cars or bikes, so after 4 years of ownership i think its a keeper cheers.
  10. Hi All, im new here, im looking for an isf in pref stock condition with around 100km or less of course, 2011-2014 model. please reach out if anyone can help me, cheers !!
  11. Hi I have been the owner of my LS400 1995 for a few years now ,It has just turned over 235,Kl ,It has been the best car I have ever owned,It’s had all it’s service to date ,Nothing has every been touched or replaced apart from the major service at 153.000KL ,Dose not use oil and the oil is as new from service to service. I am putting it storage soon .My question is , I would love to buy an LS600HL 2016 ,Is the best model made ?,And what to look out for ,I would love some feed back please it would be appreciated 😊. Santo
  12. yeah, either a new touch screen needed or replace with a known working NAV unit.
  13. hey guys, just an update if anyone knows where I can find forged rods and pistons in Australia, or anywhere else that can post to Australia without costing an arm and a leg? If anyone knows any custom shops that are not too expensive that would be helpful aswell. Just looking at forging my 1gfe and can't find much at all. If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated
  14. I checked the CD player that isn’t the problem. I think it is some kind of servo/motorised sound to do with the air conditioner. I have found threads from the US for a similar issue but on GS, IS and older model RX
  15. I have been told different sources of truth. Taxi drivers get about 200k out of them, with constant usage. They just wear the down. If your car was rarely used, your Batteries may be in trouble. The low K's dont let the battery charge/discharge. Otherwise they should be good. I.e. the Prius's the batteries just seem to last. At the 12 year mark, maybe mine are just starting to go....(doing research now to confirm).
  16. Exact same issue as my previous GS. Its ECU - depending on which state you are in, ecu shops can fix. Basically heat damage.
  17. yeap if you want to get one i have 2 extra coming in i can slot u in please pm me
  18. Yes, please let us know how it turned out.
  19. I know it is quite a rare setup as it is relevant to a relatively limited number of Lexus cars but I was still hoping that someone might have a solution or at least could provide me with some additional info. I am an owner of a RX350 (mid 2012 -2015 model version) that comes with a 7th GEN navigation system based on HDD. It is updated via maps on a USB stick and requires a License Key input. I know how to get the key, however, I was wondering how to get the maps. I have a feeling that potentially the map files of GEN 7 and previous WHEREIS DVD operated systems look the same. I was just wondering if anyone knows if the DVD content can be put on a USB stick (and in what folder structure etc) and used in a GEN 7 navigation update. Any additional details on this situation will be appreciated. Cheers
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