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  1. The wheels and Tyres are low profile 18's but nothing crazy. It's only done less than 15000 Kms so it wouldn't be that. Might get under the car to have a look. The right side seems to crash more than the left.
  2. Hi all, I've been driving my parents 2012 is350 x edition for a few weeks and the suspension seems mega stiff! Its like aftermarket coil over stiff! Is this normal for the x suspension? It crashes over small potholes and speedhumps. Michael
  3. my is250 prestige had a heater element to de-ice the wipers.
  4. This is a hot tip for all of those who have burnt cd's in their stacker. I was prepping my car to be sold and the LAST thing to do was to take out all my cd's/dvd's. It was working and playing dvds fine when I demo'd it to the purchaser yesterday but when I went to take out the LAST DVD (the others ejected fine) it jammed! One of the last DVD's (burnt) that came out had most of the white material on the top of the DVD flake off causing the unit to jam.They had been in there for about 5.5 years. It just kept trying to eject the dvd continuously so I had to fix it. It took me 2.5 hours to remove the system, open and clean it up and put it all back together! At least I don't have to buy a new changer. In any case, eject those DVD's and check them and make sure you buy good cd/dvd media!
  5. Hi all - I have for sale a complete Dash / Instrument cluster from an is250. It reads 36,936kms. I bought this (used) complete unit to get a hold of the clear screen on the front to replace mine which had some marring/scratches. It will come with my marred clear screen from my car (which should be able to be repaired with a bit of elbow grease and know how - I was too lazy to do it so I just bought this cluster). I have not tested it and am told that it works, but on the self diagnosis (when you start the car) the needle arm flickers and there is some small motor noise. Other then this it is apparently in full working order. Buy it for the clear screen, buy it to toy around with the cluster functionality, buy it for spare parts... whatever you need it for - it's cheap! Will post some pics later. Price: $50 Based in Melbourne SE Suburbs or CBD. onnzo@optusnet.com.au or PM me.
  6. Just picked up DBa front rotors for $58 each from repco! They have changed supplier and are getting rid of stock. There might have been 2 more at repco nunawading (Vic). Was tempted to get them but it will be another 4-5 years before they need changing again. Bendix pads were $135. Will fit them tonight when kids are asleep.
  7. I got the low oil light today! Changed the oil/filter and it was nasty. I have just about hit 100k last service was at 90k and the oil looks bad. Car has always idled/driven fine.
  8. C63's thrashed? Good. That's what they are built for and I'll be Doing the same! As for common, that means more people to talk to about mods etc! What did you buy the mrs?
  9. Everything is built to a price. Lexus are optioned up from even the base models. If they were to throw in a more powerful engine the cost would come up too. That plus the cost / design work to set up production etc
  10. Not everyone needs or wants power. I was fine driving it for over 4 years until I got into a is350. I still enjoy driving my 250, I just cruise when I'm in it.
  11. Of the three I would go white too. How much did you end up paying if you don't mind.
  12. Wheels/suspension/ gadgets make up the difference. I remember seeing in motor mag the f sport was slightly quicker. I think it might have to do with suspension/takeoff. I thought they all used the same motor/output.
  13. The only features in that list I would want are the rims,leather and memory seats. Is the perforated leather an upgrade these days?the flat leather is very plain looking/feeling. I'd happily take the engine over those three though. Take one for a test drive. Youlle be hooked!