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  1. v8 yeh? you wont get the gains of an 8 on a 2.5L v6
  2. got the redouts yesterday and put them on :) they look good except when i indicate its red... ahaha seems kinda unroadworthy :o opinions?
  3. ill build someone a custom insulated cold air intake for 400 us lmao
  4. So you have tried pushing in the volume button? Like a few times..? I would suggest calling them first incase its something that can be resolved over the phone, if not, go in and im sure they will work something out for you.
  5. i got a parallel import of the is350, swapped the id tags with a written off is250 for compliance rego etc... joking, its just a pic i found on ebay of the red overlays that i bought. :D
  6. no worries man, when my old man's home from work ill ask him. Im pretty sure he came out and did the tinting too. I'll have to double check for ya.
  7. What do you guys think about getting the factory springs reset? I can get a 3.5" drop for about $200 reset and installed.
  8. just bought them off ebay for about $12 us lmao. ill put some pics up when i put them on :)
  9. what state/area you in? few guys in melbourne do it cheap and well. my dad's landcruiser got done with 35% for $220. and thats 9 windows High quaility tint, his fishing rods rubbing against the windows and stuff and no scratches.
  10. i tried to tax that outline up there but cant get it smooth. project, do u know who made that so i can email them?
  11. i tried using some polish on the wheels today.. like polish for the paint. maybe that will stop it sticking?