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  1. Warning

    yeh imma good boy
  2. Trd Drop In Filter And Oem Grille

    with the stock grille.. can the chrome parts be removed from the grille? or is it part of the grille itself?
  3. Warning

    yeh been wondering that too. i think only u can see your warnings.. it probably is given by the admin or moderators if you been bad
  4. i dont think the centre bore has an influence on rim selection but those rims will be ok. not withstanding nz compliance rules for aftermarket rims. in nsw, au, the ruling is a 26mm greater wheel track from the standard factory setup with the new rim selection requires an engineering certificate. contrary to popular street folk lore that you can go upto 2" greater in diameter to the stock setup or similar stories.
  5. out of curiosity stephen.. does you book of goodies have a lip for the legana front bumper? it'd be interesting to see
  6. nothing wrong with auto turbo.. you actually missed out on a good buy for a turbo kit.. cct3 sold his kit (with many extras) for $4450 a couple of nights ago.. he has an auto. changing auto to manual? don't bother dood
  7. Serran......

    no finish ur education first son.. then u can do what you want... and when you finish you can put up with ridicule from uni students about what you have chosen to do after finishing your education B)
  8. Fs: Toms Advox Coilovers

    On dunno how applicable they are for street.. but may be worth while if they are..
  9. but the moulding to the fogs are round? so is it a lip or the whole front bar?
  10. if that dont work.. polish n buff
  11. Trust Power Extreme Ii

    nah coz i needed a bigger inlet dood.. sorry.. i put my hand up too early :D nothing wrong with it else i would have got it.. but i wanted 3"
  12. Trust Power Extreme Ii

  13. Group Buy - Trd Control Arm Bushes

    a quick googling.. here is a cool faq.. biased to the manufacturer but all the same... bear in mind that there are alot of moving joints in a car.. so for the altezza/is200/is300 there are 23 different bushes parts for a complete set.. total cost $1904.72 or $1788 for a gb as for install.. the workshop will do it.. if myself shane and you do a gb.. we can get the shop to do it for a better price of course!
  14. done :D wohoo we now have 7 joining... F_LEX!
  15. i usually ride with trc off.. but in the wet with a big down poor.. i use snow.. it also helps alot if your tyres are on the bald side in the wet as well