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  1. I'm also looking at either RC350 F sport or a RCF (used) but the RCF is going to be stretching my budget a lot while the 350 would be a lot more comfortable for me (financially) will go for a test drive in both. Right now I have a FBO 335 (had a IS250 before that) so I want to try the RCF for the power, won't be tracking it at all tho (will buy a S15 or something cheaper and JDM as a project/track car, so I'm leaning more to a 350 for now
  2. If you're looking to get big power then go with the N54 cars. N55's aren't as "tuneable" as the N54. If I was to go back to BMW or Mercedes it would only be for a M3/4 or something from AMG and if I already had a nice daily. If I could go back 2.5 years I'd have picked up a IS-F for sure, even though the only ones in my budget back then were the early 08/09 ones, I'd have still gone with a ISF. what I learnt from it was that turbo cars are fun but if I'm going to mod my next turbo car, I'd buy something like a S15, 180 or even a R32 GTR as my second car. This is what I'm planning to do, get a RC350/GS350/ISF, and in a year or 2 get S15 or whatever. This is also kind of the reason I don't think I'll need a ISF, once I pick up a S15 I'll be able to play around with it and not have to worry since I'll have a RC/GS as a daily.
  3. Hey guys, I haven't been active on here for a while now ever since I bought my E92 335i. So long story short, I had a IS250 on my p's for 4 years, bought a E92 335 2.5 years ago and since then I have FBO'd it and running 20% E85 putting down around 300rwkw. But it's been very problematic and I'm sick of barely driving it because it's always in the shop fixing something. Lesson learnt. Now I'm looking to get back into a Lexus as a daily because in the 4 years I owned my IS250 I never had a problem with it, and most I'd do is the basics like exhaust, intake, coils/springs and wheels. Question is which one? 2013+ IS350 F sport, 2015 RC350 F sport, 2013 GS350 f sport or a 2011+ ISF. hesitant on the ISF since it's the same interior/style as my old IS250 and this is going to be my daily. things I was considering are that the updated IS will be coming out soon, same for the GS. So right now I'm leaning towards a RC350 F sport. Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks
  4. as I am selling my car very soon I want to part out the few mods I have, the auto folding mirrors were own at the latest Lexus Owners meet (so they are brand new and have not been touched) and I don't see the point in installing them as I am selling the car very soon and the Intake has been on my car for about 3 years now and was bought off another forum member. If you don't know the Fujita is the loudest intake for the 2IS (tested by me and a few other members) but only when over 3500rpm with at least half or full open throttle. other wise the car sounds stock when driving "normally." 60$ for the mirror kit and 150$ for the intake. also might sell the clear LED IS-F style tail lights I have but at a later point in time. Thanks call or text me on 0433 969 826 if you're interested or have questions, thanks
  5. Hey, i got a resonator delete and its nothing really special. It's a little louder from the outside and only when you're standing at the back of the car, but from inside the car there is no difference to the sound. If you want loud and cheap I would just get a muffler delete. I can tell you, resonator + muffler delete is F***ING loud and raspy when over 4000RPM, also lots of drone in the cabin HAHA but all fun at the end of the day :)) But then again, I would say save your money and just get the intake because it gives you a WAY better sound (but only when you're over 3500 RPM and more than 1/2 throttle, if you slowly creep up the RPM's you most likely wont be able to hear it) The intake gives the car a nice growl when you're punching it, but then its quite when youre just "normal" driving through traffic and what not. Also, if you really want to do the resonator delete, any exhaust shop can do it cos its just cutting the resonator out and replacing it with a section of piping. Hope this helped you. Also, I'm going to be selling my Intake soon let me know if you're interested, I live in Melbourne but my 250 is in Sydney but will be sold within the next few weeks so gonna part out some stuff i have
  6. ive seen on clublexus some members buy these plug things that just plug up the holes, not a permanent fix or a good looking one, but i guess its better than leaving two big holes in the front of the bumper. Also, one of my friends relocated his front number plate to the bottom grill (for when he goes to meets), i'll ask how he did his and update this thread.
  7. Aloc Dyno Day Ver 2 (Meet #11)

    1. ilv1004s 2. RICHO (depending on actual date) 3. DO IT 4. Mr Kay (also depending on date) 5. JML 6. PAULY (depending on date) 7. baws250 (depending on date)8. PRV (depending on date) 9. HKS200 ( a l t e e z z a c l u b ) 10. MR350 - Committed 11. Sherlock(depending on dte 12. plankton007 13. SMNT ( a l t e e z z a c l u b ) 14. omgitsmejeff ( a l t e e z z a c l u b ) 15. Will 16. k2sty1 i guess im in, but i dont want to dyno my car lol not keen on seeing 100kw on the dyno sheet LOL
  8. hey guys. just thought i'd post up a little clip from the last meet. Just a quick little video for you guys to hear the difference between a Greddy exhaust and Tanabe exhaust on the IS250. so as you can hear, the Greddy is more of a deeper tone, but quieter than the Tanabe
  9. i bought the small one and just forced the bracket over the top of the battery... should i go swap it? the guy at the store gave me that one and i only realised after installing it and the dimesions didnt line up. but my other battery was completly flat and didn't really have another option. its been going strong for about a month now. might be too late to swap now aswell. damnit... :(
  10. Aloc Meet #10

    sweet. im in
  11. hey, if you're in the macq area do you think we could do a little meet? i live in gordon, just up the road. i wanna hear how the greddy sounds haha
  12. i like the look at feel of BMW keys, how the emblem is a physical button, but thats all just little stuff that doesnt really matter haha