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  1. Looking for a complete set of the 2008 RX350 SE alloy wheels. A dealer may recognise this wheel. Anyone help please? Cheers, David Carlingford NSW 2118
  2. Thanks SBR. I like the Hayman Reese bar for my 2007 RX350. Is this something I can fit at home? Cheers David, Carlingford NSW. Or can you recommend anyone?
  3. Brand new in primer GS300 boot lid. No holes for spoiler. $260 ONO Carlingford NSW. Pickup only
  4. G'day. Need a favour please. Does anyone have a factory fitted towbar on their RX350 or RX330 (I think they are the same). When the towbar is fitted, does Lexus remove the rear bumper bar reinforcement? I can't see any other way for the towbar to fit?? Could someone please hop under their car and take some pics please showing the towbar in place. Cheers, David Carlingford NSW 2118
  5. Help please My 2007 RX350 won't idle below 1800rpm in neutral and 1200rpm when in gear. Also showing fault code P0015 which indicates "B" camshaft position timing over retarded (Bank 1). However car runs perfectly. Easy start. No timing chain rattle, very smooth, no noises. No stalling. With P0015 you would expect strange noises and rattles. And strangely, the MIL (malfunction indicator lamp, a.k.a. the check engine light) does not come on. Read more at: http://www.obd-codes.com/p0015 Any ideas please? Can't see how the high idle and P0015 can be related. Have checked for inlet manifold leaks and throttle-body gasket leaks. All clear. Air cleaner is also new with no obstructions. Could there be an internal leak within the throttle body? Don't see how? What about cam sensors? Any Toyota / Lexus techs out there please? Cheers, David
  6. http://www.clublexus.com/forums/rx350-330-300-400h-450h-classifieds/830146-wtb-rx350-tailgate-power-access-trim-piece.html#post9570669 Correct link
  7. See http://www.clublexus.com/forums/showthread.php?p=9570669Desperate Cheers, David (Carlingford NSW 2118)
  8. Thanks for the facebook links.
  9. Bought one on eBay. Came from the USA. Perfect fit and great condition.
  10. I am missing a RHS rear headrest for my 2006 RX350. Leather colour is Beige. Previous owner took it out and now can't find it. Can anyone help please? Cheers Dave, Carlingford NSW 2118
  11. Please see my listing here Any help would be greatly appreciated. All the very best for the Christmas break. Cheers ... David
  12. I am looking for one or more OZ Salina 18 inch rims to suit my 2003 GS300. With or without tyres. I will tolerate some gutter rash, as long as they are not buckled please. These rims were used on the 2003 GS300 L-Tuned edition, and are no longer available through Lexus Australia (I would be delighted for you to prove me wrong). If you only have the centres, I would be interested as well please. I am located in Sydney, NSW Australia. Thanks in advance for your help. Have a very happy and safe Christmas. David Click here to email me
  13. Vip Lexus Gs300 2001 For Sale

    Gday. Is your Lexus still for sale? I saw it on www.carsales.com.au without all the good gear. Please let me know if this is you (Jacki). Thanks, David Carlingford NSW 2118
  14. Just purchased my first Lexus, a December 2000 built GS300. Colour is Vermillion. Only has 71,000km genuine. Paid $16K. Very happy so far (2nd day). Anything critical to check for immediately? Cheers, Dave Carlingford NSW