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  1. Depends if you are a power nut. If you love hooning it, and taking honda civic's and putting them back in their place, then 350P. Otherwise, power shouldn't be important, and 250SL is the way to go. You will get different opinions based on what people value in a car.
  2. Kyo, i'll be honest with you. Haks is probably not the guy to go to do this. The last time I spoke with him, he didnt have the tool, and this was less than a year ago. I wanted to go to him, cause of his status as the exhaust expert, I thought he'd have the right tools, but he didnt. Haks does really really good custom work, and his prices were pretty competitive (heard it's gone up though, cause he's so busy?). But if you are looking to fit a mid pipe which is straight bolt on (i.e. no custom welding or bending etc) then any mechanic with a hoist can do it. If he was the one who quoted you $70, I think once he gets it on, and sees you have to cut stuff and take off the extra cross member, then he will probably up the price. A local mechanic will be happy for the business and do a pretty much the same job. Just make sure they have gasket seal paste. It will probably cost less. Not taking anything away from haks, cause he does brilliant welding, but this doesn't require his custom work expertise. Kyo, if you are who I think you are. You live in rhodes, and there are plenty of mechanics on victoria rd and in regents park area. Both of which are much closer for you.
  3. I see 2 main question to be answered: 1. Drone: It will done with an aftermarket exhaust most of the time. F-sport drones like crazy, uphill with a 250 is not fun (lol terrrrry). Due to the under poweredness (is that a word? lol) of the car, it means that you either have excessive load on a cruising gear (bad drone), or downshift into a higher RPM (lots and lots of noise). But if you have just the mid pipe, there is slight drone if you are looking for it. Otherwise you won't notice it. I've been told from outside it sounds a bit a *BLEEP*. 2. This tool: As Danny said it's an oxygen sensor tool. I looked around myself to purchase the tool to take it to a workshop so they wont need to cut anything. The tool is a hard thing to find, but did source one place that was selling it for $100 (i think autobahn?). $100? lol no thanks. So what needs to be cut? There is a flange gasket around the oxygen sensor that means you can't just a wrench on it. This is often cut, as it was done on Danny's old 250 and a couple other members. It's totally fine to do this, and there isnt any damage to anything (maybe to the soul of the car?). But I think everyone here isnt really keen into cutting stock parts (except lehman). Your decision really.... When I say too long, i mean most oxygen sensor sockets are really long. This often means the piece hit's the firewall. You can get around this buy getting a couple of guys to undo the pipe and hold it a bit lower so it doesnt hit the firewall. This is a real bitch cause from stock they are on TIGHT!, so get your minions to hold the pipe tight (drop the pipe or move it too much and you will snap the sensor). Hak's doesn't have the tool, I asked at the time. At the time he said "no car needs that, a wrench does it... etc etc." "So 334mm, how did you do yours?" I took it to a real good mate that owns a part time workshop. He only install stuff for mates, so sorry won't do it. Depending how anal retentive you guys are, you could pool into to get the oxygen sensor tool. Excuse my grammar errors if there are any... too long to spell check etc.
  4. Group Buy: Invidia Is250/350 Mid-Pipe

    Kyo, just a word of warning... it's not a simple hook up. There is a cross member bar that will need to be taken off. Also the flanges fit quite oddly so a lot of gasket seal paste is needed. And the last pain the pass thing is that the oxygen sensors will need to be cut, unless they have a very special tool (Most shop dont have this... even exhaust shops). Even if they have this tool, it needs to fit the gap (most are too long). $70 is a good price if they will do it properly. It's a pain in ass to do it properly and with quality work.
  5. The invidia + F-sport is pretty loud. I'd think twice before committing to this in a 250. Terrrry had this in his, and turned heads. But would get punched at the line by too many cars. Basically too much sound without enough power to back it up.
  6. Does it sound different on a 350 to 250? Sounds like dumb question. But genuinely curious.
  7. google is your friend. but ill also be your friend today. yup it matches up to stock, yup bit louder, nope no power gain. pretty sure chris has this setup for your car.
  8. Aloc Meet # 9

    Noticed that your gender says "Not Telling" and you made a reference to Cinderella. You should totally come! It great to see a girl interested in cars!
  9. Aloc Meet # 9

    It's also worth mentioning that most of the time for the bigger meets that they tend to last more than a couple of hours. So you wont be driving down to sydney for just one hours worth.
  10. Damn that's hectic! Not to self: dont crash like that.
  11. If you are going to delete resonator. Just get a invidia mid pipe. delete is a cheapo and poor mans way of doing it. Lehman is like 16 years old or something so can't blame him :P lol
  12. I believe it's sealed. you need special tools to open it up.
  13. Aloc Meet # 9

    So how is the day running?