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  1. The wheelman will come to your house or place of work and do...looks like $250 bucks to me, quite a gutter rash
  2. [WTB] 2008 is250 spart plugs for 90k

    I got mine from Manukau Toyota (per the approved sellers), the price was quite reasonable, I remember Lexus Chatswood wanted some silly amount of money to replace and do the work, and no problems with delivery
  3. as long as you do not go to Lexus to get the car will not get change out of 1000 bucks :)
  4. Hello there, I recently pulled into my drive way and very slightly scrapped the wheel arch. I got a couple of what I think are ridiculous quotes from paint shops to fix (1300 and 1500 bucks). Is there any preferred / reasonable paint shops in Sydney that people have used?
  5. Have been looking around at a solution for SAT NAV / DVD as my car does not have, I know that many of you have gone with the flyaudio solution. Found another mob in Sydney per link Was wondering if anybody had used these guys?
  6. M2 Performance Axle Back Exhaust

    I have the M2 with F Sport's fairly quiet...I have a manual and it's loudest off the mark up to about 2 grand
  7. M2 is a Tanabe clone, much quieter than the F Sport...
  8. Very happy with the M2, I have the F-Sport Intake installed as well, a good sound off the mark, and then the intake kicks in at about 3 grand. I have the a manual so I'm not sure if that makes a difference. My neighbor has the F Sport but he has a IS350, it is very loud...
  9. Hello there, I have a 2006 IS250 and some of the rear demister strips are starting to come off. Does anybody know how to get this fixed? Thanks
  10. You can contact Lexus at Chatswood and ask about the F Sport suspension they offer...
  11. Hey I also got my M2 installed on Saturday, very happy with the sound and less than 500 bucks delivered from the states even better :)
  12. Geez nearly 2 years ago now :) I think it was about 400 bucks, you can ring them and they will quote you how much
  13. I got mine from Manukau Toyota NZ, see the Traders section...120 bucks delivered...
  14. I'd asked Chatswood Lexus about the flyaudio system and they reckon the GPS functionality has issues, there are large delays in updates. Have you guys experienced anything like this?