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  1. Isf Owners Post Up Pics Of Your Isf!

    Bayson R Lip Cheap ebay lip, but fits great and is cheap enough to toss in the bin when you are done scraping the crap out of it.
  2. 19s or 20s on the ISF

  3. 19s or 20s on the ISF

    I got the exact same wheels in these specs: 20X9 +40 245/35 20X10 +45 275/30 Fronts I could have actually gone a bit more aggressive and it would still be fine. I suggest maybe +35 if you want it to be a bit more flush but +40 to play it safe (+40 actually looks fairly good already). Rears are at the VERY LIMIT without any fender modifications and is PERFECT fitment with ZERO rubbing whatsoever even when hitting dips at high speed. I now have a bit more clearance even, after a new alignment. Only very slight rubbing I have is the front when reversing on a non flat surface when the wheel is turned to the right, but if I reverse slowly it won't rub either. But that is also due to my setup being 20's so you should be safe with 19's.
  4. Is-F 2011 Poor Audio Quality

    I had a new GS250 as a loan car and it had the new Mark Levison in it. My god it sounded fantastic!!! Bass was deep and audio was super crisp and sharp. I think they realised how *BLEEP* the ML system is in our ISF's and did something about it for the new Lexus line up's.
  5. Is-F 2011 Poor Audio Quality

    Only have my 2011 as reference, but yes it does sound a bit average. Have to crank the volume up all the time.
  6. Thanks ISFBloke, got your PM. Will shoot you a message and see if we can meet up in about a weeks time when I am back in Sydney. To be honest, the Borla in your video's sounds very sedate and is not all that loud (which is a good thing). My previous car was probably about 3-4 times as loud, so you can imagine why I am asking to see how loud the Joe Z is exactly. Definitely keeps that big 8 rumble Thanks.
  7. I can manage some drone, just not excessive all the time like my previous car. Was considering the Borla, but just wasn't sure if it was aggressive enough as I thought it was only little bit louder than stock. ISFBloke, where bouts in Sydney are you? Thanks.
  8. Wtb: Isf Joe Z Exhaust

    Sorry, I have one on order from Chatswood Lexus that is arriving in the next 2 weeks and it's only costing me a little bit more than the price you have quoted @2000 USD. Thanks anyway.
  9. Insurance Costs For Isf.

    My excess is also around the $2k mark. Way I see it is I will only make a claim in an incident where it's a huge repair bill or write off. In all my years of driving I have made very little claims and where the repair bill was under $2k (like a scratched bumper) I would just pay it out of pocket because in the long run it is going to work out cheaper for me based on my accident history. If you are a terrible driver and make lots of claims then it makes sense to lower your excess with a higher policy premium as a trade off.
  10. Hi, Was wondering if anyone in Sydney has a Joe Z exhaust on their car that I can have a listen to? Loud and droning wouldn't have been an issue a few years back when I was still rolling around in buzz box ricer rocket ships :P , however with age I just cannot stand excessive droning anymore. Many thanks.
  11. Wtb: Isf Joe Z Exhaust

    I never sell my stock parts.
  12. Wtb: Isf Joe Z Exhaust

    Hi all, Wanted to see if anyone has a second hand Joe Z exhaust they want to sell before I go and order one from Chatswood Lexus. Thanks.
  13. Lexus Isf Aftermarket Wheels

    rsith, Check out the first post of the blue F with Weds SA67R He is running 19x9 +35 245/35/19 and 19x10 +42 275/30/19. I PM'd him and he said he has 0 rubbing issues and did no fender modifications at all. I think if you want a +35 offset it should be ok if you don't go too wide on your tire selection.
  14. Lexus Isf Aftermarket Wheels

    Looks good What size tyres are you running and any rubbing at all?